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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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are calm. the sky is clear. five big stories. a neighborhood in shambles. residents in a financial tailspin. >> a call for action by concerned residents. >> the $5 fee that has many
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outraged. >> a dangerous predators strikes during a morning jog. ishaqi new smartphone app has some parents at rich. -- a shocking at new smartphone app has some parents outraged. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news -- on your side. we are learning more about the disturbing attack against a jogger. detectives spent the night searching for new clues after a woman was sexually assaulted by a man who came out of nowhere. >> it happened this morning in arlington. that is where john gonzalez is live now. >> that is right. the woman said it happened right here on army navy drive. we can tell you there are joggers up and down this road all day and night. tonight, police are
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investigating if somebody knew this and we did for the right target at the right time. it was 6:30 in the morning at a time when many of her walking and jogging in this arlington neighborhood. while children are getting ready for school. >> i walked the street every single day. >> 837-year-old female jogger was attacked -- a 37-year-old female jogger was attacked by a man who sexually assaulted her. >> there are a lot of people commuting to work. it is scary that that would be something that would happen. >> detectives are at the scene of the crime, taking pictures, talking to neighbors, and searching for anything to bring them closer to the attacker. >> i am lucky that i have not been through that,. i hope she gets the help she needs in terms of dealing with that. >> the sidewalk where this happened is among homes and a
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wooded area. the suspect could easily find somewhere to hide. >> sometimes people are so busy they may not notice things going on. it is heavily wooded. there are a lot of houses. >> the victim was transported to a hospital. some thinking twice about walking long distances alone. >> i am new to the neighborhood. >> back here live. this is an unusual crime for the area. there could be witnesses. they want to hear from someone who may have noticed something suspicious this morning. live in arlington, john gonzalez. >> thank you very much. new at 11:00 a military panel has found a midhshipmen guilty of assaulting a female midhsipshipmen. he took advantage when the
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female was trying to get help with a hallmark assignment. academy officials tell the annapolis capital that the man will be expelled. police believe they know who the potential suspects are in the death of a gorge washington university graduate student. patrick casey died after hitting his head on the ground outside of a mcdonald's. witnesses say he was punched while trying to stop a fight. detectives are using security footage to identify those involved. no arrests have been made. a memorial service will be held a week from tonight. 7 is on your side with a growing up rate targeting bank of america. they announced they will charge -- growing outrage targeting bank of america. they announced they will charge $5 a month for using a debit card. why this particular case has so many customers upset. >> bank of america customers are going to have to dig deeper
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into their wallets and purses if they want to use the debit card to make a purchase. starting in early 2012 bank of america at debit card holders will be charged $5 a month. >> it may not seem like a lot. it really adds up. >> customers we spoke with, especially those who enjoy the convenience of a debit card are contemplating a change in spirit >> that is how much people pay. it is easy, you do not have to worry about cash. it is going to be a big issue. >> this woman is a credit union member. her husband belongs to bank of america. >> he is probably going to want to switch. >> a spokesperson said the economics of offering a debit card had changed with recent regulations. that refers to the billions of dollars the banking industry
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expects to lose annually because starting saturday banks cannot charge retailers as much as they used to for swiping debit card. u.s. senator dick durbin said bank of america is trying to find new ways to pad their profits. >> it is annoying and not necessary. >> there is not much we can do about it. when does it stop? maybe another bank will do it. >> we should point at the other financial institutions including wells fargo are testing out similar monthly debit card fees. bank of america debit card monthly fees will not apply if the customer is using their dead card to pull money out of an atm. new at 11:00 drivers can expect a big change in tyson's corner. they will permanently shut down
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the west exit. that left exit is going to go away for good because of work on the lane in the area. instead, drivers will be required to use the right exit ramp for exit 49a. we are on storm left. we are keeping a close watch on a dramatic shift in our weather. bob ryan has the first look at what is on the way overnight and beyond. >> because of the cool air coming our way we have had enough storms. it has been a wet september. nothing on doppler. getting up to near 80 degrees. our temperatures were still above average. look at the temperatures now especially across western maryland. 54 in cumberland. yesterday, there were some showers coming through. i got this great picture from kathy. what do you think it is?
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i am going to tell you. it is something quite unusual. i will explain and show it to you again along with the up look into a weekend. -- the weekend. new at 11:00 the first lady made a rare shopping trip to target. she taught shoppers and employees by surprise. michelle obama wore a baseball cap and sunglasses while picking up a few items. a photographer snapped these but does after she checked out. the first lady spent about 30 minutes or 40 minutes shopping. the white house says mrs. obama misses normal stuff like running to the store. rex coming up, a showdown -- coming up, a showdown in the deep south. hear from supporters and opponents. >> could a new smartphone app
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premier family together or tear it apart?
