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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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both president obama and prime minister netanyahu made a point today up stressing israeli security and a longstanding alliance. >> or ultimate goal has to be a secure israeli state. >> in a speech at the state department yesterday he asked israel to accept a palestinian state. today, the leader told him 1967 borders is a nonstarter. >> we are prepared to make generous compromise is for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 borders. >> it has never been a warm relationship. there remained a wariness between the two men. netanyahu was careful to couch his objections in the language
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of diplomacy. >> we may have differences here and there. but i think there is an overall direction. we wish to work together. >> in the middle east, this assessment. >> this arab man says if president obama wants to find a new way to resolve issues, he must address the ongoing palestinian-israeli conflict. some of the sharpest criticism have come from right here at home. many of the republican candidates have sharply denounced the president's speech, the u.s. must defend israel without compromise. documents seized from osama bin laden, count revealed another calcutta carry target. terrorist -- another taliban target. it would promote an economic
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crisis in western nations. the fbi has want law enforcement as well as oil and gas companies but there is no imminent threat. president obama personally thanked cia officials personally involved in the capture of osama bin laden. the president told workers there that he had never felt more prod or more confident. president obama met the helicopter pilot and adc team involved in this month's rate in pakistan. washington, d.c., is preparing for the worst. vincent gray and members of the leadership team met to discuss how the agencies can work together to prevent and respond to emergencies. this comes after the death of osama bin laden and a series of natural disasters. a number of d.c.'s schools have received a suspicious mail. we are learning about more
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big names who have received police escorts. the issue first arose after an escort was given to charlie sheen during an appearance in d.c. last month. documents revealed other names you will recognize. >> charlie sheen's escort has touched off a squabble. some officers say that this is a standard practice and they provided us with documents to back up their claims. his high-speed police escort for this show at constitution hall had charlie sheen getty. >> we had a police escort. >> he was talking about his entourage. it got a lot of people thinking about who approves and puts the bill for the escorts. did these invoices indicates that d.c. police escorts for celebrities are nothing new.
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bonn jody got an escort, ousted the red sox cowboys, and giants. the chief reasserted that police escorts or for the president vice-president. she called for an internal investigation. earlier this week, the chief acknowledged that some celebrities do gets escorts. >> you cannot have a policy that says there is never a time where you would do an escort. >> since many of the celebrities, and the cost of the escorts, some residents wonder, what is the big deal? >> they are not telling the whole story. >> regardless of the outcome of the internal investigation, some officers say that these documents prove definitively
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that police escorts for celebrities have gone on in d.c. for years. still to come, gas prices are through the roof. find out why some have given up hope. >> why property taxes in our area pale in comparison to other parts of the country. >> preparing for disaster. >> that storm that has been spending a day after day it is on the way out.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. former minnesota governor is about to make it official, he will throw his hat into the ring. >> he will announce his bid for the gop nomination in iowa on monday. the announcement will come as no surprise. he has campaign operations in several states.
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the polls show him behind all the republicans do not yet decided to run. >> it appears that the job market is on the rebound. the unemployment rate drastically fell in 39 states last month. nationwide, businesses added more than to under 50,000 jobs a month. eight states and the district actually lost jobs in april. surging gas prices are causing people to make lifestyle changes. more than 50% are changing their daily habits. more than 20% of americans said they will alter their routine if gas prices are running high. 30% said they are driving less. do you think got your taxes are bad? try living in new jersey. the top 10 with the highest taxes in the country are in new
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york and new jersey. next, the expertise of the undead to help us prepare for natural disasters. >> it may have been dumped of the year, plus a double play that you have to see.
