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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 17, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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one for our best price online -- $89.99 a month with a two-year price guarantee and the option of no annual contract. ordering online is easy. you can even chat live with a fios agent. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. hunting for answers -- montgomery county police are searching two new sites for any sign of this 11-year-old. he has been missing since his mother was murdered two weeks ago. the search for a missing child the man suspected of killing the boy's mother faces a hearing at a north carolina court. we go live from clarksburg.
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good afternoon this is an empty vacant commercial property located just off -270,. officials are walking through this wooded area and walking along the highway. they are being assisted by a volunteer k-9 unit. these are cadaver dogs but police say it is still possible that william mclean is still alive. >> i hope they find him alive than a germantown resident and friends are desperate for information and a search for the 11-year-old. >> it is sad the father did not know where he is a there's nothing you can do about it. >> his stepfather is scheduled to appear at an extradition hearing. he is accused of beating and stabbing the mother. sunday police and cadaver dogs searched two local parks and they are in two other locations in damascus and this commercial
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lot. >> detectives have received information and develop leads that have pointed this portion of the investigation in that direction. that is why they are there. it is not a hunt. >> it is possible william was dropped off with a friend or relative who may not know the full circumstances of the case or the movies geared to turn themselves in. >> come forward and let us know. they may be anxious or afraid to do so but we are asking them to come forward so we can resolve this case. >> germantown resident vow to keep hoping for good news in a tragic situation. >> never give up hope. some many good things have happened and can still happen. people have been found in the public really helps. we need help from the public. >> police said while they found nothing significant in their search for william they continue to develop leads in the case and are urging anyone with
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information to contact them. >> thank you. the racing world is mourning the death of one of its champions. indycar driver dan wheldon was killed in a fiery pileup in las vegas yesterday. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. greta kreusz has more. it was horrific -- a chain reaction of carnage involving 15 cars in las vegas in the 500. going to hundred 20 miles an hour into the term, there is no margin for error. dan wheldon came upon the first wave of cars and had nowhere to go. he went airborne and his car burst into flames and slammed into a fence above the retaining wall. >> we're set to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. >> from what i saw from the
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video, dense curtain over the back wheel and over the top of me. it was a horrendous accident that the race was canceled and bagpipes sounded while fellow drivers drove five are breeding labs in his memory. >> -- five parts breaking lapse in his memory. >> feel for his family. >> this race driver was reduced to tears. >> you see that happening to dan and it does not matter >> the 33-year-old native of england and in the 500 winner was beloved on the circuit. he recently said how excited he was that the chance to win yesterday's will race. >> i have a lot of personal goals that i want to cheat. winning this event is one of them them ironically, he had scaled back his racing time to spend more time with his wife and two sons. the youngest was born this past spring. three other drivers were also hurt but they are expected to be okay.
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dan wheldon was helping to develop a safer race car which will be unveiled next spring. >> thank you. this time for a check on how the weather is shaping up this afternoon. adam caskey has a first look at our forecast. it is beautiful today and tomorrow but with the shifting weather pattern this week, we will see big time changes by wednesday and the end of the week. as far as today it is gorgeous. we started out with some areas of clouds. this is in arlington. the clouds cleared out and there's a lot of sunshine and patchy fairweather clouds developing. is 52 degrees in -- it is 62 degrees in the state. we are on our way into the mid 70's and a little bit cooler northwest of the metro.
