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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. not guilty. shock and anger this morning as people across the country react to the end of casey anthony's sensational trial. >> all: justice for caylee. >> smiling as she learns her fate, casey could go free tomorrow. her parents now under fire, targets of death threats as the crime scene becomes an overnight shrine to caylee. >> this morning, all the big exclusives, reaction from casey's parents, a juror gives us his extraordinary theory and the womoman who made this case r personal mission, casey anthony's biggest critic comes out swinging. >> the devil is dancing tonight.
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>> nancy grace joins us live. and you're looking at the memorial site where little caylee's body was found. so many people flocking here to remember the little girl who disappeared more than three years ago. the little girl who never saw her third birthday. for most of these last three years her mother was the prime suspect in her death, but yesterday the jury here in orlando found her not guilty. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos here in orlando. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas here in new york sitting in for robin and, george, emotions are running so high. the trial riveted the nation and casey anthony's parents left the courtroom as soon as the verdict was announced but what do they really think? we will talk to the attorney for
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george and cindy anthony in just a few moments. >> we have our full team here in orlando including nancy grace. but let's start with abc's ashleigh banfield who was in the courtroom for this entire trial. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: good morning, george. for two months i have been bringing you every twist and every turn that this trial has to offer, and almost on a daily basis, it has been remarkable. but perhaps on day 47, the most remarkable twist of all. >> it's been brought to my attention the jury has reached a verdict. >> reporter: in a tension-filled courtroom, minutes before the verdict, casey anthony nervously bit her lip as her lawyers gave a last reassuring touch on her shoulder. casey's father george anthony looked like he might be praying. >> will the defendant rise along with counsel? >> reporter: then as the verdict was read, casey gripped her lawyer's hand just before that jaw-dropping moment. >> as to the charge of first
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degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: her parents seemed to have no reaction but casey's eyes filled with tears as she continued to hear the words "not guilty" one after the other on all the top counts. >> as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: it was then the emotion truly began to show. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: the only guilty verdict, four misdemeanor charges of lying to law enforcement, punishable by one year each in jail. prosecutors sat shocked and stone faced as they watched the judge dismiss the jury. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i'd like to express my sincere thanks. >> reporter: tears turned to utter joy between casey and her lawyers. jurors left without explaining their verdict to the press and casey's parents slipped out too. still, no closer to finding out
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what happened to their beloved granddaughter. their spokesperson released this statement "while the family may never know what has happened to caylee marie anthony, they now have closure for this chapter of their life. despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, the family believes the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented." back in the courtroom, casey's three-year legal odyssey was finally over. even as she was being fingerprinted, she was unable to suppress a smile and even a laugh. and as this verdict sinks in for everyone, casey anthony is back at the orange county jail where she's been for 997 days. her parents are at their home under heavy security amid death threats post verdict but perhaps the final chapter may be written tomorrow when behind me in the orange county courthouse final sentencing 9:00 a.m. for casey anthony, george.
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>> okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. we're now for an exclusive interview with the attorney for casey anthony's parents mark litman. thanks for joining us. we know they are facing death threats. how are they holding up. >> they're holding well. obviously there's some concern but the orange county sheriff's office is doing their job very well and they're being protected. >> we saw no reaction whatsoever from george and cindy anthony yesterday as that verdict was read. were they surprised. >> i think they were shocked that it came back not guilty, but you can never tell what a jury is going to do and they were expecting anything. >> shocked because they don't believe their daughter is innocent? >> no, shocked just that the jury didn't find any sort of evidence against her and even though the state did a fantastic job, the defense came through with defending their client as they predicted. >> what do they believe?
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do they believe -- >> unfortunately, those are some things i can't discuss because of attorney/client privilege but they don't -- the things that the defense said they don't believe, my client, george anthony and lee anthony never molested her. certainly they -- george had nothing to do with moving the body and the rest of the things that the defense said about my clients in particular never happened. >> all not true, but -- they did say the defense was baseless, yet the verdict was fair. how do you square those two things? >> well, as an attorney, you know, we have to look at the facts as they were presented and, unfortunately, it just didn't tie together for -- i think even if you took my clients out of the equation and just looked at the evidence that they had from the scientific point of view, it just didn't tie together for the jury. >> have they spoken to casey? >> no, not yet. >> do they expect to? >> at some point i imagine, yes. >> do you know when? >> no, i don't. >> i guess that gets to really one of the most difficult questions coming out of this verdict right now. you saw a family torn apart. >> yeah. >> during that trial. these charges made by casey
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anthony's defense against her own parents. how do you put this family back together? >> well, it's like a one-step -- 12-step program, one day at a time. hopefully they can start to rebuild their lives. their lives will never be the same. their case has destroyed everybody's reputation even if it's baseless, there are people that will believe no matter what i say or they say for the rest of their lives they'll believe whatever the defense told them and, unfortunately, that's just the way society treats us. >> have they reached out to casey in any way? >> prior to the trial, they had reached out. during the trial they were not allowed to reach out to her, and from where we go from here, unfortunately, i can't discuss all that stuff either. >> you do expect them to come -- to speak at some point. >> at some point, yes. >> and finally, we don't want to lose site, of course, of caylee. >> correct. and that's what this case is all about. unfortunately, the truth -- there was a slim chance that we were hoping to get some sliver of truth during this trial, and
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that would be by testimony from casey, but certainly she didn't have totestify. it's her constitutional right not to testify and hopefully one day she'll tell her story, but who knows what to believe even -- >> do george and cindy want to ask casey what happened. >> afks. of course. everybody wants to truth. who knows if it will ever come out. >> thanks for your time this morning. there's been so much media scrutiny for the last three years and probably no one covered it with as much passion or controversy as nancy grace of hln. we'll go to her in a second. first here's a look back at some of grace's coverage of the defendant she called "tot mom." >> tot mom casey anthony on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old little girl caylee. tot mom now going after her brother and father relentlessly. for 31 days she report her daughter missing. today, a complete shift in tot mom's appearance and demeanor in
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court, laughing, smiling, joking. you're not going to get a fair verdict every single time you go to a jury. that is the reality. a little girl was murdered. she was thrown to the side of the road like trash and left to rot. somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight. >> and nancy grace is right here right now. nancy, we were all watching that verdict yesterday. i was sitting with dan abrams up in new york. our jaws both dropped. what went through your mind? >> well, after watching so many trials, after trying so many cases, prosecuting criminals, i know you take a big risk every time you take a case to trial. every time you stand up and say what you believe, you stand for anything, you risk getting mocked, losing and that's what happened to the state yesterday. they stood up for something and
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they lost. >> did you feel like -- >> do i feel like i lost? oh, goodness no. i feel like who lost is caylee because yesterday when i was watching the defense team about a block from the courthouse having a champagne tofte and dancing and one of the defense lawyers shooting a bird at the reporters through the window, all i could think about was caylee and that's really all i thought about every since i heard the not guilty verdict. i thought about what she went through at the end of her life. did she look at her mother. was she knocked out with chloroform, i hope and didn't suffer any fear before she was placed in the car trifk and thrown out into a swamp to rot? that's what i thought about and amazingly, i thought about my own twins so much and last night when i finally got home, i just went and crawled in bed with them and just laid there, late into the night thinking about caylee. >> our anger and passion showed
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through yet you saw the defense team say the media have to learn from what they called media assassination. >> apparently there was no assassination because tot mom is going to walk out of jail probably tomorrow and she's probably going to get a million dollar book deal and maybe a quarter million for licensing fees and photos and she's going to be living on easy street living the sweet life that she has tattooed on her back so i hardly think anybody was assassinated here except for caylee. >> no second thoughts about any of your coverage. >> george, i told the truth. am i taking the heat for it? yes. is that going to make me stop looking for missing children and trying to solve unsolved homicides? no. i'm not going to let some kooky jury stop justice. not for me anyway. >> kooky jury? >> yes, george, come on. look, i know you're pretty highbrow and all that, but this was a bad verdict.
