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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not guilty because that is not good for a family anywhere. >> the 14-year-old member of the climbing team reported that the coach had engaged in a number of sex acts with her. >> .when you go really high up, if you fall or something, it is really fun. >> i am shocked, but wherever you have children, you always have a threat of pedophiles. >> he is not only the head coach but also an instructor at various packages various area locations, and police are looking at the possibility of potential other victims. >> they came to report to us that this relationship had been going on for about two months. >> the rock climbing club had issued a statement -- the staff member in question, climbing team head coach michael
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lyons, was taken into custody. the court documents also say that he has been charged with sexual solicitation of a minor multiple sex offenses, and second-degree assault. the coach is being held on $100,000 bond tonight. john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thanks, john. a cancer drug, the fda said the drug should not be used to treat breast cancer because it does not improve or extend the life of patients. if the approval is removed avastin could have some insurers stopping to pay for the drug. a family of four killed. this is 24-year-old steven boyce. you can see the cuts he sustained.
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police say he was drunk when he slammed into a car in frederick county, va., and the crash killed a family, including the two children. he is now charged with involuntary manslaughter, dui, and possession of alcohol. an extension to a house. this is on south dakota avenue northeast. that is not the only problem neighbors are having. sam ford has more. sam, tell us about this. >> last year, the arlington county rapid transit decided to auction off one of their buses and one of them ended up in the backyard on south dakota neighborhood and neighbors say that the homeowner is using it to house renters and they want the bus gone. cars in the front yard, a shuttle bus out back. member -- neighbors are livid.
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>> that bus is an eyesore. >> charles, who took these pictures of the property, say it is making it impossible for him to sell the house next door. others complain about activities here. >> washing cars. >> they say it is an illegal greenhouse. we asked people coming and going who owned it. finally, we met david jones who said he owned it and as for the neighbors -- >> i have actually had it up to here with the complaints that have shown at my door. >> he says he has a right to park it, that he cleared it with authorities. >> they said i could purchase a bus, a dump truck, a tow truck. their response? >> the bus can be parked there. it cannot be used as a dwelling unit. >> they have not looked into whether people are living in it.
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they are more concerned about construction that he has done without permits and a fine associated with that. as for the cars in the front yard? that is ok, too. one neighbor calls it taxation without representation. >> when we call and complain, nothing happens. >> i apologize to my neighbors that my house may not be in the best upkeep, but that is my personal responsibility. >> even though they do not like the results so far the neighbors have kept jones in court. they had had to pay $16 a -- $1,600 in fines. he is now facing $2,000 more in fines, and they will look into whether he is causing people in an unlicensed warning house that involves a bus. reporting live from northeast washington sam ford, abc7 news. >> a he think you have heard everything. -- and you think you have heard
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everything. for more information, go to our website when it comes to the weather, it is a picture perfect day. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the belfort furniture weather center. >> we have got one more gorgeous day just like this one. we will do a time-lapse from our camera in urbana just before sunrise. this is pretty much the seen all across the viewing area. sunshine a nice breeze. here we are with a few fairweather clubs at 5:00 in the afternoon. 89 at reagan national. this is giving relative humidity levels as comfortable as you get. plenty of sunshine, low humidity over the evening. a clear and cool nights 59 to 67. we will talk about tonight
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carbon copy, and then what about the weekend? what about the weekend? coming up. note a federal investigation into arlington national cemetery. tonight, there are new starlin accusations about how things are handled at the cemetery of thousands of fallen soldiers. gail pennybacker has the latest. >> leon, this has become an immersion only charged issue for so many people will come to visit -- this has become an emotionally charged issue. how things were managed for more than 3000 graves here. as tourists from across the country and around the road, this is growing larger. .there are conditions and management about the cemetery. they are working with the fbi into more concerned about the past not current cemetery
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administration or employees. >> our investigation, again covers grades administration anything dealing with berrios here at arlington national cemetery -- covers grave administration anything dealing with burials. >> while there are no details over who is being targeted in the latest investigation contract and record keeping fraud is also in focus. >> investigating and catching that. >> many were called the shocking treatment of some. there is this new development. >> these are people who fought for our country. the least we can do is take care of the site and make sure it is managed appropriately. >> despite this wide-ranging
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investigation, there is no indication that there are criminal charges pending in this case at all. reporting live at arlington national cemetery, gail pennybacker, abc7 news. it -- president obama had a speech today and he began with talk about the debt ceiling. >> nobody wants to put the credit worthiness of the united states in jeopardy. nobody wants to see the united states default. >> the president insisted that tax breaks for the wealthy must be included in the deficit reduction plan. coming up at 6:00 the schedule congress is considering to speed up the process. they also will be talking about gay marriage, libya and afghanistan. there was a trial today but not for murder is. we are in greenbelt.
