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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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they killed osama bin laden. authorities say they had -- he had been using this internet preaching to wage jihad against the united states. he was considered a dangerous planner of terror but even more so, a highly skilled motivator. since he was u.s. born he had good insight on the u.s. and its former abilities. -- and is the vulnerabilities. >> thank you for that breaking news updates. the sign -- the time is 6:00 and we will have more details as they become available. it is friday, september 30. >> a quick note for students at payne elementary in d.c. -- a transformer fire knocked out power to the school last night. students will be temporarily relocated to eastern high school. school officials said parents should still drop off their kids at the usual spot and buses will take them to and from the new
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classrooms. it is tarp for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. -- it is time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. is cooler and much drier this morning but that is -- but this is nothing compared to the weekend. you want to find your jacket and maybe a half for tomorrow and sunday. look at our temperatures outside. 62 degrees at reagan national and 57 degrees at dulles airport. there is not a whole lot of rain associated with the clout that they will increase a little bit as we move into the late afternoon hours. it is quiet and try in annapolis, mostly sunny and beautiful conditions are expected for the morning. a few increase clouds later this evening, 73-77 degrees and nighttime lows will be in the upper 40's.
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tomorrow only in the upper 50's 60's. are you ready for that? >> we are powerless but we know how to prepare. on route 4 and route 5 and route 50 coming out of bowie and a eventually northeast d.c., good i-95 in and out of baltimore. 66 and 95 had no accidents in virginia. >> we have an important traffic alert for drivers in virginia. the last exit live from the inner loop of the ballet to interstate 66 will be closed to night. drivers will have to stay to the right to access the i-66. that exit ramp will have two lanes to accommodate all the additional traffic. vdot said is closing the ramp so crews can work and a new hot
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lane construction ramp. beginning tomorrow, driving laws are taking effect in maryland which include a full ban on texting while driving. there will be stricter penalties and the regulations for convicted drunk drivers and global allow police to install cameras in school buses. it is day five of the mall murder trial. defense attorneys revealed that the 50-year-old had attempted suicide twice and suffered from depression. her lawyers claim she was inside at the time of the rigid insane at the time of the murder. paramedics are expected to testify today at the trial of the -- of michael jackson's doctor. they are expected to say that the doctor never mentioned giving dr. that powerful drug. this comes one day after the bodyguard took the stand. he testified that murray asked
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him to call 911 and gave a mother instructions. >> he reached over with a handful of bottles and he reached out to me and said put these in a bag. >> he also testified that murray pointed to an iv stand. he noticed the white milky substance inside the bag. police in arlington are trying to find a man who sexually atoll -- assault of a jogger yesterday morning. >> this happened 24 hours ago along army navy drive. we have more for who police are on the lookout for. residents say this is an unusual crime. police say woman was sexually assaulted and beaten by an unknown attacker. >> i walk this streak probably every single day. >> at 6:30, you can find many people out walking and jogging
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in the morning. >> we walk frequently and not early in the morning but there is lots of people commuting to work. it is scary that would be something that would happen here. >> police say yesterday morning and i know men attacked a 37- year-old female jogger. he knocked her to the ground and kicked her several times and sexually assaulted her. >> she must have been so taken aback. i hope she gets the helps she needed. >> overnight, police returned to the crime scene and taking pictures and talking to neighbors and searching for clues. this residents of the area is nestled along homes in a wooded area believe someone could easily find a place to hide. >> sometimes people are so busy they don't notice things going on. it is heavily wooded and there are many residents. >> police believe there could be to potential eyewitnesses to the crime and are urging anyone with valuable information to get in
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touch. d.c. police are investigating an overnight triple stabbing. it happened near fourth and h street. at least one person is under arrest in connection with that attack but there is no word yet on what led to the violence. capitol police are not laughing at a twitter joke that talked about a hostaget scare ahe onion send out a series of false tweets. it included fake pictures as part of the hoax. a spokeswoman for the capitol police said the agency is investigating the paper. "the onion" refused to apologize. >> the structural engineers will be back outside the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. yesterday, the four-person team
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continued the slow track down the monument inspecting every stone on the way down. the monument is still structurally sound. the latest inspection found even more problems including dictionary-sized chunks of marble loosened by the earthquake. the time is 6:00 07 and 60 degrees outside. >> we have more to come. outrage over $5 fees -- the bank of america new debit card plan is not sitting well with customers. >> where michelle obama goes to stock up on fashion but first a change is coming with weather.
