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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the police presence is hard to ignore. >> this is one of the handful of sites scoured over the past few days. late monday, police moved to another location behind an office complex. >> i hope he is ok. >> in north carolina, the man charged with killing williams mother is suspected in the boy's disappearance. curtis lopez is jane's estranged husband. according to this newly obtained a warrant, an eyewitness says curtis lopez told the car up to the house. if he knows where his stepson is police say he is not telling them. >> he has chosen not to speak to us. at all. >> the searches will continue.
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>> copley, they will be able to find a kid. >> -- hopefully, they will be able to find the kid. >> in the meantime, in north carolina during the court appearance lopez waived his right to fight his extradition on. he could be back here and montgomery county very soon. police say they are not giving up hope that william could be found alive. >> breaking news from silver spring where a four-year-old child has fallen out of a window. we are live with the breaking details. >> sometime before 3:30, a five- year-old boy felt out of that third story window. we do not know exactly when it happened or how long he was on the ground. it was not until a woman on the second floor kurds his cries and
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called 911. paramedics -- second floor curt his cries and called 911. doctors are trying to determine the extent of this injuries. at no point did he get off the ground. he was conscious and screaming. we do have police still on the scene trying to determine exactly how this little boy felt out of that window. he was conscious, and he did sustained injuries, but they are not deemed to be life- threatening. this search is on for a man who was -- who has sexually assaulting two women. this happened on october 11. police have a composite sketch of the man they are looking for. >> one of those incident happened just a few feet from where we are. police say that a woman in her 20s was walking along this k-
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mart shopping center behind us when a man pulled up in a car flashed a badge, and poulterer into the car where he sexually assaulting her. >> take a good look at this picture. this is the man that could be behind to recent sexual assaults. officers say this man is approaching women posing as a cop. >> it is. this think that someone would walk around and be approaching women. >> the first incident happened last tuesday in this neighborhood on the magnolia lane. the man approached his victim, told her he was a law enforcement officer, and then insulted her. a few hours later on man flashed a badge and forced her into his car, where he assaulted her. >> i do not know what i would do. >> several women told us they plan to be more careful until
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the suspect is caught. >> i would not get in a car with a person. >> if you were truly a police officer, he would be ok with that. >> be careful who approaches you and always ask questions. >> ask for proper identification some kind of government-issued credential. >> you just saw a composite sketch of dead suspect. he is an asian male that is about 150 pounds. he is anywhere between 35 and 40 years old. he was last seen driving away in a silver or great four-door sedan. -- gray four-door sedan. we turn to the latest in
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the aruban case tonight. the attorneys for gary giordano as a judge to set him free. this is their second failed attempt. he has -- he claims robyn gardner was swept away by the current wall there were snorkeling. get ready for a dip and temperatures. >> it was beautiful today. >> we will have one more very nice day tomorrow with warm temperatures. a fair amount of rain is going to fall as well. let me take you down to wintergreen, va. up in the mountains. a beautiful day. this might be your weekend for the best colors in the area. temperatures are very mild.
