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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new insight into the biggest manhunt in a generation. inside the bin laden raid. my team. i just said, "we got him. a missing mother. >> a local woman was supposed to day with her children. instead, they are asking for the public's help to find her. >> i am richard reeve. we have more. and remembering melanie love. after, some of her friends speak for the first time.
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captioned by the national captioning institute new interview tonight, obama revealed new the raid thatout world's mostthe wanted terrorist, osama bin laden. the president is not only about the raid but about gamble.uch a huge more with kris van cleave. caroline, for the first time, the president answered questions the mission to kill osama bin laden. ultimately, he put his faith in u.s. intelligence and the special forces. 40 minutes of my life. obama toldt barack camenutes that the mission huge risk. it was still a 55%/45% situation. we could not say definitively that bin laden was there.
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had he not been there, then been somed have consequences. consequences in the form of lives and the already strained pakistan relations, but the is osama bin laden, evil for a generation forthe man responsible 9/11. ultimately, i have confidence our guys to carry out the mission. compaq i felt that the risks were outweighed by the potential benefit of us finally getting our man. the mission had been in the the cia firsths, the president about the last summer, and this mission -- was in the situation room. were you nervous? >> yes. tellresident did not even alone they, let officials of pakistan. to not tell some of my closest aides what we are doing,
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then i certainly would not be revealing it to folks i do not know. but how did osama bin laden areain the metropolitan for years. we think there has to have some sort of support for bin laden inside of but we do not know who what that support network was. giving praise on those who carried out the raid, the , that we not only killed bin laden but brought out trove.ure >> if we follow through aggressively in the months to come. a little more about pakistan now. a mounting list officials here in washington the want to know what government knew and knew it, the president pakistan a strong counter-terrorism partner. kris van cleave, abc7 news. abc7 news will continue to monitor breaking details.
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new tonight, police are for a prince george's county woman who was supposed to day with youre children. she said she was going to visit her daughter. no one has seen or heard from since. richard reeve has the very latest. richard? this was supposed to be a day celebration for the family. they were planning to meet at an apartment in arlington, but instead, the family members have back and forth, calling the on her cell phone, getting and now they are frantically trying to find her. >> this is not like her. for her and her family, this a heartbreaking mother's day. best friend. it is mother's day, and i am without my best friend. she has been missing since friday night and was last seen leaving her home around 10:00
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driving a late model nissan? -- nissan versa. mothers concern that the of three had a stroke about two and she takes heart pressure medicine every day. >> i know nothing happened to when she was driving and she nobody there. neighbors say they have seen nothing suspicious. i am hoping that maybe she to somebody's house. that is all it is. maryland state police have issued an alert. instead of celebrating mother's is looking for her among indian head highway. looking, but there
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sign. somebody had to see her. nobodygoes missing and sees her. >> now, police want people to thisa close look at picture. small woman, only tall.5 feet 1 inches is from the dominican republic. she has a heavy accent. you have any information you're asked to call police. richard reeve, abc7 news. thanks, richard. we are following it two breaking stories. police say an officer was the officerre after by an armed man. the man is expected -- suspected shootinginvolved in a today. his condition.
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also developing tonight, a disturbance at a movie theater to be evacuated in georgetown. this happened less than two south street. say a man came into the theater and started screaming. officials say some people received injuries. is now underion way. massive flooding in parts of tennessee. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. the river has already risen to more than 47 feet and is to rise more by making it the second to hit theing ever region. their record was set back in 1937. fewcloser to home, we had a is, now.but it steve rudin is live in the weather center. caroline, alexandria, oxon
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the showers continuing, come to aney have end. looking at our doppler radar, beginning to and that is our first weather headline for the evening. a beautiful monday, but are you storms by friday? a look at the extended outlook up in just a few minutes. thank you. it was one year ago that a yeardly loveplayer was found killed. people have remained silent until now. >> she was compassionate and fun and kindhearted. going for her. >> sunshine colors. she saw everything in a positive light. is the happy memories that what theyse family,
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remember most of all. when i think about her think about her smiling. " but she always wanted to play lacrosse. she was tenacious. she gave you her best, all of time. as a coach, that is the greatest athlete can give people around the country didhed out, so they to honor her memory. >> reestablish this to bring out yeardly in everyone. a positive experience for adolescents. >> touching somebody's life. we still have her locker. we very privately thing for a few minutes when we see it. she has a way of making us look back and feel good. one year later, her teachers, coaches, and family remember her and her legacy. she was a friend, a daughter,
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a sister. we like to refer to she was. and it will be many months before the man goes on trial for her death. has set a trial date for february. and still to come on abc7 -- , going into enemy territory. >> a moment that changed everything. 50 years ago, the freedom riders to bike for civil and today, they took in another important trip. and two different flights to make sudden and unexpected landings. to make sudden and unexpected landings.
