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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 30, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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yemen some worshipers said good riddance. >> i am glad that he is dead. >> you are saying that you hate him. >> i am against him. >> it was -- former colleagues told us in previous interviews that he never showed signs of hate. >> a switch was turned. >> today's date stressed displeasure at a resolution without trial. we have rejected the use of extrajudicial assassination on any human being. experts say this killing may ultimately save lives. >> we shift our focus in the war ontario. it is going to deal demanded
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blow. one of their key figure heads are gone. >> he was not the only u.s. citizen killed in this strike. there was another man also blamed for inspiring attacks against america. new developments in the death of a washington university grad student. patrick casey died after taking a punch off -- outside a d.c. mcdonald's. police just wrapped up a news conference with the latest on the investigation. >> the homicide detective just finished briefing reporters right outside police headquarters. he said while the investigation is ongoing, the evidence shows that patrick casey most likely started the fight that resulted in his death. patrick casey served more than
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four years and the army, his last year in afghanistan. last friday, patrick casey and to of this friends were in this mcdonald's in northwest when words were exchanged the other group of men. a fight broke out and you felt to the ground, hitting his head. >> -- a fight broke out and he fell to the ground, hitting his head. this capt. painted a different picture of what happened. >> at this point the industry did the evidence does not sustain that. >> earlier reports how the other three men running away. >> if there was an altercation why didn't they stay? >> the other three men have now come forward and police have talked to them and other witnesses who say that patrick casey had been drinking and bothering other customers inside the mcdonald's.
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>> at which point mr. casey would not let anybody leave from mcdonald's. he was not just minding his own business. >> patrick casey's death has been ruled a homicide, but that is because he died at somebody else's hands. some tense moments on the georgetown university campus today. a man was spotted on campus with a gun. police officers searched the area but they found nothing. later, a man causing a disturbance was detained. a gun was found near a tree there. police emphasized those incidents are unrelated to be initialled campus alert. to the weather and some big
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changes for the weekend. >> it is the beginning of october. it will be feeling like it outside. >> we have been talking about it since monday, a major change. that is when this cold weather pattern is going to develop. the cold front is moving to the area now. the temperatures are starting to fall west of the metro area, out towards the mountains. it is 72 act sulles. mostly cloudy and smiled throughout the evening. -- and mild throughout the evening. tomorrow, temperatures will run 20 degrees cooler than today. we will give you the timing and
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light it all out. october makes its presence known tomorrow. prince george's county police said a bus to a group of serial burglars. -- the busted a group of serial burglars. >> this all started in this town house community last february and ended this break with the rest of two adults and two children -- two teenagers. these are the two men and that police say are part of a burglary ring. shevar fisher and ricky bratcher are now under arrest, charged in connection with five burglaries and may be responsible for more than 70. the two men live here in the applegate community where police said they started their spree back in february. >> i would like to think that they did not know the homes that they burglarized. >> of the pair, along with to a
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juvenile is, allegedly burglarized homes in the following communities. prince george's county police say that in most cases they entered through the back door. >> we also look at some of the items that were taken. >> in the hartford hills community, a neighbor sell a home being burglarized and called police. this resident of a surprise that his neighborhood would be it. >> i do not know who is doing it. i was surprised that it happened. i have lived here for 30 years. >> police are looking for a fifth suspect. they know his nickname and expect an arrest to be made soon. prosecutors are dropping a misdemeanor reckless driving
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charge against the bus driver charged in a deadly accident on interstate 95. four people died in may. the driver is set to stand trial in january. the latest in the michael jackson trial. a major development in the courtroom this afternoon. the paramedics that responded testified that have to conrad murray immediately called 911 that they may have been able to restart jackson's cards. >> from the moment he began trading michael jackson this paramedics said it looked grim. >> his skin was very cool to the touch. his eyes were opened. his pupils were dilated. when i hooked up the ekg machine, it was plot lines. -- flatlines.
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icn underweight patient, i see medication biles on the nightstand. he said, no, he is not taking anything. i gave him a little bit. >> the paramedic said that conrad murray was treating jackson for dehydration and exhaustion. >> we will call it here. time of death is trouble clock 57. then he claims he felt a pulse in jackson's groin area. >> it meant to me that this was a patient that somebody had we had a really good chance of saving. more than 20 minutes had passed between the moment jackson was
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found unresponsive to the time paramedics arrived. earlier, a former patient of conrad murray testified that he had gotten the best care in the world. the amanda know appeal case in italy is drawing to a close. the seattle native should spend the rest of for life in bars. but lawyers said it was a rush to judgment in the case. they were found guilty of killing her roommate back in 2009. today, her mother talked about how her daughter is fairing. >> she is extremely thin. these people hold her life in their hands. she will get out of there and be ok. >> knox is expected to make a personal statement to the court
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on monday. by the first lady's trip to an alexandria target store is getting so much attention. >> if anybody can find him we now we is alive. an amazing story of survival. >> that is crazy, that is insane. >> see the new pictures of their discovery. >> the state of maryland has an unambiguous message for motorists tonight. put your phone down.
