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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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treet in new york. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thursday, october fought6, 6:00 a.m. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. meteorologist adam caskey in. >> temperatures are dropping a little and will continue to do so until sunrise, of which is one hour and seven minutes away from now. 60 did -- 50 in northwest d.c.. leesburg at 49, 47 in germantown, 51 at college park. tralee uniform temperatures even on a wider view. still in the 60's for the water temperatures. that's affect the thermometer area along the water. 69 this afternoon, total sunshine.
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a little warmer tomorrow in the economy low 70's. warm temperatures all the way through the weekend. there's a water main break on south dakota ave. we are going to live pictures right now. south dakota avenue just north of monroe street. this is a sizable water main break near 20th street. south dakota avenue is a heavily traveled corridor this time of morning, now closed in the area. of monroe street. traffic coming off new garrett avenue should stick with it and go down to bladensburg road and then backtrack. if next we go to newschopper 7, because they're looking at a crash northbound on the b-w parkway. we were told someone was injured. this accident is on the left side of the highway northbound before 198. one of the vehicles involved has been moved to the right, but the injured person is along the left side. if we will come back with the
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latest on the water main break. now to news. 6:01. he changed the way people listen to music, asserts the burka -- searched the web. people gathered outside and apple stores nationwide last night to pay tribute to the visionary founder steve jobs. this morning we are looking at the legacy left behind and what is passing means for the future of the computer company that leaves behind. >> brianne carter is in northwest washington to join us with more. good morning. >> good morning. people are calling this an immeasurable loss for the technology world. everywhere you look you can see the devices that he helped create. the ipad, the ipod, and iphone. it's no surprise that many of them are taking to those devices to pay their respects and condolences to his family. it seems everywhere you look you
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can see the impact steve jobs had on the way we communicate. >> one of the great visionary leaders in america and maybe the world. >> six weeks ago the 56-year- old who battled significant health issues, stepped down as ceo of apple, the company co- founded decades ago. >> we call it the ipad. cr>> it is sad because he was truly an innovator. >> outside the apple store in new york city flowers and candles. inside, technical achievements. capmac the apple store in georgetown customers are singing the praises of the man who was the heart and soul of apple. >> he'd changed the newspaper industry and music industry and altered the way we interact with knowledge. >> you can see that there are flowers, candles and notes
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outside the georgetown store. they have even written on the glass walls outside the store. a lot of people saying that this will be an immense loss and questioning how apple will look now that he's gone. some even saying that the unveiling that we saw earlier this week of the new iphone 4s, perhaps the s should stand for steve. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> even the white house is weighing in on his death. president obama called him "the greatest of american innovators, brave enough to indifferently bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it." arlington has a special connection to steve jobs. 10 years ago in may he opened the first apple store at tysons corner mall. for more on the life and death of the visionary, go to our web site are other big story this morning, sarah palin says no to
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a white house run. the former alaska governor told supporters he will not join the crowded field of white house contenders. the one-time vice-presidential candidate said "a call to service means serving god family, and country." she said the decision maintains that order. she says she can be more effective in helping to elect other public servants and not to count her out. the fate of a virginia woman accused of killing her granddaughter now rests in the hands of a jury. jummy olabanji is following the case from court in fairfax. she joins us now with the latest. >> the 50-year-old carmela dela rosa says in a fairfax county jail not far from where we are this morning. later today she could find out if she was under arrest of her life behind bars as a jury decides whether or not to convict her of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or not guilty if by reason of
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insanity. the insanity case is what her defense team has been trying to convey to the jury all this week. they have been calling witness after witness to the stand. it was yesterday that the prosecution brought their final witness to the stand a mental health doctor who testified that he believes carmela dela rosa is not insane and that she just suffers from a borderline personality disorder. he said last year when she tossed her two-year-old granddaughter angelyn off the walkway at tysons corner if she was motivated by anger at her son-in-law and her daughter for having a child out of wedlock. the prosecution has been trying to convey that to the jury all this week. now it lies in the hands of the jury. we expect them at some point today to have a decision. we will be in the courtroom for the decision. if we will bring it to our viewers on an air and online. and jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. jurors in involuntary
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manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor heard some words from the late singer. >> i did not have a child should. -- childhood. >> the conversation was recorded shortly before jackson's death in 2009. dr. murray is accused of giving tax and a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic. four man accused of bilking the government out of $20 million will be back in court. a judge will decide if they should stay in jail until trial. two are army corps of engineer employees. investigators say the men steered government contracts a contractor in exchange for kickbacks. still ahead, gabrielle giffords returning to washington. why the wounded arizona congressman has a date with the vice president.
