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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  October 16, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> this conspiracy was conceived, sponsored, and directed from iran. >> this week o"inside washington," the plot to kill an ambassador on american soil. > we call upon other nations to join us in condemning this threat to internationanal peace and security. >> the senate defeats the presidt's jobs bill. >> will not take no for an answer and i hope you won't either. republican > >> hava jobs plan of their own. >> the president belves the government money creates j jobs. we believe business creates jobs. >> is heherman cain at just
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another flavor of the week? >> there is a difference between a flavor of the week and häagen- dazs black walnut, because it tastes good all the time. >> new hampshire primary before christmas -- are you kidding? [unintelligible] captioned by the national captioning instite >> the united states government this week accused the governmen ever ran of trying to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the unid states on our soil. it reportedly involved a payment of $1.5 million to mexican drug cartel to kill the ambassador and carry out other attacks.
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attorney general eriric holder said that 80 involved members of the delete quds force -elite quds force quds. president obama says iran will be held accountable. >> what we will continue to do is apply the toughest sanctions and, you know, continue to mobilize the international community to makeure th iran is a further and further isololated, and that it pays a price for this kind of behavior. >> "pays the price for this kind of behavior" -- what do you make of this, charles? >> that is obvious the empty rhetoric. to talk about iran being isolated is a way to avoid the issue. but this is a serious issue because it is a clear escalation. the iranians have been killing americans by proxy, afghanistan, iraq, using hezbollah in attacks on the marines in the early 1980's.
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but to attack us on our soil is somethining n, and it shows the brazenness and lack of any concern about american response which is quite alarming. >> colby? >> having made the annnnouncement and the t timing the response has been kind of tackyky. it seems tt once ericic holder made the announcement, the administration should and able to say specicifically, these are the steps we are going to take beyond the two things we always say, we will increase sanctions and try to further isolate them. that is the part that leaves such auncomfortable feeling. >> nina? >> i am still left with a slightly uncomfortable feeling about the plot. there is a limit to whwhat we know about the iranians. clearly, if accept the information, and we have no reason not to, there was some
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iranian government role in this. thquestion is, how high did it gowhat was theknowledge, and even -- did everything to some injured over here it was goingg to try something and we go well, we will let him or were they actively encouraging it? >> mark? >> i think it is serious, and at the same time, there are remarkle details to it that fascinate anybody. i mean hiring an assassin from a mexican drug cartel for $1.5 million? this is kind of a noel concept. and justst exactly whoho is being paid. at the same time, i am a l little ncerned about the fire-aim- ready caucus in the united states thatas to in illllegal in
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and send drones into tehran. that is a good remder that the reason that iran isominant in iraq in its influence is because the united states opened up and forgedn alliance with our invasion and occupation of iraq. >> this doesesot have anything to do with the influence iran has in iraq. this has to do with the fact that the regime inin iran wants to demonstrate something. why would it do this? if you want to kill an ambassador, is easier to shoot or poison him, or kill the ambassador in london or pariris? why i in a restaurant in the united states, in e capital? that would be a huge event. it would not be an assassination, it would be a massacre. in the complaint, they speak about a weapon of mass destruction. that means they want to show something, and i think it means they want to show that we are acquirg the nukes and we can infiltrate the united states and make you worry about retaliation
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onon that scale. >> is there any doubt about iran's involvement in this and how high it goes? >> the transfer of money from iran -- the amount of money at to have some kind of government involvement. we did not have private cicitizen in an at transferring money to a u.s. bank. there is clearly some government ininvolvement. the extent to which it goes up or down the ladder,e don't know at this point. we have heard the initial reaction -- peter king as saying is an act of war -- congressman from new york. you have others who stood up and huffing and puffing, but nobody is seriously talking about military action. >> will sanctions it deterred this kind of activi? >> the main explanation for such a goofy plot that i have r read that makes any sense is that the whole iranian government is
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under enormous pressure, and doing things that it has not ne before, and sometimes not ing them wel the quds which is supposed to be disciplined intelligence organization, should know that you transfer money in $250,000 chunks, that transfer is monitored. it sen up red flags. that is the whe point of watching the currency post-9/11. if they did not know that, they are not doing well. >> thehe pressure ththat the administration and the united states is trying to exert an outside china, russia, europe, -- is on china, russia europe, anand india, as far as isolation of iran is concerned. that is why making the seven is available by private consultation -- it is not up to them. dew ey choose to reject this,