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and this is the way our justice system works. we have to believe in it whether we agree with the verdict or not and we have to stand by it because it's really all we've got. i know i was there in the courtroom as a crime victim when my fiance was murdered. i know how the prosecutors feel when you're undefeated and feel like you can't put one more foot in front of the other, but you have to if you believe in anything and i do. i do believe in something. i believe in justice. >> well, there's a lot more to talk about. we'll join dan abrams in our next half hour but thanks for now. >> i'll be ready. >> back to new york and elizabeth. >> now to the huge outcry caused by the not guilty verdict. emotions running so high after this decision. abc's yunji de nies is at the memorial close to the spot where caylee anthony's body was discovered nearly three years ago. good morning to you, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this dark swamp is where this story really begins and ends. people have been coming here
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steadily since the verdict came down to offer their prayers for caylee who would have been 6 years old next month. there was an eerie silence in the swamp near the place where caylee's remains were found. >> i feel like a lot of people have done a good job of keeping her memory alive in there. >> reporter: they come to remember a little girl, so many of them little girls themselves not much older. >> i wanted to say good-bye to her and i hope that she will rest in peace. >> she didn't deserve any of this and i felt very bad. >> reporter: and there were mothers horrified that any child could leave this world as caylee did. >> i'm a mother of three kids, three daughters and i don't know -- it's inconceivable to see what this child went through, i mean, dying so young. >> reporter: here a solemn scene while eight miles away at the courthouse. >> all: justice for caylee. justice for caylee.
7:14 am
>> reporter: utter disbelief and anger. >> caylee has been forgotten just like that. what happened to her? >> they just let a baby killer out of jail. >> i feel like punched in the stomach. wait a minute. that's not what was supposed to happen. >> reporter: echoed as far away as times square. >> she killed a little girl. >> reporter: to los angeles. >> apparently murder is okay, but lying is bad. >> reporter: on air the judgment was swift. >> and i say guilty as -- >> reporter: online thousands slammed the jury. trevor donovan tweeting "breaking news, jury legalized murder. when casey anthony is done clubbing she'll start working on her book then maybe golf with o.j. simpson." another person angrily suggested "the jury should be given an exit competency test." i spent much of the day on those steps and the tension was palpable. the emotions here in orlando are running high from the anger there to the sadness here. elizabeth?
7:15 am
>> all right, yunji, thank you. the jurors unanimously are refusing to speak about their verdict but alternate juror russell huekler is joining us from st. petersburg, florida. you say you agree with the verdict and you too would have voted to acquit. why? >> well, there was a number of reasons. the first of all, you know, there was so much reasonable doubt. the prosecution did not present the evidence that showed that, you know, that caylee had been murdered. they didn't show a motive of why, you know, from their own -- from their own witnesses, you know, this really nice -- this really good mother, you know, had killed her child, and thth -- and then finally, they did not show, you know, how caylee had died. >> not guilty does not necessarily mean innocent so does this mean you don't think casey anthony had anything to do with the death of her daughter? >> ihink there was a horrific
7:16 am
accident that happened and that the -- that was covered up. i think the family knows more than what they're -- what they've said. there was a comment at the end of the trial that, you know, things snowballed and got out of hand, and, again, i think that's -- that's true. >> however the little girl died casey anthony then went 31 days shopping and drinking and partying. did that bother any of you on the jury? >> well, of course. the behavior was bizarre, but, you know, what i took from that that the family was very dysfunctional and you got to remember, casey just didn't start lying for the 31 days. she had been lying for the previous two year, so it was just kind of the norm for her. >> i think some people might be surprised to hear you call her a good mother given the fact that
7:17 am
she did all that lying for 31 days and even before as you pointed out. her own lawyer called her a liar and a "slut." how do you get to the good mother part? >> well, that was from the evidence that the prosecution brought out. the first number of witnesses were casey's friends and every time that they said that they saw, you know, casey with caylee, it was a loving relationship and no one provided any evidence to the contrary. >> many as you know and have heard are outraged by this verdict. we just heard in yunji's piece that the jury should be given an exit competency test. what do you say to those who don't agree with your verdict and think you got it wrong? >> you know, i'm sorry people feel that way. i'm shocked. since i've been home last night and watching just the news accounts of what i missed, it's actually shocking that they're coming out so against the jury.
7:18 am
>> well, mr. huekler, finally the jury in this case has basically set casey anthony free. either very soon or within a year and a half. what do you think she would do with the rest of her life? what would you say to her? >> that's a tough question. i think, you know, miss anthony definitely has some issues that she needs to address, you know, professionally. something horrific happened to caylee. a sweet, little girl that, you know, that died, and so i -- hopefully she'll be able to move on with that. >> all right, russell huekler, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. time now to check with the weather. let's check in with sam champion. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. wild 24 hours. let's talk about it weatherwise. a picture of what skies look like over new york city. when you get this color, it means one thing, particulate matter in the air, dust or dirt or some particle in the air, this case it's ozone, bad air
7:19 am
quality and happens with heat a lot. it gets trapped and you have to breathe it. in many major cities it's been a problem. thunderstorms will pop up for awhile. take a look at the zones. there's a lot, denver to wichita and also right around portland, a little north of boston, richmond, raleigh, atlanta, all part of what will be some very strong to severe storms just due to this big-time summertime heat. most cities in america at or above normal in their temperature. just a wild warm one. some areas of light
7:20 am
moderate rain west of the area and stretching toward culpeper. intois pushing off fauquier county and temperatures the low to mid 70's. otherwise, some clearing and becoming summit late in the morning. highs in the lower 90's and we possibly feel the humidity >> a lot of storms during the day today but in some cases relief from the big heat. elizabeth, george? >> okay, sam, thanks. coming up, right through this trial they've been going head to head. now dan abrams and nancy grace are face to face for the first time right here. plus, will and kate's big score. the royal couple's big adventure up in the north. they get ready to hit hollywood.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. you atgood morning to wednesday, july 6. simpson then we begin morninging on the
7:27 am
commute with lisa baden. we love what is happening around town. there is the summer traffic means lighter everyone this morning. no major accidents to report as far as interstate the beltway.ound you will sought -- you'll find some ebb and flow of the y but otherwise we are in good shape. 270 has settled down already and crash at route a has been taken care of. we actually have a few areas moderate rain but they are isolated southwest of the metro area. you concede that in yellow and red on the map. you see those showers pushing off to the north. notice that flow from the southwest to the north east and that will fizzle out.
