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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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picking out the pieces. we have more from oakton, virginia. >> the national weather service estimates that a tornado with 95 m.p.h. wind, 200 yards wide at touchdown not far from here in stafford all caught on tape. i witness video shows the funnel cloud as it approached i-95. then it shows the perspective from inside. >> it was right behind the houses. >> they came face to face what he was brushing his teeth. but it touched down within 50 feet of his home. >> it was coming right at you. thought we were toast. >> debris shot through his mother's car to four apart houses, and caused minor damage.
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>> i felt like one of the three little pigs with the brick house. m at threaded the needle between neighborhood homes causing no major damage. >> it went between the houses. if it hit one it would have been devastating. >> the wind left out trees snapped and twisted. a dominion power workers said that a tornado came through this valley, knocking out power and leaving traffic lights dark. neighbors say they dodged a bullet. >> i could not believe it. it was frightening. >> no injuries from the tornado. the national weather service is investigating the possibility of another 20 note touching down in fauquier county. -- of another tornado touching down in fauquier county. >> see more pictures from the storm in our photo gallery at a massive bust of suspected bootleg and not of items from
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compact disks to stickers. ice agents raided the d.c. farmers market this afternoon. mark segraves joins us with more from northeast. >> this is not the first time federal agents have raided the farmers' market neared dahlia that university, a popular place to buy -- near gallaudet university, a popular place to buy fresh food. turns out the reason all the things are cheap is much of it is bootlegged. just before 11:00 this morning agents from immigration and customs enforcement in a joint investigation with d.c. police raided the market off florida ave. their target? people selling counterfeit goods. >> we're finding counterfeit purses, counterfeit clothing, including nfl paraphernalia. we found it cut its sneakers as well as fragrances. >> the market stayed open as
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agents searched for illegal items. this man has been selling farm goods here nearly 70 years and understands why the agency conducted the raid but wonders why they don't go after the suppliers instead of the little guys. >> why not go to new york and at the guy who brings it here by the carload? >> others were happy to see their neighbors taken away. >> we have to follow the law. >> all of these boxes behind us are filled with tough it goods that have been confiscated. they will be held as evidence until the trial for the 11 people who were arrested is resolved. then the items will either be destroyed or they can be donated to charity. the market will be open this weekend as usual. live from northeast, mark segraves, abc 7 news. there will be two vigils
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tonight for! 11-year-old william mcquain. his stepfather, curtis lopez, remains in a jail. the police say he is not talking. he is accused in the murder of william mcquain's mother, jane mcquain. the medical examiner says she was beaten and stabbed to death. she was found dead in her germantown home wednesday. today, the family of the man who died outside of the dc9 nightclub has filed a nearly $50 million lawsuit against the business. that comes on the one-year anniversary of his death. the co owner and four employees were initially accused in the murder last year, but the charges were reduced to a salt and later dropped. the group chased him after he threw a brick through the club's window. his father said the family is still grieving. >> we could not say goodbye.
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we are not ambitious but we need resolution. >> and medical examiner ruled the death a homicide, saying that he died from a combination of over excitement, physical exertion, and cardiac anomalies. the protests in d.c. are in their second week at freedom plaza. nearby businesses and workers are expressing concern. the demonstrators have had their permits extended until at least the end of the year. the property owners say their respect the protesters first amendment rights but worry about the trash safety, and general inconvenience. >> we want to make sure that we continue the conversation with the parks service the park police and the agencies so that people are talking about what to expect. >> we are probably at bedell five days -- and little of an eyesore, but the whole reason we are occupying is to get
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attention. >> the details of the permits are being worked out, but tentatively expires on december 31. a disturbing report on air traffic mishaps. why the rise is steep. >> a popular clothing store may be moving. why the gap is closing hundreds of locations. >> first, the president takes his job speech on the road with a little help from overseas. >> after three days of rain, the weather pattern is changing. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot from an experienced professional. we've given over 5 million flu shots over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy.
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president obama made a pitch for more jobs in america. >> he was joined by the south korean president on a tour of general motors in michigan. they talked about a new trade deal between the countries. it was also a chance for the president to highlight the jobs he saved in the automobile industry. >> at a general motors plant in michigan president obama told workers that his $60 billion role of the dice was worth it. >> the investment paid off. >> two years ago with the u.s. automobile industry on the brink, he decided to loan taxpayer money to general motors and chrysler after both declared bankruptcy and needed financing to restructure. that decision, he said, saved countless jobs. >> of hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been saved made
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it worth the amount the president and his south korean counterpart - >> he knows how to get on your good side. >> celebrated a new free-trade deal. they also checked out the chevy sonic. while mr. obama celebrates the turnaround washington continues to grapple with how to create more jobs in other sectors. earlier in the week, the president's jobs plan of tax cuts and at the structure spending was rejected. senate republicans put out their own job creation plan called the real american jobs act. >> they believe that government and spending creates jobs. we believe business and growth creates jobs. >> the republican plan would rework the tax system, income taxes at all levels cut, and the top corporate tax rates would be reduced from 35% to no more tha n 25%.