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it turned their back on it? it does look persuasive. >> you have another one invved as welell, saudi arabia. an attack on him is an attack on saudi arabia. the saudis understand this, they are major players. the saus s and iraninians are major antagonists in the region. >> different views of the faith. >> wl, more impoportrtantly, it is over contntrol of the region. the saudis are scared, as are other arabs a dominant iran with possession of nuclear weapons. it is not about israel or the safety of america, is about dominance of the regigion. if it s a nuke, there could be conventional aggression anno retaliation because it possesses a nuke. it is the kind of deterrence
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>> no other jobs pulai has that kind of support -- other jobslan as i cannot support from economists. -- that type of suprt from economiststs. apparently this does not matter to republicans in the senate. >> well, repubcans and two democrats, ben nelson and jon teer. the president is going to try to get pieces of it through the congress. any chance of that happening colby? >> thinknk the is a chance, but let's go back. it the jobs bill was not defeated. the nate preventeded the j jobs bill from being considered by a filibuster a using that to knock it down. it could get the votes to get
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past it could get it to the floor. there are pieieces of the bill ththat are probably attractive. you have the house republicans talking about comining up with some infrastructure proposals of their of. they know they have to do re than just say no, no now. >> mccain says their plan will create fight any jobs. >> -- 5 milillion jobs. >> o come on. what we're seeing now is just kabuki. something may pass that is small, but nothing will pass that is significant. >> what is going to p pass, mark? >> i think payroll taxes will be passed, as well as unemployment extension. what is fascinating is the "wall street journal"-nbc poll but the
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sum, that a a small plurality of peopleavor the jobs plan. however, when a they spell out what the details are and w what it includes, it goes to 63 64% and the same two-to-one of the millionaires' tax should pay for it. the popolitical advantagewhen the case is made, is very much with the democratsts and the president. but he is an admission, an indictment, that they have n not and it ♪ ♪de the case. >> they have not even made it to the democrats in the senate. ththere were o democrats who defected on this. however, there were two others, webb of virginia and manchin o west virginia, who said they would supporthe president to have the bill proceed but would have o opposed it if it came to the floor, opposed the substance
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of it. you at that out, you have four democratic senators who presumably would have gone against it, which means that it had gotten a vote, it would have failed. > a survey of 50 economists said that the income of a american people decline by since 2000 and will not improve until the year 2021. this might give you some idea of why people are out in th is protesting this, although it was written th week, "starbucks-s- sipping, levi's-clad, ipne- clutching protesters denounce corpate america even as they weep for steve jobs" -that is a terrific sentee. >> i appreciate that i like hearing my own words recited to me so wonderfully by so experiencedd an anchor. >> i am actually surprised that the current polling -- may not
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necessarily continue this way- seems to sort o of like these folks. they g get decent approval ratings, even though nobody quite knows what they are for -- >> even if they don't. >> even they don't. what people do now -- when the top 1/10 of 1% controlled 20 or 30% of the income in the country, the income gap has grown to the kinof thing tt existed hundreds of years ago that people came to this country to avoid. >> is is going to spread? does this remind you of the early days of e anti-war movement in the late 1960's and early 1970's? >> the anti-war movement h a specific point to it. this is a manifestation of unhappiness. i am not saying that people for doing it are the ones who are deprived, but people on the sides are jarring is because
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they feel they have been victimized. -- a cheering thisecau they feel theyey've been victimized. >> it has forced the debate. there is greaeater awareness of it. the lines between the two parties are drawn. when repubcans say it is all because of regulation, if wall street were justst left to do whater it wants whenever it wants, the country would be in clover and honey, i think that just begs any sense of reality. >>he problem is lack of economic growth. in itsbsence you can redistribute all the moneyou want.. if you g economic growth, of which we he not met today freight
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verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule t air. >> & business flat tax 9% income flat tax 9% sales tax. >> when iear 9-9-9, i want to
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call 911. >> that is the wife of rick peperry, w who says her husba has be brutalized by opponents in the campaign. herman cain, former ceo of godfher's zza. in the latest poll, he leads other republicans in the race for the nomination. romney hovers at 23%. >> what you do if yoare romney? you hahave four flawless debate performances you have raised money, you have put together a superb camign, you are a far better candidate and you work and you are at 23%. they don't like himim. 80% of r republicans say ty would vote for him against obama, buthe non-romney constituency is enormous. it was rick perry, it is now herman cain, it uld be rick santorum and newt gingrich tomorr.