7:28 am
66 east of from royal and there light rain. temperatures are in the low to mid 70's at this time and it today with 91 the high temperature and we could eave strong or sever thunderstorms south of the metro. a prince william county turnr is expected to in a murder and child t charges today. a grand jury in -- indicted murphy yesterday after her two-year old son died after being left in a hot minivan for seven hours yesterday. left the boy in the event in january. we will be back with another at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
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7:30 am
casey anthony waits for the verdict facing the death penalty. two minutes later she is set to walk free. and then look at that smile. what a stunning turnaround for casey anthony. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos here in orlando. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas here in new york where people are equally shocked by that astonishing verdict and coming up, george, in just a few minutes we'll go inside the jury's startling and swift decision to reach that stunning verdict. nancy grace and abc's dan abrams
7:31 am
have gone head to head during this entire trial and now that they're face to face, they're going to weigh in yet again and definitely sparks will probably fly. >> they are standing right here. the latest on the royal road trip. will and kate heading to -- they're in north america right now. two days before they hit california. >> george, it looks like a scene out of a horror movie. take a look at this. the dramatic scene after a massive dust storm nearly two miles high slams the southwest. this is phoenix, arizona. i used to live there and seen plenty of these storm, never one quite like this. >> boy, that is something. right to nancy grace and dan abrams here in orlando. so much buildup. it seems like you will take off the gloves. one thing i think you both agree on is -- we just talked to you in the first half hour, but, dan, the verdict was just a shocker. >> it was. i mean, i was stunned by the verdict and i think that this was a verdict despite the
7:32 am
defense team. >> what do you mean by that. >> well, i mean suddenly people are looking at jose baez and saying, well, he was masterful and this and he was masterful. a lot of the analysts are now talking -- >> yes, i understand. we just try to at the cuss on watching you. not saying positive things about jose baez but the bottom line is that i think in the end that these jurors determined that even if they were 40% or 50% or 60% or 80% sure that casey was responsible, they weren't sure enoughgh beyond a reasonable doubt. >> nancy, you called them a kooky jury and we just heard from russell huekler. he said there was no weapon. no dna evidence, no motive. nonoause of death. >> well, i guess we were looking at two different trials because the state, according to the law, the jury was instructed on, does not have to prove motive. it's thought their responsibility to get inside a killer's head and try to figure out what they're thinking.
7:33 am
the murder weapon was tot mom's own hands, they did have a murder weapon and the reason there was no cause of death is because caylee's body went undetected for so long lying there in a swamp, her skin, her soft tissue decomposing by the hour until there was nothing left but her skeleton, her skull full of dirt and sediment. so should the defendant get an "a" plus for managing to trick police? i don't think so. what that juror said to me doesn't even make sense. we keep talking about what the jordache i don't treat what i observed in the courtroom -- none of them took notes through extremely intricate testimony. in fact, one had her pen out twirling it around and around and around during testimony. that's not a good thing. >> but i don't know how much -- how many notes the jurors are taking matters. i mean so what -- >> did you take notes during the trial? you did. you took tons of notes, i hope. >> you know one of the least reliable things are the jurors' notes.
7:34 am
you talk to them after the fact and they're often -- >> what juror did you talk to said they didn't rely on their own notes you are sea saying juries can be inaccurate. you were saying oh, they're infallible. >> who said they're infallible? i said -- >> wants his cake and eat it too. >> in my view the jury got it wrong but i think the system worked. >> i agree you have to accept our system. look, any time you take a stand on anything, you can expect to win or lose and the state took a stand and they lost. >> one of the things the defense might have done right as you saw the prosecution hone in on those 30 days where casey was partying even though her daughter had disappeared yet we heard again from russell. we'll wait to see what the other jurors end up saying that they thought casey was a good mom. >> yeah, i mean, look, that was one of the big arguments from the defense and i'll tell you, george, this is amazing. this alternate juror who was not involved in the actual deliberation process and yet somehow seems to be reflecting
7:35 am
what i guarantee you will be the exact sentiments of the -- >> if we actually hear from them. i thought it was significant that as soon as the jury verdict came down, they didn't want their face to be seen. they didn't want to comment or -- >> just now or forever. >> in fact, they literally got a bus and left town that speaks to me. they got on a bus and left town right along with lady justice. i guess she was in the car in front of them. >> you don't think we'll ever hear from them. >> i think at some point we'll hear from them where they get some softball questions about how great the justice system is and write abook along with tot mom because she's probably getting out of jail tomorrow. >> i've never seen a case where the jurors and the people watching the trial, including the public and the commentators, have been so divided. >> this is what struck me. you have a jury that was sequestered for the entire trial and they came to a completely different verdict from everyone i've spoken to who watched all
7:36 am
the coverage. how do you explain that? does that show -- >> nancy is not going to like my answer. it's the difference between the truth and a legal truth and that is the rest of us who was watching the trial and got to see all the extra arguments outside the presence of the jury, we all get to form our own opinions about whether we think she was guilty, but when it comes to that legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, i think in the end the jurors determined this is their legal truth even though the truth to the rest of us may be very different. >> well, the reality is, the jury is supposed to render a verdict that speaks the truth. that's what the law says. and i think we all know what the truth is. so the reality is they've got to deal with this from now on and they'll go away thinking they did the right thing and i wonder how they're going to feel when they see tot mom in a major tv movie and a book deal for a million dollars and selling her photos for $250,000, she'll get what she wanted, the sweet life. remember what was on her tattoo.
7:37 am
>> i do remember that and apologize for the mosquito in front of my face. nancy, dan, we'll have you back in our next half hour. >> to josh with the news. lots to get to. we'll begin with the secret capture of a man the u.s. military says works f f two of the most dangerous terrorist organizations on the plan net. ahmed warsame, a top leader in somalia and allegedly served as liaison to al qaeda in yemen captured in april and secretly held on a navy warship in the region until this week when he was flown to new york for trial in civilian court. the case will likely stir more debate in washington over whether military detainees should be brought into the u.s. meanwhile, teachers at the center of a massive cheating scandal in atlanta may soon face criminal charges. a state investigation found nearly 200 teachers and administrators at dozens of city schools cheated on standardized tests over the last decade by pointing out answers to students or just changing them outright,
7:38 am
sometimes at so-called erasure parties on weekends. the superintendent allegedly ignored or covered up the evidence. a brazen art heist in san francisco. a man walked into this gallery and walked off with a picasso drawing worth some $200,000, just snatched it right off the wall before making his getaway in a taxi and all in broad daylight. and from the could this quite be possible file. "the wall street journal" says twitter could now be worth upwards of $7 billion. that is based on the company's latest financing moves. $7 billion. nearly twice its value at the beginning of the year and, elizabeth, i read what the o.j. simpson trial and verdict was to cable news, so was the casey anthony to twitter. >> it's been enormous, the reaction and the outcry on twit wither. >> the eruption completely. would not stop. >> everyone gets to weigh in. thanks so much. time for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth.
