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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> technology versus privacy. a major decision could affect used by police. >> an international pop icon. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. rise and shine, washington. i'm cynne simpson. begin with your traffic every 10 minutes. we will check in with lisa in about first tier is adam caskey. >> 5:00 a.m. sharp and we're the belfort furniture center. overhead and a few sprinkles isolated south of town the northern neck of the eastern on shore. areas of light rain this tuesday morning. otherwise clouds and we're upper 40's.the
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47 in rockville. 67 this afternoon. the sunshine into lunch. tomorrow, we are off to the races. the weekend.ugh a nice comfortable pattern. a big improvement. back to normal temperatures by tomorrow. the commute is clearing up. construction mainly. they were working in both directions. on 95.s good clear out to the airport. you to some pictures on the geico cameras to show you interstate 270 travel virginia, we are good near the pentagon. back to the news desk. >> 5:00 and the four year ishtmare for amanda knox over.bout after nine hours, an italian judge overturned the murder
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-- conviction. been jailed sine 2007. she is expected to fly home today. brianne carter has more on the verdict and a look ahead to what is next. >> will understand from an group in italy that knox is going to board a flight on route to united states. years ofen four uncertainty followed by an plea and a more verdict. will be heading back here. >> after four years behind american college student is free and ready to head home. >> she suffered for a crime she commit. >> two years after being murder, yesterday an her of court acquitted the charges. >> amanda knox should be
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immediately released. it was an overwhelming moment that ended four years of uncertainty. supporters watched it all unfold on tv and the ruling was cause celebration in her hometown seattle, washington. i think we're all a little numb and shocks. outside, it was the tears of a different type. hundreds shouted a shame, shame. will an italian prosecutors ask retrial? it works different in italy. they can also ask for another appeal. say it is unlikely she back to italyited to make another appearance in an italian courts. theng up, we will hear from victim. her family is speaking out. brianne carter, abc7 news.
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>> and emotional day for both families. knox is not the only one celebrating this morning. also cleared her other -- former boyfriend of all charges with her murder. another person was also convicted in the case. serving a 16 year prison sentence. they said he was the sole killer. we will continue to follow this -- story throughout the morning. we of another report with the details. jury selection begins today trial of the so-called underwear bomber. abdulmutallab is his own attorney. prosecutors say he planned to bomb hidden in his underwear. the bomb caused the smoke and fire but did not explode. a massachusetts man pleads
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to flying radio planes into the pentagon and capitol. he was arrested last week after undercover agents save the day explosives that he requested. yesterday's bail hearing was after the defense asked prepare.time to >> the supreme court will hear a could have an impact how police officers do their job. the justices will decide owner wasnightclub convicted using information obtained without a valid search warrant. they put a tracking device on his g put it did not install it after the order had expired. about 49 degrees outside. --ll ahead, >> i think love is between any gender.
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>> the governor appears in a new speaking on behalf of a controversial issue. >> new information about a cancer cluster. >> first, we follow your traffic an
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a handful of drivers are getting a break after a speed camera mistake. we're joined live in to explain what happened. thehe camera in question is shoulderee over my here in maryland. police say that what happened was hit accidentally gave to some drivers on a sunday. supposed to give out monday through friday. calling it a minor error. the department says that on sunday, september 25, 18 drivers given speeding tickets here in the city. the drivers who had this tickets them waves. you already paid, you will get your money back. say this is not a systemwide problem. it is just the one camera that
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accidentally program to give out tickets on sunday when it is only supposed to give them out through friday until 8:00 at night. said that this problem has been fixed. this is not a systemwide problem. com -- onethe 1 camera. >> that will be good news for those drivers. time for a check of traffic and weather. >> first return to adam. >> it is going to warm up a little bit. it has been cool the past couple of days. yesterday it was 53 degrees. that tied for the coldest october 3 afternoon in recorded history. records go back to 1872. today will still be unsettled. some areas of laich terrain over the northern neck and down
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suffered. otherwise clouds to start the day. foggy from hagerstown. 52 in the district. becoming breezy and sunny this afternoon. winds up to 25 miles per hour. today it will drop back down 40's.he 70's tomorrow. is where we should be for year.ime of sunshine wednesday into the seasonableh temperatures. the forecast. >> the commute feels as metrole as far rail. normale reporting service. road, we willhe go into traffic on 95 and 66 will give you the green light. the overnight construction on by thedes will be gone get there. interstate 270 is pretty clean.