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>> come join us for a taste of but that on saturday, october 1. good morning, washington. good morning to you. it is 6:10 on this friday morning. we made it to the end of the week. time for traffic and weather. we will toss it over to steve rudin. we have changes on the way that will come later this afternoon into the overnight areas. tomorrow morning you will feel the chill in the air. 52 degrees in leesburg and 60 degrees in the district. wind gusts are around 12 miles per hour but you go out to the west in the mountains and they have wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour in frostburg. the satellite and doppler radar
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is showing a line of a few showers that have broken apart across western maryland. a frontal system will move closer to us. mostly sunny and beautiful conditions for today. you'll notice increased clouds later this afternoon. 73-77 degrees. coming up, i look at the extended outlook through the weekend. you might need some hats and gloves and jackets. i have no problems right now in maryland. it looks good through southeast washington. we will go aloft to newschopper7 flying over fair oaks, virginia where traffic on 66 at route 50 is emerging. there are pockets of slow traffic in manassas and centreville, before and after route 50 and the beltway. the time is 6:11 and 60
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looking at the day ahead.
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the man who allegedly planned to set off fireworks on the national mall is scheduled to be in court for a preliminary hearing. the 27-year-old was found at cabin john park in bethesda late last month. he wants to shoot off fireworks as a protest against the banking industry. show riders should allow 20 minutes extra travel time this weekend because of track work. the work will be done from 10:00 p.m. until closing sunday. trains will be tracking on part of the red blue, orange, and green line. a shuttle train will run between van dorn street and franconia/springfield. president obama will be among those honoring joint chiefs of staff chairman admiral mike mullen at fort myers today. he will hand over his office to army general martin dempsey and retire after 43 years in uniform. for more on the stories log onto our website at
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the time is 6:14. some stafford virginia residents said they are devastated after a recent storm caused a massive landslide. look at this video. the deck and a hot tub an entire yard cascaded down a hill park and the same thing happened to the family next door. they paid $340,000 for their property and insurance does not cover the damage. >> the property and the land and the house are covered by zero dollars. our total worth is zero dollars. >> even adding to that frustration, they still have to make mortgage payments of $3,000 per month. they and other residents expressed their concern last night at a public meeting and county officials say they are asking the state and fema for help them we have news about food safety. >> the number of food recalls is
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growing. they have been issued for beef, lettuce, and tomatoes. there is listeria-tainted cantaloupes in that outbreak killed six people and sickened dozens of others. kedging outbreaks could get tougher as the agriculture department and fda face funding cuts. the nation's biggest bank has found a new source of income -- your debit card. good morning, bank of america will soon charged its debit card use is $5 per month to make purchases. other banks made to the seine and the move comes as more and more people are using plastic instead of cash. revised numbers show the economy grew slightly faster than estimated in the second quarter. last week, the number of people collecting unemployment benefits fell to a five-month low. a survey of the ceo's of the nation's biggest companies say
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1/3 of them plan to hire in the next few months. getting fired is usually a misery but leo of the car is being let go with more than $13 million in stock. during his 11-month on the job h-p lost more than $40 million. today is your last day to enter the drawing to win an ipad to courtesy of abc 7. just go to our website and become a fan of that page to sign up. we will announce the winner today on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> that is a nice gift to go into the weekend. the first lady took a trip to the target store on route 1 in alexandria. she found a baseball cap and sunglasses and picked up a few items. the white house says the first
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lady spent 30 or 40 minutes shopping and mrs. obama misses the normal stuff. >> just like us. i wonder how much she actually spent? you walk in for one thing and you look at your receipt. >> you get all sorts of things. you might need your gloves. >> realy? you might need in this weekend. tomorrow morning starting at 11:00, i hope you can join us. abbottabad beginning to our friday. the sun is just about to come up in 45 minutes 52 degrees at the airport -- 62 degrees at the airport. in oakland maryland, is 50
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degrees and the wind gusts are at 32 miles per hour and 57 degrees in the district and alexandria is now 59 degrees. 59 in winchester. an area of low pressure that has been with us for about a week is finally beginning to move off toward the north and east. a cold front to the west of us will bring clouds later this afternoon. we're not looking for any rain. it should be a fairly nice day with a chance for showers in the overnight but limited to about 20%. the same for tomorrow and we will clear out nicely as a move into the start of next week by an monday and tuesday, it will be absolutely beautiful across the mid-atlantic. today, a 73-77 degrees, 45-53 degrees for overnight lows and tomorrow will call for not the
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prettiest of days, it will be much cooler, upper 50's to lower 60's if we are lucky and the wind chill factor will be in the lower 50's. cooler air sticks around on sunday and look at the white nice warmup by next week, back up in the mid 70's and bright sunshine. check out we have a very interesting iwonder picture there. we wonder what is happening with newschopper7. we will look at the drive through fair oaks on 66 eastbound from centreville up to the beltway. you are not alone. '95 looks about the same on the northbound side out of woodbridge. we'll take you live to springfield northbound traffic on the left side of the screen and the headlights are on the
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way to the pentagon. one more camera takes this to the maryland outer loop, 95 to georgia avenue is slow. southbound to 70 crash leaving frederick to our. >> . >> 6:21 and 61 degrees. >> the controversial at the questions a child's sexual alabama and later today on anderson at 4:00.