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starting tomorrow, he will not be allowed to type court agreed -- or read texts behind the wheel. >> it did not address texting and now it does. it may be one of the most dangerous things that we do. watching people here on
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greenbelt road, there is a lot of people that had cell phones in their hands. he walks with a cane and day -- and a limp banks to a distracted driver. >> a young fellow was fooling around with his cell phone. >> maryland is closing a loophole in its hand free cell phone law. it is not a primary offense. if an officer seize your texting -- see your texting they can make a stop. >> i like it. people will be holding up traffic. it is dangerous. >> that was the consensus of those we spoke to today. we also had no problem getting betty liu of drivers holding cell phones up against their
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ears -- of getting pictures of drivers holding cell phones up against their ears. >> it is one of those laws that is in everybody's best interest. whether or not they will be able to police it well -- >> i think it is a good idea. pull them over any chance you get. get them off the road. >> we watched the person in that little black car, she was texting. you are not even allowed to do it when you stop at a red light or a stop sign. you cannot do it at all while you are behind the wheel of a car. the penalty is one -- $70. >> those points add up. the next time you had to the
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dmv in d.c., expect to pay more. fees are going up on most services. change of address will increase. a residential parking permit will go up to $45. maryland center will celebrate a milestone in her career. the senator is the longest serving woman in u.s. senate history. she has represented maryland since 1987. 10 other women will also be inducted into the hall of fame. friday is usually high school football time around here. a 12-year-old virginia boy will be doing the coin toss at chancellor high-school football game. he is a big football fan and we
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first told you about them -- him on his 12th birthday. he did not want gifts, he just wanted birthday cards. many of them came in from the college football players. tonight coin toss is set for 7:30. way to go, james. some changes on the way. >> we have been talking about it since monday. the cold front is coming through the area. it is going to be a lot different. >> we are ready. >> let me give you a first look at annapolis. it is a cloudy day. temperatures in annapolis are about 73 degrees a fairly comfortable. by tomorrow, it will be 15 degrees cooler. iran the area at this hour, we are looking at a mild -- around
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the area at this hour, we are looking at a mild temperatures. 64 degrees in manassas. the cold front -- you can see evidence of it right here. this is the edge of the colder air. here is the downpour heading across the eastern shore. i think most of the area will just be cloudy. once we get overnight, we have to deal with scattered showers. by the day tomorrow chilly
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temperatures and scattered showers. if you are handed out tonight tomorrow, a whole different story. the numbers drop off to the 60's as you go out to the west of the area. farther west, temperatures are in the upper 40's. 49 degrees in detroit. 57 in charleston. the cool air is on the way. satellite and radar together, it is all about this, the cooler air. that is going to be our weekend whether maker. -- weather maker. sunday not a lot better, a few scattered showers. there will be improved and
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beginning on monday. here is our story late tonight. we will see temperatures falling into the mid-40's to mid-50's overnight. rain likely tomorrow at midday as well. into sunday, a bit of a break. temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer. look what happens beyond that. the best whether it's in october, year after year after year. -- weather is in october, year after year after year. >> you have waited all week for it, it is time to announce our
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ipad winner. >> we had more than 17,000 entries. congratulations to james stack. our next giveaway is a two-night weekend getaway to the outer banks. you could stay in a 3-bedroom condo. go to we will announce the winner next friday. marion barry annual turkey giveaway will go on as usual. this year, there are strings attached. >> it can be hard to gauge one person's mood, let alone the entire world. that is exactly what is being done. >> a trip to target turns into a whole lot more for the first lady.
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first lady michelle obama is grabbing headlines as she showed up to a target store. >> photos of her are getting a lot of attention. >> it is a shopping trip story exciting for many. we did run into some difficulty
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reporting this story. if you have not seen it by now this is it. michelle obama shopping at targets in alexandria and a baseball cap and sunglasses. >> can you tell you that is? >> that is michelle obama. >> shopping at target, right over there. >> i go there all the time. >> she looks different. >> a thursday shopping trip was a surprise to the store. target would not let us interview customers or its employees. >> the trip to target got national attention and so did the pictures. the washington post reliable source said an ap photographer happened upon the first lady. >> there happened to be a news
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photographer in there. >> call did all this come to be? we asked a p if we could interview the man who snapped the pictures. the answer was no. a spokesman -- he has great sources and that is how we knew that she would be there. target was not telling what she bought. >> i think she should shop anywhere she wants to. >> let me tell you who was talking about the trip to target. her husband. the president. he said he is glad she got to sneak out. the one thing that she loves to do is shop at target. >> i hear an ad campaign. i think i hear an ad campaign. >> i would have loved to have
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seen what was in that part. >> coming up, halloween is a month away. >> is marion barry's annual the thanksgiving turkey giveaway about benevolence or politics? >> they are still hard at work at the washington monument. wait until you see the building material
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you are watching abc7 news at 5, on your side. >> engineers are back up on the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. >> they are making some progress, but they still have a lot of work to do. we are live from the national mall with the latest. >> this is amazing staffed. -- stuff.