7:39 am
yeah, gives you a chance to talk about what you're feeling like immediately. that's the great thing about twitter. let us show you pictures that you saw at the top of the half hour of the giant dust storm. the official title, haboob, one of these dust storms that just swept across -- most people say historic because like elizabeth said at the top of the half hour, no one in phoenix is saying they have seen anything bigger like this and they live through these all the time. here's what happened. a thunderstorm came through the tucson area. in those thunderstorms, you know, we get downbursts, this one tended to be very powerful. you got that shot of air coming out of the cloud, hit the dry dust, formed a dust cloud and that continued to travel with the storm. so it was about 50, 60 miles long and wide as far as the eye could see. heavy, heavy dirt and dust. if you didn't close your windows you were in trouble in that zone and that's likely and possible to happen again as we go through this season that we call basically the monsoon storm season into the southwest where these storms will form and that goes all the way into the fall. here's where the heat is now,
7:40 am
midland, laredo, jackson, new orleans, you feel like these numbers are at or above normal. you're right. boston, 92, minneapolis, 85. the heat is on. there's several pockets of strong to severe storms that will happen but storms just about anyplace possible, any place you see the moisture or to degrees and on our way degrees with considerable cloud cover any to isolated showers southwest of the metro by middaywill clear another round of scattered storms is expected this >> all that weather was brought to you by california tourism. elizabeth? >> all right, sam, thanks so much. guess who is going to california? will and kate. they're puckering up during their big adventure up north in canada. how the royal couple is scoring big up there and here perhaps. good morning!
7:41 am
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now to the latest on the royal couple's big road trip across north america. will and kate cross the border to visit the u.s. in just two days and they are scoring with crowds everywhere they go. abc's bob woodruff joins us right now from yellowknife, canada. good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. yeah, kate and william are now heading off later on today to a town called slave lake in alberta. a town that was destroyed badly by a wildfire back in may. 7,000 people evacuated from there. this has been a very, very busy trip for them, and this is the
7:45 am
seventh day of this 11-day tour. in the city called yellowknife, the streets were just filled. people scrambling to get closer. raising their cameras to get a glimpse however brief of william and kate. >> thank you very much. >> where is the princess? >> she's coming here. >> reporter: she is? what is her name. >> kate. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: william addressed the group speaking in two native aboriginal tongues while the ditches of cambridge walked through the crowd in a cream linen dress with a purse and nude heels. >> you're beautiful. we love ya. >> the more she seeps a warm reception, banners and flags, people yelling out we love will and kate. she just feels happy, i think and she's embracing it. >> reporter: they seem to be the happiest on adventures like this late yesterday flying.
7:46 am
float play and playing the canadian national sport, hockey. william missed the goal but joked perfect shot when the puck flew past the net and right to the media. >> i think there was a bit of disappointment she didn't kick her heels off and get involved with that hockey game. >> reporter: they were given honorary jerseys with their name cambridge but the future king got number two leaving us to wonder who's really in charge? that is absolutely true. you should know this is a huge diamond mining town so the officials actually gave them a 4 1/2-carat broach and a matching cuff links for william, as well. i have no idea how much this costs. i've never given anything like this to my wife. i don't know if you know. i don't know if mark has given one to you. i would imagine thousands and
7:47 am
thousands of dollars. >> you better bring home for lee. that's all i got to tell you, bob. thanks so much. coming up, now that she has been aquitted, what is next for casey anthony? what the most famous not guilty verdict can tell us about casey's future. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means, i can feel betetr and do momoref what matters. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision,
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time the 7:56 thomas wednesday, the july 6. let's start by taking a look at the road with lisa baden. > it is a good morning. is a nice ride along to 70, i 70, and 95. the outer loop is not to bed hampshire avenue 2 georgia ave.
7:57 am
95 in virginia, under the word live is northbound. it is lighter than average. trip on theeautiful greenway, the toll road, and the george washington parkway. metrorail as a normal service. the foggy bottom escalators are out of service. we have some areas of heavy rain just west of the metro area. the temperatures are shown in a yellow. there is a look at the heavy rain moving into fauquier county. it is also moving into southern pushes offnty as it to the north and east. considerablece the cloud cover elsewhere across the region i am expecting clearing lunchtime and high be around 90will degrees. there will be some scattered
7:58 am
evening and this afternoon. make ito will try to of defensethousands department employees to get to offices. the transit agency plans to increase the mark centre, belvoir, and andrews air force base. another u
7:59 am
8:00 am
and good morning from orlando where after casey anthony got the news that she would go free, the crowds gathered outside the courthouse and let loose with their reaction. >> all: appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal. >> relief inside. anger outside. dan abrams and nancy grace back wiwi us toalk aut what lie as head for casey and her family. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas in new york. as you know, casey anthony used
8:01 am
to live with her family before her arrest. how could she possibly go home once she's set free after the allegations she and her defense team made this that courtroom? we'll take a closer look at what other very infamous defendants, big cases like robert blake and o.j. simpson, what they did when they were set free after being accused of murder and what casey anthony's future might look like. and it's going to be so hard to put that family back together. right to that not guilty verdict, swift and stunning to so many. abc's terry moran has covered the trial, as well. it really was something, only a little something like ten hour. >> ten hours of deliberations and often in a capital case, a death penalty case, some prosecutors say that's not a good sign because if a jury is going to vick on a death penalty verdict, they're going to take a while. especially at a trial this long but these jurors are now the most controversial jurors in america since the jurors who acquitted o.j. simpson for murder back in the 1990s. how did they reach it? that bar of reasonable doubt is
8:02 am
so high and we took a look at what this jury did and who they are. >> they shocked all of us. >> we're both shocked. >> we did not expect it. >> reporter: for the people who watched this trial for a living, the verdict was flabbergasting. >> she knew her daughter was dead. she knew her daughter was discarded. >> reporter: but after 33 days of testimony and 400 pieces of evidence these jurors told the world, we just don't know what casey knew, not beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the task they were askedo complete was dficult and this community owes them a debt of gratitude. >> reporter: if the prosecutors were angry they didn't show it. lead attorney jeff ashton says he is retiring at the end of the week. it was a victory for the defense, but a bittersweet one. >> there are no winners in this case. >> reporter: the defense took the offensive blasting all the tv lawyers and passionate viewers who said this trial was just a formality before the guilty verdict. >> we have the greatest constitution in the world.
