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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  May 8, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we're following breaking news from arlington. late toe a bicyclist was struck at four mile drive. the driver did remain at the scene and is corporating with investigators. police are not releasing the identity of the victim but we will bring you more details as they become available. >> hundreds of officers rode through the streets of d.c. to honor their fellow officers who died in the line of duty.
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it's national police here in d.c. you can see several wreaths. they're on displace today. we're only five months into the year and the number of officers killed in the line of duty is already up 20%. several motorcycles filled the streets of d.c. but not the void of leslie ayala. her husband was killed in the line of duty, leave behind his wife and unborn triplet daughters. today they came to ride in his honor and others to ride in his honor. the 16th annual law ride is keeping their memory alive and
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giving families a support system. >> it's nice to see other families survive. paul dittamo was killed in a wreck last year. >> it's nice to come here and know that he's remembered forever. >> ayala and dittamo were just two that have been killed in the last 15 months. they are taking a cross country trip for the families of the fallen. he throw 1300 to be able to lay a wreath. >> when one of your fellow officers falls in the line of duty, you realize how mortal you are. i mean, they're grieving and they have to face reality. harrington said he's making the trek to d.c. his newest
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tradition as is ayala to remind hector jr. >> he was a great father, great husband. we talk about his dad all the time. >> at the start of this year's police week it happened to fall, it was five days ago that a teenager opened fire killing several officers. >> thanks a lot. we are following two developing stories about diverted flights. late today a continental flight stopped in st. louis after an officer tried to open one of the exit doors. the plane landed safely and that passenger is being questioned. delta was diverted to albuquerque new mexico a flight attendant found a suspicious note but police dogs found
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nothing. f.b.i. is now investigating. u.s. officials want to talk to bin laden's three widows who are currently in pakistani custody. it's believed they could answer the question whether pakistan hid bin laden. there has been speculation that authorities might demolish his house to end the intense media attention there. >> police in prince george's county are searching for a missing woman. 66-year-old adela shepard-barett. she said she was going to visit her daughter but has not been found since. anyone with information should call prince george's police. for the first time some of the people who knew love beth are speaking out.
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chris? >> well, it was a shocking and disturbing scrime, a beautiful college athlete beaten to death. her boyfriend was arrested for her murder. now we're feeling from her teammates, family and friends. >> she's compassionate and had a lot of things going for her. >> she really saw the world through sunshined colored glasses, everything in a positive way. >> remembering a life tragically cut short, the family of yardly love think about all the good days. >> when i think of her growing up i think of her laughing. >> plague for u.v.'s lacrosse team because dream come true. the university retired her
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number. >> she still has a way of making us reflect back. >> her friends and family prompted by a national outpouring of love and support are are working to keep her memory live. >> there were people who were touched for her kindness. >> the one love foundation was established to bring out the yeardly in everyone, to give positive experiences to adolescents. >> to know that yeardly did touch somebody's life. >> they spoke exclusively to "good morning america." we put a link to it on our website. >> thanks a lot, chris. a welcome sight on the georgetown waterfront. several restaurants are back in business, at least in a limited way. sequoia, tony and joes, and
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nick's riverside grill were badly damaged but they're serving on their patios. >> speaking of mother's day started out sunny and clear. some scattered storms out there steve. what are we looking at? >> it's more like scattered showers. they will move over the next hour or so. looking at our abc 7 life super doppler radar, here at the weather center the showers working toward the south. alexandria you're going to see the showers in the next couplelele of minutes or so. what can we expect for school week? i'll give you appear hint -- sunshine. >> sounds good. still to come here on abc 7 news, a moment in history that changed everything. 15 years ago the first freedom riders set off to d.c. to fight
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for freedom. and today they took part in another important trip. sean miller turns down the university of maryland. >> this local woman escaped
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>> 50 years ago a brave young group set off from d.c. in a series of buses headed to the south determined to end segregation. their actions changed the course of history. and today those same brave people rekorea yated the freedom -- recreated the freedom ride for a younger generation. >> 40 select college students from across the country. >> i'm tonia smith. >> boarded a bus in downtown d.c. with several travel companions. >> it's a dream come true.