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this is just about average for this time of year. we will drop into the lower 60's. we will be in the low 70's tomorrow, but then the big changes are wednesday thursday, and this upcoming weekend. the same engineers that killed the washington monument have started the national could be -- that scaled the washington monument have now started the national cathedral. we are live from the cathedral with that story. >> engineers were delayed by weather last week to do their work here at the cathedral. but today it is perfect. you can see one of the engineers rappelling down the cathedral right now if you look closely. they have been up there for about four hours now. this piece of limestone was loosened by the earthquake in
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august and came down after hurricane irene. it was on the any tower of the national cathedral. the hunt is on for other list stones. the same team started the cathedral today. >> what we are concerned with to get up close on some of these tall pieces on these two towers and due diligence efforts to make sure they are stable. >> engineers said the cathedral is structurally sound. they completed surveying the inside and all side of bolted -- vaulted ceilings. >> it is entertaining for us while we are up there. >> engineers are using ipads to take notes. >> i am very impressed that
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people can do this professionally. >> if the weather is ok at it should take about five days to assess both the north and south towers of the cathedral. if all goes well the engineers will move on to the bell tower. >> so interesting, thank you. the right lane of southbound 295 at south capitol street is blogs right now for emergency repairs. crows are putting in a steel plate over a pot hole. -- crews are putting in a steel plate over a pothole. the work is expected to continue through the evening rush hour. >> a woman is accused of setting her manassas apartment on fire. a neighbor shot a video of the fire. police say she said the fire
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that displaced many of her neighbors. we are live from manassas tonight. >> the fire marshal's office is saying that she actually warned her neighbors of the fire. late this afternoon, neighbors had been coming in. they say they are very angry at why this happened. she returns to the home she and her three children escaped yesterday. to salvage something not touched by smoke or water. she knows the fire was allegedly sent by her neighbor. the 28-year-old is charged with carson. prince william officials say that she warned others of the blaze. this neighbor says she knocked on her front door after the fire started. >> she was calm.
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>> a fire officials say they are talking to bates. sources indicate she had just moved to virginia from ohio and was distraught. >> she had to be going through something to such fire. why would you want to do that? >> she could have hurt one of these kids. >> neighbors help each other as 23 people are without homes. >> they will be donating some clothes. just to help out. >> the red cross has come in to help house these folks for a couple of nights. the apartment complex is looking into any empty apartments. she is being held tonight without bond. it was an amazing rescue during a six-alarm fire in boston. a firefighter caught a baby from
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the top floor of a burning apartment building. he said he spotted the mother and child and there were surrounded by black smoke. the firefighter said he positioned himself the best to good and then he said, go ahead dropped her. >> i really was not sure when she dropped them where he was going to end up. >> the boy and his mother are ok tonight. 13 others from that building though were injured. a man living in the building confessed to intention is starting the fire. coming up, a local lacrosse game results and assault investigation. >> we may be exposed to more cell phone radiation. if how government testing missed
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the warning signs. >> the world is a better place. >> tragedy on the track while some drivers question the safety of the track where they lost some of their own. >> police believe a virginia man is one of for mentally disabled adults found held hostage of a board room of a philadelphia apartment buil
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and disturbing story in philadelphia. four disabled adults found in the boiler room of an apartment building. >> one of the victims might be from the virginia. >> they were found almost by accident. the mentally disabled adults worth from different parts of the country and held hostage and conditions not fit for humans or animals. >> it was this maintenance man who was working in the boiler room of this apartment building and heard dogs barking behind locked door and called police. when officers arrived they got the landlord to open the door.
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inside for three dogs and four adults. one of the adults was changed to the boiler. -- chained to the boiler. police say conditions in the room were horrendous. >> it was something out of a dungeon, actually. >> they are all mentally disabled. police believe one of the victims is from virginia. because he is not able to communicate, investigators are not sure. no one knows for sure how long they were held. police have arrested three people including linda weston a philadelphia woman. police found papers they said revealed the suspects were stealing the victims disability checks. >> these people were stored like surplus meat. >> people lived and the building just cannot believe it.
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>> to know that something like that is going on, it is shocking. >> investigators say they believe the lead suspect met one of the victims of through an online dating service. american scientist to was -- is finally getting some medical treatment. he arrived in christchurch, new zealand, this morning. she believes that she suffered a stroke. the extreme arctic temperatures made it difficult for rescue crews to go to her. >> i had difficulty breathing talking. >> she will undergo a series of medical tests. she is from new hampshire. blackberry is making nice with its customers after that
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massive worldwide outage. research in motion is offering free apps for millions of its users. starting wednesday, customers will have four weeks to download the apps. it is going to get even better by the weekend. in between we have some rain coming. >> it has been gorgeous. >> this is my favorite time of year. this is pretty indicative of what we saw around the area throughout the day. a few more high clouds. delightful october weather.