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no worries in and out of baltimore along and 95 and the parkway. intoout of waldorf washington. quiet. 511. 49 degrees. coming up, -- >> i am hopeful i will get a of the week.end apple is excited about the new iphone. about the new fund. >> why jennifer anniston is in town. testimony in the trial
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and storiesecking our top right now. the emergency room doctor who pronounced michael jackson dead that conrad murray did
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not mention giving the singer a anesthetic. charged with involuntary manslaughter. doctor said even if she had about it, she probably not have saved his life. the defense witness is expected testify. a psychologist testified that rosareated carmela dela for a major depressive disorder off for a decade. she is charged with throwing the walkway lastrom a november. protests similar to those in the springingdistrict are boston, philadelphia, and other cities. hundreds of demonstrators have for weeks toout greed andrporate other issues. >> it is 5:15. a new report by health evidence of as no cancer cluster. for years, our team has it been
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claims thatg chemicals were not disposed of properly. that chemicals into the soil and water causing an increase in cases. >> there was no difference we between cancer rates fort and cancer the kind -- county. you cannot tell me there are health issues surrounding the most toxic sites in america. >> researchers say their investigation is ongoing. takes ain o'malley it over same-e debate sex marriage. -- which used to be governor -- in a videopearing supporting same-sex marriage. him pitching legislation while also religious freedom. lawmakers are expected to
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a bill legalizing same- sex marriage next year. the d.c. council is set to take up ethics reform today. debate legislation by vincent orange. it would set up a task force to examine the ethical guidelines. members were criticized for ethical lapses. >> more details on a major announcement from apple and a major coup for amazon. >> today is the day for the iphone 5. apple is expected to unveil the latest version today. it will be the first major launch since steve jobs resign. also expected to be the from offered by spread. amazon's kindle is catching fire. 95,000 devices were reordered in
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just the first day. the latest version of nba to take 12 ads 15 basketball 1512 adds basketball legends. to see and experience every era of basketball that has important. the game is available for all major gaming systems. those are your tech bytes. the white house is pretty in pink. was lit up in recognition of the national breast cancer the president designated oct. breast cancer awareness. the vice president was also painted pink last night. temperatures are not as pretty. arettle below but they rebounding. we tied for the
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record coldest october 3 afternoon. was 63 degrees are reagan national. records to back to 1872. that is saying something. i love doing my research. the upper level of low pressure has been plaguing us with weather is going of here.moving out as we transition into sunshine, will still be unsettled this morning. is the radar. a fair amount of clouds. i am expecting some of us to some sun this morning. havehe most part we will forait until the afternoon that sunshine to break out. see that clockwise rotation. over head anymore. it is off to the north and east. it will move up the coastline into canada the next couple of days. will replace the region -- be the system.
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then we'll go to our biggest in our weather patterns. a bigger ridge is going to move midsection of the influence ourll weather. that is going to spell high sunshineand a lot of way throughl the the weekend. a good weather pattern into.going to shift degrees in the district in quantico. fog northwest of the metro area hagerstown. some clouds will start the day with theld not bother umbrella of this morning. it will be isolated and quicken not a big deal. then some sunshine by lunchtime. 67 for the high but becoming breezy. going to get gusty later on. those men and women skilling the
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washington monument later on have the winds to contend by mostly sunny tomorrow. average temperatures in the lower 70's. are off to the races to the weekend. comfortable height temperatures this time of the year, right around the lower -- hire 70's. how is the commute? >> it is ok. interstate travel looks good. rail says everything is on normal schedule. take you to some geico cameras. with the beltway from legion bridge. bethesda. virginia is moving at speed. that is a good thing. >> that is a good thing. 5:21 and 49 degrees. up, tim brant breaks down the redskins win and what it means for their season.
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morgany next show, freeman, and a winner. they have overcome big obstacles make their dreams reality. it is about living your dream and how you can do it.
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>> a drive to right. he score -- it is good. >> he broke a 4-4 tie with that shot him. the motor city is one win away dumping the yankees from the season. exciting. >> it is. they're not play again tonight. with sports.ant >> good morning. redskins are heading into -- redskins fans know the games -- there are four left. there is a quiet confidence about them. another piece fell into the puzzle. carries, when hundred 35 yards. very physical. he was mentioned in the same
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as -- e >> he has a big play ability. seen at last year. in tampa bay, he stood out to everybody. he played extremely well. he made some excellent runs. hopefully he can do that for the remainder of the season. have a great day. >> 5:26. the material girl is hitting the for a super bowl 46. is reporting madonna will headline the game in indianapolis. a female solo artist has not headlined the show jackson's infamous wardrobe a man -- malfunctioned. it is not confirmed this is happening but she is supposed to release her first album in three years next spring.
