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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 8, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight, the pressure has been turned up on pakistan which the question being asked, how can pakistan not have known that osama bin laden was hiding in plain sight? there is a startling new admission from inside pakistan. >> it was the strongest statement from the government of pakistan since the raid, that osama bin laden had help from inside a pakistan establishment. an official from pakistan told
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abc news that elements of the pakistan intelligence were involved in aiding a bedding, and sheltering the leader of al qaeda. there is no hard evidence for his assessment, but it is based with years of experience inside the government. sunday night, president obama pointed the finger is but raised note -- more suspicion about pakistan. >> we think there had to be some sort of support networks for bin laden insight of pakistan, but we do not know who or what that support network was. we do not know whether there may have been some people inside of government people outside of government and that is something that we have to investigate. >> about that raid that took out the leader of al qaeda? despite the tension in the white house last sunday night, -- >> as nervous as i was about this whole process the one thing i did not lose sleep over
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was the possibility of taking bin laden out. >> but the president would not condemn pakistan out right saying that they are able to carry -- kill more terrorists on pakistan soil than anywhere else. abc7 news. >> earlier tonight, i talked about these issues with a reporter from politico. thank you so much for joining us. it was exactly one week ago tonight that we learned osama bin laden was dead. what has changed? >> a lot. the entire conversation around the country has been about national security. it has gone a bit from the economy. this will be good for obama up until his re-election. also the fight against al qaeda going forward. >> i think double digits over this past week, how long could that last for him? >> that is a big question, someone up for a debate the question is really how much
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does it really matter in the context of the entire campaign? remember a lot of people are hurting out there economically. there is the perception of the president. >> ok, the president spoke tonight on "60 minutes." he did believe that instead of pakistan osama bin laden had some kind of network. this is a tight rope for the administration. >> yes we have seen some white house officials on the sunday morning talk shows taking a similar line. they believe that pakistan knew something, someone in pakistan did know something and here you have osama bin laden living up there pretty much in the open, but at the same time we are not real -- ready to cut off aid to pakistan as a couple of leaders are suggesting we do. >> and they are trying to get more information from the three wives of osama bin laden in pakistan right now. will they get access to them?
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will they get information out of them? >> it is not known what we will get out of them, but what they are trying to do is get to the number two and there is someone we would like to get next, and other al qaeda leaders. they are going after other leaders of the organization. >> you are right a lot of people focusing on the economy. >> do not forget, we have got that big debate. that did not get a lot of attention last week because of the news with bin laden but that is going to change. >> thank you. >> police in d.c. will continue to be on high alert after the death of osama bin laden. police chief cathy lanier says some of the new precautions put in place will remain for what she calls the foreseeable future. she said the general public may not notice what measures are
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being used. >> obviously, there's a combination of things you can see, things you cannot see, and others that are going on since the news came out about bin laden. i think anybody in the country knows anything about terrorism knows that when a high-profile person like bin laden has been taken out of play, but, the chances for retaliation are great. >> the chief also says reserve officers are being used. meanwhile, police officers, all of the country gathered in d.c. for national police week. on thursday officers were there for a 200 mile charity ride. the ride will commemorate the anniversary of september 11. there are activities in d.c. mainly happening between may 13 and may 17. this tuesday a court case in virginia will drawn national attention. the u.s. court of appeals is set to hear arguments involving a
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lot that can cuccinelli says is unconstitutional. and a controversial former aide from former mayor vincent gray has reportedly been subpoenaed to testify this week. they have subpoenaed brown to testify on friday. the counsel is investigating a few allegations. there is word that someone was to attack adrian fenty. brown has reportedly refused to cooperate. instead, he says he will cooperate with the fbi. they are investigating the personnel practices of the administration. brown has said he has not received a subpoena.