8:03 am
if the media and other members of the public do not respect it, it will become meaningless. >> reporter: the jurors themselves remained a mystery. not a single one taking the chance to answer hostile questions from that angry and suspicious crowd. there were five men and seven women led by a phys ed teacher who told lawyers during jury selection he heard his colleagues talk every day about how guilty casey anthony was. but as they head back home, the rest of us are left to wonder, did they believe the defense or did they just think the state failed to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt? >> well, this jury verdict and this jury remind us once again that the people who have the power to condemn or to free defendants don't operate on cable news, george. they operate -- >> they don't but i was talking to someone this morning who followed a lot of these cases, as well, and she said in what see called the csi world, in
8:04 am
these high-profile cases without dna evidence, very hard 0 get a conviction. >> dna evidence jurors value a lot these days. they also value the kind of tidiness that csi and other crime stories have whereas this case and a lot of cases, life is messy, facts are messy. i thought the prosecution actually given the tangle of circumstantial evidence did a very good job putting it together. but you're right. jurors these days are exposed so often on television to just perfectly tied up verdicts that if they don't get one maybe that's a higher burden for the state. >> the standard is reasonable doubt. >> reasonable doubt. >> terry, thanks very much. now back to new york and josh elliott with the news. >> thank you, george. with the c cey anthony trial now winding down two other high-profile cases are ramping up. former fugitive mob boss whitey bulger set for arraignment in boston today. he faces 19 murder charges pending since he went on the run 16 years ago. meanwhile, in washington jury selection begins in roger
8:05 am
clemens' perjury trial. he was accused of lying to congress when he testified that he never used performance-enhancing drugs during his long career.. and president obama is asking congressional leaders to meet at the white house tomorrow to hammer out a long-term deal to raise the nation's debt limit. both are fee refusing to cooperate. a new procedure may be overused. researchers say as many as half of the angioplasties performed in non-emergency cases are not beneficial to the patient or are just unnecessary. interesting considering they cost some $20,000 each. and for the first time we're hearing the harrowing moments on board southwest airlines flight 812 after a chunk of the plane's fuselage tore open back in april. it sent the plane on a terrifying descent some 20,000 feet in fewer than 5 minutes.
8:06 am
passengers grabbing at oxygen masks as the crew scrambled to get that plane to the ground. >> southwest 812, is that you? >> request emergency descent. we've lost the cabin. >> southwest 812 is emergency decompression descent. he'd like 10,000 feet. can you approve that? he's doing it anyway. >> yes, yes, approved. >> probably going to turn around and go back to phoenix. we'll get right back to you. >> apparently we got a hole in the fuselage in the back of the airplane. >> moments later pilots realized they didn't have time to get back to phoenix so they had to land in nearby yuma, arizona. and they did. safely. no one was hurt. yeah, no one was hurt. now, meanwhile, diane sawyer with a preview now of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. well, tonight we will have the newest details we learned throughout the day about what happened to the jurors and the jury room in the casey anthony
8:07 am
verdict. what really caused this verdict and we'll have those latest developments as we follow them throughout the day and bring them to you tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. a quick look at the headlines at sevenminutes past the hour. hearing that for the first time, you remember the story, we'll get back to you. maybe you'll get back to everybody else because we are going down. >> wow, okay. time for the weather. sam? >> hey, good morning, elizabeth, guy, good morning, everybody. i know it's warm where you are t it's warm here in times square. crystal, how was i doing? >> that was awesome. energy was awesome. >> before we went on crystal was like, don't forget to bring the energy. you are going to make sure i was not flat and boring. >> right now 100%. >> all right. that's what i'm talking about. let's get the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. glass, we're looking at you because five days in a row now you get to 100 degrees or above and we think it might be ten. here's why, that five-day outlook goes all the way through the week. saturday is the only day you have the opportunity to maybe
8:08 am
dip below. this is a prolonged range of heat. make sure if you're anywhere in the southern part of the nation you are taking it easy today and that includes even all the way up the eastern seaboard. hazy, hot and humid from philly into new york city to boston. thunderstorms are likely to pop up in a lot of locations. if they do make sure you go inside and take some cover. we have a few areas of light moderate rain south and west the metro area and moving into loudoun county. marshall, va. into warrenton. , this is slowly drifting into the piedmont of virginia and approaching northwestern prince .illiam county areas of isolated iran and the middayar out for and hot and steamy in times square. almost, george, within a few degrees of where you are in orlando.
8:09 am
>> yeah, it's pretty hot and steamy down here. coming you, the few 00 tur for casey anthony's devastated family. torch apart by this emotional trial. will her parents still stand by her? i looked up, and my jell-o pudding was gone.
8:10 am
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express hydration. the fast absorbing body lotion for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology. ♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪ lasts for hours. ♪ new express hydration with hydraiq. part of the essentials range. nivea. a hundred years of skincare for life. > the trial of casey anthony put enormous strain on her family. the defense accusing both her father and brother of abuse. her mother breaking down several times on the stand. abc's ashleigh banfield joins me once again and, ashleigh, it's so hard to imagine how this family is going to face the future. >> reporter: you know, they say they may have closed this chapter in their live, george, but no one know what is lie as head for this family. they become virtual celebs not just in orlando but across the
8:14 am
country and as they look ahead, of course, they have been dragged through the mud as casey pointed the finger the everybody but herself. when tragedy struck their family, george and cindy anthony did what most parents would do, they stood by their daughter. >> evidence that's out there is circumstantial. evidence that's out there is being grown up in someone's mind. >> reporter: when public sentiment turned to outrage they lashed out at those against them. >> all of you leech, all of you parasites -- >> reporter: the family even showed an outpouring of love and support while casey was behind bars. >> it goes without saying, our house is empty without both of you there. >> reporter: but that love and support gave way to questions and their jailhouse conversations became very, very public. >> mom, gees, i'm sorry. i love you guys, i miss you. >> all right, sweetheart. here's dad, hold on. >> no, i'm going to hang up and
8:15 am
just walk away right now -- >> please don't. >> reporter: it wasn't long before casey shut her family out refusing all future jailhouse visits. but what her parents sat down for an exclusive interview last year, they still said they backed their daughter even in the face of mounting evidence against her. >> i'm still going to be there for my daughter. that's unconditional love. >> what about the inconsistencies she told investigators and you guys right off the bat? would you want to ask about that or past that. >> i'm way beyond a lot of that. i've already come to terms with a lot of things. >> reporter: but weeks before the trial began george and cindy were dealt a devastating blow. casey's lawyer let them in on her defense. he planned to make george and cindy the cornerstone blaming them for the death and all the lies. sure enough on day one. >> casey was raised to lie. >> reporter: jose baez's opening statements accused george of covering up an accidental
8:16 am
drowning of his granddaughter, of disposing of her remains in a hot florida swamp and of sexually abusing casey into a life of lies and deceit. >> george began to yell at her. look what you've done! she cried and cried. and asked for her father's help and it was shortly thereafter that george did help. >> reporter: george took the stand and denied the accusation that very same day. >> were you present in your home when caylee anthony died? >> no, when i heard that today it hurt really bad. >> reporter: it was a pain that would reappear over the next eight weeks as the whole family took the stand again and again. cindy would come next heaving on the stand as her 911 call reporting her daughter to police echoed all around her. >> and it smells like there's a dead body in the damn car. >> reporter: she would be