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inouye @ porteous mark fronts is sparking controversy -- a new app is sparking controversy. they used a fun approach but some therapist said if someone were to take this seriously, it could cause a real rift in some families.
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the annual marion barry turkey giveaway will take -- have some strings attached. he is requiring that people pre- register for the turkeys. people without children have to attend at least three community meetings. marion barry says he wants to break the cycle of dependency. >> o'clock 25. taste of dc will hold its first ben's chili bowl eating contest next week. >> some heavy hitters will be involved. the popular restaurant will provide the chilly. it is making 30 pounds of chile for each person. that is about 60 regular servings. competitors will have six minutes to as -- eat as much chilly as possible. i am rooting for the back -- black widow.
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she can put it down. the time is 6:25 and still another half-hour of "good morning, washington." >> arch campbell will preview new movies for the weekend. i am steve rudin and we have some changes on the way for the weekend. it will be cooler and a few showers. my full forecast is coming up. [ rock pying ] ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. ♪ but you're not ♪ ♪ you're the one ♪
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and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. ht it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and >> straight ahead -- breaking news, one of the world's most wanted terrorists is dead. good morning to you washington. it is nearly 5:00 -- 6:30 on this credit. >> we have a quick note for students that go to payne elementary in d.c. a transformer fire knocked out
6:30 am
power last night assistance will be temporarily relocated to eastern high school. parents should still drop off their kids at the usual spot. they will take them to and from the new classrooms today. >> time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is meteorologist steve rudin. we are looking at a quiet start to our friday morning with a little bit of sunshine in 45 minutes and we will see a lot in the morning hours. the temperatures are quite comfortable at this hour, 62 degrees at reagan national and in cumberland, they are at 59 degrees. we have a weak cold front on the way with increasing clouds later this afternoon. the chance for showers will be very limited. had a lot of showers across western maryland. 73-77 degrees for daytime highs today and nighttime lows fall
6:31 am
into the 40's and two more, upper 50's- lower 60's. it will be breezy and a chance for a few showers and it will feel a lot like a late november as opposed to the first day of october. here is lisa baden. it feels pretty quiet as far as traffic in virginia. look at 66. this is every day coming out of manassas and leading to 34 business. that is eastbound 66 on their way into centre bel pre the next delay is before and after route 50 but no problems on the beltway. we are following breaking news from yemen were one of the world's leading terrorists is dead. officials there say the american-born cleric and out at a later died in u.s. air strike.
