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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 4, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is "world news." and tonight, homeward bound. amanda knox making a dramatic undercover exit from italy. flying back to seattle, to her family, including the grandmother who mortgaged her home to free her granddaughter. no go. the man of the moment refuses to get into the presidential race. what governor chris christie said today about his wife, his weight and what americans need to do next. fighting back. tens of thousands rise up against those new bank fees, and we do the math. which bank really offers the best deal? and, airbrushing audrey
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hepburn? 50 years after we all sang "moon river," relearn a secret about the star of one of the most romantic movies of all time. good evening. at this hour, a four-year odyssey is coming to an end for american college student amanda knox. at this moment, approaching her hometown of seattle and her new life as a free woman. she's been behind bars for 1,427 days and there is a small sign awaiting her, hanging outside the door of her father's home as she arrives back in the arms of her family, the family that fought for her release, mortgaging their homes, spending all their savings and retirement to free her. we want to go straight to seattle tonight, where abc's neal karlinsky is standing by. neal? >> reporter: diane, we're inside the international arrivals terminal where amanda knox and
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her family are expected to land in just over an hour. there is a huge crush of international media here. extra security is on hand, as well. all getting ready for a homecoming many thought might never happen. amanda knox spent her first day of freedom getting as far as italy as she possibly could. after a high speed escape from the media and overnighting in a safe house near rome, photographers found her at the airport, capturing her from the terminal to a connecting flight in london. her face, her mood, her family. a far cry from the amanda knox of just one day earlier. shaking with emotion as she was set free, four years after being sent to prison for murder. her only words so far, this statement before leaving italy. "those who wrote me, who defended me who stays close to me, who prayed for me, we are forever grateful." despite tabloid headlines about cashing in, the reality is
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getting to this point cost the knox family nearly everyone. mike is a neighbor and friend. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: he says knox's divorced parents took out second mortgages, ran through credit cards and retirement accounts to help cover legal bills estimated at more than $1 million. her grandmother even took out a quarter million dollar second mortgage to help. >> our whole family has borrowed money. it's not just my parents. it's aunts, uncles, cousins. >> reporter: mark waterbury is one of the tireless supporters who studies the evidence. he's convinced that amanda knox will find a way to regain the life she left behind, the person she was four years ago. >> amanda has responded to this amazingly well. it's part of her strength. >> reporter: a podium has been set up just outside the doors here where amanda knox's parents are expected to address the media. no word on whether amanda herself will actually talk or where she'll go next. her family, they just want to
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get her home and have some quality time, at last, alone. diane? >> neal karlinsky reporting in from seattle at this moment. thank you, neal. and we turn now to a dramatic turn in the presidential campaign. the speculation over whether new jersey governor chris christie would get into trace for the white house reached a fever pitch, but today, he shut it all down, with one word. no. why? and what happens next? abc's jon karl was in that room. jon? >> reporter: diane, this has been the biggest question looming over the race for the republican nomination, chris christie answered it by saying he is not going to run for president and this time, he really means it. >> now is not my time. >> reporter: it was vintage christie. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me. >> reporter: republicans had literally begged him to rub for president. >> please, sir, reconsider. don't even say anything tonight, of course, you wouldn't. go home and really think about it.
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please. >> reporter: he did reconsider, just last night, top supporters said they were convinced he would go for it and started preparing to launch a campaign. even his family was on board. >> mary pat woke me up at 6:00 in the morning and said, if you want to run, go for it. >> reporter: the guy who has become a youtube sensation by telling critics to stuff it -- >> get the hell off the beach in asbury park and get out. first off, it's none of your business. >> reporter: spurned his supporters, too. but he did it with a kind of free wheeling performance that made them want him to run in the first place, poking fun at himself -- >> i'm not particularly self-conscious about this. it's not a news flash to me that i'm overweight. >> reporter: joking that nobody would want him as v.p. -- >> seriously, can you imagine? guy would probably want to get a food taster. >> reporter: and reminding his fans that 2016 isn't that far away. >> i'm not going to preclude any
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employment in the future. >> reporter: it was the most crowded press conference ever. we had to squeeze in the back. this ground swell, people begging for you to run. what does it say about the rest of the field and what's wanting in the rest of the field? >> i don't think it says anything particular about the field. i'd like to think it says something about me. >> reporter: now, all this leaves mitt romney once again as the republican front-runner. but diane, he is a front-runner that still has to prove that he can unite and energize his party. >> all right, jon, thank you. i want to bring in "good morning america" anchor george stephanopoulos. is mitt romney the happiest man in politics tonight? >> reporter: he is pretty happy. the field is probably settled. some word today that senator tom coburn of oklahoma may look to get in. but this is basically it. the republican nominee is most likely in the field right now. >> what is the bottom line tonight on what all that shopping around meant? >> reporter: well, chris christie says it has something to do with him, that's partly true. but this is really about