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what happened? >> the former police chief referred to jason scott as one of the most notorious serial killers in american history but his murder trial is not scheduled to start in state court until november. this is a federal trial accusing scott of numerous home invasions, carjackings and even child pornography. we heard opening arguments from both the government and the defense today and heard from several a legend victims. the two were among the first victims of the crime spree of home invasions carjackings and violent sexual assaults. the woman says she remembers like it was yesterday the night in september of 2008 when two masked men hurt him -- held her and her husband at gunpoint for hours. >> it was awful. >> jason scott has been called one of the most vicious criminals in the history of
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prince george's county. in state court, he is charged with killing a mother and daughter delores and ebony dewitt. the federal trial which started today, does not deal with those murders. this is illegal possession of guns and for the series of home invasions, including one in which scott is alleged to have forced a teenaged girl to perform pornographic acts on camera at gunpoint. this woman said she learned all of those details today. >> i want justice not just for myself but for that lady and her daughter. i do not think we should have to live like this. >> the defense's strategy is unusual. the defense attorney told the jury that jason scott did confess to all of these crimes and many, many more that the jury had not heard about but as
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a gay man who has struggled with his sexual identity, he was simply seeking acceptance, acceptance from the u.s. attorney, and he says this is something he has been struggling with all of his life, and he did not commit any of these crimes other than being in possession of one gun and one silencer. brad bell, abc7 news. >> thanks. a man dies after police traced him after a serious car accident. -- after police taste -- tased him. and princess diana at age 50 as a cover girl.
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a restaurant fire on m street in georgetown today. >> we have details on what was damaged here with kris van cleave. >> this stretch of m street was shut down for most of the
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afternoon because of this fire, and we have learned from firefighters that there were about one dozen people inside when this fire started you had to get out in a hurry. >> fire going everywhere. lots of smoke. lots of fire. >> he was working just feet from the blaze that sent smoke so high it could be seen from downtown d.c. there were pictures on the back of the hookas restaurant in georgetown during lunchtime. -- v. " -- the hook was strong. he got a fire extinguisher to buy time for everyone to get out. another watched in tears. she has worked here for five years and was also inside when the fire started. >> everyone needs to get out. it was scary.
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>> the fire crews worked long after the fires were out. a maze of fire trucks filled m street, closing the whole of georgetown to traffic for hours. >> there was some smoke and water damage. also some restaurants and bars. >> now, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. fire fighters tell us there was extensive damage to the kitchen and the rear of the building. the owner of the two restaurants says he plans to rebuild and reopen but for now those two restaurants, very popular will remain closed. if we are live in washington, kris van cleave, abc7 news. 7 is on your side. toyota is recalling about 82,000 of their hybrid suv note -- suv 's, all sold in the u.s.
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between 2006 and 2007. toyota will notify owners by mid july. the ethier about the situation involving a nuclear power plant seems to be lessening. they say the los alamos plant is secured. they used foam to make sure nothing is released into the environment. so far the fire has burned about 70,008 curtis. >> wow. switching to our weather things were nice today. >> we talk about the dewpoint, and it was in the upper 80 poston yes, but it feels nice, breezy, and dry, and then one more day like that and then we get the hot and humid stuff. this is a view from the
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elementary school in the district. this is starting with a few clouds across the city and this became mostly sunny and breezy and pleasant and warm everywhere around the weatherbug network. temperatures around the region, 87 degrees in oakton but the dew point temperature of 51 is very comfortable and that puts the relative humidity down around 29%. in oxon hill 84. a 90-degree reading in frederick. all across the map all of these locations have dry conditions, so it is uncomfortably warm day. there is " -- cool weather to our north. the dewpoint temperatures, they speak for themselves. when your in the 50's's with dew points, with temperatures in the
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a.d.'s, it is comfortable. -- wit dew points in the low 50's, and temperatures in the 80's. this will make it quite uncomfortable. a cold front leaving town this morning, high pressure in its wake and as the pressure builds over the mid-atlantic, we will be in great shape. the next change will be on friday when this means offshore. it will be a little more humid, a little warmer, near 90 degrees. once we get into the weekend we get the full force of this air mass. with temperatures in the 90's, the humidity a cold front another disturbance on tap we cannot rule out the chance of a thunderstorm and a chance for some scattered storms. most of the time, it will be
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dry. it will just be hot and humid. 81 tomorrow. by the afternoon 85, 90 on friday and then we see the 90's and the humidity settle in for quite awhile and there is a chance of thunderstorms on sunday monday, tuesday and wednesday. bootcheck for our ever improving weather feature is. i think you will find a lot of stuff if you explore. >> ok. >> sounds good. today, a ticket weather. >> they will celebrate. congratulations to brenda de lalla. the next one are tickets to see heart and def leopard and we
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will announce that on friday. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 et find out what brought him to tears. an all-out campaign. coming up, why it is harder than you might think. also a lot of reaction to this new newsweek cover of what dynamite look like now at the age of 50 and how she might be living her life.