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we will call it partly cloudy again tomorrow. 68 degrees in the nation's capital right now. 69 at quantico, 67 at annapolis. mostly clear skies temperatures in the 50's by morning. 57 in syracuse, 62 in detroit. lots of temperatures in the a's. the farther south you go, the warmer it gets. this air mass will went out -- win out. we will see increasing cloudiness. especially overnight into
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wednesday and through the day on wednesday, we will get a fair amount of moisture. we are keeping an eye on this, so do not expect major developments. unlike recent systems this one looks like it will be kicked out of here wednesday night and thursday morning. this is the simulation about we expect of the next couple of days. the rain will get closer late tomorrow night and wednesday morning. it will be moderate to heavy at times. here is our express. maine clear, 60 in the city 53 in the morning. by afternoon 72, partly cloudy skies.
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on thursday, partly to mostly cloudy, much cooler. friday near 60 degrees, same on saturday. >> all right. >> ok, thank you. we have another great facebook giveaway this week. >> we are giving away $700 of groceries. all you have to do is go to we will announce the winner on friday. the fall movie season is heating up with some potential blockbusters. arch campbell is here. >> tragedy on the track.
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one day after the accident that killed a celebrated racing champion, experts are asking some tough questions. >> they want to know whether this arrogant could have been avoided. -- this accident could have been
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avoided. >> five laps in honor of their fallen friend and colleague, dan wheldon. in just a few horrifying seconds, a chain reaction with devastating consequences. the british champion's car climbed on to another vehicle and went airborne. >> of the car was inflamed, wreckage carnage, terrible. >> he was racing to win a five million-dollar purse. >> there is pressure all the time. >> a winner of the indy 500, he was no rookie. one theory, too many drivers on the track with too little experience. >> they are not like stock cars, they cannot touch each other.
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what start with a very lazy spin turned into the most terrific accident i have seen in 40 years of racing. >> -- most horrific accidents i have seen in 40 years of racing. >> as the racing world struggles to determine how this tragedy could have been avoided, dan wheldon's family is struggling to cope with his loss. before the race, he posted a blog about half practices -- tough practices. coming up we have results from new reports that the spirit getting more radiation from cell phones than originally thought. >> the federal investigation of the mayor is heating up.
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 leon harris, alison starling doug hill. it looks like federal prosecutors are closer to indictment and the investigation of vinvent gray's campaign.
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>> the federal investigation into allegations of the campaign paid off a round with cash and a six-figured job has now expanded to include possible at regulations -- a regular -- killer irregularities to campaign fund raising. that has some people embracing for indictments. >> the federal investigation has been under way for more than six months. multiple sources said the son of one of his top campaign advisers has been granted immunity in exchange for testimony. possibly against his own father. he was given a government job after the election. he has not been granted immunity. his father, howard brooks, provided fingerprints' to investigators. brown says he saved an envelope in which the campaign gave him
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cash. >> i think we have had an unfortunate return back to the old-time politics. >> other residents are taking a wait and see attitude. >> i would not want someone in his position to be dishonest. >> as for the mayor, he says he is not asked to provide fingerprints. >> we want to cooperate with the investigation. >> residents say whether or not the mayor or anyone close to him is indicted, the fact they are investigating has been concerned about the future of the city and its ability to do his job. >> it is a distraction. it says something about his credibility. >> several sources close to the mayor said there are bracing for the possibility of the indictment. they do not think the mayor will be indicted, but there fear that someone close will be.
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part of the reason for that concern is that now the feds are looking at money orders that were used to collect donations. some of those money orders for written by people the city never donated to the campaign. -- that say they never donated to the campaign. it has been two years since the disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington. she vanished in 2009 during a concert. her body was found a few months later. there is a $150,000 reward. a plan to steal copper backfired. he called frederick police after he was left in the cold for five hours.