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president obama. look at this graphic right here. the president's job approval has dropped to 42%, the lowest of his presidency and that is the real danger zone for incumbents. and there's one other poll finding that has the race so unsettled and why romney should be feeling pretty good, and that is the fickle tea party. look at their support. michele bachmann in july, rick perry in september, herman cain right now. but romney has been basically the steady second choice all the way around. so, as long as that vote is still split, he's in decent shape but he wants to get some of them. >> all right, george stephanopoulos and the field apparently set tonight for the big race. thank you. and now we want to show you an amazing scene in new york this afternoon. we saw businessmen in pinstripe suits swimming around in the east river after a helicopter crashed into the 67 degree water, struggling to swim to safety. the crash happened just moments
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after the chopper took off. and we still don't know the cause, but witnesses say it was spinning and sputtering, went out of control before crashing. the pilot and three passengers were rescued. one woman on board was kill and we're told the ride was part of her 40th birthday celebration. and now, we turn to the outrage over america's biggest banks, hammering customers with huge new fees. thousands of customers signing petitions, threatening to pull out. and five days after bank of america said it would add $5 for a stand arnold service, we learned that another giant bank is ready to pile on a new fee. abc's matt gutman has been calling those banks and tracking which ones still have the best deals. >> reporter: bank of america customer molly was enrage bid her bank's $5 debit fee. >> i'm 22 years old and working two part time jobs. i don't have an extra $60 a year to give to bank of america. >> reporter: so, she got up an
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online petition, calling on bank of america to repeal that fee. four days later, she's got 125,000 strangers lending their voices to a growing chorus of outrage. just yesterday, president obama telling george stephanopoulos -- >> you're going to see a bunch of the banks who say to themselves, you know what? this is actually not good business practice. >> reporter: the outrage is exploding to twitter and facebook, where we asked people how they're reacting. michael wrote me "i just left and i had a premium account. i just find the idea outrageous." on twitter, "b of a lost their mind with this fee. they clearly must have forgot they are not a monopoly." that rage could be turning into action. the bank's home page has been faltering since friday. >> it's almost certain that this is actually a deliberate attack, given the timing. probably in protest to their announcement about increasing the debit card charges. >> reporter: but bank of america items abc news it hasn't been
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hacked. the company refused an oncamera interview but said there's been no privacy breech to the bank's 29 million online customers. so, we crunched the numbers at the five biggest banks in the country. bank of america is charging that $5 fee, starting next year. wells fargo and chase are already testing a $3 debit fee and might roll them out nationwide soon. right now, only u.s. bank and citibank are not charging debit card fees but citibank is ruling out a basic cheque account, and that will cost $10 a month. diane? >> thank you, matt. and we've put together a list of fees for checking services charged by the ten biggest mbans in america, and you can compare them all by going to and now, a man best known for the way he sings has sparked a national debate over what he said. hank williams jr., who has been kicking off "monday night footba
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football" for 20 years was pulled off the air last night after making controversial commercials about president obama. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. ♪ are you ready for some football ♪ >> reporter: his rousing open to "monday night football" is iconic. last night, espn sidelined hank williams jr., after his comments about president obama and speaker of the house john boehner. >> be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu, okay? >> okay. >> not hardly. and the country with this shape, they're the enemy. they're the enemy. >> reporter: espn, part of abc's parent company, quickly pulled williams song, explaining, we are extremely disappointed with his comments. williams reportedly went fishing today, but issued this statement. "i have always been very passionate about politics and sports and this time it got the best or worse of me. the thought of the leaders of both parties juking and high fiving on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by, simply may me boil
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over, make a dumb statement and i am very sorry if it offended anyone. i would like to thank all my supporters. this was not written by a public quist quist." after a near fatal fall from a mountainside, junior found his style. adopting the beard and sunglasses to cover scars, penning country anthems. and later, rewriting them to support republican candidates. ♪ are you ready for a big win ♪ republican party >> reporter: williams is reportedly considering a run for senate next year. >> i think for a few years now, political discourse has had sort of fight club rules, where basically anything goes, any weapon it hands. basically are no rules. >> reporter: espn hasn't said if it will reinstate williams song later this season, but even if he's sidelined from football, the outlaw of country could still be capital hicapitol hill
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bound. sharyn alfonsi, abc news new york. and still ahead on "world news," is it possible michael jackson delivered his own fatal dose of drugs? what abc news has learned tonight that could throw a curve ball into the case. and, was holly go lightly air brushed? a secret from the set of the iconic "breakfast at tiffany's." i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income yo. that's why i'm here. to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there, every step of the way. call or come in for a free portfolio review today.