8:17 am
accused of leaving the ladder on the pool so that little caylee could dentally climb up and fall in. casey's brother would also be destroyed as two different witnesses testified about casey's claims that he molested her. >> she told me that she woke up one night with lee standing over her and in another instance was groping her. >> reporter: and casey wasn't finished with her father. accusing him of cheating on her mother and hauling out the alleged mistress in court. jurors would later be reduced to a whimper as his private suicide attempt was made very public. still, as they did almost every day of the case, george and cindy anthony took their seats for the verdict. >> as to the charge of first degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: they made it out before the proceeding was done and through their lawyer released this statement about their daughter. "despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, the
8:18 am
family believes that the jury made a fair decision." casey could bond out of jail even before she's sentenced on the misdemeanor convictions and she may only have to serve about another year for those. but when she walks out of the orange county jail and into a brand-new freedom, she may have to find another home. far away from the one she's left so broken. so that if, of course, the big question. when is she going to get out? and where will casey go? i can tell you this, and this only, she is going to be in that building behind me at 9:00 tomorrow morning, onagawa county courthouse to find out how much longer she will spend in scale before she ultimately becomes a free woman. >> okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams and nancy grace once again. let's begin with what's going to happen tomorrow morning, 9:00. the sentencing phase. she could have got up to four
8:19 am
years for the false statements but she's served months for ha. >> each sentence carries a one-year sentence. each charge of lying to police. altogether consecutively that four year, she's already done three, 966 days as i recall, something like that so she's set to walk out and she will walk out either tomorrow at 9:00 or today. >> today? >> yeah, look, as far as the law is concerned, she's been serving time for a crime she didn't commit. she's been being held on a crime that a jury has now acquitted her for so now you have these four misdemeanor charges of up to a year each. remember, in most cases we'd say up to a year? she's not going to get a year. so i think it's very likely that this judge is going to look at everything and say she walks free tomorrow. >> let's talk about the family a little bit. we talked to george and cindy's lawyer in our first hour. he said they were surprised by the verdict. wouldn't say whether they believe she was actually innocent and it's just, nancy,
8:20 am
so hard to see how after everything we heard in this trial, after all the accusations that were delivered against george anthony that this family can survive in any way. >> well, i think they will survive and there's been a lot of scuttlebutt about george and cindy anthony splitting up i think they are stronger now. >> what about casey? >> i think it's going to be too eerie for tot mom to go back into that home, back into caylee's room which is apparently still intact. past her ashes in an urn and survive in any degree, any normalcy. i don't think itit's going to happen. plus, she'll be a millionaire and go wherever she wants. >> i will think her relationship with george and cindy will be very different. her relationship with her mom is probably going to remain strong. you saw her mom probably lie on the witness stand. >> that was extraordinary. >> for her daughter and yet when it comes to george anthony,
8:21 am
she's pointing the finger at him and basically saying -- >> she said he raped her. >> he's the one responsible for sexually assaulting her. so it's two very different relationships i think you'll see between george and cindy anthony and casey. >> and, of course, they couldn't talk throughout the trial. they didn't talk throughout the trial so we'll only know in the coming days and weeks how that communication went. >> i think nancy will agree with me. i think their testimony throughout this case, the fact that they sort of -- cindy anthony in particular sort of turned by the end was extremely helpful to the defense. >> oh, it was very helpful because it gave the jury an out on the single most important tenet of the state's case and that is premeditation. apparently the jury chose to believe cindy anthony that she had conducted those deadly searches on the computer on how to make chloroform, neck breaking, how to use home items as weapons. she took the fall for that. >> even if she thought they are daughter did it she didn't want to see the death penalty. >> it almost seems like
8:22 am
schizophrenic on the part of the family member, on the one hand they seem to want her convicted and on the other hand they absolutely didn't want to see her convicted and i think that that may be some of what we hear from the jurors. >> i think they are discuss as surprised. they believed a conviction was coming down but not a death penalty if they could stop it. >> when they say the family was dysfunctional i bet you some will come from the fact that you saw such differing testimony if them. >> casey anthony walks free probably by the end of this week and, dan, we've heard nancy say she thinks casey is going to be a millionaire. she is an instinct celebrity but infamous. >> we know her most recent offer, apparently according to tmz, you apartment to tell them. >> nancy, this is right up your alley. >> thank you. i don't watch porn but you may know a little more about that than me, dan abrams but according to tmz vivid entertainment, the importanting graphers have already offered
8:23 am
her a chance to transition into her new life with a movie. there you go, off to the races. >> she will be very carefully scrutinized. >> very carefully if she does that. >> that's for sure. if she doesn't she's going to have to be really -- i think that some people will probably say to her, do charitable work and yet when she starts doing charitable work people like -- >> like paris hilton. that's what they told paris. >> that woman is doing this kind of charity work, they'll say and she'll get on tv and point at the camera and she's going to say -- >> i actually wouldn't. >> really? >> because i think charity work from anybody but -- >> so you will support it. >> i will support any charity work, whether i support it or not is really not the point today. the point is that this is not justice and we're talking about how much money she'll make. but the reality is is she murdered caylee. there. there it is. >> that's going to have to be the last word from you today. thank you both very much. elizabeth? >> all right, lively as ever and as dan and nancy were pointing
8:24 am
out casey anthony could go free as soon as today or tomorrow when a judge will decide the dense tomorrow morning for anthony. h for lying to police or give her credit for time served. what will she do? so many people think she's guilty of murder. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after casey anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee, many are saying the jury got it wrong. >> i don't know what those jurors were thinking? >> this is a breakdown of our judicial system. >> reporter: what will the future hold for the 25-year-old when so many questions remain about what happened to her daughter? can she possibly go back home where she was living before this all happened. >> she can never have the life back that she once had. she can -- i mean i'm sure people will offer her money. they'll offer her book deals, you know, that she may in that way profit from this, but emotionally her life's been
8:25 am
destroyed. people will always believe that she's guilty? >> what is it like to go to the store and having people looking at you thinking, either you killed your child or your daughter killed her child. >> yeah, i mean i think it's the worst thing that could ever happen to you. to live under that stigma and it's a stain that you can never remove. >> reporter: ever since he was acquitted nearly 30 years ago of attempting to kill his socialite whiff sunny, claus von bulow has lived under a cloud of suspicion. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: o.j. simpson's verdict did little to stop public suspicion. he was hounded for years of being acquitted of killing his ex-wife nicole simpson and ronald goldman. today simpson is in jail convicted for a 2007 robbery gone wrong. >> not guilty -- >> reporter: since robert blake's 2005 acquittal of charges he killed his wife bonny lee bakley. he has maintained a low profile
8:26 am