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it will be 10 degrees warmer than where we are now for the afternoon highs and tomorrow will be similar. we'll have big changes and i will talk about that straight ahead we turn to the latest from our robot. the prime suspect in the disappearance of a frederick woman will be in court today gary giordano will ask a judge to set him free. he was held and a rubin present aruban prison since august. the trial of late silver spring first grade teacher begins today. she is accused of punching kicking, and choking students. she was arrested in february after several six and seven year-old came forward and said they were attacked by their teacher. the elementary school is in silver spring. president obama lost his
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three-day tour to drum up support for his jobs bill. he began about an hour ago in north carolina. we all live in a satellite center with the latest. the president wrapped up his first stop in ash fell about one hour ago. this kicks off his three-day bus trip through a couple of cells in -- seven trips. this is tricky to sell this jobs bill to the public but others say the stops in north carolina and virginia are strategic because these are two states he needs to keep in his back pocket. arriving in north carolina, the president is making policy with politics. he is trying to drum up support for his jobs plan. >> is pretty clear what our country and your leaders should be spending their time on [jobs!] >> we should be talking about jobs. >> it is unmistakable that this is a state the president is not willing to lose. >> i am glad to be back in one of my favorite parts of the
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country. >> north carolina's heard along with the restaurant country. -- the rest of the country. his plan he says will create a million jobs. >> this is the kind of bill containing the kinds of proposals that in the past have received support from democrats and republicans. >> republicans have their own plan to get americans out of the unemployment line. >> we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaigning, let's go find the things that are in common between this plan and his. >> some ideas are being overshadowed by loose lips. herman cain took aim at occupy wall street protesters with this statement statement >> if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself. >> rick perry says it is a comment that is helping him stay afloat. >> he resigned his job two weeks
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ago. >> rick perry's son was not laid off. he joined his father's campaign. maryland lawmakers will discuss an alternative redistricting plan. donna edwards is proposing more minority restaurant -- representation across montgomery county. a new map would address the minority voting concerns and the plan to redraw the eight congressional districts in maryland would happen over the next 10 years. there is similar for prince william county commuters. watch where you park. police are enforcing a commuter lot crackdown. this is a park and ride at horner road. drivers are parking illegally near i-95 and the prince william parkway. officers handed out fliers last week and warnings but today cars will be ticketed and toted. police are investigating a
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crash on a busy roadway on branch ave. a tractor-trailer carrying lumber crashed into a bridge underpass on allentown road in camp springs. blood is spilled onto the road and all lanes were closed for several hours. the driver was taken to the hospital and was treated there for minor injuries. traffic remains backed up at this hour while crews make emergency repairs to a pot hole in south east for the right lane southbound to 95 at south capitol street is blocked. -- at southbound295 at south capitol street is blocked. in manassas woman is behind bars the accused of setting fire to a neighbor's home. the neighbors shot this video of the fire in an apartment complex inaunt would very dry. the 28-year-old was setting the fire police were told that she
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is being held without bond. >> that is frightening. >> the fire was really big. >> no one was hurt in that fire but the damage is estimated at $600,000. we should find out how much damage the august earthquake did to the national cathedral. the same folks who rappel down the washington monument will take a close look at the cathedral. there removed a panicle from the central tower to help stabilize it and the cathedral is close to the public. they're hoping to reopen next month. still to come -- stranded at the south pole, a researcher gets some medical treatment months after an emergency at the bottom of the world. >> i have nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. >> what the mother is saying about the matter 10-month-old daughter vanished plus, escape from a burning home, a 6-year- old child survives.
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find out what might as part of those plans and adam caskey will be back.
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it child survived a three- story fall from a burning apartment building. the six the test year-old's the parents dropped him into the arms of a firefighter. firefighters rescued 15 people from the burning building, 13 people including two firefighters were hurt. police arrested a man in show up at a nearby hospital with burns and he admitted to starting the fire. the mother of a missing missouri baby said she was drunk the night her 10-month-old ban
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is. she revealed she drank enough wine to be drunk two weeks ago when the baby lisa irwin disappeared from her bedroom. she claims she is not involved in the disappearance. >> i have nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. it is not personal the police are doing their job. >> please have exhausted resources looking for baby lisa. investigators have few leads and no evidence in this case. philadelphia landlord discovered four mentally disabled people were being held captive in a basement. three people face charges including kidnapping and aggravated assault. police said the victims were locked in a subbasement with a chain locking the door and at least one of the victims was chained to a boiler. investigators say the suspect might have been stealing the victims social security checks and all four victims are now hospitalized.