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well, princess diana would have turned 50 this year and there are predictions on her life. >> there are predictions of what she would have looked like that are causing some controversy. >> there is this "newsweek" story, which speculates what princess diana would look like at 50 years old, had she lived and inside, there is another photograph of diana, clutching an iphone. it is making people do double takes. a photoshopped image of princess diana shows you're walking alongside hurt daughter of -- alongside her daughter-in-law
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kate middleton. >> it looks like she is alive, and she is not. >> i think she is beautiful. et >> it is creepy as hell. >> the magazine is celebrating the princess's 50th birthday. >> she is dead. they never met. >> some say the image is insensitive. others say it is simply a way to keep her memory alive. >> playing around with things like that. >> trying to show similarities between the two. >> the biography written note -- has a make believe facebook page for her, saying she would use botox to stay young, and where she would live. >> that makes sense to me. >> whatever your opinion the
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interest in princess diana almost 14 years after her death is still as present as ever. >> beslan is we have ways and means about talking about who she might become. >> the writer of that article in newsweek also says the article is a very intriguing way to show what princess diana would be like today and she says she wanted to make her a time traveler. for more on this "newsweek" article, just go to our website >> interesting. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 was it the weather or some mechanical problems at jfk airport today? >> how pilots reacted to this unusual sight, coming up. plus, a man loses his eye after a beating outside a nightclub. a montgomery county man dies
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a mystery out of montgomery county tonight. homicide detectives are investigating the death of a man in police custody. >> he died at moments after police used a taser on him. stephen tschida. >> the man has been identified. we spoke with his family and friends just a short while ago and they want to know why you would tase a man who had just been in a bad car accident. they say they found the potent drug pcp inside the vehicle. the victims neighbor says it makes people go crazy even if they are seriously injured. >> hallucinate.
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go crazy. >> about 10:30 at night, the man's 1993 cadillac crossed over and crashed into a guardrail on south route 29. within minutes rescue personnel arrive and inside, they found a in a man and a woman, and they tried to free the man, but his violent reaction forced them to back off and call police. >> they extricated the subject from the vehicle. if he continue to fight, and they had to note -- to tase him. >> i do not think that was a good idea. >> even though his companion acknowledged to a peace treaty prior to the crash the victim's neighbors question whether to vote -- to tase a crash victim. >> i do not think it makes
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sense. >> the officers involved have been placed on routine leave. meanwhile, the medical examiner is trying to determine the exact cause of death. they are anxiously awaiting that determination. live in the mobile abc7 newsroom, stephen tschida. with the top stories, an instructor at a local rock climbing center is accused of sexual issues. this was that the earth trex center. a d.c. man faces thousands in fines for a bus that neighbors say he is using as a boarding house. charles stottlemyre says he has a right to park at bus behind his home. the city agrees but says that using a bus as a dwelling is illegal. he is due back in court last
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month. there was a large fire in georgetown that damaged two d.c. eateries. smoke could be seen in downtown d.c.. no one was hurt, but both restaurants are now closed. he was out celebrating his 24th birthday at a d.c. club when he was beaten so badly that he lost one of his eyes. this was outside the lotus nightclub on k street and now we are learning that three d.c. police officers stand accused. >> d.c. police will only say at this point that there are allegations that their officers were involved, and the department is investigating whether there are any other allegations of this nature. in the meantime, a man of celebrating his birthday is left recovering from serious wounds. these are the grosses potus of walter, beaten so badly he claims that doctors were not able to save his ruptured right
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eye. >> the people who kicked him and took his right eye out, it is just an abomination. >> the attorney spoke for his client. of celebrating his birthday with a handful of friends of the lotus to nightclub in northwest. people were pouring out of the club when a fight broke out next to him. >> he goes into the fetal position to try to protect himself, and then you have these people dressed in black, the bouncers, kicking him in the head. >> three men were arrested in the incident. sources tell abc7 news at all of them were off-duty police officers but there is no information that the three were working as bouncers at the club. >> a fight broke out. >> the lotus nightclub is listed as being owned by a man who owns four other clubs in the area,