6:32 am
john anderson has the latest details. he was called the inspiration for terror including the fort hood gunman and the underwear bomber. >> he was probably the most significant risk on u.s. homeland. >> sources confirmed that he was killed in yemen. in an air strike. u.s. officials tracked him and have been watching and waiting for opportunity to strike the man they consider the most significant threat to the security of united states. he was missed once before in missiles strikes the day after they killed osama bin laden. >> islam is the religion of peace that one year later, he was moved to yemen where he began to use his internet preaching to recruit terrorists to wage jihad against the united states but never underestimate the power of fear especially when the enemy is america abela
6:33 am
he was a highly-skilled motivator. he was u.s.-born and educated and have special insight on the u.s. and its vulnerabilities. >> the big change for drivers in tysons corner. road crews will close the left exit from the entrance to i-66. >> along for 95 north, this is approaching 66 west where you will want to start paying attention this weekend. the changes will start happening as they closed that left exit ramp. they posted signs out here warning drivers of the upcoming changes. you know that to get onto 66, you take a left exit. that will not be an option
6:34 am
starting tomorrow. you have to take a right exit instead. that will be available with two lanes to help alleviate what they expect will be congestion with extra traffic. vdot will close the left lane so they can proceed with new work on the hot line and construction. the work on the high occupancy toll lanes have caused convict -- significant traffic congestion on this section of the beltway. the $1.4 billion project is expected to be completed in 2012. we are seeing a lot of construction in the early hours this morning with crews rapidly working at this hour. if you go out here this weekend, normally you would stay to the left but this time stay to the right two lanes are available to get off of the belt way onto 66. >> thank you. it will be interesting. day 5 of the grandmother's murder trial gets under way and
6:35 am
hours. yesterday, a test might focused on the woman's mental health. defense attorneys rebuild the 50-year-old had attempted suicide at least twice and suffered from depression. her lawyers claim she was insane at the time of the murder. today is the fourth day of testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the paramedics responded the day michael jackson died is expected to take the stand today. the bodyguard took the stand yesterday. roberto alvarez said muri asked him to call 911 and handed him a handful of weill's and asked him to put them in a bag. italian prosecutors are giving their final rebuttal to the amanda knox appeals trial. the american student and her boyfriend are trying to overturn their convictions in the 2007 murder of a british students. there will not be a verdict
6:36 am
until the final statements are made on monday. an arlington neighborhood is on edge after a woman was sexually assaulted while jogging. police said the woman was attacked yesterday morning. the woman says a man knocked her to the ground, kicked her, and touched her in a sexual manner. she suffered her non-life threatening injuries and this is not connected to any other attacks in the area. the time is 6:36 and the structural engineers will continue to be outside on the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. the four-person team continued the slow process yesterday of looking at every single stone on the way down the monument. the mine and it is structurally sound in the latest inspection found more problems including a dictionary-sized chunks of marbles and by the earthquake. >> the time is 4:36 -- 6:36.
6:37 am
i get a little dyslexic at this hour of the morning. >> be the way we are here for you. still ahead -- another round of a food scare. s. >> best friends see the humor in a serious illness in ".
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>> welcome back. 6:40 end time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we >> turn things over to doug hill. is friday -- it is friday morning and this will be a
6:41 am
spectacular weather dead. we have been telling you about the major change coming. tomorrow will be a different feel to the weather. check out temperatures around the area today. they are fairly mild but temperatures are a few degrees cooler than yesterday morning. 57 degrees at washington dulles airport. 62 in the nation's capital. on the live super doppler seven radar, a few areas of rain diminishing to the request. this cold front looks like it will come through dry. the cloudiness is starting to go away. everything is disappearing but a wind shift will occur. it will be mild today with a lot of sunshine. temperatures are in the mid to upper 70's today but it all changes late tonight and tomorrow. we will give you highlights and a couple of minutes of this transition f.
6:42 am
tomorrow it will feel like the middle of november. >> we have to make a quick adjustment. >> there is no gradual anything. >> boom, done. >> let's go over to lisa baden. 66 95, 395, the greenway the toll road all have normal volumes of traffic. the geico center traffic camera will take you to the pentagon on northbound 395 on the right looks pretty good. the next camera will show us a picture in maryland, 270 is clean now at father hurley boulevard. >> 6:42 and 60 degrees. >> coming up an american-born terror leader killed.
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the death of an al qaeda terror leader today. >> early this morning an administration official confirmed that bonn where al a lucky is dead. -- that anwar al-awlaki is dead. it is another benefit for the obama administration? it is a huge coup for defense officials. ever since the osama bin laden death, they have been looking for the next big kill and this is is. he was a big official but people don't know his name.