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>> that makes sense for timing. will they have to approve for outfit? [laughter] it is madonna. >> it might be good to check that out. 5:26 and about 49 degrees. continues at 5:30. >> still had, -- >> student -- students can only do so much. >> a a local school is close to losing its state accreditation. >> after four years, amanda is finally on a flight to freedom. could she have to head back to court? >> today is a transitional day. be back to let you [ female announcer ] we understand that today
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. we are thankful corps your support. from ana knox is freed prison. chance at life back home in the united states. 5:30 on this tuesday. i am cynne simpson. >> we begin with your traffic every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here with a check on your forecast. saw that low pressure atmosphere. in our it brought the damp, " conditions over the past few days. moving out of here. we are transitioning out of that
5:31 am
pattern into a more comfortable weather pattern. 52 in the district. 46 and winchester. 45 in frederick. little bit of fog by the way especially in some of the valleys. keep in mind. 57 this afternoon. also becoming breezy. winds will be no exception. sunny and seasonable tomorrow. the 70 degree barrier. looking good. how was the commute? >> looking good for now. growing volume -- there is a car fire before the exit. southbound out of baltimore looks good. we are good of the green light. even the beltway, the accident i was born you about has moves to the shoulder.
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we continue with the case thatnal court gripped headlines four years. is now a free woman to seattle.home >> she broke down in tears italiany after an overturned for murder conviction. joins is from the with the center latest. >> we understand that amanda is now way a frown -- free woman and is heading to the u.s. she was at an airport in rome london thislight to morning where she will catch a connecting flight to the united states. years after being convicted murder, she was acquitted of those charges. it was an overwhelming moment years ofd four uncertainty. not cheers for everyone the courtroom. family of a meredith, the
5:33 am
victim, wanted her original be upheld. they believe meredith has been forgotten in and out. are left with many unanswered questions. >> it feels like we are back to square one and the search fine find out what happened. not wantmily does meredith forgotten. it is their understanding the prosecution will seek another appeal. question remains, would a back to be extradited italy for another appearance? analysts say that is unlikely. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> we will continue to follow the story throughout morning. always, you can get the our website, the parents of morgan launched a new web protecting young
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women. behind -- they are behind website trying to help find children and adults. after leavington the concert. found two months later. for a link to the website, log 300 police officers will be the streets of recruits started yesterday. the police academy was empty for vincent nine months but says he is found money to more officers. the new class of recruits of 35 men and women. >> with this hiring a schedule, put new recruit officers each month from october through july. they will start coming out of academy in april. >> the new recruits come from backgrounds. far away as montana.
5:35 am
the starting salary is $49,000 a year. seven is on your side this word of a red light camera mistake. you receive a ticket, you may in for a refund. we are live this morning with more on what happened. >> good morning. the speed cameras located on this road. behind me. it it is in a school zone next to a nursery. police are saying that this giving away speeding tickets on a sunday. is it was supposed out tickets from monday to friday. this a minorlling with their program. that on sunday, 25, 18 people were tickets while driving .long this road
5:36 am
either8 drivers will be back or haveoney their tickets waived if they not they already pre. police say this is an isolated problem. they say it is now fixed. if you were one of the folks who ticket on sunday, you will either get your money back or have it waived. >> thank you. a school is at risk of its state accreditation. it has three years to boost its numbers.n if not, it loses its state seal of approval. year, they took into account graduation. >> they required in the next 85 and we are at 77.
5:37 am
>> the principal says officials continue to keep a close watch on the student attendance. they will create a dialogue with parents and offered guidance to seniors who are behind on their credit. 49 degrees outside. ahead, back to work on the washington monument. much longer the inspection will take. yesterday we told you d.c. very manly. it appears it is a kid-friendly. >> another check on traffic and ♪ ♪ oh, won't you be good to yourself? ♪ ♪ and don't you feel like coming home? ♪ ♪ ♪ it'll be like coming home [ male announcer ] some rooms feel like a fish bowl. but in our roomy suites, you can spread out and live a little.
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hello, my name is brian. down and check out our macaroni and cheese. morning, washington. little unsettled out morning but not much of rain. you can see some showers on the eastern shore. a dot over fairfax county but that looks to be an airplane. that should disappear. to deal with. a fair amount of sunshine, especially into the afternoon. 49 in the district. 47 in hagerstown.
5:41 am
some areas of fog northwest of the district. 60's today.he some morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. breezy of to 25 m.p.h. later on today and into the afternoon. tomorrow, lower 70's. comfortable and sunday. a good stretch of dry weather. the good news, how about the traffic? about an hearing accident in the district on interstate 295 of the reps to causing atreet bridge delay and police are already on the scene. if you normally go north on to a to 95, we are getting word crash on the bridge. also, d.c. fire is reporting activity on l street in d.c.west problems on the beltway where we
5:42 am
mormonu live on the temple and georgetown road. back inside we go. 5:41, 49 degrees. the d.c. circulator is going to go somewhere it has never been before. >> why was jennifer anniston going into a local hospital? later, this is something you do every breathi later, this is something you do every at th"well, we could sleep we hin the same bed,ime: but it just doesn't work." s(e would like a firmer mattress than i would. yeah, nine out of ten couples disagree on the firmness they want in a mattress. i sleep on the couch. with our bed, the sleep number setting represents the firmness that you lili on your half of the mattress. don't mess with my side because i'm comfortable. i can adjust mine to my liking and she can do the same.
