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around the world and we have done an outstanding job, i think, in going after directly al qaeda in this border region between pakistan and afghanistan. we could not have been as successful as we have been without the cooperation of the pakistan government, and so on a whole range of issues they've been an effective partner with us. what is also true is that our goal of being able to transition out of afghanistan and leave a stable government behind, one that is independent, one that is respectful of human rights, one that is democratic, that pakistan, i think, has been more ambivalent about some of our goals there and, you know, i think that they have hedged
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their bets in terms of what afghanistan would look like and part of hedging their bets is having interactions with some of the unsavory characters who they think might end up gaining power in afghanistan after coalition forces have left. what we've tried to persuade pakistan of is it is in their interest to have a stable afghanistan, that they should not be feeling threatened by a stable, independent afghanistan. we've tried to get conversations between afghans and pakistans going more effectively than they have been in the past, but we've still got more work to do and there is no doubt that there's some connections that the pakistani military have with certain individuals that we find trouble, and i've said that
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publicly, and i've said it privately to pakistani officials as well. they see their -- their security interests threatened by an independent afghanistan in part because they think it will ally itself to india and pakistan still considers india their mortal enemy. part of what we want to do is get pakistan to realize that a peaceful approach towards india will be in everybody's interests and would help pakistan actually develop because one of the biggest problems we have in pakistan right now is poverty, illiteracy, a lack of development, you know, civil institutions that aren't strong enough to deliver for the pakistani people and in that environment we've seen extremism grow. we've seen militancy grow that
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doesn't just threaten our efforts in afghanistan and also threatens the pakistani government and the pakistani people as well. so trying to get that reorientation is something that we'll continue to work on and it's not easy. >> you know, i've -- we will constantly evaluate our relationship with pakistan based on is overall this helping to protect americans and our interests. we have a great desire to help the pakistani strengthen their own society and their own government. i would be hesitant to punish aid for flood victims in pakistan because of poor decisions by their intel it jens services, but there is no doubt
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that we're not going to feel comfortable with a long-term, strategic relationship with pakistan if we don't think that they're mindful of our interests as well. i'll make this the last question. amir modani? >> thank you, mr. president. >> caught you by surprise, huh? >> you did. what should european leaders do to help sovereign debt prices going forward? and second, how risky is his continued situation to the u.s. economy and, finally, do you feel that the european leaders have been negligent in pushing austerity too soon? >> those are good questions. the biggest headwind the
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american economy is facing right now is uncertainty about europe because it's affecting global market markets. the slowdown tt we're seeing is not just happening here in the united states. it's happening everywhere, even in some of the emerging markets like china. you're seeing greater caution, less investment, deep concern. in some ways, you know, as frustrating as the financial sector has been here in the united states after the lehman's collapse, the aggressive actions that we're taking right after lehman's did help us to strengthen the financial sector and the banking sector in ways that the -- that europe did not fully go through and, you know, uncertainty around greece and
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their ability to pay their debts runs on -- in the capital markets on the debt that many of these southern european countries have been facing as well as ireland and portugal. all of that's put severe strain on the world financial system. i speak frequently with chancellor merkel and president sarkozy. they are mindful of these challenges, and i think they want to act to prevent a sovereign debt crisis from spinning out of control and seeing the potential breakup of the euro. i think they're very committed to the european project, but their politics is tough because essentially and they've got to get agreement with not only
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their own parliaments and they've got to get agreement with 20 parliaments or 24 parliaments or 27 parliaments and engineering that kind of coordinated action is very difficu difficult, but what i've been seeing over the last month is a recognition by european leaders of the urgency of the situation and nobody is going to be affected more than they will be if the situation there spins out of control. so i'm confident that they want to get this done. i think there are some technical issues that they're working on in terms of how they get a big enough -- how they get enough firepower to let the markets know that they're going to be standing behind euro members whose -- who may be in a weaker
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position, but they've got to act fast and we've got a g-20 meeting coming up in november. my strong hope is that by the time of that g-20 meeting that they have a very clear, concrete plan of action that is sufficient to the task. it will have an effect -- it's already having an effect in the united states and it will continue to have an effect on our economy because the world is now interconnected in ways that it's never been before, and that's one of the biggest challenges that we have post-2008 after this financial crisis is that america has always been over the last 20 years has been the engine for world economic growth. we were the purchasers of last resort, we were the importers of
