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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  July 17, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> casey anthony was released custody. question is, where did she go? major heatwave ahead. mercury climbs all week. end -- this is soccer. u never know who will win. >> the u.s. women's team loses d cup.rl abc 7 news starts now. live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. follow breaking news. n amber alert was issued fromor girl from clinton.
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lania brae was seen wearing a mouse shirt and jordan s hoes. man named george henry was the las ttt to be her. s driving an older model grand marquee. anybody with information is police. call casey anthony was released from orlando jail after midnight intense scrutiny. have followed every twist and turn. release.e, a long seven deathe
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threats. it all unfolded at 11 minute midnight. 12 second walk, $537 her she had a look of relief. her, two deputies. climbed into an s.u.v. that off. crowd of 100 protesters, angry her release. wanted he to experience -- shyee was taken to her then a private jet. rent. tv, it is diffeerr not right. anthony leaves behind
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orlando, the jail she was 1,000 custody, and the court room she was aquitted of daughter, caley. nancy grace remembers happened. "if i did it" saw the head of publisher be fired. >> she faces two civil $100,000 for texas group that looked for caylee. whereabouts are unknown at time. gor isntannstant updates,
6:34 pm following new the phonets in scandal. e london police chief resigned connection to the editor. "news of the world" was shut due to the hacking of voicemails. aftertevenson waquit neil wallace. other news, a motorcyclist is after an accident in fairfax. driving a lexus collided two motorcycles. 45 year old william howard died later.
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the two other motorcycle riders suffered injuries. an investigation is now underway. we know the identity of the man who died when his glider crashed on friday. it is james baden of mechanicsville. pilot is in critical condition. intonvestigation continues m of two middle schools. offensive language and sexual painted in the school. last week, similar griffey was found. the police believe these instances may be related. turning now to the coming heat wave. it is going to get much hotter this week.
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we are in the weather center with a preview. >> enjoy this weekend because we have big changes on the way. there is not of real -- a lot of relief behind the cold front. at reagan national airport. the heat index is not that bad. on thursday and friday and saturday, the heat index may be around 105 if not warmer. and a comfortable my head. high temperatures above the lower and middle 90s. a dangerous heat wave is on the way. and the tropics are beginning to flare up. a turning to the world cup, loss today for the u.s. women's team.
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japan was the winner in a penalty shootout. it was a dramatic turn with the states leading for much of the game. i cannot imagine that the is very good. >> this was such a huge moment when they made the kick here, just deflated. they had so much confidence that usa would be the winner of the world cup. e werethe beginning w then this is what got us. >> one thing that people came -- away from, and one northern virginia knows this very well. >> screams of excitement. over. u.s.a.
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watched japan play the u.s. women's team. this is about national pride, r others this is a sign of pride. they work harder and they get day i will be like her. >> she has met no. 11 for the team. >> the rest of the soccer players, u.s. and japanese, are an inspiration. this is not only for the u.s. squad, who have worked to get to finals, but for all female athletes. >> this shows everyone that will pay off. >> the profile of this world cup a strong, positive force. >> i think at the end we are all
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winners. am the female athlete and good.akes me feel >> prince william soccer fans be at thehey will r teamt when the socce arrives and they will give them a warm welcome home. reporting live for abc news. >> will have much more coming up a little bit later. there is a lot of talking, but moving anywo sides closer to deal? and there are reports of the hosni mubarrack. latest on the shutdown hosni mubarrack. late the people who walked these streets before us
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conflicting reports the former egyptian hosni mubarrak. they say that the dictators self failing, but his doctors that he is stable. he has been hospitalized since april. he will stand trial in august for abuse of power. the headache that never happened. mad at tragic -- slowly andas moving the drivers prepared for the "carmageddon" when a 10-mile shut down. there were no major problems. still to come, a major heat wave has been forecast. we will talk about what you need to know. debt talks getting
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there have been more talks on the debt limit, but e is also more political gridlock. president obama is still asking for compromise. the debt limit will succeed the limit on august 2 and this bring higher interest rates. republicans and democrats are talking. >> the republican leaders have they will not put the under default. >> we will work on solving the we thethat will come if the national debt. >> the republicans are adamantly opposed to these. the obama family attended right across from the white house.
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this is the first time he has in severalrch months. on easterime was sunday. they participated in holy communion before walking back to the white house. a beautiful morning -- a beautiful morning. thursday and friday and saturday, you will want to stay inside and relaxed. amwill be so hot outside, i looking forward to it. but look at what is happening outside. annapolis is looking great with clowns, and you these clouds right but they are out there. it was at 89 degrees at reagan airport and this is average for this time of year. the record is 100 to set back in 1980. the dew point is in the upper
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d friday --rsday an in the 70's, and it be very uncomfortable. 87 degrees this hour. in upper northwest washington and we are looking good. 74 degrees with a comfortable evening ahead. no rainfall in sight, and this is not expected to make it across our area. here are the weather headlines. a comfortable night and a very hot monday. and we are talking about the is onous heat wave that the way. in st.ees in chicago, 95 louis. the lower 80's in minneapolis. the heat index is 107 degrees.
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all of this is moving our way, on wednesday and thursday. this will move closer to the coast, by thursday and friday, much of the area will be kind of advisory. we have a few isolated showers this isg to pop up, and the latest tropical of date. and may be the second storm intensify,nues to y from themove awa statesd of the united with a high pressure area. that is going to move the heat to this area. we have some isolated showers, weaker cold front to the north of us. we will have a better chance for some thunderstorms with a heavy
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downpour. after that it will be very hot around here. across theatchy fog shenandoah valley. correct, it will be -- 100 degrees, and it may reach 105, all the way to 110. we will keep you updated, and see the latest list of all the temperatures for the week. >> we will look forward to that? >> that is not the right word. 14, but. outshot 27- sometimes it is luck. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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the toyota sports desk, by your local dealers. leave it to the u.s. women to a nailbiter in the world cup. proved they were bigger and athletic. t japan has finesse and can capitalize. big chance was the 28th minute. abbie's shot gets the crossbar. 69th minute. to morgan. this. goes far post. is 1-0, u.s.a. japan doesn't go down. d bounce off of alley scores japan. we go to extra time.
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onorgan gets the ball bo wing. there is the header. fourth goal. 116th minute. redirects the corner and game.he 99 all over. shootout. shannon -- he made it all over it. o saves, one goes over the goal. she goes upper 90. japan leads 3-1. and a gracious leader. abbie has yet to win but is ahead. wasn't meant to be. worked so hard and in each other. e olympics are around the
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corner. hope we qualify. proud of the team. never gave up. congratulations. country is proud of them. if we learned anything, is that rory mcilroy is not one yet.n finished in no-man's land at roayyal st. george. but the movement was alive and well. mickelson, with a long putt. ties at 5 under. clark matches mickelson with one of his own. ain,he would come backa agian trailing two strokes. to pull within one.
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we have seen this. bogeyed four of the last eight. for second. clark was as consistant as it gets. on the 18th hole, he wins his age 42.t the stanley cup can get delayed. horton had to wait for trophy to arrive. e retrieved this. break.h we
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and humid at the end of e week. dangerous heat and humidity.
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