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a good tuesday morning to you. check on our top stories. knox is said to be on her to the united states. this comes after an appeals court threw out her conviction
5:46 am
in the 2007 murder of emeritus. the court upheld the slander conviction and sentence her to time served. near a fort are as toing for answers cancer there is a cluster. officials sayh significanto cancer but they are investigating. crews are expected to be back washington monument. expecting it for more earthquake.the around the region, the d.c. has a new route. for the first time it is anacostia into se d.c. people easier into the downtown area. yesterday, finishing gray got a firsthand look at the new route. and -- a major study will soon
5:47 am
get under way. the study is called super nova. researchers will analyze traffic patterns. they will develop a plan to ease around key areas. and jennifer anniston and biden are lending their breast cancer. they toward a hospital soon to open a breast care center. is billed as a one-stop shop for breast cancer treatment. a movie profiles five breast cancer patients. parenting magazine has named d.c. is the best place to raise kids. the credits education and in ourl opportunities area. crime rates, job opportunities, and open space. factors, boston, austin, and the moines iowa top five. the
5:48 am
arlington, va. made the list of 70. talk to one parent to arlington. you agree? >> doesn't count as d.c.? not enough steady. i agree. even with the little kids, he to go to the dinosaur museum. the airplane museum. "daddy, i have energy. too?e go " so i agree. >> a seal of approval from >> we're seeing a transition in our weather patterns. back into sunshine and then finally a good, long stretches sunny weather. average temperatures over the next few days. 52 in the district. 46 at dulles airport.
5:49 am
lexington park 52. of the parts valley. some areas of fog to start your tuesday morning. you concede the counterclockwise in association with the system that is giving us the cold weather and size and damp conditions. getting kicked data here and be replaced high-pressure later on today the next several our weather pattern is going to shift. is what we call an omega block pattern. the gesturethat shape of the greek letter omega. finally, for a change, this going to be on the of this pattern. a lot of sunshine and comfortable conditions and a dry of weather and later on
5:50 am
today all the way through the weekend. the upper 40 to start the day. becoming breezy. that is one of the keys today. 67 the high temperature this afternoon and sunny. we are off to the races tomorrow way through the weekend. temperatures, kollek and near average. around 70 degrees. we will approach 80 by sunday and monday. let's go back to lisa with the commute. >> adam caskey, always teaching us something new. now we know it is called the pattern and why it is that. going to dazzle people at parties. watch this, we are going to with the geico center camera. this is an earlier car fire in the exit.efore notice everything is moved onto shoulder and traffic is
5:51 am
moving relatively unscathed. before you run out, let's go to virginia and sure you the the 14th street bridge. disney magical world of honor our nation's military. the irs getting stingy? details when we get to linda bell in new york. good morning. >> we begin with a recent study by the government accountability the irs'st found that program -- it could also take start to get any financial reward. the irs says the whistleblowers completing a claim could take up to seven years and sometimes longer. toys r us is sweetening its layaway. will offer layaway on nearly all things in many of its stores
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starting october 15. also offering an interest option for purchases. how does a vacation to disney in orlando sounds to you? the downtown disney resort area are launching a contest retired and military. all you have to do is submit a to youtube or draft an why your family is a military family. entries can be submitted. until november 18. is business news. >> thank you, linda. did your names in there. -- get your names in there.
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man: the forecast -- plenty of sunshine through today with seasonable temperatures. we should reach our normal high by this afternoon.
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is some unusual things are display in detroit. the inventors of this creation produced music with lightning bolts, another invention is a 9 ton fire breathing dragon. like track andns and it is meant to represent the -- chinese economy.
5:56 am
a is a 69 foot dragon with head and tail. >> pretty impressive. invention is a drum machine that uses robots and to create sound. investors plan to use at a rock concert. think of. people >> interesting. we have some top stories. knox is released from an italian prison. bowltrending, ben's chili temporarily closed. snow in the shenandoah mountains. there is still more to come in the next half-hour. a fight for one of the largest banks. bank of america continues to battle on this decision.
5:57 am
5:58 am
, amandaight aheadm is on her way back to the the first time in four years. some lucky drivers may their money back getting caught on camera. from theto expect
5:59 am
from 5 "good morning washington continues now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> time to wake up. almost 6:00 on this tuesday, october 4. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barratt. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. good tuesday morning to you. transitioning from the damp weather into a pleasant weather throughout the day. it will become gusty and a than yesterday. 60 degrees in alec predicts 50 alexandria, 50 at chesapeake beach. temperatures near 50 degrees. 67 today. yesterday we tied the record


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