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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> dedicating a dream. tomorrow, tens of thousands of people will descend on the national mall for the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. we will have complete coverage of the band. abc7 news starts right now. -- complete coverage of the event. abc7 news star's right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> 2 mauer will be a day that many have been waiting a decade for -- tomorrow will be a day
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that many have been waiting decades for. president obama will have a very busy day to commemorate the celebration. the ceremony will start at o'clock tomorrow morning. at 9:00, president obama will deliver the keynote address. aretha franklin will perform. afterwards there will be a concert featuring stevie wonder, sheryl crow, and others. john gonzales has more on tomorrow's events. >> there is a world wind of the motion excitement, and anticipation here at the new historic site. after all, this dedication was supposed to happen back on august 28, when 28hurricane irene on that. many are back for a second time. in just hours, this will be officially dedicated. >> martin luther king promised us, even though he did not get there, we will get to the promised land. >> one person made the trip from cleveland to ohio -- from
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cleveland, ohio. >> so many people suffer. >> this one never thought she would live to see this day. she marched with the reverend to the lincoln memorial back in 1963. >> it is probably even more poignant for the young people. >> visitors from around the nation are gathering this weekend along with political leaders, celebrities and martin luther king's family. >> me and my brothers -- it is such a humbling thought. >> there will be road closures and traffic delays as a result. plan extra time. west potomac park will be off limits. major roads like 17th street and constitution avenue through independence avenue will be closed through monday morning. >> it was not just for one race
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but for the nation as a whole. >> among the celebrities, sheryl crow and stevie wonder. the dedication program begins at 9:00 in the morning. president barack obama will give the address. the reserve seating is extremely limited. the park service says the west potomac park viewing site will be free and open to the public. on the national mall, john gonzales abc7 news. >> you cannot live coverage of the memorial dedication tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until noon on our sister station on channel 8. protesters filled the streets in d.c. there were three separate groups demonstrating. rev. al sharpton led one march for jobs and justice. others were urging the passage of the president's jobs plan. there was a dc-3 rally -- free rally. >> every other group in this
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country has representation, but we do not. that is not right. >> the occupy d.c. celebration calls for an end to corporate greed and corrupt politics. the occupy protest went global today and it was called the international day of action. hundreds of cities all over the world had protests. some turned violent such as italy. more on the protests coming up in a few minutes. closer to home, police look for a missing 11-year-old montgomery county boy. william mcquain has not been seen for more than two weeks. his mother jane was found murdered in her home. richard reid is live action in this room with the latest. >> we are getting a lot of new information. the former boyfriend of jean mcquain says she called him weeks ago as the ring for her life. she was afraid -- jane mcquain says she called him weeks ago fearing for her life.
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the whereabouts of 11-year-old william remain a mystery. from this quiet in germantown neighborhood to a pair of candlelight vigils -- >> all of our hopes and prayers go out. >> there are growing concerns about the whereabouts of 11- year-old william mcquain, last seen at home about two weeks ago. >> it is so tragic when he is down because he will not have a mother. >> it was just this past wednesday, the boy's mother, a 51-year-old jane mcquain was found stabbed and beaten to death in their germantown home. >> a homeless -- a homicide is rare for germantown. >> hours later they rested her has been in charlotte, north carolina and charged him with the murder. >> he was not living with the mom. >> the boyfriend of jane mcquain
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told us by phone that she called him in late october. she and lopez were arguing about money. he was jealous about her relationship with her son. >> [unintelligible] if something ever happens to me, let the police know. >> this says the mcquain suv was involved in a fender bender hours before in charlotte. there was a female friend behind the wheel. >> not knowing, is that pretty tough? >> that is the thing that scares everybody. >> court records showed the has served a 13-year prison sentence for attempted murder after stabbing a man more than a dozen times. he is now in a charlotte jail awaiting extradition. a hearing will be held on monday. authorities say he has not been cooperating with police. a couple of investigators are looking for information in
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charlotte. no sign of the missing boy. abc7 news. >> that is heartbreaking. for the latest on this unfolding case, log onto police in herndon are asking for the public's help in finding a man that sexually assaulted two when men well impersonating a police officer. here is a composite sketch of the suspect. both assaults happened this past tuesday. the first happened on magnolia lane and the second on a different street. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax county police. a warning to drivers in montgomery county, there is a new speed camera issuing tickets. it is on the 900 block of a highway. it started issuing citations for people driving more than 12 miles over the speed limit. this is the sixth speed camera in tacoma park. capital by sheriff's