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we continue with were the way to get a unit -- a unique way. >> they have recorded on these to get the word out. -- recruited zombies to get the word out. >> zombies are depicted as mindless and lacking some awareness. the center for disease control
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a federal agency that tells us what to do and the worst of calamities is using the zombie to make its latest message about preparedness. >> dead people coming alive? no, i am not prepared for that. >> it makes a point about being ready just in case you come face to face with a natural disaster. >> canned goods batteries, what else do you need? >> he has got the idea. the cdc wants to encourage everyone to stockpile extra food and medicine. it is all the buzz on facebook and twitter. >> that would not appeal to
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older people. but for the younger generation. >> whether it is a hurricane or a major power outage or a zombie they should have an emergency plan in case. the state of virginia wants you to be prepared in the event of an emergency. starting next week a hurricane preparedness equipment will be tax-free. the sales tax holiday refers to portable generators that cost $1,000 or less. the tax colligate runs may 26 -- may 25 from 8 31st. >> how about a brain holiday? -- rain holiday? >> a big jump in temperatures. copper 80's by monday and tuesday and wednesday. a little bit of blue sky.
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the rain is just a few scattered showers. we will make a couple of stops for you. 71 degrees right now. here are the showers that we have. a heavy downpour in charles county current tomorrow, the showers will pop in the afternoon. this area will see the best chance. 72 and 55 are averages today. it will get a whole lot warmer than the temperatures will feels rather cool. we get back to 80 tomorrow. a big warm up early next year.
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86 degrees in atlanta at right now. a degrees in st. louis. you can almost see the temperatures as we brightened up. once that moves off to the east that is going to allow the warm air to move in. that high pressure will move in and extend down the coast. that will bring up warmer weather. wait until you see these numbers. parvis got -- partly cloudy skies tomorrow. you cannot rule out an isolated shower but it is just isolated. the next seven days, 80 tomorrow a 30% chance of a storm late in the day. look at monday and tuesday and wednesday, partly spotty.
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robert a.'s for high temperatures. -- upper 80's for high temperatures. as far as -- check out all kinds of stuff. we had a running blog that will run all season long. interacted radar, all kinds of stuff. the toyoya sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the red sox, are you excited?
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i love the park late series. the party is about to get started at camden yards. washington need some offense they have not scored a run in 19 consecutive innings. bebel be on the hill. baltimore leads the series. jason is the player to watch. this series is going to be terrific. the indians gave us our plight of the day. -- play of the day. double play, are you kidding me? he knew what he was doing. accurate, that is the play of
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the day. the series is tied at one game apiece. he scored 24 points, but this change the whole psyche. >> cult status after his performances. >> kevin. he goes over him. that is an indoctrination, baby. he has just changed the series. >> of course, you want to win every game. it is something that you want to do. going back, does not guarantee. we have to come up with a mindset to kind of take these games and go from there. >> tomorrow is the preakness at
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pimlico animal kingdom is the favorite. animal kingdom opened everybody's eyes in kentucky. they will not surprise anybody anymore. >> we have a lot of confidence in this horse. no doubt about that. he is an improving horse, he dominated. i expect him to run a super race and we just have to get lucky. >> we have some sad news today. randy savage was killed in a car accident. he was only 58 years old. he may have had a heart attack before he crashed. the wrestler was driving when he lost control of about 9:30 this morning. the vehicle went into ongoing traffic and eventually into a tree. he was 58. last night i told you about
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tyler hamilton. he said that he ought took enhancers. hamilton has returned his olympic gold medal. >> that is a sad story. we will be right back. wait a minute. we have more on the president's trip. they're more worried about public opinion on the continent than protecting america's interests abroad. as the president departs 46-day trip on sunday, he hopes to prove that he has not forgotten about them. the president plans to visit ireland, great britain france, and poland.
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digging deeper into the cancer the mystery. the question still remains. what caused so many cases of cancer? tonight at 11:00. it is not your imagination there were a lot more people on bicycles today. >> it was bite-to-work day. abraham lincoln took a ride to
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celebrate the day. he stopped at capitol hill and freedom plaza. didn't promote bicycling as a clean and healthy way to get to work. let's get you started. let's look at the radar. that is really in it for the evening. warmer temperatures for the weekend, partly cloudy pleasant. an isolated shower chance late in the day. look at this warm up as we get into early next week. we will have more on backed at 11:00. >> have a good weekend. >> see you at 11:00, i have a good night.
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