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by 5:00, and he called 911 from a gas station and he demanded a ride home. police took him to jail instead. they all face burglary and theft charges. police scoured to areas in maryland and the search for a missing william mcquain. the boy has not been seen in two weeks. his mother was found dead in their home. his stepfather was arrested in north carolina and charged in the estranged wife's murder. lopez has waived his extradition rights. fairfax county police hoped this sketch will help them catch this man. authorities said the suspect is identified myself as an officer. in one case, he flashed some sort of badge. an assessment of the national cathedral is under way.
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they are checking for damage from the august earthquake. the cathedral is close to the public. officials hope to be open next march. a local high-school lacrosse game came to a violent and yesterday it with one team in the hospital and another under investigation for assault. >> the game. players -- pitted players. it became increasingly heated and it came to a disturbing put. >> it got out of control. >> the two teams squared off yesterday afternoon. dematha parents' alleged that players started bunching racial epithets at their kids. >we spoke to a parent there that
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day. she would not show her face, but she said that afternoon she feared for her son safety. >> i saw my son being charged at by three players at once. >> referees warned the players several times to stop becoming overly aggressive with each other. midway through the third quarter, a skirmish broke out. referees tried to regain control, a 16-year-old players cross checked a player in their heads with his stick. an ambulance took him to shock trauma with sustained injuries to his job and mouth. the league's commissioner could not confirm or deny that racial epithets did start the brawl. he said the fight has of such everyone involved. safety is his main concern and will make sure that all teams understand the league has a zero tolerance policy for that behavior. the commissioner says the
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player that allegedly committed the assault has been ejected from the leak. a player on the any team that allegedly threw a punch has also been suspended. as for the victim, he has returned home from the hospital. police are investigating a crash that shut down a busy roadway along branch ave. a tractor-trailer crashed into a bridge under past this morning. blood spilled onto the road. -- the load spilled onto the road. the truck was too tall to go under the overpass. a time for a check on the traffic situation. >> we have some slow traffic on 395 right now. it is slow on southbound 95 springfield to woodbridge.
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let's take a look at the belt way right now. on the outer loop, slow traffic as you are making the trip to telegraph. there is an accident on the left shoulder. inner loop of the beltway is a mess right now. you are slow after old georgetown road. coming up -- >> you identify a group by a pattern on their fingers. >> the movies you will talk about between now and thanksgiving. >> at 6:00, a popular home improvement chain is cutting back.
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as the temperature drops the box office is heating up. >> arch campbell joins us with a look at coming attractions. >> these will get better as we get towards them skidding and
5:41 pm
christmas. november is arm -- towards thanksgiving and christmas. november is our riding -- arriving soon. johnny depp played hunter thompson now we plays a character and an early hunter thompson novel. they turn a christmas reunion into a 3-d romp, november 4. they go up against animation's great scene stealer puss in boots. >> sometimes --
5:42 pm
>> twi-hards 08 the fourth movie and miniseries. weekend box office almost a tie between "footloose." later this fall, we will get the "girl with the dragon tattoo." >> of things are looking up at the cinema. >> it is about time. >> coming up next, a popular entertainment house announces she has breast cancer. >> the result of a new
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i'm jack, and we're at minute clinic, inside my cvs. just got her flu shot,
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>> how safe is your cell phone? according to a new study not as safe as the government said. the study found that the government test might underestimate the radiation exposure from cell phones. this test -- the tests are done on a plastic mannequin heads like this. 97% of the population, these tests are inadequate. >> the standards for cell phones have been developed based on old science. that is why they need to change. >> here are the images. this shows how deep the radiation penetrates an adult male. independent scientists say there are no conclusive studies that radiation -- that seldom radiation causes cancer.