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last resort, we would stimulate our economies and our american consumers would buy stuff around the world and so if they got into trouble they could always say well, we'll sell to the u.s. we're not going through a situation where families are cutting back and trying to reduce their debts. businesses are more cautious and the u.s. government obviously is -- has its own fiscal challenges. we've got to make sure that we're living within our means and we have to do it gradually and not in ways that will immediately affect a fragile economy. so what that means is europe is not going to be able to export its way out of this problem. they're going have to fix that problem and part of the goal that i've been trying to promote for the last two years and i'll repeat at the g-20 is more balanced economic growth worldwide. we've got to get into a posture where the u.s. is always going
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to be a big market and we'll welcome goods from all around the world and we've also got to sell goods around the world. we can't just be, you know, running up our debt in order to help other folks' economies. we've got to have as not only families and businesses and our government, we've got to make sure that we're being prudent and we're producing here in the united states and by the way, that's what's going to create strong, middle-class jobs in the united states. i think part of what's going on for the country generally is this sense of, you know what? a lot of that debt that had been built up prior to 2008 that we were living on borrowed time because the underlying fundamentals of the economy weren't as strong as they needed to be, and that's why not only do we have to put americans back to work now, but we've also got
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to keep on reforming our education system so it's producing the highest-skilled graduates in the world. that's why we have to keep on investing in basic research and science. that's why we have to make sure that we're rebuilding our infrastructure. that's why we've got to have a smarter energy policy because that's a huge source of having to import from other countries and being able to export to other countries. all of those things will be important and all of those things will be challenged and will be hard, but right now we've got the problem of putting people back to work and that's why congress has to pass this jobs bill and the last point i'll make. if bill's right and own capitol hill is cynical and saying that there's no way that the overall jobs bill passes in its current form, we're just going keep on going at it. i want everybody to be clear.
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my intention is to insist that each part of this i want an explanation as to why we shouldn't be doing it. each -- each component and part. putting people back to work rebuilding our roads. putting teachers back in the classroom, tax cuts for small businesses and middle class families, tax breaks for our veterans and we will keep going at it and hammering away until something gets done, and i -- i would love nothing more than to see congress act so aggressively that i can't campaign against them as a do-nothing congress. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama trying to keep the pressure on congress to pass his american jobs act. that was his main purpose today in this press conference, a little more than an hour. he said america is facing an
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economic emergency right now, says there's no doubt that the economy is weaker now than it was at the beginning of the year and says we'll get even weaker if europe doesn't deal with its economic crisis, but he spent most of the time focusing on congress getting past this american jobs act. he said if they don't, i think the american people will run them out of town. we'll return now to your regular program. for more on the economy and the passing of steve jobs visit and we'll have the full wrap up with "world news with diane sawyer."
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inspiring and life changing, the whole world remembers way allwho altered the of a slip. he promised the i found, the the ipad, and many more.
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steve jobs has died following a long battle with cancer. tributes are pouring in all around the world. from all across the world, outside stores and online, remembering the life of steve jobs. apple found on line have named 14, the day that the new comes out, steve jobs day honor the man who changed technology. >> the ipad. the far reaching impact of steve jobs, a creative genius, anywhere.tted almost and now so can the grief and the man whor literally helped change the way communicate. pushedink that he really that envelops. he took it to new heights . his death came in the appletatement on website. outpouring of an and and touching tributes on line.
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he also has an uncanny way expecting the to become possible. there whenak was the invention started in a garage . he was represented by this guy. put out some great stuff. it has to be insanely great. >> he transformed them into many cannot live without . addicted to it. am always checking my e-mail. >> thinkers, long. never another be steve jobs. thesaid that debt was single life changing invention of life. will beder what apple like without the man who started it all. >> tributes are also pouring
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into jobs on our facebook page. you can add your tribute to page or online at a day of protest -- and a protest in the nation's capital. protesters are showing the state ofver the economy. suzanne kennedy is live with the protesters and a look. >> several hundred protesters gathered here for about two hours. have one location and to protests. gatheredle are protesting the war in afghanistan. is the 10th anniversary of it.start of protestingeople are he made a will to hear them
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behind me -- and they are the state of our economy. they say they are retired -- of corporated greed. where our country is going. they're concerned about their future and the lack of jobs. the country has been taken over by a greedy corporate culture and they want it to end. >> i have grandkids. see them be able to job. college, i out of to get a job. now you come out of college, you very good education or lower class education and you cannot get a job. why? >> some people are part of the "occupied dc" organization. they are demonstrating their. "occupiedt of the "local street."