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michael morovia. we tried to contact him but he failed to answer our calls or emails. >> judge, jury, and executioner. >> the man says he was just trying to get away from the fight in front of the club. he is now looking into five in what he is calling a very big and glossy. reporting live in the newsroom, horace holmes, abc7 news. a robbery at an atm in germantown on germantown rd.. a man was using it around 11:00 p.m. when police say a suspect approached his car. the victim quickly drove away. note the suspect stolen cash and the atm card. another local town is adding some red light cameras. alexandria police are putting up cameras at three intersections. drivers to speed through during the month of july will be given a warning, but after july 30
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drivers will start getting tickets in the mail. also fairfax city said they have added two cameras to city streets. mike is here with details. >> on sell-down 95, you are seeing delays from washington boulevard to duke street. newington to woodbridge and dale city to triangle the northbound gw parkway is low. let's take a look at what is happening in maryland. 270, delays to montgomery village avenue. and let's take a look at the beltway. seeing a lot of inner loop delays between route 123 in georgia ave. the incident before river road move to the shoulder begin a slow towards university blvd.. heavy delays a man born to eisenhower. slow and schumaker way northbound to 70 on the other league and slow again 66 to gallows road.
5:37 pm
-- slow on your way northbound to 270, on the outer loop. one of the country's busiest airports. >> it were shocking. it was like a ball of fire. >> some serious scholarship money. and then at 6:00 wal-mart cutting more prices. see what the chain is doing to attract business at its gas
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a d.c. graduate is on her way to college after a competition. this story kicks off a new series of stories that we are calling "harris' heroes," as kids make a better future for themselves. victoria davis has a voice beyond her years as. with that talent she delivered this unforgettable performance on stage at the kennedy center. >> and the winner is --
5:41 pm
>> and victoria davis. >> she clenched a $4,000 college scholarship as a winner of the competition. her song was from the musical hit "dreamgirls." note -- >> i am changing and i am changing for the better. >> davis admits she has had to grow to get where she is today. the girl that was singing in math class. >> i still am singing. >> do you still sing in math class? >> she will now be singing, not just a goal of the talent competition but for the d.c. college access program helping students districtwide attend college. >> doctors or lawyers it. broadcasters. colleges about making the dream come true. >> and there was a crash in
5:42 pm
2009. she came away with some injuries. it did not affect her voice or her determination. we will be highlighting more heroes like her in the weeks to come. >> what a superstar. she sounds amazing. coming up next on abc7 news at 5:00, a local animal shelter. note finding them good homes. and we will tell you what brought casey janssen is father to tears today.
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it was a day of tears and testimony in the casey anthony trial. >> we have the latest from the florida court room. >> it was an emotional day for casey anthony's father george, forced to remember the day in 2008 when caylee anthony's
5:46 pm
remains were found. >> had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive? >> until the day we were told it was caylee. >> the former police officer gave some of the most damning testimony yet against casey on trial and facing the death penalty for the murder of her 2- year-old daughter. >> casey was the last person i saw with caylee. no matter how you try to spin it. >> george anthony became emotional again when questioned about his suicide attempt in january 2009. >> i wanted at that time to go and be with caylee. yes, i did. >> why he had bought a handgun after he knew that caylee went missing. >> i wanted to get answers from people that i believe were involved with my granddaughter
5:47 pm
missing. >> during the testimony, casey anthony simply shook her head. she will take the stand in her defense. >> you saw her nodding in court clearly recognizing that this is the big moment. >> once the defense rests the state will call rebuttal witnesses. that could take one to two days, and then they will go on. abc news new york. a woman is dead after her car caught fire at a hotel garage at the arlington hilton hotel before 8:30 this morning. she hit a gas line, in her car hit -- caught fire. maybe she may have experienced a medical emergency. a center is closing after 35 years, the women's center because of budget cuts. it is operated in a number of
5:48 pm
locations over the years most recently in rockville. et some 900 women were held last year but with an operating budget of nearly $900,000, the county executive decided to cut the program. it is said the service is the group offers is unique. >> there are not a lot of other places for this. .executive director. >> the center will close its doors tomorrow. a turbo invasion on a runway at jfk airport and of delaying several of flights -- a turncoat -- a turncoat -- turtle invasion. >> do you want to have it removed first? >> not just one, but over 100 began crawling across the tarmac this morning. they are known for making this
5:49 pm
annual trip to lay their eggs. it takes about 30 minutes. by the way they are diamondbacks. >> maryland. that is what they were doing. all right, let's see what is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson. good to see you. >> good to see you. a crackdown on crime at a number of metro station is underway as we speak. a couple of police agencies are joins -- are joining together to keep people safe. and a martin luther king memorial. we will hear from some of the men who followed in dr. king's footsteps when maureen and i join you at 6:00. >> thank you. here is a look at what is coming up tonight during abc7 primetime.