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>> to retrace the steps of a remarkable movement that changed american history. ♪ nearly 50 years ago to the date, black and white activists known as freedom riders dared to desegregate bus travel. >> i definitely would not have been here if it were not for the sacrifices of the freedom riders. >> original freedom riders like deon from the district. >> bob and helen from california. >> i felt like we were going into enemy territory. >> and joe mull holland from arlington. >> they were all arrested and imprisoned in mississippi for challenging jim crow policies. >> you've got keep the white and the blacks separate. >> they were nearly burned alive
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in aniston alabama. civil rights laws were enacted. >> we pushed the envelope, we really did. i can say that with humility but with pride. >> in 1961 freedom riders were greeted with armed guards, patty wagons and fists. the university of mary washington in fredricksburg, they were welcomed as heroes. the hope is to motivate a new generation to continue the fight for social justice. >> it's an amazing experience to be able to live that and be able to learn from that. >> and they suspect the deeper they go into the south, the more lessons they will learn. the student freedom ride
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well, on this mother's day we salute a working woman while trying to find housing for many homeless people on the street. she's at the forefront to end homelessness for good. >> and tavelta tucker a former school cafeteria worker, this department is her castle. she escaped homelessness. sharon london helped convert this hotel into the sin ca housing program for the homeless. >> by the grace of god i help these folks who had life circumstances that may have ended up homeless. >> london was the first director for the coalition for the homeless. under her leadership it grew from a $1 million to $9 million helping 1600 homeless people every year. with her work came recognition.
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she was named citizen of the year, one of maryland's top 100 women and an abc 7 toyota tribute to working women awardee. her biggest challenge is convincing lawmakers homelessness is a problem in such an affluent county. >> it's so different than in d.c. we have folks living out in the woods. >> london is a mother of two and grandmother of one. in fact, she would bring her children to the homeless shelter to pass on her mantra. everyone deserves the dignity of a home. >> just the people that they met and those stories, what we could do for people and what i think is our obligation as a society. >> back in velta tucker's castle, sharon seize her new lease on life made possible by her hard work. i really believe that we could end homelessness in this country. i think that's what keeps me
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going. we could do it. and we could do it in my lifetime. >> sharon is the president of i.c.f. she is working directly on homelessness issue and getting hud funding for housing and job training for the local homeless population. >> and it was for the most part a beautiful mother's day. it looks like there are storms not showers. >> a few showers out there right now. you can see right here to the north, east of d.c. that's where the showers are located. doppler radar showing everything moving off to the south. you're looking at the light showers. nothing expected to become severe. most of the district upper northwest d.c. and through bethesda, germantown, no problem with the rain. updated temperatures at the airport this hour, 68 degrees. here are the sprinkles. wind at 12 miles per hour. high temperature one degree above average.
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made it to 74 degrees. it's 69 in fairfax. the district looking at 68. our final stop takes us to potomac, currently 68. cooler air slightly cooler. 68 in hagerstown. all the real heat and humidity. nashville 85 degrees. we are looking for a warm-up. high pressure just to the west of us. this will build across the mid atlanta and it means block some sunshine and average temperatures but the weather is going to hold off for the upcoming week. the clouds will continue to deteriorate. we are going to look for a graduate clearing in the overnight hours. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. the high pressure will keep the rain away. the showers will come to an end over the next hour or so. upper 40's to middle 50's.
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wind three to eight miles an hour. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. 72 to 77. a bit cooler to the north. tuesday and wednesday upper 70's to around 80 on thursday. by friday, though, cold front will arrive. can't rule out a chance for some thunderstorms and then cooler unsettled weather as we move on to saturday and sunday with temperatures around 70 degree's. for a look at the forecast, you can track these showers right now, go to >> all right. thanks a lot steve. >> they got in the game. i don't think they were realingly the game. lots of news to catch up with the nationals and another high profile coach says no thanks to the maryland terrapins.
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>> afternoon. baseball for washington nationals in game four with the marlins. let's go to the bottom of the second. greg dobbs shoots the ball down in right field. that will get gabby sanchez homes. bottom of the fourth, same score. here comes dobbs again. omar infante gets home safely. bottom of the fifth, hanley ramirez with a looper to center. it drops. infante makes it home and then gabby sanchez causes more trouble. at the plate. here the pitch. and there goes the ball.
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three-run home run. the marlins shut down the nationals. -0. the trouble continues for the baltimore orioles as they were swept by the jays. evan longoria scores. matt joyce comes around. that will get him home and adam jones. but they do it again. ben zobrist will come around to score. joey scores and they win 5-3. >> the search for a new head coaches. mike breye told maryland that he will stay with the irish gray. he has strong ties to this area. but he reportedly told kevin anderson no thank you.
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this coming after sean miller turned down a position yesterday. >> the most surprising could be what has happened to the world champion lakers. today's game four just shocking. no one could guard jason terry. his shot made it 71-88. they had to do this. look at that bush league move by andrew bynum, puts back reyeah on the matt. omar was ejected for pushing dirk nowitzki. the mavericks sweep the lakers. the score 122-86. at the quails championship. a 14-footer and he makes it.
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lucas glover going to the playoffs at 15 under but it would be lucas who took that six-footer. and he followed that by one stroke. the chicago bulls try to take a 3-1 lead over the atlanta
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>> final look at our doppler radar. a few showers now moving on to the south. alexandria, prince george's county. 75 degrees for our high tomorrow.
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same on tuesday. better chance for some storms come friday but a quiet start to the work and school week. >> just a little bit. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tonight
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