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starting today, police in alabama began enforcing the toughest illegal immigration of law and the entire country. the new law has several controversial provisions. it allows people -- police to stop people they expect of being in the country illegally. it also delphi's contract signed by a legal immigrant. it requires schools to determine the immigration status of prospective students. the governor is defending the new law. >> it would not have been necessary to address this problem if the federal government would have done its job and enforced the laws dealing with this problem. >> it is embarrassing. hurts our economy. it is a step in the wrong direction. >> many immigrant rights
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advocates fear other states may adopt similar laws. there are three separate lawsuits against the law including a challenge from the other, -- from the obama administration. marion barry takes a stand. also coming up a shocking new smartphone app.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, bob ryan, and tim brant. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. new at 11:00 a struggle for help for people where homes are petrine on the brink of collapse. >> residents of stafford had
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nowhere to turn. after a massive landslide tonight, they demanded answers at a town hall meeting. but the critz is live in stafford with their rick -- we are live in scattered with their horrific situation. >> you can see the keep outside. there is a chain link fence around the house. these folks and others at denied puzzle meeting say everybody is passing the buck -- at tonight's meeting say everybody is passing the buck and they need help. take a look at -- at the bedroom window. >> it is devastating. not in our wildest dreams did we think this would happen to us. >> the dead, the hot tub, the art, all cascading down into the woods. same with the -- the deck, the hot tub, the yard, all cascading down into the woods. same with the neighbors. they cannot sell the house. >> they appraise the property
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and land and house for $0. the total worth of our property, building and land is $0. >> the two families to and other residents at a meeting. they asked county officials why the landslide happened and who is to blame. >> i worry a lot. >> the winds are complex. they are appealing to the governor and fema for money. they also questioned or the developer, who has refused to meet with them, cut corners. >> we worked so hard with our property. it is gone. we have no hope. >> the county also installed a monitoring device in the ground next door to the house to monitor any movement in the ground. so far, there is no activity, no problems reported. a local church is now helping at the two families. they do need help.
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they still have to make the $3,000 a month mortgage payment. live in stafford, abc 7 news. >> such a difficult situation. thank you. new at 11:00, there is a new app, it is sparking controversy. it is called is my son gave? the app claims to answer the question that in 20 questions or less. they use a fun approach. some therapists say of someone were to take this seriously, it could cause a real risk in some families. price marion barry has a thing -- marion barry has a things giving tradition. this year there will be strings attached to the birds. he is requiring that people pre- register. parents are required to attend pta meetings and parent teacher conferences. people without children must attend community meetings. today marks a milestone for
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montgomery county. after 32 years of service the first female firefighter ever hired in the county is retiring. pam foltz was just 21 years old when she began training in 1980. she had no idea she was being a trail blazer. she now plans to retire in ocean city and perhaps even do some volunteering at the fire department there. she was no. 25 in the entire country. isn't that great? such an inspiration. >> once a firefighter, always a firefighter. even a volunteer. a around here, we are going to have at mid-november weather. >> all of the rain let me show you what a day we have had. this is from our but the bug -- weather-bug. what does the fog cleared up. we had all that beautiful sunshine. the showers, they are not done yet. there were a few passing
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showers. a beautiful sunset. now the skies are clear. this has been what has been happening in the atmosphere. you can see spin in the atmosphere that goes around and around. that has been driving us crazy. some dry areas beginning to come around the northwest. we are going to be seeing that the next couple of days. yesterday we had some showers. this is a great picture. this is looking towards the west. you can see the blue ridge mountains. i think what was happening -- i was talking to my college -- there was enough moisture with the shower -- i was talking to my colleagues -- there was enough moisture with the shower passing, it is a moist updraft. it really was not a tornado. it certainly looks like it. a great picture. we will have a blog about it.
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how about some color? it is coming on strong. far northern part of new england. we are in the mid to late october tradition. 66 degrees now, on the way down. the pattern we have with the spin leaving us, clear skies tonight. there will be some spots in to the high for the's to low 50's. in to the day it will be nice and warm. our temperatures will be into the 70's. there might be a passing shot into the mountains perhaps the eastern shore. nothing about -- a passing shower into the mountains perhaps the eastern shore. nothing around here. temperatures and to the 50's tomorrow morning.
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rising into the 70's tomorrow afternoon. because of instability, it is possible we will see some passing showers on saturday. there will be morning sunshine and then some afternoon clouds. by sunday and monday morning in the chilly 40's. professional driver on a closed course. ♪ ♪
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cracks the autographs of engineers rappeling from the washington monument -- photographs of engineers rappeling from the washington monument is our top story. the hostage post by the onion all there on >> let us see what is trending in sport. >> the redskins will probably start heating up. the redskins will face the eagles soon. in the meantime, here what one coach is saying.
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>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. there are two versions of rex grossman.
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the good, who helped the skins come back to beat the cardinals, and then there is the bad. his statistics from monday night's's game are one touchdown pass one interception, and one fumble. good and bad will both be tested and scrutinized on sunday against the rams. >> you have to go into every game with the mindset to be careful with the ball without it hurting your performance of making plays. it is a delicate and -- balance. >> the 49ers play the eagles this sunday. war dominating than that is the vick headline. he suffered a concussion and bruised his hand. we all thought it was broken. he has declared himself 100% and ready to go.
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the coach has some advice. >> with the injury he had two weeks ago with a hand injury this week, it would be a prudent thing to rest him for a week. [laughter] >> that is a good idea. matt to soccer. -- now to soccer. d.c. united traveled to philadelphia looking for a playoff-looking for a win to clinch a playoff berth. -- looking for a win to clinch a playoff berth. a shot off his left foot, for a goal. 3-2 philly. united will face columbus on sunday. that loss was not as painful as this one. a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth inning.
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as you may know, it signifies the biggest september collapse in baseball history. the green giant is sleeping tonight at fenway. >> we did this to ourselves. we have to take full responsibility. we have to own it. there are certain things that go our way. we cannot run from the spirit >> it is all right. you still have, brady -- tom brady. you can watch the post season gets underway tomorrow. >> we are happy and you got your soccer highlights in.
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