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i am at the national zoo iin vertebrates exhibit. we will stick around for more news. good morning, washington. there's a morning 6:10, comfortably cool outside. we will talk about the beautiful
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weather pattern. we actually have a couple of clouds overhead this morning. that's all we have to speak of. a strong high-pressure system strengthening. that means a lot of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. 54 in the district, 45 in gaithersburg a little cooler than yesterday at this time. along the waterways, a little warmer, 57 in lexington park. here is the forecast, but sunshine. 69, temperature, near 70. most of us in the upper 60's. culpeper and fredericksburg in the low 70's. sunny skies tomorrow, low 70's. a busy morning. we start with newschopper 7 in the geico traffic camera center camera. northbound b-w parkway, accident before 198 with an injury, on the left side of the highway. single file to the right
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squeezing around that. that's northbound on the b-w parkway. route 1 is an option. 95 is good if you take that to baltimore. if southbound traffic cannot see it coming out of a jessup towards an essay because of the trees in between. we are on the scene of a water main break. these are live pictures. south dakota avenue northeast at 18th street. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12 52 degrees. >> coming up, what the future holds for apple stocks following the death of founder steve jobs. >> work on the washington monument is done but the engineers are [ male announcer
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6:00 hour 14. the technology world is mourning the loss of apple founder steve jobs. the visionary inventor passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. he was 66 years old. during deliberations resume in the murder trial of carmela dela rosa. a virginia woman accused of killing her two year-old granddaughter. the wall street protests will hit the streets of washington later on today. for more on all the top stories log on to our web site, 6:14 on this thursday morning. two women attacked at gunpoint
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in the same location, days apart. >> if they targeted them along silver hill road, as they were trying to walk to the suitland metro station. september 27 the gunman approached a woman, letter to the rear of an abandoned building and sexually assaulted the woman. a similar incident happened on tuesday, that one was able to get away. >> it's easy for them to take somebody from there and they would not be seen. >> i'm really scared. i cannot imagine how scary that must've been. >> both attacks happened in the early morning. police are trying to find out if the incidents are linked. police are tight-lipped about a crash in northwest last night that involved a pedestrian. it happened along the 2100 block of wisconsin ave. if a source took these photographs at the scene and telling the woman was struck by an unmarked police vehicle. the woman was transported to a local hospital plans and there's
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no word on her condition. investigators say that they have no solid leads in the abduction of a kansas city toddler. the 10-year-month old lisa irwin was last seen in her crib monday night. police have been surging nearby home sandalwoods. her parents are pleading for their daughters safe return. a search is underway for the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting at a california rock quarry. three people died when a disgruntled employee opened fire there and that was in cupertino. several others wounded some critically. investigators believe the suspect may have shot a woman during an attempted carjacking. the repair job on the washington monument at least a search for cracks, is over. the team of engineers finished rappelling down the sides of the obelisk yesterday. now they will write a report that will help park service officials determine how to fix
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the monument, how much it will cost, and when it can reopen. next up for the engineering team, the national cathedral. the same team will skill building to inspect the front entrance to ower. that begins on october 17. the cathedral has also been closed since the earthquake. how will the passing of steve jobs affect investors' faith in apple. rob nelson has that story and more. >> good morning. apple after steve jobs. the co-founder of the tech juggernaut died yesterday of the age of 56. under its leadership apple stock price goes increase more than 100 fold. analysts don't think shares will take much of a bit from his desk. it was not much effect when he stepped down as ceo this summer. microsoft may be thinking about purchasing yachts who again. the takeover years ago failed. analysts reportedly is getting ready to shop itself around.
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microsoft is one of several potential suitors. bank of america will get a petition against its new $5 per month fee on debit card produces. if 130,000 people have signed a petition on line. silver is losing its value when it comes to automobiles. it's no longer the popular color for cars. white is. one out of five vehicles sold this year was white. i am rob nelson. >> silver is so 2008. >> i cannot be seen in my car anymore. what is happening in the weather? >> nothing, and we like it. >> we need a little boring in our lives in terms of the weather. that is what we will get through the weekend and into early next week. i address these weather patterns because they are just so boring. nothing but sunshine. -- i dread these weather patterns.