except for being kicked out of a memorabilia event. as she joins the infamous ranks the public will no doubt watch her every move. >> she's been so reviled that people aren't going to be able to change that view of her. she'll be back out, but she's going to live in a prison the rest of her life. >> a prison, cath len zellner of suspicion and scrutiny. she says wherever casey anthony go, people will be there and think she's guilty. abc news coverage of casey anthony continues tonight on a "nightline" prime time special at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and coming up right here on "good morning america," unleashed fury. the new breed of protection superdog. why people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to take them home and are they a menace? stay with us.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 8:27 and here is lisa baden. this is a picture of 270. this is an unusual back up. there was a crash northbound to to montrose road. there are delays leaving the way. the crash is moving onto the shoulder. virginia is good. no accidents right now to report the greenway or the dulles road and light volume on the george washington parkway. temporarily, they blocked canal between arizona and a and
8:28 am
hall road. we have a few areas of heavy rain from south and down into warrenton. warrenton as a downpour at this time. there was some thunder and around it is pushing off to the north east and temperatures are in way to thes on our 90's. we are expecting some clearing by lunchtime. it will become partly cloudy with highs around 90 more storms expected this afternoon and be severecould south of the metro. leslie johnson now says she the end of this month. fellow council members and the county executive are pressuring immediately.own
8:29 am
to destroyingilty evidence in a corruption investigation. another update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ bow wow >> nice crowd outside in times square, looking lively and cheerful. it's a hot and steamy day in new york city so they're out here while the weather is still nice. george is on his way back from orlando, florida, after covering the casey anthony verdict and robin is off this morningment i'm elizabeth vargas. happy y be here with the two of you this morning. coming up, are you tired of the same old food? >> yes. >> yes, i am. >> well, lara. funny i should ask. >> heading to your market shelf, we brought back the best products from the most delicious place on the planet, cannot wait for that. >> that makes two or three of
8:31 am
us. >> that looks good. also the dogs. you've never seen a dog quite like this. he's a sweet little guy but, oh, the damage he can do in -- >> sweet little guy. >> ah, little cujo. >> all in the name of keeping all of us super safe. we're going inside the new elite force of guard dog. >> hence the music. very nicely dodo. >> first, of course, time for the buzziest celeb and trend news, lara, what have you got for us. >> and studio walk. >> and i'm off. here we go, everybody. whether it's fabulous, it's fresh, it's hot, it's cold, we've got it. we're going to break down your pop news heat index. let's get started, this first story, charlie sheen feeling a little warm in the hot seat. he may not feel like he is winning. sheen has agreed to be roasted for a comedy central special in september. the same night as his old show comes back on the air without him, coincidence? we think not. it will be epic as charlie would
8:32 am
say. between charlie's vocal departure from "two and a half men" and pen chapter for tiger blood, they will have no shortage of material to work with. he's been providing kindling for this roast for quite a while. you think? moving on, remember the video game frogger, the frog racing across the eight-lane highway? this would be the real-life version starring that little guy, that little squirrel, it's gone viral, 4.5 million hits. it happened at the ultimate bam bore genie experience in california. ooh, the squirrel leaps on to the track just as the race car traveling in excess of 100 miles an hour appears on the scene. he weighs his options, he takes off and outfoxes the lamborghini. he is fine. he did lose the tip of his tail as he escaped by the skin of his teeth. thank you very much, josh. i knew you'd like that. let's move on to the next story.
8:33 am
this is really neat. take a look at what we believe is the future of shopping. already happening in south korea. a supermarket chain transforms subway walls into a virtual grocery store. all you need to do is use your app to snap a picture of the groceries you want and check out on the phone and the food arrives at your door by the time you get home. it's all very jetsons, isn't it? and finally, they're back. well, he's back. it's been two decades since it's been discovered that mil millivanilla was lip-syncing. girl, you know it's true. one-half of the group is attempting a comeback working with the ultimate to make a return to the industry that shunned him an his partner. he assures us this time it's the real deal. you might remember the other half, rob, passed away of a drug overdose. so that, everybody, is your pop
8:34 am
news heat index and it is hot here in new york. have you learned a thing or two? >> yeah, we've learned a lot. milli vanilli the year that whole controversy exploded was the year my husband won the grammy for best new artist. >> for "walking in memphis." >> i didn't want to be super fan. totally my karaoke song. >> i told him that. >> challenge. >> oh, that's right. >> no, trust me, there's no amount of money that could get that camera ready. i want to keep the nation safe. >> lara, thanks so much. time now for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> this week, this week, my friend, josh, karaoke with "walking in memphis." that'll happen this week. >> elizabeth is here all week. >> look, i think you made a promise to the audience that you need to keep. >> total promise. >> the contract with the audience. >> it is a aontract with the audience. >> got to be a way out. >> nope.
8:35 am
let's get to what's going on down here in times square, though. by the way, the other thing that "gma" is doing launching a search for the most beautiful places in america. the most beautiful. you've already sent in a bunch of places. we'll give you a little look at a couple of the ones that have been sent in to us. there you go. so lone pine, california, sedona, arizona, black hills, south dakota, chickenbone lake michigan. if these places -- i know, chickenbone lake because it's shaped like a chicken bone. there you go. that's why they call it. if those aren't the most beautiful places in the world or america to you, jump on our search and send in "good morning america" hitting the road this summer in search of those beautiful places in america, looking for your ten most spectacular spots and you can go online, you have until july 25th to send us a picture of your most beautiful place. do it. we're doing weather now. don't give me a wrap of a thing. i guess we're not. i guess we are done. we have some areas of rain
8:36 am
area in partstro of loudoun county and especially fauquier county. you will see that near 90 will be the high temperatures today get a round of >> all that for what happened, this weather brought to you by nivea. coming up next on "gma," stay with us. you's heard of mcgruff but this is mcreally rough. the new type of superdog coming your way on "gma."
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
the latest trend in high-end security, people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for guard dogs. but just what makes these very specially trained canines worth so much? it took one brave man, abc's matt gutman, better than i, to put on the protective gear and find out. >> reporter: the growl, the neck snapping ferocity. >> oh. don't call it a guard dog, more like the ultimate in luxury security. a $100,000 scion of royalty,
8:40 am
that will cuddle in seconds. >> they're for people and want to be part of the family and people we sell the canines to, that's what they consider them. >> reporter: that plus perfect pedigree and championship ranking helped harrison here in aiken, south carolina, recently sell one of his 3-year-old pooches for $230,000. the three dogs we worked with, izzo, about $100,000, indo, $50,000 and flecky, a bargain basement price of $37,000. what kind of people can afford this dog. >> my average client is a businessman. he travels extensively. he usually owns his own company. he's worried about security. and bodyguards are really not an option. they're not necessarily trust worthy. >> reporter: celebrities too. >> we do a considerable amount of business with celebrities,
8:41 am
also professional athletes. that's pretty much our clientele. >> reporter: and certain bodyguards or the sublime combination of lover and fighter you find in these pooches. plus, unlike humans, these dogs can't be bought. so if i take flecky over here and i hand her a steak, can i bribe her? >> no. >> reporter: can't get her -- >> she won't eat from anyone. >> reporter: she won't eat from anyone but her owner? >> yes. >> reporter: smart dog. >> she's trained that way. >> reporter: it can be done with a single command. >> reporter: teeth are scary. >> in people's minds. and it's all in the mind. >> reporter: harrison saw it up close and personal. oh, boy. held snakes and battled crocs but never been bitten by a 100-pound dog before. right now i'm a little nervous. >> well, you should be. >> reporter: i play the my part of aggressor. this is happening this.
