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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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least one lawmaker says the plot to a -- plot to assassinate the ambassador in washington d.c., may be an act of war. rebecca cooper is following the latest developments on this. >> iran is denying any assassination plot ever existed. dianne feinstein came out close touch for meeting to say she is concerned about additional plots they have may have been planning elsewhere. so far republicans and democrats have been united in calling for tough action. >> i would hope our administration would hold the iranian government and hold their feet to the fire over the actions that have been alleged in its complaint. >> the obama administration
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quickly slapped sanctions on the airline involved in urged allies to quickly respond with moore's -- with more. >> no military action, at least certainly not at this point. there would have to be something that actually happened i think. >> at this point we need to worry about our homeland security and what is key for america. >> the u.s. has been increasingly alarmed and has attempted to increase power. officials say attempting an assassination in the heart of washington against the ambassador to the u.s. is an unacceptable provocation. >> nothing has been taken off the table. the world is united. it is not the united states verses iran. >> today state department officials called in ambassadors
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from around the world to try to assure them they will be protected you're in washington. secretary of state hillary clinton called it a dangerous allocation. >> we will continue to follow developments on the terror plot on air and online anytime. >> also developing, tonight's rally by thousands of local office building cleaners that are on the verge of going on strike. to g>> 12,000 workers cleaned up most of the office buildings here in downtown d.c.. tonight those workers are planning to strike, because they say they are doing too much for too little. these union members are hoping to affect the daily work of
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thousands in the city the best way they know how by refusing to clean thousands of business offices. >>surrounded by the very buildings they work in, hundreds of local office cleaners are holding a rally days before they plan to drop off their brooms and mops and walked off the job. take of the day before we go on strike we're going to hand out will paper and trash faxbags to the tenants. >> the union representing them is demanding wage increases and health care benefits for more workers. >> the price of the economy we all need to make a living, and that is not enough. >> the companies that employ the workers say they are struggling because of the weaker economy in cannot meet the demands.
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union leaders say shame on them. >> it seems to me everyone else in america is making money except for the worker. last year's ceos had one of the best years with 27% increase on their salary. >> so it is offices just like these that would be directly affected. they have gone on strike in the past. some have lasted just days, some up to six months. the group does have support of the council member, jim gramm. in the meantime, there are apparently few were jobs up for grabs right now. -- fewer jobs up for grabs right now. experts say the decline may be a sign that companies are nervous about a possible second recession. >> the battle over the president's jobs bill is not over yet. the $447 billion plan died in
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the senate yesterday but the president said at an event that he will be using this strategy to push this through. the measure will be broken up into individual parts and voted on separately. we have been talking a lot about republican presidential aspirations. the vice president says he will be back on the 2012 ticket. he said in a television interview this morning that he will be present obama is running mate in the 2012 election. he says he is a key endorsement from the president himself. and they are sure to get the party's nomination. to go another day of chaos for metro riders this morning. there was a track switches malfunctioned on the blue and orange lines that caused major delays. metro says it is unconnected to last night's situation. one writer described his frustration. -- one rider describe his
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frustration. way too many people were crowding at the same time. it was a huge mess. >> this morning's incident comes on the heels of last night situation where a man jumped on the train tracks. the escalator stopped. metro said the escalators are designed to shut off if there is extreme crowding. the ideas being tossed around. what about we will to about resistance to poll interstate 95. we could be looking at patchy fog later on tonight and into the morning hours. what can we
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were watching abc7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> tonight we're learning more about an accident last week that involved a car with diplomatic tax. >> of the car hit and killed a woman who was crossing the avenue. it shows the driver may have been on his cell phone at the time of the crash. >> light when she was hit by this bright suv. it shows it is registered to the embassy of switzerland. that is where we found the car today. the driver of a car may have been on the cellphone at the time of the accident. the police report indicates a cell phone or electronic device was president -- was present. >> he is a u.s. citizen but he list this as his home address. this is the home of the swiss ambassador. a spokesperson declined to be interviewed or to explain what
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position he holds that the industry -- embassy. he said since the inquiry into the circumstances of the accident are still under investigation, they can have no further comment at this time. >> the incident remains under investigation. one thing police are waiting for are the result of year-end test that could determine if out all or drugs were involved. she died one day before her sick -- her 66th birthday. >> next at 6:00, the government crackdown on -- crackdown on junk food gives a little leeway. see why serials are off the list, at least for now. we will find out when it will clear up after the break. the rain that is causing problems in the baseball playoffs today. the redskins practice in the rain and are hoping for sunny days ahead of the eagles fly in for one heck of a back
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in the deadly
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shootings in california. six people have been killed and three wounded. the three wounded people are in serious condition. they do have a suspect in custody. world news will have much more on this a 6:30. metro will start considering potential changes. >> metro stop and board members are taking a much more detailed look at the variety of fares. in fact, there are more than 44,000 possible combinations. among the options a flat fare system corazon system. >> a new poll shows proposed polls on i-95 will soon be popular. robert mcdonald is pushing the ptolls to raise money. 42 percent in like% like the plan.