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you will need twins with a very special power at 10:00, and then stick around for abc7 news at 11:00. we are in the good part. absolutely. sunshine, blue skies. let's take a look at the numbers as we have them. temperatures around the region now mostly in the 80's. fredericksburg and 90. everybody else in the mid 80's. 86 right now at quantico. this is very very comfortable. these dew point combinations with the temperatures are yielding humidity between 20% and 30%, and during the summer time during the day, that is good stuff. sunshine, high pressure building in. another beautiful day on talk tomorrow and fairly pleasant on friday the back near 90 degrees
5:51 pm
but not terribly humid. over the weekend that will change. the high pressure is responsible. thank you, high pressure. it will exit to the east on friday, and that will open the door to hire heat and humidity for the weekend. in the southwest gulf of mexico, winds at 50 m.p.h.. there is a chance this could become a hurricane over the next 24 to 36 hours as arlene makes landfall. we cannot rule out an isolated storm on saturday. a better chance of storms sunday evening and monday and monday evening. hot and humid next week. that is it. back to you. wimbledon today. it was great. upset at wimbledon today. roger federer were playing in his 29th straight quarter final.
5:52 pm
and he is 178-0. not so fast, my friend. the other went on a tear. look out. he had been roger federer only once before ever. he eliminates the 16th time grain champion insects. -- grand champion in assets. let's change gears. on a gorgeous day like this, we went to find the kids at camp with some big time former redskins. they got quite a compliment to a from none other than a redskins' great, mitchell. they were among dozens of kids getting professional help at a football camp in waldorf. >> this is what we do best. it is very easy for us. >> the kids soak it up with a
5:53 pm
sponge and learn. it gets you excited. >> focusing on footwork. brian mitchell perfecting passes. or perhaps the next tom brady just soaking it all in. today was definitely hands on. >> you can see these guys will sleep very well tonight. they were working their butts off. >> handing off. that is what today was all about. >> it would be a great thing. >> that will be a little while. >> that is great. >> he looks like tom brady. >> davey johnson still looking for his first win. we have that. and wait until you hear what was said to the iraqis -- rookies.
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coming up, shaping
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the pit bull breed is associated with a temper. >> but workers at a rescue league says they are getting the wrong reputation. an initiative is in the works to find them good homes. >> a 3-year-old female pit bull is at the center of a new push to get the controversial breed back into loving homes. the washington rescue league is launching an initiative to keep the canines from ending up back on the street. >> they are the victims of abuse, neglect of the way we treat them, overpopulation. >> the league is waving the $150 adoption fee and offering training classes at a discount over the weekend. >> they say they have been
5:58 pm
tarnished. the perceived bad reputation is something a pit bull owner encounters of the time when out with his dog buddy. >> it is the most understood up of all of the breeds of dogs -- the most misunderstood. they just have that stigma. >> that aggressive stigma associated with the new breed is what one woman expected about the dog living in the apartment building. >> they might be more aggressive than the other dogs, but i have found that not to be a general rule. >> whether it is malicious or just a misunderstanding, she says she does not want to risk it. >> there is a history of pickles and other dogs, but you hear about pit bulls in particular being particular dangerous -- there is a history -- of spitballs -- pit bulls.
5:59 pm
coming up on 6:00, see what the president is saying about the countdown to potential debt disaster. and the police disaster -- a police event. a dangerous chance to take, coming up. now at 6:00. live in hd this is abc7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the story at 6:00 the dire warning tonight from president obama about the nation's debt. >> this morning during a nationally televised news conference the president said congress is to blame. a deadline looms for the united states to pass the debt ceiling. mr. obama says congress needs to work through the holiday weekend, and members are considering it.


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