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seasonable temperatures. i am looking forward to the boring weather pattern. annapolis at the naval academy 52 degrees right now. you can see a little orange on the horizon in the distance as the sun gets a little closer to the horizon. sunrise is not until 7:08 this morning. we have 11 hours and 35 minutes a day like today. more darkness than they like this time of year. by this time next month in october or rather november we will have 10 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. we will lose more than an hour. it is 41 in middletown, 42 in mount airy, 44 in rockville and sterling. 54 in the district. one or two clouds this morning will dissipate. you can see that in the dark gray. mainly near the mason-dixon line. otherwise, mainly wall-to-wall sunshine. the ridge of high pressure will hang around through the next
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several days of the way through the weekend and will break down by early next week. 69 today with sunny skies. low 70's tomorrow. 80 degrees with sunshine by 70. water main break and an accident and heavy traffic in virginia. let's begin with newschopper 7 over the baltimore-washington parkway a common response accident before 198. someone was injured in that crash. northbound b-w parkway before 198, traffic getting by to the right. video of the water main breaks in ortiz d.c. on south dakota avenue north of monroe street. south dakota avenue closed in both directions between 18th street and 20th street. this is video. they have turned the water main off. they have been able to isolate the source of the water. now they will have to do the repairs. , let's go to virginia. plenty of our neighbors on the road. 66, 95 across the 14th street
6:21 am
bridge, no accidents reported. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 52 degrees. >> the national league keeps it interesting. both series with five games. and this girl on the ground in st. louis. >> you'll meet women who survived her six situations and are taking their lives back. this woman's ex-husband shot her in the face. now he's out of jail and she is scared. >> it gives me chills up my spine. he's angry at me. >> how to recognize the problem get away from it, and rebuild your life. >> is a man starts calling you names, it's not going to get better.
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obviously with tickets to each of the first two games in st. louis. >> a squirrel stole the show for the second time in as many games in st. louis. he ran right across home plate in the middle of the picture delivering, before scampered off into the stands. >> that is a big one. if >> the cardinals did win the game 5-3, forcing game 5 tomorrow in philadelphia. >> no word on whether the scroll make an entrance. >> i would not count him out. the national league's other matchup will be a decisive game 5. >> arizona diamondbacks had a grand slam for the second consecutive game. brian roberts had a slam and the hits kept coming for arizona. they beat the brewers, a 10-6, in the series back to milwaukee. 6:25, 52 degrees.
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still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> a mess's most respected astronauts ready to hang up his wings. mark kelly. >> at freedom plaza, hundreds of protesters are expected later on today. i will tell you the message they are bringing to the district. >> comfortably cool outside this morning. we are tracking latest. currently 51 in alexandria, 48 in leesbur
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> no one wants to die. even people who want to go to have and don't want to die together. if antiatoms death is the destination we all share. no one is ever sacred. that is as it should be, because death is likely the single best
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invention of life. >> the life and legacy of apple founder steve jobs, died in the age of 56. good morning, washington. it's thursday, october 6. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good thursday morning. sunrise in 38 minutes from now. you can already see some orange on the rise and over the bay. if this is how to start the day over the water with a cup of coffee, 87 degrees. sunrise just after 7:00. 48 degrees in rockville and 50 in leesburg, 47 in waldorf. upper 60's this afternoon with sunshine. wall-to-wall sunshine today through the weekend and into
6:31 am
early next week. 80 on sunday and monday. we start with a crash. newschopper 7 shows us activity is northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway before 198. substantial delays growing in laurel. this subject has been there sometime. someone was injured northbound b-w parkway before when 98. there's a water main break the in northeast d.c.. they managed to turn off the water, but they will need to do repairs. south dakota avenue is not an option. if virginia, delays on 66, manassas centreville at 50 at the beltway, 395 running expedia glebe road. -- running at speed. the founding father of apple computer and picksxar died of
6:32 am
pancreatic cancer last night. the creative things that we did not even know we needed. even president obama said the world has lost a visionary. we are looking at the legacy that he left behind and what is passing could mean for the future of the computer company that leaves behind. brianne carter joins us with more this morning. >> good morning. it seems everywhere you look you can see the impacts steve jobs had on the technology that we use today. we can see just, to people called here at the georgetown apple stores. there are flowers and candles as well as notes that have been left by those that have been impacted by the devices that he created, from the iphone to the ipads, he has changed technology forever. six weeks ago the 56-year-old stepped down as ceo of the company that he co-founded decades ago with steve bosnia wozniak.
