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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news at 6 on your side. are big story at 6:00, the president gives the road in an effort to get americans back to work. >> his first stop on his tour the asheville n.c., area. we're following the bus tour tonight. >> the president wants to sell his jobs bill to small-town residents in north carolina and virginia. the white house calls it official business. >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states. >> the campaign style of approach hits the road on monday. he pushed his jobs bill. >> we will break up my jobs bill.
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maybe they just did not understand the whole thing at once. >> he hopes his approach is more palatable after senate republicans rejected his jobs plan last week. his first initiative involves calling on congress to spend $35 billion. later proposals could prove to be a harder sell. >> we will ask them to take a stand about whether people like me should pay a little more. >> the bus tour winds through north carolina and virginia. a stop at a small town barbecue restaurant included takeout handshakes and photographs. >> we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaign. >> some of its critics say that the president should focus more on in here and now. >> it is time that he came off the campaign trail and negotiated.
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>> the president's approval rating in handling the economy is only 35%. voters give him a considerable advantage over congressional republicans. after tonight's stop in north carolina, the president will spend the night in greensboro. tomorrow, and he will start the day in jamestown, north carolina. the president will start when state at langley air force base and finished his tort in chesterfield, virginia. lawmakers have until the end of the year to act on the extension. if there is none, 2.1 million americans will lose their benefits. last year, congress approved an extension of up to 73 weeks.
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day 2 of a massive search for a missing montgomery county boy. so far, nothing. police spent the day in a wooded area looking for any trace of william mcquain. the 11-year-old has not been seen since september 30 it. his mother was found stabbed and beaten to death in their home last wednesday. her estranged husband carlos lopez, is charged in her murder. >> i can tell you that it is not a hunch. it is based on investigative leads and information that detectives have. >> he is being held by authorities in charlotte north carolina. today, he waived his right to fight extradition. authorities said they will keep searching tonight until they are satisfied. two armed robberies have
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policing -- police looking into the possibility that they are connected. one of the crimes happened in broad daylight. we are live in fort washington. >> it was not just broad daylight, it was the heart of the dinner hour. that has police concerned. at least one of the suspects would outgun. these images from a security camera do not look like much. twice this month, a man matching the description have gone in waving a black revolver demanding cash. >> these economic times are causing people to do crazy things. >> friday, october 7 this mcdonald's was hit around 5:00. they made off with about $270. >> it is just bad.
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>> earlier this morning this mcdonald's in fort washington was robbed of nearly $2,000 the same way. >> we have not positively linked them both together, but the information is leading investigators believe they are committed by the same suspects. >> it can happen anywhere. you have to be aware of your surroundings. that is how we live in these days. >> no one has been hurt in either of these incidents. police are reviewing security camera and video. we are live tonight in fort washington. a heads up for those who use the park and tried lot in woodbridge virginia. police are enforcing the lot on
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corner road. they say that drivers have been parking illegally. that warning. it is over and if you parked illegally, you will get a ticket and your car might be towed. the country's foreign minister denies the allegations. he says his government will look at the information. american authorities said the plan to kill the saudi arabian ambassador involved a bombing of a restaurant. thousands of local office cleaners will not go on strike as scheduled. the union reached a tentative deal on a contract last night. the deal calls for them to get a 4% pay raise every year for the next four years but union members must ratify that agreement. why some lowe's improvement
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stores will be closing up in the next couple of weeks. >> she was the first lady, what hillary clinton have an interest in running for the first office again? >> another gorgeous day. some changes coming by mid-week. i think you'll like the seven- day forecast.
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you are watching abc7 news at 6 with gordon peterson and maureen bunyan. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. we continue its plans for some cutbacks at one of the nation's big home-improvement chain. >> lowe's is closing 20 stores. 2000 people will be out of work. the closest store to us is in virginia. we have news about cell phone plan morning's designed to prevent bill shock for users. the fcc is telling companies
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they have to warn customers before they go over their monthly limit. the government says tons of millions of people are hit with overcharges each year. sales of the new iphone are going through the roof. the company says they have sold more than 4 million of the devices since they first went on sale on friday. that is double the week and sales of the iphone -- weekend sales of the iphone4. >> samsung is trying to stop the iphone4s and ipad to be sold in two countries. they're saying that apple is violating a patent rights. next, some high-flying
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engineering acrobatics at the national cathedral. we have the latest and the search for earthquake damage. >> another beautiful day -- day today, but some rain is heading our way. >> a cloud hangs over the racing world today. i will tell you about the investigation that is going on.