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continues to expand. arlington county has approved a 30 newf stations. along the plant locations, pentagon city, crystal city, and other places along the boston corridor. they will be in place by next summer. attorney to weather, it was a beautiful day. what about tomorrow -- turning to weather now it was a beautiful day. what about tomorrow? >> it was a beautiful day and a bit breezy outside. we had a sunshine. this is the latest in the weather center. our futurecast for the next 48 hours, just a few clouds. tomorrow, sunny and not quite as a breezy. comfortable temperatures. as we move later into the day and monday, the clouds will start to increase. a chance for showers. we will talk about the shower potential and a big cool down on the way in the seven-day in just
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a few minutes. >> we will talk to you in just a bit. conflicting reports over troop withdrawal from iraq. the timeline the pentagon is denying tonight. hi attic -- kay added protests from the occupied. -- chaotic protests from the occupy protest. and more
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>> some are calling it a global revolution. thousands of protesters in the occupy movement took to the streets in cities all over the world to demonstrate against corporate greed. when 70 people were arrested in "the new york times" square. here is more. -- 70 people were arrested in the new york times square. here is more. >> in europe, there was already anger over policies and there have been a violent reactions to austerity measures. protesters found army of supporters. they were generally peaceful but often angry. in london, july and asulian assange
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rest -- talked to a group of people. in rome, there was the largest gathering of the day. 1000 people. small bands of anarchists broke off and started attacking windows of banks and cars. police seemed unprepared for the attacks responded with tear gas through residential neighborhoods not far from the coliseum. many demonstrators and romance that firstwere sympathetic to the cause say they are shocked by the violence. demonstrators marched up town in new york times square. thousands are crowding the crossroad -- crossroads of the world where thousands of protests flooded the sidewalks and plazas, creating a crowd control nightmare for police. bbc news. >> conflicting reports on whether the u.s. will keep u.s.
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troops in iraq past december 31. the deadline was a setback in 2008. a senior administration official says all troops will leave iraq except for those needed to guard the u.s. embassy. later, a pentagon spokesperson contradicted the report saying no final decision has been made. president obama is making another push for his job creation proposal. in his weekly address, and he says he will step up the pressure on congress to pass the economic plan. he says its members voted down his proposal, they will have to explain to the american people what happened. >> you will have to tell your kids why they do not deserve to have their teacher back. you will have to explain why common-sense proposals that would help families incident in our communities right now and in the long term. >> we are on the side of the american people. we joined millions of americans in saying [unintelligible]
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>> in the republican response, a congressman says the gop wants to work with the president but opposes more spending and taxes. a huge reward is being offered for information leading to a missing baby in missouri. police say a 11-month-old baby was snatched from her family home in kansas city 12 days ago. they are scouring the it woods, but so far have that found nothing. a benefactor is offering thousands of dollars for the babies return for information that will lead to the conviction of whoever is responsible for her disappearance. >> i hope this answers up someone's heart or eyes and they realize this is serious. >> the parents had adamantly denied they had anything doing -- anything to do with their daughter's disappearance. but recently they have been staying out of the public eye. a memorial service for apple founder steve jobs will be held at stanford university tomorrow. close associates and even his
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competitors are expecting to it -- are expected to attend the private ceremony. he died days ago with complications from pancreatic cancer. he was 56. apple will hold another memorial service for him at their headquarters in california on wednesday. a star-studded concept taking place in los angeles at this hour to honor former president bill clinton. it is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the clinton foundation which has raised millions of dollars for a variety of global causes such as aids prevention. among those performing tonight include stevie wonder, lady gaga and usher. speaking of stars, steve rudin. >> we have a nice weather on the way for tomorrow. the memorial ceremony should be nice. nothing compared to what we had earlier in the summer. good news there. outside at this hour, clear
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skies. pennsylvania avenue, the winds are starting to diminish a little bit. earlier today when gusts up to 35 miles per hour. a wind advisory was out across the chanel -- shenandoah valley. at this hour, 63 degrees according to our weatherbug network for ever current temperatures. after a high -- 71 was the high today. a record 87 setback in 1975. look at the dewpoint level. it feels so dry and comfortable outside. that is why temperatures will drop quite a bit over the next two hours or so. 57 degrees after a high of 69. and 52 degrees over here. there was a high of 70 degrees. temperatures will cool off to the west of us. the winds are settling down.