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america and scientist who might have suffered a stroke and the south pole is now in new zealand getting the medical treatment she needs. she arrived in christ church this morning and she believes she suffered a stroke about two months ago. she told abc news that her speech and vision were impaired which was stranded at the south pole because the weather made it impossible for rescued jews to -- rescue crews to get to her. >> i am very concerned about my health and the possible ramifications and consequences for staying here. >> she hopped on the first flight out. she will undergo more medical tests tomorrow. is hard to imagine but that's pretty dangerous for a pilot to go into that. >> their seasons are opposite ours in the southern hemisphere. they are just pulling out of winter. >> class she's getting the help she needs.
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-- glad she's getting the alginates. beautiful day today and tomorrow and you want your umbrella on wednesday in your jacket by thursday and friday because we are in typical fall weather. take a look at this picture. i took this on the key bridge and posted it on my facebook page earlier today these are the rays shining over d.c.. this is from broken cloud cover. it is a beautiful picture looking down the potomac. this is a great picture from one of our viewers. backers sending this in. this is taken from the blue ridge looking west toward mass and not to nowanutten mountain. i want your pictures of the fall colors. let me out on facebook or send an e-mail.
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the temperature is comfortable 63 in cumberland and 66 in the district. we had a cold front moved through this morning and that cold front is down to the south along with the cloud cover. it caused a few sprinkles in the potomac highlands early this morning. this is what we will face for the middle part of the week. tomorrow and wednesday two converging storm systems with two areas of low pressure, one moving our way from the great planted one coming north with a lot of tropical moisture from florida and the gulf of mexico. that along with a sharp dip will be accentuated in the jet stream and will cause these systems to come together and form a bigger storm over the washington area into wednesday. that means it is an unsettled day with areas of rain. another beautiful day tomorrow and then tomorrow night the clouds will increase and wednesday morning or late tuesday night, there will be areas of rain east of 95 and often on through the morning and
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afternoon on wednesday we will have areas of rain and behind that system is when the cold air gets pushed into town. you will feel the gusty wind pushing the cold air in throughout the day on thursday. thursday the temperature will continue to drop. partly cloudy and mid 70's later today and mostly sunny and tomorrow a lot of sunshine becoming parsley -- partly cloudy and on wednesday that chance of rain, if you off and on showers and then gusty on thursday and friday is actually upper 50's for high temperatures in many locations despite having sunshine. that is fall weather. >> thank you. i join many of my colleagues this morning for a media palle at georgetown visitation school called women make a difference. we talked to students about how our careers develop and answered their questions about finding their own career path. it was a wonderful audience.
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coming up -- are you tired of getting hit with added fees for going over the limit on yourself on minutes? new efforts to help you avoid those extra charges. >> on my next show, a psychic medium john edwards claims to communicate with the dead. he shocked the members of my crew. >> my niece died two weeks ago. >> even my mom -- will he make a believer out of you? >>
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cell phone use. a study says a child's brain absorbs twice as much cell phone radiation as an adult. the report says cell phone kerri carried in pants' pockets exceed fcc guidelines. children are particularly at risk from cell phone radiation because their skulls are thinner. goodness for cell phone users who are always going over there minutes -- cell phone carriers will soon start sending alerts for users who are getting close to their monthly limit which is part of a deal announced later today by the fcc. the federal communications commission estimates that tens of millions of people are affected each year. adam caskey will be back with a final look at our we
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♪ it is a new week and that means we avenue facebook give away. you have a chance to win $700 worth of free groceries. they are from peapod, the giant grocery delivery service and you could go to our facebook and we will announce the winner friday on abc 7 news at 5:00. after completing a 26-mile run yesterday, a couple set out on a journey of a lifetime. they said 'i do' after finishing
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a marriage -- marathon in providence rhode island. they crossed the finish line hand in hand and moments later they joined hands again to exchange rings and wedding vows. congratulations to them. >> good for them. >> the finishing a marathon part is impressive. >> i would be nervous that i would get hurt. wednesday is our rainy day this week. there will be off and on showers wednesday morning through the afternoon and maybe thunderstorms and gusty into thursday as we transition into cooler air. it is part to pinpoint a high temperature thursday because it looks like tabriz's will drop all day long. it will remain comfortably cool through the weekend. it will be like fall. >> it will be nice for watching the leaves change color. thank you for joining us this
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mayday and we will see you back here for "good morning washington" at 4:30 in the
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