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still to come on to isaiah washington weekly, we will take a look at the week ahead. and a faster pass through airport security. we will tell you about a new program. and paying to park in d.c. is not as easy as you might think. even the machines that accept credit cards can be a real hassle. i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. sunshine on the way [ male announcer
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taking a look at the week ahead, something that was slated to happen this we will now not
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happen this week. the list of for the space shuttle endeavour has been pushed back again. it has been delayed until may 16 at the earliest. the original launch date of april 29 was scrubbed because of a malfunction. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will return to cape canaveral for another launch attempt. her husband is commanding that mission. and jury selection gets underway tomorrow in the murder of trial of casey anthony. she is the florida mother accused of killing her daughter in 2008. eight alternates will be picked and sequestered for the duration of the trial which is expected to last one week. if she is found guilty of murder she could get the death penalty. and first lady michelle obama will host military families on the host up -- on the white
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house lawn. sports and attrition a major announcement is expected about family wellness for military families. and yet another clue that donald trump may be running for president. he is heading to the politically key state of new hampshire. he will be the keynote speaker at the national chamber of commerce business expo. he is also reportedly planning a visit to iowa. and the caps are out of the playoffs. a look at the national schedule this week. they will be in atlanta. they will welcome the florida marlins to town. still to come on abc7 news parking problems in the district. some areas have machines that accept credit cards, but that does not i'm your biggest fan. you
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taking a look at top stories tonight, police looking for a prince george's county woman last seen on friday. the accokeek native told a relative she was going to arlington to a visitor daughter, but she has not been seen or heard from since. anyone with information should call police. a movie theater was evacuated a little after 9:00 p.m. in d.c. witnesses say a man came into the theater and started
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screaming. he was asked to leave the theater, and some people received minor injuries, and an investigation is now underway. and a welcome sight today on the georgetown waterfront. several businesses are back in business at least in a limited way, at washington harbour. the businesses were damaged by a flood last month and for a while, they will only be served outside, and that includes sequoia. looking good. they are getting back to normal. >> during the early evening hours for the district and arlington and alexandria, showers. they are long gone. throw the umbrellas away. you will not need them, i am confident to say until late thursday early friday. clear, 60 degrees at reagan national the wind not a problem, out of the south at 3 miles per hour. our high today 74 degrees.
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normally 73 so right on target. 65 at children's hospital in the district. 55 in trying to, virginia. pentatonic currently 53. a high temperature of 72 after a low of 48. temperatures will eventually go into the 50's. manassas 52. 59 down in quantico. mild air in st. louis in the 70's. the same is true in nashville. this rain will remain away for the next couple of days. temperatures will only be in the mid 70's. we are looking at temperatures in the '80s? no time soon. sunshine tomorrow. the sun will stick around thanks to an area of high pressure on tuesday and even into wednesday. by thursday clouds will start to increase. clouds a mixture of clouds but
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for the most part mostly sunny, and then this guy's really begin to clear. clear skies throughout the day on tuesday, into wednesday. clouds will start to increase just a little bit, and on thursday cloudy skies and a cold front approaching from the west bringing thunderstorms on friday. a gradual clearing. cool and comfortable. mid 50's engine had closer to the district. it looks great for tomorrow, lots of sunshine a beautiful beautiful day. 72 to 77 degrees. here is the extended outlook. upper 70's on thursday, a cold front. unsettled weather for the work and school week. cooler by saturday and sunday. go to for lots of interesting things. you can check out bob ryan's blog.
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it happened last week. >> a double rainbow? you have to look that up. >> ok. thanks for that, steve. the source of many complaints about parking in the district machines designed to make paying for parking easier actually causing a lot of headaches. we're talking about the machines that take credit cards. stephen tschida. >> they are credit card friendly. but these pay to park machines are not exactly trouble-free. >> a good 30 seconds now it has been authorizing. >> sometimes, the seconds turned into an eternity. really. the receipt just never materializes. >> it would be great if i could get my ticket. >> it happens more than it should i can tell you that. >> this is the number-one complaint we get. >> these machines should make it
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easier to pay to park. what is the problem? >> it sometimes jambs or runs out of paper. >> you can hear stories, such as this. >> i had to walk across the street to get a ticket. >> which means said sometimes, people are paying twice to part. >> officials say it is happening. >> you walk another half block down to the next one that is working. >> as they say the responsibility to correct the overpayment lies with the parker but such a challenge a working machine is viewed by some as a source of celebration. >> i got my ticket. excellent. >> the city may be looking into a different pay to park machine next year. notepaper whatsoever. stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> still to come on "washington weekly
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all travelers want to go through security faster, but now, something for trusted travelers. >> she and her husband are rushing to get through security at a busy day at reagan national. >> transportation. going from one place to the other.
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fantastic. >> the transportation safety administration wanted to get you through security faster with a new program it calls "trusted traveler. they would go through your frequent-flier history, which is kept by the airlines for decades, to determine your profile. >> some of them might be willing to wait that long to get a background check so i am not that much of a proponent for it. >> if the system can be fixed so it is faster and still save, then i am for it. >> if you qualify as a trusted traveler it would show up as a bar code and you could breeze through screening. it met with mixed results today. >> to go back for my history of where i have travelled and why, that is just not something that i am interested in.
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>> i do not mind going through security.


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