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already 48 degrees in manassas. 51 in detroit. you can see the core of the cooler air will eventually move into our area as we get to the end of the upcoming week. still comfortable outside tonight into tomorrow. dewpoint levels up and down around 30's in 40's. satellite and radar, at the high pressure and clear skies and a low pressure off to the north. it was so when the earlier in the day because of these two systems. the clouds will start to build a little bit late tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunshine to enjoy. the clouds will remain mostly to partly sunny and a chance for a few showers as we move into the late hours of monday and a better chance on tuesday. tomorrow will remain nice. 40-50 degrees for an overnight
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low. high temperatures tomorrow around 70-75 degrees, slightly above average for this time of year. here is the extended outlook. daytime high to bidders will fall dramatically. by thursday only in the upper 50. we get -- daytime high temperatures will fall dramatically. by thursday only in the upper 50's. >> it is fall. it is going to be a good weather day tomorrow will when the skins and take on michael vick. a guess, it will be exciting. -- yes it will be exciting. we will have the latest on the phone booth. at the sleep number store, we hear it all the time: "well, we could sleep in the same bed, but it just doesn't work." she would like a firmer mattress than i would. yeah, nine out of ten couples disagree on the firmness they want in a mattress. i sleep on the couch.
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dealers, moving you forward. >> when you are going against the undefeated team, it is not going to be an easy task. brown is up for this showdown. throws it right to this player and he takes it the other way. a 46 yard touchdown. clemson trailed by 18 in the second half. a rally in fourth quarter. finds brown for a 12 yard touchdown. 42-38, clemson. brown throws short to matt, who finds an opening. 32 yards. they get the feedback. wait a minute. sammy incredible returns it to the right. takes it to the house.
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345 all-purpose yards for the night. clemson wins 56-45. weak force and virginia tech, first quarter. price takes the handoff and still completes the pass to chris and divens. -- givens. 10-0. 19-33. the hokies would gain control. in connection with marcus davis. 38-17. let us had to charlottesville now. michael down the sideline to smith 48 37 touchdown. -- for a 37 touchdown. and then this player returned it
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32 yards for a touchdown. game tied at 14. later in the second, richardson takes the handoff, 22 yards. for a touchdown of his own. final score24-21. records. this player takes it -- rutgers. takethis play takes it for the touchdown. 17-14. gary nova is over the middle to find a tim. later in the fourth, we have seen it way too many times. the field goal is blocked. the second blocked field goal in two weeks. 21-20. forget the philadelphia eagles. it looks like the washington capitals had the dream team.
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the club got off to a 3-0 with a chance to match the best start in club history. tonight they played against the ottawa senators. they are figuring out the power play this season. 1-0 caps. later in the first marcus so fast around the net, flips it in. they go to 2-0 with the goal. a top ottawa 2-1. nelson cruz and has another home run. the detroit tigers 15-5. >> he is over here weeping. [unintelligible] [laughter] >> still to come on big! big. big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big ♪ -big. -big! [ cheers and
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in f off remote villages in like mongolia, you know? they're looking for solar power for some information, it's there for them to find. it has happened, you know. it is so cool. ♪ ♪ >> have you ever heard the saying if you build it, they will come? that is exactly the case for -- that is the case people are hoping for in florida floridalegosland. at legosland. the tickets are pricey, $65 for kids under 12. is that a lego roller-coaster? [laughter]
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