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a pilot and a passenger are lucky enough to block away from this crash landing in williamsburg, virginia. the pilot reported engine problems right before the plane went down in a strip mall parking lot. nobody on the ground was hurt either. a team of engineers that recently inspected the washington monument are at it again. >> this time, they are on the towers of the national cathedral.
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engineers say the cathedral is structurally sound but the team is expecting -- inspecting the exterior. >> you want to keep it intact. it is important. i did not realize the extensive damage. >> last week's stonemasons removed 2 tons of stonework from a damaged and ago. the cathedral is closed since the earthquake and is now scheduled to reopen november 12. >> the occupied protests around the country are in the second month. locals are supporting the cause. 45% of d.c. residents support the occupy movement.
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a 35% of virginia residents supported. the largest supporters of the protest are african-american males. the entire pool is posted right now on secretary of state hillary clinton says no, thanks, to a possible shot at the presidency in 2016. she said she is just about ready to return to private life. she said she wants to get back to writing teaching, and helping women around the world. >> to be continued, i guess. we will get some rain in here by the middle of the week. let's get started. let's take a look at some of our temperatures. a little sampling of highs and lows of around the area.
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check out the numbers in bethesda 65 and 56. as reagan national airport, this is our fort board. 69 and 59 is the high and low. later on in the week, the cold front is going to drop the temperature very noticeably. 68 in frederick, 65 in annapolis. we have a very quiet weather pattern at the moment. you see some high clouds moving it from the west. thunderstorms, missouri, and across. -- coming across. there is a fairmount of moisture
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trying to consolidate. by wednesday, this moisture will be on top of this. during the morning tomorrow, it will be partly cloudy. rain will converge on the area as the weather system gets organized. that will determine whether we get moderate rain or heavy rain. right now, we are thinking at least an inch for many parts of the area. by late wednesday the stronger cold front arrives and it will make sure that the system does not sit there day after day. that pattern we have seen too many times. a few clouds, a 47 to 55 when you wake up tomorrow morning. as we had through wednesday a rumble of thunder clear and breezy. look at the next string of days.
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beautiful autumn weather returns. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. philadelphia is 1 and 4. >> there are a lot of ways to look at this game. you really did not think that philadelphia would lose five in a row. it was not a very good against -- what really happened, the eagles had the ball 17 more minutes than the redskins. everybody knows if you turn the ball over, it is hard to win. even if they were not all this fault, he did throw them. mike shanahan has to deal with a quarterback situation. >> i believe in both of these guys.
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both of these guys can play. i know these guys got what it takes. whatever direction we go, he will give us an opportunity to show was weak -- what he can do on a game day. >> the penalty gave them room they opened the playbook and went 80-some yards. a game that changing penalty. good call? a bad call? >> it did look like there was a helmet to how much. -- helmet. >> you just never know. >> as the redskins did into a tougher part of their schedule, the offense is a mess.
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trent williams, at ankle sprain. they be the lions yesterday and sandra cisco had coached -- san francisco. he took the blame for shaking his hand to heart. he was wrong for going after him. the nfl is investigating this incident. the tragic accident this weekend has shaken the racing world. dan wheldon was 33 years old. he was a superstar. the safety of that track is being investigated. >> we have to block this possibility.
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when it happens, it is really hard. >> the safety of the track is being investigated. it is a miles shorter than indianapolis. there are more cars racing. there are more questions than answers. >> a sad story.
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free groceries delivered right to your door. >> that is our new facebook contest. just head to our facebook page and become a fan. sign up on the left. you have until 4:00 friday afternoon to enter. >> how about a good deal on the weather? >> beautiful weather today tomorrow, it will be nice. let's look at tomorrow. partly cloudy, comfortable temperatures, and 75 degrees. r average high is 68. the rain -- our average high is 68. the rain comes on wednesday. los 60's on thursday. -- los 60's on thursday. >> see you at 11:00.
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have a good night.
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