8:42 am
is actually happening. harrison has been doing this for 36 years and this was only the second time he's agreed to unleash one of his dogs at a journalist and pretty quickly i learned why people are generally more afraid of this than a pistol-packing criminal. oh. >> good dog. >> reporter: you could actually feel him crushing the plastic thing here. these dogs are put through three rigorous years of training in germany before arriving here, a top gun school of sorts for the top pooches where they hone skills like tracking. we had our producer tracy play with indo for awhile and get her scent on her then she hid in the woods. it took indo about 30 seconds to find her. >> good girl. >> reporter: ideal dogs for secret missions. he's trained dogs for the navy, for teams like the ones that took out osama bin laden.
8:43 am
is that true? >> that was in the '80s. i can't talk about that. >> reporter: if he told me, he'd have to kill me or have one of his friends do it. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, aiken, south carolina. >> thank you, matt. we're now joined live with harrison, the owner of harrison canine. this is indo. >> a 2-year-old german shepherd. >> we saw what he can do when provoked or when doing indo's job. but there is a nice, sweet cuddly side. >> he likes to lick on you. this is the other side of indo. this is why they're worth $50,000 to $100,000. >> what can take him to a nice family dog or to a guard dog. >> just on command. >> so a series of commands theoretically not only to the -- now, they come over from germany. you've indo for how many weeks. >> about four weeks. >> how long is the training process. >> he's been in training since
8:44 am
he was 8 weeks old. we train him at our facility for three months. >> so at the end of three months, ready to go. when he arrives here, how much training has he had. >> he's had master's degree in tracking ability. >> we saw that. we saw the tracking, as well. why is that important as well as security and protection. >> well, i mean for the average individual, say the child wanders off, the dog can go find her. >> tracy's actually here. tracy was saying, come on in, tracy. indo met her a couple of weeks ago but remembered her scent right away. >> yes, absolutely. >> is that -- how many scents can they catalog? >> they have scent discrimination. they can go into -- they can go into a cosmetic counter and locate a particular odor as a bomb or a narcotic. >> a lot of people are going to hear numbers like $230,000. $50,000 and think that is a remarkable sum. we've heard the type of people who do seek out your services.
8:45 am
is there a big market for them? >> well, i wouldn't say there's a big market for them but there's a niche market for them. >> there's a niche market and -- >> definitely a niche. >> well, harrison, really appreciate you coming to times square. indo, thanks very much. i have a feeling you find plenty to do out and about in times square. that's going to do it from here. coming up next we're going to the market. some new food combinations that you're going to have to see or taste to believe. come on back, won't you? ♪ in th
8:46 am
8:47 am
weather is high ♪ ♪ you can stretch right up and touch the sky ♪ >> 57thnnual food show hits
8:48 am
washington, d.c. this weekend, but we have the ultimate preview with sara moulton. you were asked to be one of the judges. >> i was asked to be one of the judges. >> 180,000 newreats that are going to be sampled and we have a sampling todada what is that? >> micro citrus. yeah, you won't be able to break it -- >> oh, my goodness. >> they're like lined caviar. it explodes in your mouth. can you see that on top offen oyster. on a margarita on the rim. >> it tastes exactly like caviar. >> lots of deserts. we love this ice cream company. caio bella and taken dark chocolate ice cream, gelatt that with swirls of marshmallow, chocolate chunks and put between two crackers and what do we have? isn't that killer? >> wow.
8:49 am
>> watching your waistline and go a different direction, they have passion blueberry bar, only 70 calories, dairy-free. >> sorbet. >> sorbet. chocolate with everything. >> over 2,300 things and 300 were chocolate. they're putting everything in chocolate. chiles, salt, spices, stop. i want to eat my chocolate. three that i actually like. okay, this has toasted corn in it. has a wonderful crunch and slightly toasty corn flavor, delicious. key lime apples and take thin slices of apple and soak them in key lime and put them in dark chocolate. this is myy personal favorite. >> wow. >> peanut butter bars. >> back off. >> dark chocolate and milk butter and organic and free trade and nice new refreshing take on petitionnutter butter. >> more healthy version of a
8:50 am
reese's. >> organic. >> who likes it? >> really hot? >> 401 times hotter than -- it's called goat chili. always a new chile. how are we doing? >> have some ice cream to put it out. >> ah, there it is. >> let's move on down here. >> just stay with you. >> we have this. pumpkins, butter pumpkin ketchup. here's a pumpkin ketchup from a food truck in seattle. >> it's delicious. >> try it on a chip. you're really going to like it. pumpkin is good for you and in everything. >> a can of thisis >> absolutely. this is chocolate cheddar and
8:51 am
here we have popcorn and chips. a chip. >> are they healthier? >> healthier. just about everything healthier here. >> that peanut butter cup somebody finishsh? who was it? thank you. >> down here gummi bears, i never was a fan. they're too gummy. oh, my god, you got to try them. >> i already have. >> you know how they don't taste like the fruit. no sugar and no additives. it explodes in your mouth. doesn't stay on your teeth for hours. >> so a dentist won't disapprove. >> i don't know about that. i can't go that far. >> this is a better idea. >> many different flavors, this company makes flavors in acai or pomegranate. raspberry. all over the place, the trouble with gluten free -- >> my mom and nephew all have -- >> they did a good job.
8:52 am
gingersnaps and the other thing is if you're not going to have gluten just don't do gluten and this is all parmesan cheese. parmesan chips and basil and put on their label gluten free. it tastes good. >> cherry, there's always an "it" fruit. cherry concentrate. the juice of a thousand cherries in this bobole and tastes like apple pie in a glass. there's no additives, nothing. >> is it healthy for you? is it good for you. >> i just want to mention this smoked bourbon salt. >> excuse me, sugar. sugar. >> no, sugar. >> sugar. >> delicious. it's bourbon. bourbon with -- >> good. >> in a barbecue sauce. ♪ when the weather is high ♪ you can stretch right up and touch the sky ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you so much for watching abc news. can you follow us on facebook and twitter. before we go we have to wish our own josh elliott a happy birthday. [ cheers ] >> he's 40 years old. we have a cake. thank you. >> your favorite cake.
8:56 am
this is peagut butter and haagen-dazs vanilla. >> well done. >> happy birthday. you're 23? >> yes. i hear you're 24 years -- i'm actually looking forward to my first legal adult beverage. >> get a cherry juice out there. >> you invited all my friends. [ cheers ] >> thank you. more on the casey anthony trial to follow. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you at 8:56.
8:57 am
here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. it looks good in virginia vari. let's go live to traffic across the roosevelt bridge and show pace which is slowing down. an accident in constitution avenue at 15th street. this is 395 in approach between pentagon and the 14th street bridge. there is a bend broken down. 270 is getting better. you are looking at super radar where we have of isolated heavy rain or towarde moving east dulles airport. it also moved south toward culpeper. the says pushing off to the north
8:58 am
and east. near 80 degrees downtown. we will clear out this midday afternoon, highs near 90 degrees and another round of showers and thunderstorms later today and some could be severe south of the metro. jury selection begins today the federal perjury trial of roger clemens in washington, d.c. he is accused of lying to congress when he testified that never used performance enhancing drugs. the trial is expected to take 4- 6 weeks and he could face jail time. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next. ♪
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