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there were two suspicious incidents the cup law- busy.ement they happened along pennsylvania and northwest. that vehicles litter the and say. then a metal pipe with and caps and metal sticking out of it was found. suspicious item is still under investigation. it was also a busy morning for police in fairfax county. they are investigating a suspicious device that was block ofr the 7600 eberle drive near alexandria. the president had stern for congress. any senator out there who is
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about voting against bill, when it comes up vote, needs to explain why they would oppose something that we know what situationr economic an urgent time for our our businesses. president said republicans who should lovetaxes the american jobs at. the debate is expected to begin the senate next week. d.c. police say a woman was by a vehicle near the national zoo. happened less than an hour the 3100 block of connecticut ave and nw. suffered life- injuries.g also causing some traffic issues. on the way to the scene. bring a new information as soon as we get it. they have heard the evidence. now. to say thatxcited grandmother accused of her 10-year-old granddaughter -- deliberations
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are under way. -- we have been in court all day. that the jury of eight men beenour women has 9:15erating since about a.m. shortly after they gathered. note out to the judge, asking if you questions. they asked if the currency transfers from some of the testimony early on in the week. it leads us to believe that they to see more what was said week. stand this obviously, this trial has been for two weeks. the defense in this week is trying to prove to the jury carmela dela rosa was suffered deep depression when she dropped her from the walkway last november. has been trying saying thaterwise, not insane. say that she was motivated
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against her daughter- in-law for having this child. the jury is charged with her of first-degree murder or second degree murder. abc7 is inside the courtroom waiting for any sort of covert date -- any sort of verdict. face life in prison the rest of her life. police in howard county are woman after they she kidnapped her friends 1- old baby. that tiara mo'nique- -williams mayonique be in the area of prince george's county. information is
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asked to contact police. 30 homes and a school are without water because of a water main break. was discovered on south avenue near 20th street and northeast. part of south dakota avenue has so that the sea water workers can get out and fix the problem. the charter school is also close. work is expected to continue until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. a power outage is closing business in downtown alexandria. to make repairs, power crews to parts ofctricity street, as well as 63. the alexandria courthouse is areed and nearby businesses dark. still open. if you like the sunshine, we you.good news for going anywhere anytime soon. we have a look at the first
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forecast. we would be hard-pressed to find any clouds and the sky for the next couple of days. isrlooking arlington, it completely clear. find a cloud in the sky throughout the day. be hard-pressed within the >> couple of days. 60'she way to the upper- this afternoon. to-will sunshine today. next couple of days, will shift. coming up, a major step in recovery -- the is back inan washington. we will tell you why. governor o'malley makes a stop at a local high school to new anti-bullying campaign. details are coming up. want to own a piece of
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washington is true? -- washington history? and more look at the weekend weather.
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local teenagers and
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in maryland or on a mission, to stop police in school. campaign on air and on line. many local students say that it is also personal. specialng into the assembly at anne arundel high this one hits home. my race ande for bullied for race and my size and that was in elementary school. there was a tragedy and it this -- and we overcame it. bring us together. the school is taking drastic it does make certain not happen again. governor o'malley is creating a partnership called "stop bullying, speak up."
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>> we were born to be good. happens if they choose to be good to one another? it is not just face-to-face that needs to be addressed. of them are making their packs online. >> it is the new thing. facebook, emil, that is what see them as . at thewith facebook forefront, they cannot help make another student become another -- anotherch statistic. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is back in washington today. celebrate her to husband's retirement. he flew his final mission in may. after twois retiring the navy. biden willt joe over today's ceremony. it has


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