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it is the theory on which the defendant, dr. conrad murray, is pink his hopes. that michael jackson secretly administered his own drugs, pills, as well as that final fatal dose of propofol. but tonight, abc news has learned something important about the evidence, and abc's jim avila is following every turn in the case and we bring you in now. jim? >> reporter: diane, abc news has learned that prosecutors plan on introducing fingerprint evidence that they say shows that the singer did not touch any of the propofol bottles recovered at the crime kescene, ruling out self-inflicted overdose, a central theme of the defense case. sources close to the investigation tell abc news all the fingerprints on the propofol bottles have been accounted for and none belongs to michael jackson. >> fingerprints are one piece of the puzzle. so, what seems like a block blockbuster today could be
6:47 pm
undercut completely tomorrow. >> reporter: now in court, a two-day parade of three young exotic dancers and a cocktail waitress, all girlfriends of the married dr. murray, taking the stand to document phone calls murray made while treating jackson on the day he died. >> i heard mumbles of voices and i heard coughing. and nobody answered. >> reporter: but this dancer, turned aspiring actress with at least one movie credit, was the focus of today's testimony. and she seemed to like it that way. often turns to the jury and flashing a movie star smile. >> did you, in fact, meet mr. jackson? >> yes. >> and how did it come about that you got to meet michael jackson? >> i'm still trying to figure that out myself. >> why is that? what is confusing about it? >> because it's michael jackson. >> reporter: nicole alvarez was called to testify about the four gallons of propofol delivered to her santa monica apartment.
6:48 pm
>> i was acting. maintaining my instrument. >> when you refer to an instrument, what are you referring to? >> myself. >> i see. >> myself. as an actor, your instrument is yourself. >> reporter: four women put before the jury perhaps to make the doctor seem frivolous. even talking by cell phone to alvarez in the ambulance. >> he knew that i would learn this through the news -- >> and you would be upset. >> yeah. >> reporter: and tomorrow, another big day in court, the voice of conrad murray himself, prosecutors plan on playing two hours of audio tapes of the police interview murray did just after michael jackson's death. diane? >> and we know you'll be bringing it to us. thanks so much, jim avila. and coming up, the big announcement today, promising a personal assistant in your pocket. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills.
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there, including, as you mentioned, a new form of artificial intelligence called siri. remind me to call my wife when i leave work. >> here's your reminder for when you leave work. i'll remind you. >> reporter: thank you, siri. i'm in the mood for sushi. >> i found a number of sushi restaurants. 22 of them are fairly close to you. >> reporter: tell me about the life of diane sawyer. >> searching for the life of diane sawyer. >> reporter: look at that. your wikipedia page comes up first. not bad, huh? seemed rude to ask siri about apple stock price which took a dive during what many thought was an anti-climactic rollout. this is not the most valuable
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tech company in the world by accident. a lot of people realize there's enough new features in this phone to make people sleep on the sidewalk when it hits stores on friday. and now they are giving away older versions of the iphone with a two-year contract, millions more destined to join the cult. >> thank you for that heart-stopping moment when you asked about my life, heaven knows what would come up. but is this the answer to driving and the problem of texting while driving? >> reporter: well, if it works the way they say it does, it could. it reads you your texts and you can dictate your response without ever having to thumb type again. >> all right, bill weir reporting in for us tonight on the big announcement. and coming up, audrey hepburn on "breakfast at tiffany's." what we didn't know until now about this face. for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college.
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[ harriat ] you hoo! [ female announcer ] must be the os-cal. only os-cal ultra has the most calcium and d3, plus 7 bone health nutrients. so you can always be strong, with os-cal. finally tonight, it's hard to believe it was 50 years ago that "breakfast at tiffany's" made audrey hepburn a dream of vulnerable beauty. but there's something we didn't know about that face, yes, even that face. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: 50 years ago, "breakfast at tiffany's" was the
6:57 pm
original "sex and the city." new york as conceived by true man capote and styled by givinci. but this story of a worldly wise single girl living on her own in the big city was controversial stuff in the mad men era. so much so that paramount had trouble casting holly go lightly. >> the first person they went to was marilyn monroe. she was capote's first choice, but marilyn turned down the part. >> how do i look? >> reporter: among the other possibilities? john fonda. shirley maclean. even rosemary clooney? hard as it is to imagine anyone but audrey hepburn as holly go lightly. she was 32, playing an 18-year-old. newly revealed publicity stills show someone thought audrey needed air brushing. this famous party scene took a week and a half to film, much of the dialogue was ad libbed. the actors drank real champagne and they smoked. 60 cartons of cigarettes.
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>> reporter: that haunting song -- >> paramount hated "moon river." in fact was a song that they wanted to cut. >> reporter: in fact, "moon river" took home an oscar. ♪ rainbows ♪ >> reporter: david wright, abc news. >> my huckle bury friend, it was. we thank you for watching tonight. we're and don't forget, "nightline" later. hope to see you again tomorrow. good night.
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