6:33 am
he took devices and transformed them into necessities. he will not be forgotten. apple customers say that he will be missed. >> so many of the advancements we have right now would not have been possible without him. >> family members say that steve jobs was with family when he passed. call website, apple says that they have now lost a creative genius and that the world's has lost an amazing human being. reporting live in georgetown brianne carter, abc 7 news. many celebrities used apple devices to remember steve jobs on twitter. microsoft founder bill gates road "for those of us lucky enough to get to work with steve, it has been an insanely great honor. i will miss him immensely." actress jane lynch wrote "we miss you, steve jobs lovingly
6:34 am
from my iphone." actor kevin spacey road "the world lost a true visionary today. the difference." are other big story, sarah palin says no to the white house run. after months of speculation the former alaska governor told supporters if she will not join the crowded field of white house contenders. in a statement, the one-time baez presidential candidate said "a call to service means serving god family, and country and that her decision maintains this order." she says not to cut politics out -- not to count politics out of her future because she feels she can be more effective in helping other public servants. jury deliberations today in the trial of of virginia woman accused of killing her granddaughter at tysons corner mall. prosecutors argued did you-year- old -- 50-year-old carmela dela rosa killed the two-year-old because she hated her son-in- law.
6:35 am
if the the defense says she was legally insane. later this morning occupy wall street protesters will march in d.c. autria godfrey has more on what is in the works. >> these are the protests we have seen in cities all across the country people rallying against wall street greed and economic inequality. d.c. is the latest city to see the protests as they planned to meet. freedom plaza to begin their march, taking their message to the chamber of commerce and elsewhere. from manhattan to mcpherson square the occupy wall street are occupying the district >> people are coming out of the woodwork fiscal conservatives libertarians, radicals liberals. >> from college students to union leaders, the planned march today is to protect corporate greed. unlike new york, the d.c. demonstration will focus specifically on corporate money in politics. >> clearly there's enough money
6:36 am
in the economy, but it seems to be going only to 1%. >> if the other 99%, mainly the middle class, but many are marching for, demanding help for those days they needed the most. >> americans fed up with just being forced into poverty. >> anywhere from 70 people to 200 people are expected to march, garner enough attention and more support with every step they take. >> i know we will not change the system overnight. but for our movement to spread to different cities is already a success. >> people are expected to start gathering around 8:30 entries in plaza -- at freedom plaza. they will marks this afternoon. they will denounce the chamber of commerce opposes support of big business. in new york last night things got violent. nothing like that has been seen here in the district, fortunately. live in the west, abc 7 news. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords will make
6:37 am
your second trip to d.c. since being shot in tenure there. she will attend a retirement ceremony for her husband astronautsh and navy captain,e is leaving the navy after two decades of service to spend more time with his wife. we wish him the best. >> absolutely. 52 degrees. >> still ahead two attacks days apart. now police have a warning for women at a busy metro station. >> celebrating 50 years of sports at rfk stadium. and rumors of the redskins returning to the district. >>
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welcome back. 6:40 on this thursday morning.
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time for ttraffic and weather. >> now to doug hill. >> comfortable temperatures this morning. there's nothing to interrupt the pleasant conditions. we are locked into high pressure. let's show you what we have this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 45 in gaithersburg, 54 degrees in the district, 55 in quantico. mid 50's east of the city. we are locked into a high- pressure ridge. the jet stream is displaced well to the north spanned northeast. day after day of sunshine as a result. cooler today than yesterday still pleasant. highs near 70 degrees today. the upper 60 posing in most areas. a few clouds this morning. total sunshine after the next couple hours and humidity levels ideal for this time of october.
6:42 am
66-70 degrees. a warming trend in the next couple days. that's in a couple minutes. dust enjoy this. we cannot buy 20 minutes of sunshine a couple weeks ago. -- -- a couple weeks ago we could not buy 20 minutes of sunshine. just enjoy this. lisa baden is keeping an eye on a busy commute. there's a water main break and that's at the b-w parkway. >> exactly. we have been very busy this morning. let me start with the beltway. there's a broken-down car out to commuters leaving college park. look at the pace after new hampshire avenue, all the way to the mormon temple, broken-down vehicles along the way. 270 normal delays out of frederick. and developing and father hurley
6:43 am
boulevards as well. flying over the b-w parkway crash northbound, left lanes blocked at 198. northbound b-w parkway before 198. in virginia we have slow traffic on 95 out of madrid and newington and from the beltway up to the pentagon. we will have the latest on the water main break in northeast in our next report. back inside. 6:00 hour 43, 52 degrees. >> a special connection between steve jobs and the white house
6:44 am
6:45 am
the special connection between the white house and steve jobs. >> the public pose effective for
6:46 am
apple stressed all the way to the president. now details on that. word has it that obama was getting apple products before they hit the market. >> just this week he was talking doorstep the nop list of abc and mentions that he managed to get the ipad a little early and the president said that steve jobs sent an ipads over a few days before they actually rolled out to the public. there was a lot talk going on between obama and steve jobs who passed away yesterday. >> tell us about the special meeting where president obama and steve jobs and some other bigwigs had dinner together in california. >> this seems to have been a regular stop for the president when he was in silicon valley to at some point c steve jobs. he spoke about a fair amount in different speeches about american ingenuity creating