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this is like a giant survey. there checking for cracks. for the first time, we are getting a good look at the mortar filler, 130 years old. they make the trip from connecticut to washington, d.c., twice a year. she has never seen the washington monument like this. >> i think that would be great. >> new photos show the size of the falling out chunks of debris. as they continued to scale the monument, sightseers are turned away from entering. >> i was just telling my grandchildren that you can go up and the monument. >> that is crazy.
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>> it is still quite a sight. this is something in history that is worthwhile scene. >> they are done expecting -- inspecting, they have moved on to the six levels of stunt immediately below. >> they are moving lower the pace of their examination will pick up. officials are not putting a hard deadline on when the monument will be reopened to the public. >> we have our responsibility to return the monument back to a condition where the public is able to enjoy it. >> can you imagine doing your work hanging from a rope like that? it is amazing. no hard deadline for the monument to be open. they want to make sure the interior is safe for visitors. these guys will be working all weekend. the hard part, how to fix all of this.
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>> it seems like people are fascinated with these pictures. to see more of them, go to let's take a look at our top stories. president obama is calling the killing of anwar al-awlaki a major blow to al qaeda. he was killed this morning in yemen. some have called anwar al- awlaki more dangerous than osama bin laden. d.c. police said the death of a washington university graduate student might not have unfolded as initially reported. patrick casey died after being punched and hitting his head outside of the d.c. mcdonald's. instead of trying to break up a fight, he might have from the first punch. no arrests have been made. some key testimony candidate
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for the prosecution and the michael jackson death trial. when paramedics that he might have been able to restart michael jackson's heart if conrad murray had called 911. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. marion barry's annual turkey giveaway will go on as scheduled, but this year, there is a twist. recipients have to pre registered and made some very specific criteria. >> i am outside this baptist church, where marion barry told his turkey giveaway every thanksgiving. this year, most of the turkeys will come with strings attached. the receiver has to be a registered voter. >> i will vote anyway. i do not care about a turkey.
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>> around marion barry's ward 8, there is a debate about his turkey giveaway. >> they have generations of not involvement. we have to do it this way to increase participation. >> his comments have brought some support. >> they need to be attending the pta meetings. >> also, a lot of criticism. >> not just because you are a registered voter. >> some people do not understand politics. >> planning to oppose him in next year's election -- >> it means they will vote for him because they got a turkey.
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>> i will not even discuss that, that is ridiculous. i have 94% of the vote. >> people do get turkey's must sign up and present proof. last year, marion barry and giant foods fell out over payment for the turkeys he gave away. he says he has resources for providing 4000 turkeys. 2000 to parents and there is an additional thousand that he will give away to other community members. some welcome news for thousands of d.c. residents. after public outcry, at the martin luther king library will now stay open on sundays. it will cost about $316,000. many objected, saying that the
5:37 pm
library is a vital community resource. let's take all the traffic situation. >> it is the usual heavy traffic on a friday afternoon. we start off looking at the american legion bridge. we do have an incident reported on the northbound spur. incident on the baltimore- washington parkway is reported. i want to take you into northern virginia and check out the trip southbound through the springfield area. dealing with an accident. 28 northbound at the toll road blocking to travel lanes.
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that is the latest for now. coming up how 67-year- old man was able to survive a car crash and six days stranded. >> more fallout from the repeal of don't ask don't tell. >> get ready for more traffic troubles in tysons corner.