5:47 pm
>> there are different kinds of radiation. there is no good evidence that that radiation causes cancer. >> what can you do to limit your exposure? limits the number of minutes you and your children talk on a cell phone. use a handsfree device. text instead of talking. >> the guidelines for diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are expanding. doctors can diagnose and treat children as young as 04 years old. the previous guidelines focus on children between the ages of 6 and 12. the new rules could lead to misdiagnosed children. michelle obama honored a
5:48 pm
local military family. they rolled up their sleeves to but the final touches in northwest. he suffered spinal cord injuries while serving in afghanistan. the first lady and jill biden will all -- will also select military families during the world series. giuliana rancic announce today that she has breast cancer. the 36-year-old has been undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments to get pregnant. she is having surgery this weekend and will undergo six weeks of radiation. her prognosis is good. tonight only 8 couples remain on "dancing with the stars."
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tonight, we have the 1980's of fame. -- theme. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. no dancing, i trust. >> that the president on the road again with a message about creating jobs for unemployed americans. we will show you where he is going over the next several days and now he has changed his jobs bill. a pair of fast food restaurant robbery took police concerned. see what they want to arrest the robbers before they strike again. what is the latest? >> it is still a very pleasant evening out there. temperatures will stock to drop a little more quickly later tonight. but eastern with a look at the
5:50 pm
national park. look how quickly the leaves have changed. if that is one of your favorite things to do in october he might want to head west of the metro area. michael, another shenandoah at the valley picture. temperatures are in the upper 60's. beautiful weather through the evening hours. a few clouds, sun up at 7:20. through the day tomorrow, partly cloudy and comfortable.
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then a storm system brings rain. much cooler on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. the will of more at 6:00. four interceptions. >> there was a whole lot more than that. there are a lot of emotions running through redskins fans today. i want to give you the facts. that is against five teams with a record of 9 and 18. the offense could not run the ball. everybody wants to talk about the redskins' quarterback situation. >> all i'm going to say it is the decision will be made based on the best interest of our
5:52 pm
organization. >> that was mike shanahan this afternoon. >> i am sure most of the questions will be about the interceptions. >> rex grossman is coming off of his worst game with the redskins. he was replaced by john beck in the fourth quarter. >> whatever the situation is. >> he ranks near the bottom of the quarterback rating. he has a staunch defender in it santana moss. >> you cannot just give up on somebody because they had a bad outing. >> you want players supporting your quarterback. >> for the last 20 years time will tell how this plays out. >> you do not want to be given
5:53 pm
up on like that. that is all i can say. that is why i feel the way i feel. >> let me tell you something he had 11 turnovers for the season. he has done it his entire career. the redskins do not have a another man to go to. >> what happened? >> that is a good question philadelphia -- >> coming up next, -- >> a muslim taxi driver -- that is
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a local level driver claims to of his passengers attacked him at national harbor because he is a muslim. >> the case is now being reopened. >> this is a married father of two small children who has lived in the united states for 12 years. he is from morocco and the says the charges should have been a hate crime. >> for this 40-year-old when a driver, it was a nightmare. on march 10, he picked up 10 -- 2 men in northeast. >> i believe in god. my profit is mohammed. >> one of the young men called tim kaine -- him a jihadist.
5:58 pm
>> he said he quickly got out of his suv. the other man hit him in the head. he said he fell to the ground, fracturing his hand. >> i saw him fly backward. >> he recognized the suspects as bartenders. he pointed them out to police and both were arrested. both evidently walked away without prosecution. >> it is a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such. >> in may, prosecutors dropped the case. it was discovered there was a computer glitch. he was never issued a subpoena. >> we're going to see if it is a possible lead. >> those charges could include
5:59 pm
hate crimes. the suspect who allegedly trying to kill him was ordered to pay $65 restitution. >> i feel like i am not human. >> we did speak with the suspect who is accused of assaulting the cabdriver. he says that he has no comment. in his mind, this is over with. next, at 6:00 -- >> the president hits the road to sell his plan to generate jobs. >> we are talking about armed gunmen who may be targeting mcdonald's in prince george's county. >> a commuter crackdown under way in one local community. captioned by the national captioning institute


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