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brave group ago, a and a change the course of history. the same great people we called free ride generation.r jay korff reports. it is going to be a great
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experience. on annbar sunday journey from d.c.. was half a century in the making. this is not just a parte ride. these codes are traveling with the original freedom as they together retrace of a remarkable movement. it changed the course of history. >> ♪ come on up to the front of bus i will be writing up their -- up there ♪ >> the waiting room. california and
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from virginia were among those in prison in mississippi, alabama, some were some nearly killed when bus was firebombed. >> that is just incredible. there undaunted stands for equality prevail, lives changed forever. >> i would not have been here if not for the fact of those writers. -- riders. >> they were welcomed with flight toon this fredericksburg. a new generation for the cause of social justice. >> in a society that is evolving at. korff, abc7 news. and there was a sponsor for the freedom rides. newnoreen's louisiana -- louisiana.
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>> just before 3:00 today before run and self walter a bicyclist drove oncoming traffic on four run and hit a car. he was pronounced dead. his identity is not being and the driver stayed scene to talk to police. several hundred motorcycles of d.c. tostreets help mark the beginning of national police week. people all across the country women inonor men and killed in the line of duty. a former police officer rode his some 39 miles to for the families of the fallen. officersa national memorial. your fellowof officers falls in the mind of is hard for these here and become out and they have to face reality. the names of more than 19,000
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were etched into the memorial. least four officers from our killed in the past and they include one a statentgomery county, and spotsylvania county a d.c. police officer. now on twoest flights that were it diverted. one was diverted to albuquerque, mexico, after a note with "bob," was written on found inside a bathroom -- "bomb." an hour later, a continental louis had to stop in st. tried to passenger the exit doors in mid flight. arrested.nger was a welcome sight today on the waterfront, several restaurants back open for least in a limited way at washington harbour. the restaurants were damaged by
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flooding last month. customers can now be served outdoor patios of some korea and another. the restaurants should be open in a few weeks. a perfect day for them to least partially. a nice day. the rain and showers held off. just a few showers. it did not amount to a whole lot. at the video from earlier today. very, very pretty. oura, as you can see, and skies continue to be clear for the overnight hours. you can see the clouds beginning and that means lots sunshine for the forecast tomorrow. degrees at reagan national with the wind out of the south. out there mighty hot of the year with a of 92, agh longstanding record set back in
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1936. in oakton, va., a high of 79. upper northwest, d.c., a higher elevation, 65 degrees after a high of 72. 64 in bladensburg, maryland. in winchester, 57. in fredericksburg, if you are milder air ore st. louis is 73. nashville at 70. satellite radar dry for the next several days. high pressure just to the west of us. whins out of the north. a lot of sunshine on the way. the sunshine not only for as we move into wednesday and for the day, futurecast clouds beginning to break up. tomorrow, we see clouds in the morning, a son in the afternoon. tuesday, as we head through the lots of sunshine, and the
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the southin to and west. clearing for the clear and comfortable. " and comfortable tonight. cooler temperatures across the shenandoah valley. tomorrow looks like a great day, of sunshine, beautiful outside. 72 to 77 degrees. a stretcher nice weather to continue. it will. middle 70's.esday, workload on thursday and a cold front approaching. thunderstorms on friday, and then an unsettled weather for saturday and sunday. we will take a look at the forecast and interesting blogs go over toeather, news and sports. and everything else. news and sports. a[ male announcer ]. washington, d.c.
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in florida, how did they do? let's find out. right down the line. gaby sanchez. remember gaby sanchez. in the bottom of the fourth, the same score. it falls in the center. omar infante. bottom of the fifth, hanley ramirez.
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and then, gabye, sanchez. more trouble. that ball is way back, and the marlins shut out the nationals. the orioles were swept today. upton rockets this back up the middle. he got of the fourth, that one. over the head. they now have a one-run deficit. again, he comes up to the plate up theds it right back middle. ben zobrist. 5-3. and the merriman search for a basketball coach continues. the notre dame head coach is staying with the irish. he has lived in bethesda and an assistant at a
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high school. sean miller apparently turned from maryland yesterday. and tonight, we may have seen johnson played his very last basketball game. lakers withhampion dallas. an inexplicable, shocking, and disturbing way. he is on fire from the three- point line. it 71-48.made they had to do this, and ugly, bush league move. this was a few minutes after was put out for a penalty. 122 to 86.score, the atlanta hawks up.
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this goes all of the way down. the hawks are up by 17. right between two. he lays an up and in. l'anza takes the bowls -- takes the bulls. and we go to overtime. extra holes. a playoff. here is your winner. the championship in the bag. he wins by one stroke. and finally, the detroit red wings with the san jose sharks. three games to 1. >> pink pants. >> mother's day, you know?
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one tomorrow?ce fantastique. in the 70's, right should be for this time of year. there is an approaching cold front, increasing clouds friday, chance for some thunderstorms, and then it moves on through, not a tremendous amount of cooler air. tab to find about your neighborhood. for the interactive radar, punch your address. all right. check it out. all right, thanks a lot, steve.
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