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>> 60% of the very conservative republicans view him favorably in the latest poll. >>eah, but what does that mean? givethe choice, he will rank high, but he does not excite them. there is residue ofoubt about romney. what is he really beeve? this flip-floping charge he has been fighting the last four years is goioing to stick to it. rick perry is coming after him on eight and will hit him harder and harder on ts and he still has problems with the massachusesetts health plan. >> i think they will have to marry him. >> done? > -- shotgun? >> i just don't know if it'll be a good relationship or not. [laughter] >> he is a northeast replican governor of a blue state, and he governed in that way and he ran
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in that waand he has sent major heresieses. one specific issue is that republicans would like to use obamare as a proxy for the issue of big government, big spending, big debt, as in the midterm where it was extremely effective in defeating democrats. romney is disarmed on that because of massausetts. however, in the end, there isis no passion, the republicans in favor of romney, but he is the nominee, the passion will come from the anti-obama sentiment. you're not going to have to le romney. it will be getting rid of obama which will be the driving force. and there will be enthusiasm even if romney is the nominee. >> a word for herman cain. the "wall street journal"-nbc poll was surprised by his search so they interviewed people who were supporting him. what they founund is that they knew who herman cain wise. they liked the fact at herman cain never held public office,
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they understoo9-9-9. it was not just "anybody but ronnie." >> they said he s real. >> he was real, did not sound like a politician. >> the gallup ll echoes the nbc-"wall street journal" paul, that people who were most enthusiastic about the race favored herman cain. >> that is yesterdaday like christie, who just endorsed mitt romney. -- that is why they like chriie, who ju endorsed mitt romney. >> rick perry is on the cusp of "i can seeussia from my lawn" of the sarah palin. after the debate, he spoke to dartmouth students about the american revolution occurring in the 16th century.
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little slips ke that -- >> obama spoke of the 57 american states. that's heinz not america. it is a slip of the tongue. perry's problem is that he had this terrible debates where he was not active and he did have answers that he should havee thought through.
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>> i am concerned because of states like nevada. >> sorry abobout the audio. they must interviewed him in men's room or something. terrible. former senenator rick santorum talking about moving primary dates triggered by florida's decision to move their primary date it will have a snowball effect. according to w h hampshire
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secretary of state, they will go the first for second week of december. >> the secretary of state is following in new hampshire law. it is state law. the past seven days between new hampshire and the next. the republican party's nationalal leadershipip has abdicated any responsibilility. when the democrats tried to do this in michigan, with john dingell, powerful chairman, carl levin, the united auto workers the governor, terry mcauliffe democratatic national chairman said not on your life, and if they ended it. that is what the republican leadship should have done becacause i was and in new hampshire make -- because iowa and you have to give an underdog candidate a chance to connect with real voters -- iowa at new hampshirgiven under attack candidata chance to nnect with real ters. >> while we are not watching,
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except for the time the city there is an entire new sucture of the funding with these superpacs it is secret money for the most p part. >> so is it a threat to democracy? now >>, it is not a thrt to democracy -- >> no, it is not a threat to democracy.. from the standpoint ofof the republican party if you have this earlier in the year, it is to their advantage. >> w what the hell? get it over with early. let's have christmas where it is already over. if romney wins iowa and new hampshire, we can relax until august. >> you can start attacking obama early. the minus is that if somethingng
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goes wrong with the chosen candidate, theikes of us find something unpleasant, you are stuck. >> if it is romney, and you have not found something in the five years he has been running - -- >> be careful about that >> there is an enormous advantage to sustained prprimary fights. barack obama w a far better candidate by theime he was nominated after the fight with hillary inton. >> not exactly abbreviated. started in march. >> what does the transcanada keystone pipeline mean for america? berringer: for me and my family it meant a good union job here in nebraska. wallace: for small businesses like ours the pipeline means more customers thru our doors. spears: it's an economic boom to the restaurants and all the shops in town. schieber: for kay county it's going to make about $20 million dollars difference in our tax base...85% of that is going to go to our schools. spears: nsis means more oil from a safe reliable neighbor.
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