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>> it looks like tony the tiger can rest easy, at least for now. that is because today at a house hearing government officials said they will not force the food industry to drop their cartoon mascot. government officials are working to come up with guidelines to curb the marketing of junk food to children. this is part of the anti-obesity effort. important work is expected to borrow on the cathedral. portions of the building will be removed temporarily. the rappelling team that inspected the washington monument will soon be checking out the cathedral. interesting to watch up there as well. will the weather cooperate for that? >> it will be a lot better than
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today. after that skies will clear out nicely. look at annapolis. rain and clouds. that is now moving off to the north and east of the d.c. metro. daytime high of 66 degrees at a national airport slightly below average. normally we see has around 70. the record now in the '80s. 89 degrees for the height in 1962. the winds are out of the east, north east around 8 miles per hour. look at this -- almost 3 inches of rain in wintergreen, va.. the high today was only 63 degrees. prospered maryland, 7 tons of an inch of rain with a high near 60. -- prosper,7frostberg, maryland, .7 inches of rain.
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out to the west in chicago indianapolis they had a little bit of sunshine and temperatures were a lot warmer. area of low pressure will slowly move off of the north and east during the overnight hours. keeping scattered showers in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow morning, along with patchy fog. had to upper northwest d.c. around silver spring. -- head to upper northwest pcr room silver spring. really very light and will remain light for the overnight hours. patchy fog tonight. this may allow as the potential for clearing and then thunderstorms to pop up by midday. notice the heavier showers west of d.c. skies will clear. showers will move out of here, and that will give us a
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beautiful weekend. areas of all for tonight with a little bit of drizzle. and-- areas of fog for tonight with a little bit of drizzle. cannot rule out thunderstorms by the afternoon. temperatures aloft warmer. here is a look at the extended outlook. the weekend looking great. upper 60s to lower 70's by monday of next year -- next week. holding in the 70's with lots of sunshine. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toy iota dealers moving you forward a-. -. -- local toyota dealer. >] >> mike shanahan as talk to each and everyone of the redskins about the eagles took them behind the wood shed last year. now they're 3-1. to be brutally honest, that may
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be upholstery. the three teams they beat our combined 4-10. dallas is 2-2. even chris cooley looked at this game as a genuine test. >> i am excited to play a game where we have a chance to establish the lead in the division. i remember a couple of years ago playing a schedule of defeated teams where we had chances to knock teams out a lot of the time it did not do it, so i am looking for an opportunity to do that. >> the head coach of philadelphia has found himself in the cross hairs. fans want his head. they're making all kinds of mental mistakes and errors like this one right here. today the captain's have called the players' only meeting to defend andy readid. even michael vick has been
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sacked several times. >> when your gaining 500 yards in the other team is not you have to take care of business. absolutely do better. >> these are not happy times in the city of brotherly love. the caps are headed to pittsburgh to play penguin's to marmite. they are 3-1 with seven. are ready without him. they have not lost to pittsburgh before the winter classic. that game tomorrow night. and tomorrow -- today was media day at the university of maryland. the new head coach will do it by bringing back the 2002 national championship team for the celebration. finally, good news comes out of the nba lockout. turgen is optimistic about this
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year's season. >> this is not really wanted it to be and where it was 10 years ago, but it is not in bad shape so we are closer than where we need to be. the players continue to buy in and we at the right pieces to get this thing where everyone wants it. >> in baseball the rangers are in a rain delay. the big story is the red sox general manager has agreed in principle to become the new general manager of the chicago cubs. he will get a five-year deal, 15 million to $20 million. >> he likes numbers. he likes percentages. >> he is getting for a great vacati
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our contest to the trip to the country music awards. >> the price includes round-trip or two hotel stay, and tickets to the awards. that line to enter is 4:00 on friday. we will announce a winner on nbc tonight -- abc7 news at 5:00. tomorrow will be better than today. look at the upcoming weekend. temperatures back into the upper 60's, but more importantly the temperature will make another appearance. daytime highs tomorrow big difference. 10 to 12 degrees warmer. check out our daily eye wonder. >> we thank you. >> we will see you back here at 11:00 tonight. hope you're a great night.
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