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next, how to congressman wants to put extra change in your pocket. but at the expense of taking dollar bills out of your wallet. >> the weather, things are clearing out in time for the weekend. >> one of the redskins' defensive stars has an injured knee and is questionable for sunday. and marched madness tonight. and the pittsburgh penguins apologizes for his antics.
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a new government report shows that the number of mistakes made by aircraft and trellis is rising sharply. >> incidents involving airplanes that are too close or runway incursions have nearly doubled since 2008. the faa says it is because of better reporting of errors. consumers spent more money on cars, clothing and furniture last month. sales rose 1.1% for the month of
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september, the largest gain in seven months. some cutbacks for a clothing store chain. it caps dorris said it will close nearly 200 stores in it -- gap stores said it will close nearly 200 stores in north america. old navy is also downsizing. gap wants to expand in china tripling their number of stores there. a new pitch to do away with dollar bills and get dollar coins into circulation. a congressman from arizona is sponsoring the legislation. he says it would save the government billions because coins last longer than paper bills. others do not like the idea mainly because it would cause heavy pockets. might burn some calories. make a lot of noise walking around. >> how about a good weekend? >> i can supply that.
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it will not be perfect tomorrow, just a battle gusty. good day to fly a kite with the kids. at 73 the high temperature at reagan national. we had a fairly tropical relatively speaking, air mass and placed the past couple days with clouds and showers overhead. we are drying out and conditions are changing. a quarter inch of rain at at midnight. the past 48 hours in ruston - in reston, over 4 inches of rain. gaithersburg the showers clear out, 62 degrees, beautiful sunset. the skies clearing. not exactly clear everywhere. off to the northwest, isolette it sprinkles -- isolated sprinkles from martinsburg to winchester. the ellis bought just south of
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winchester, that is a shower and that it what the showers. that is pushing off to the southeast. that is it in terms of the action on the radar. off to the west, west virginia, showers begin, falling apart especially nightfall. the overall weather pattern what will set up the next couple days buried deep in strengthening low pressure system will sit over the hudson bay the next several days. down to the southwest, high pressure will push into the area. tomorrow, we will be wedged in between the systems. whenever you are wedged in between strong systems, it translates into a gusty wind. that will be tomorrow. out of the west at 30 m.p.h., we could have wind gusts up to 45 in the higher elevations. the weather service may have a wind advisory, especially north and west of town.
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tonight, we drop into the 40's, mid-40s in the outlying areas north and west, low 50's around the beltway. with the westerly wind, it will be down sloping off the higher elevations to the west. that will cause the temperatures to rise a little bit low 70's, compared with what they will do with the cooler air. sunday, 70 degrees, cloud cover partly cloudy skies. the next chance of rain is tuesday night, especially into wednesday. the toyota sports desk, brought to your local toyota dealers -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. philadelphia coming to town motivated. >> deangelo hall is the listed as questionable because of a knee injury in practice
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today. for the most part, the redskins are healthy rested and confident, could work week, talking about how talented the eagles are instead of buying into their woes. this is the game everybody is talking about because of the success of the redskins and the incredible slide of the eagles. >> every guy in this locker room has the mind-set we can turn it around and take it one game at a time. if we do that, collectively you build a good football team. >> we can match them. the field is only so big. if we stay disciplined and limit big plays, hopefully get turnovers, we have a good chance. >> the eagles are favored even though the game is at fedex field. tonight midnight madness, a tradition that ltd. -- originated with maryland with lefty drizell.
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the terps are bringing back some of their older players. they will scrimmage this year's team. and the new head coach is excited about the tradition. >> i have been on the phone a lot with lefty and talking with gary. it is pretty exciting to be where it all started. i would rather create a buzz in january or february. at georgetown, john thompson iii is gearing up for life after chris wright and austin freeman. they are gone. the hoyas had the 13th best recruiting class in the country and still have senior jason clark. >> we have a young team with great talent. we have to go out every night knowing that we have nothing to lose. we're the underdog.
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but being the underdog can be great sometimes. college basketball starts tonight. the talk around the water cooler is the cap's victory over the penguins. at it was a physical game. this fight stoked the rivalry. beagle is ok, and asham apologized for putting his hands together. the capitals got the last laugh and overtime. bingo, pack the bags, gets on the bus 3-2 victory. the capitals and penguins play again december 1. the cardinals and the brewers played tonight in st. louis with that series tied at 2-2. the rangers are now one win away from the world series.
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we are beginning a new facebook contest this weekend. >> the winner will get a $700 gift card for peapod. if you are not a fan on our facebook page, now is the time to like us. after three days of rain, four days of clouds, back to sunlight. those 70's tomorrow, gusty wind out of the west. otherwise pleasant, near 70 the early part of next week. close to 80 degrees tuesday. showers wednesday. the middle of next week feeling fall like an. abc world news is coming up next. am i have a good night.
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