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don't ask don't tell has been repealed and there is another big shift under way in the military. >> this is creating a lot of a buzz and confusion. chaplin's tell me they have already been allowed to do this. for this air force staff sgt today's news is another victory
5:42 pm
for equality in the military. >> it is incredible. we are extremely happy. >> today's memo stated a military chaplain may participate in or officiate any private ceremony as long as the ceremony is not prohibited by the applicable state or local laws. chaplains have always been able to marry whomever they want as long as they -- as long as their state allows it. this may encourage more gays in the military to do so openly without fear of reprisal. >> to be able to have our chaplain mary alice in our millet -- merry us in our military chapel -- >> they may be pressured to toe the line. >> i think there will be challenges in the future from
5:43 pm
the homosexual community related to christian chaplin's and christian troops. >> religious freedom could become an issue as well. the pentagon also says the department can be used for private functions. as long as state and local laws do not prohibit it. coming up next, new airbags are common to some popular vehicles, but they will not be in the dashboards. >> using twitter to gauge people's moods. find out when people are
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people tweet about just about everything. >> it is hoping to gauge the mood of the world, the entire world. >> keep in mind that twitter
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only allows people to use 140 characters to tell other people their thoughts feelings, and opinions. it is the height to -- haiku of modern-day sentiment. cornell university studies moods by looking at twitter. most people all around the world said they are happy. that drops throughout the work day. monday is are bad mood today and weekends are the best bets for the better mood. >> we see an increase in positive mood on the weekends. >> the researchers studied tweets from 2.4 million people. after sundown sad stress sent into the twitter semantics.
5:48 pm
washingtonians appeared to be the contrary hands. three of four people we spoke to said they're happy at the wrong times. >> between the zero afternoon and night time. >> -- between the afternoon and night time. >> some people might just not be able to share their feelings on twitter. do you know what water is? >> no, what is it? >> bad moods go up about the date even on the weekends. >> here is hoping they did not hit rock-bottom by 5:48. we have news of a new trend in air bags. general motors will start placing airbags between the front seat of their crossover
5:49 pm
suvs. it will help reduce the spinal injuries that they see. gm says the air bags of the first of their kind in the industry. americans are expected to send -- spend big bucks this halloween. they will spend about $7 billion this season. the rest will be spent on candy and decorations. but take a look at what is coming not in prime time. if you missed "modern family and" this big you get another chance to watch at 8:00. stick around for abc 7 news at 11:00. gordon peterson is in the
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newsroom. >> we are following some breaking news in the presidential campaign. we are monitoring the latest on the attack that killed anwar al- awlaki. we will have a live report from a local mosque or he was once an iman. doug hill says he has some changes and the weather. >> it is going to get chilly around here. let's get to hurricane ophelia. 115 mph winds. it will swipe close enough to the eastern part of bermuda. they should have minor a facts.
5:51 pm
-- effects. we have thunderstorms developing south and east of the metro area. a sad decline of the showers through our eastern suburbs. -- a second set of showers to our eastern suburbs. overnight, the next batch of its shoppers coming across michigan and ohio. we are still mild around 70. we will only see highs in the mid-50's tomorrow. a little bit of sunshine on sunday. we will talk more coming up in a couple of minutes. the rams are the new
5:52 pm
detroit. the st. louis franchise is not entirely sparking intimidation. they are already pegged in the sweepstakes. for the redskins, who are working with a short week, this is a mental game. the redskins podcast this week is to focus on the -- top task is the key is to focus on the rams and get over the cowboys. to get rid of that monday night after case the redskins will have to go on the road and defeat the san louis rams. >> they have a defense plan hard and playing together. >> washington bought st. louis is best shot last season, too.
5:53 pm
they fell flat against the rams 30-16. >> there will be a lot of teams in this league that is not as talented. >> sunday's game could come down to a battle between quarterbacks. rex grossman knows he needs to improve. >> i put a lot of pressure on myself every week. when i do not, it is frustrating. >> the rams are led by sam bradford. >> he is going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league for some time. >> we will have more on the redskins coming up at 6:00. enjoys some friday night lights. we are covering 11 area games. we even have a shot out from tim
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to an amazing story of survival in california. >> a man survives a horrible car crash, but that is not the amazing part. he stayed alive for six days before he was finally found. a car veers off a winding road in california tumbled 200 feet. the driver, at 67-year-old, survives a crash but no one knew he was there. >> if anybody can find your dad, it was us. >> his children formed their own search party. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill. my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming. >> police used a helicopter.
5:58 pm
they say he likely lost control while driving home last friday. he crashed next to another card that was already in the ravine. >> there was another vehicle that had been down there from a previous incident. the victim in that one unfortunately, did not survive. >> his story is remarkable. >> it is unusual for someone to survive in these circumstances. he did not sustain any life- threatening injuries. >> his family says he is survived by setting up camp. he asked for a chocolate milkshake. >> he fractured a few ribs, but doctors say that he will be ok. that is all for us at abc 7 is set to 5. coming up at 6:00, a big name in politics may be jumping into the race for president.
5:59 pm
>> will tell you why some say he was the most dangerous terrorist in the world. >> the tysons corner traffic nightmare. it is about to change again. bundle up for the first real taste of fall. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at. we begin with breaking news on the 2012 presidential campaign. a couple of people close to governor chris christie's said he is reconsidering his decision not to run for president. sources say he is expected to make a final decision soon. some republicans have been urging him to get into the race because he would be more appealing to independent voters.


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