6:47 am
jobs. there was a dinner with a bunch of teck executive since february with the president and sitting next to the president in the photographs is steve jobs looking pretty thin and on the other side was marked suckere zuckerberg. the president was close with steve jobs in getting policy advice from him. >> thank you. we appreciate your insight. for more on the life and death of steve jobs, log on to our web site or our iphone application at maryland investigators are trying to identify the body of a man who died during a pursuit from police yesterday. newschopper 7 was over the scene where the chase ended. this is about 100 near captain avenue in pasadena, maryland. a state trooper tried to pull the driver over for speeding,
6:48 am
but the truck did not stopping. police are trying to find out who attacked two women near the suitland metro station. there were eight attacks along silver hill road as they were walking to the station. the first one was september 27. if a man with a gun approached a woman, letter to the rear of an abandoned building and sexually assaulted her there. on tuesday a similar incident happened. but this victim managed to get away. police are trying to find out if these attacks are linked. maryland governor martin o'malley and his wife are taking a stand against bullying. the two will mark national bullion prevention month with an event at an anne arundel county high school. they will also likes to take the stop bullying speak up pledge and encourage students, parents, and others to do the same. the search for cracks on the washington monument is over, but a team of engineers fastest rappelling down the sides of the monument's yesterday. they removed stone and mortar
6:49 am
shaken loose by the earthquake in august. if now they will write a report that will help park service officials determine how to fix the monument and when it can ultimately reopen. connect up for the engineering team the national cathedral. if these engineers will scale is to inspect the front entrance to hours also known as the st. pierre and st. paul towers. the work begins october 17. -- st. peter and st. paul towers. crystal clear skies across most of the area within 20 minutes of sunrise now. this is an image from the naval academy in annapolis. a cool start on the severn river at the chesapeake bay, 51 degrees with light wind. a beautiful day in annapolis and throughout the area. 40 degrees in middletown. mount airy not far away, 41. 43 in rockville 43 and
6:50 am
sterling. calm conditions in all locations. 51 and the district, 46 in huntingtown, a 52 in harpers ferry. temperatures will climb today slightly below average temperatures. mostly clear skies. clouds across the mountains will dissipate surely. just about everyone east of the rockies will have a mostly sunny day. temperatures at or below normal on the east coast. at or above average for the ohio valley, tennessee valley, and the rockies. that will be locked into position for the next couple days. debitor the ground -- today will climb into the mid to upper 60's, mostly sunny skies throughout. delightful with low humidity and a light breeze. prize in the upper 60's. -- highs. near 50 tonight. like summer by the weekend. adam caskey will have those
6:51 am
details coming up next in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. now let's turn to lisa baden to see what's going on with the water main break. >> we are speaking of north ptc south dakota ave. this is video of of the water gurgling along south dakota avenue between 18th street and 20th street. they manage to find a source of the break, so the water is no longer burgling. -- gurgling. closed north of monroe street in both directions. we are looking at the beltway near university boulevard. we have broken down vehicle, on the outer loop. that is the lady out of college park and southbound maryland. we will be right back.
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good thursday morning. more on the death of apple founder steve jobs, the american visionary who turned a personal computer startup into one of the world's most successful companies of our time and change the way we live in the process. and new details about amanda knox's thursdays' of freedom. her father will join us for the first time since her release from the italian prison. it is all next on "good morning america." a memorial celebration
6:55 am
tonight for patrick casey the george washington university graduate student and army veteran crew died last week from head injuries after a confrontation outside a mcdonald's in northwest. police are still investigating. the service tonight is 6:00 at veterans park. during the election begins today in detroit -- resumes today in detroit in the accused underwear bomber. abdulmutallab was accused of trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day in 2009. it did not explode. and washington monument is celebrating a major milestone. >> people gather at rfk stadium to celebrate the 50th redstate of the venue. it opened in 1961 as d.c. stadium. it has hosted the football, baseball, and soccer games along with concerts and other events. mayor vincent gray of the scene said that he hopes the redskins will someday move back to d.c.
6:56 am
" i remember the last national games there five years ago. that was tough to watch, but it was neat to be there. >> i went there recently and it is still the same rfk stadium. still fun. a last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's turn to lisa baden. >> montgomery county, outer loop delays by the mormon temple. wall-to-wall sunshine today through the weekend. very pleasant weather. we could use a little boring these days. we will be warming up. upper 60's today. 80 degrees by sunday and monday. monday being columbus day. if there's a chance of rain by next wednesday. that's a nice dry stretch and three desserts. enjoy it. >> that does it for us. good morning america is next. >>
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