6:46 am
this is somebody who is a very big deal for officials. >> he had a lot of ties even here in virginia. some people this morning are calling this bigger than getting osama bin laden. is it? >> u.s. officials have said that. he was born in the united states. he lived here and went overseas to do the very dark work he had been doing in yemen and elsewhere. at the end of the day, this is something that u.s. officials think will be at the same kind of level as getting osama bin laden. >> thank you summarize. we appreciate you briefing us this morning. 6:46 and we have news that could affect your wallet. bank of america customers will soon pay for the privilege of using their debit card. the bank says it will institute a $5 per month the starting
6:47 am
early next year. this is because of new regulations. that is not sitting so well with customers. >> it is an annoying and not necessary and i don't appreciate it. >> there is not much we can do about it. maybe another bank will do it. >> customers who only use their atm card at the atm machine to withdraw cash will not have to pay the fee. other banks like wells fargo and chase are testing out the debit card fees in certain states. we have news of more food recalls. recalls have been issued for beef lettuce and tomatoes following a recall of cantaloupe tainted with listeria. that outbreak has killed 16 people and sickened dozens of others. the agriculture department and the fda face funding cuts. >> there will be a major change of command at the pentagon today. the joint chiefs of staff
6:48 am
chairman mike mullen will hand over his office to army general martin dempsey during a ceremony at fort myers today. mike mullen will retire after 43 years in the navy and president obama will preside. this is an amazing story of survival. a california man survived after his car plunged 200 feet off a road. the 67-year old was missing for nearly one week. his disappearance was reported and people started conducting their own search. he used his debit card at a store about 50 miles north of los angeles. police searched near the store in the fountain at the bottom -- bottom of her of being. >> we hugged him and we both cried. i asked him how he made it and he said he drank the water in the river and eight leaves and buds. >> another car was found nearby but its driver did not survive.
6:49 am
there is no word on how the cars ended up in the ravine. he is in the hospital with broken bones but his injuries are not life-threatening. >> wow that is amazing. >> an unbelievable survival story. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. good morning again. let's go to annapolis and the u.s. naval academy in check out there a live web cam. there is a fair amount of sunshine with some thin clouds. temperatures around the area are cooler than they have been recently. we had a big wind gusts as the cold front slides through. temperatures to the eastern part of the country much cooler air his arm away as we speak.
6:50 am
the cold front is beginning to spread out so enough dry air has proceeded the front so we're not worried about rain. we will have gusty winds and because the cold air lags behind the cold front, we will have a mild day to day, in the 70's. we will have clouds after noon that there will be breaks in the overcast with sunshine and shower activity will disappear which will be mostly trapped out west and we will get improvement as far as the temperatures. if you like fall weather, you will like this. we will have patches of fog and drizzle tomorrow but today 73- 77 degrees in overnight the clouds moved in and the breeze is pick up, 45 degrees-53 degrees. is your home for
6:51 am
whether away from the television set. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> before we let you go for the weekend, give us a look at traffic, li said. we will talk about travel times which are in our favor. we don't have any accidents to report. let's go to the greenway, 66 and southbound on 270. here is a live picture of traffic on the beltway in college park moving nicely. the next camera shows as the george washington parkway north of reagan national airport. newschopper7 is flying out of manassas into centreville. eastbound 66 are the headlights in this camera. arch campbell will take it to the movies next.
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good morning, i am arch campbell. >> that doesn't make any sense. the best new movie honors go to "50/50." a kid in his 20s gets a terrible diagnosis and seth rogen is the friend to get him through.
6:55 am
this subject is often funny but no to be r rating. >> how many relationships do i have to have to meet the right guy? >>anna faris looks for marriage material in "what's your number?" here is the weekend money guide. -- here is the weekend movie guide. have a nice weekend everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> always good to see arch in the morning. now last look at traffic and weather. there is not much going on, i am happy to say across the
6:56 am
bridges. the crash is complicated out of bowie so allow yourself extra time. we go to newschopper7 and the geico center traffic camera looking at 66 he spent out of manassas. we are looking at a beautiful day today, 75 degrees for daytime highs and near 64 tomorrow. it will not be the prettiest of days tomorrow but everything will feel good. we are looking at sunshine and beautiful weather monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the nicest weather in d.c. comes in october and next week, we will see it. >> all right. of humidity and sun. >> that does it for us. " morning, america" next.
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