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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> if police clashed with wall street protesters. we will tell you where. >> president obama on day leno. 27 about his republican rivals, coming up. "good morning washington" continues. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's wednesday, october 26. i am scott thuman. >> rise and shine. great to have you with us. i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden will us navigate the morning commute but we start with meteorologist steve rudin. >> quiet stand right now. maybe a little sunshine as we move through the early morning. the clouds will start to increase through the afternoon. here's the satellite and radar. we have a cold front of to the north and west. you can see it's stretching from new york state through
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northwestern pennsylvania and into ohio. this is on the way later on today into this afternoon or rather this afternoon into the overnight. it will bring an increasing clouds. the showers will hold off through the daytime and a better chance for showers tonight and then. the rain for the day tomorrow. let's look at the expense forecast. the average is well into the mid 60's at noon time. partly to mostly cloudy. all around 70 degrees for the drive home. showers by 9:00 tonight. the halloween forecast coming up in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. metro rail is reporting normal service systemwide. earlier there was construction on -- disruptions on the green line, has been resolved. looks good for marc rail and drv. looks good out of maryland on the roads. 50 is quiet. new york avenue, an accident inbound of south dakota. route 4 and route 5 uneventful. looks good into the district.
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back to you. >> thank you. volunteers in hanover virginia, are holding out hope that they will find a missing 9- year-old ally. robbie wood disappeared sunday during a walk with his family. now more than a thousand people have joined the desperate search for the autistic boy. the search will resume this morning centered around the north anna battlefield park. autria godfrey has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the rescuers do plan to be back at it once again this morning. they plant. 9:00 this morning kings dominion. 900 people yesterday devoted their time to search for the missing boy. it is a testament to how badly the community wants to find dismissing little boy. the surge is growing more desperate with each passing day. late last night dozens of
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exhausted searchers emerged from the dark woods suspending their search. some stock in a lighted candle at a candlelight vigil being held for the missing what. -- missing boy. -- some stopped to light a candle. he is autistic, which could cause him to shy away from his rescuers. they hope that the rugged terrain has kept the oil live during the last couple of cold nights. once the volunteers get here this morning that they will have to go to registration process. it is a rugged five-mile hike through the park. back to you. >> thank you. we're following the latest developments from turkey where
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the search for survivors from sun.'s deadly earthquake continues. overnight and 18-year-old students was pulled 61 hours after the quake. they found 40 other people alive yesterday including a two week old baby. over 400 people confirmed dead. tensions rising between police and occupy wall street protesters. in oakland, california, police fired tear gas at demonstrators as they try to dismantle an encampment in front of city hall. in atlanta, police arrested more than 50 people at a park where protests camp was supposed to be closed. mexico ports the resort towns are bracing for a directive from hurricane rina. its current course has its hitting cancun and cozumel today. under the people living in nearby fishing communities have already evacuated to shelters. right now it's a category two
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hurricane with winds around 110 miles an hour. a jury could hear opening statements in lululemon murder case as soon as today. what they will not see is some of the graphic photographs odf jayna murray's body. that was restricted by the judge. brittany norwood is accused of beating her co-worker to death at the bethesda yoga store. the data d.c. man accused of murder and are awaiting a trip back to washington. two suspects were tracked down in florida. the gun down a passenger on a metrobus as it stopped at a station in southeast washington. brianne carter explains how they were caught and what is next. >> good morning. this is the news that the family of demetrius thompson had been waiting for. authorities say they and our arrested two people in connection with this case. police say that 22-year-old delron atchison and 21-year-old vincent gray now face murder
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charges in connection with the death of thompson. thompson was shot on a metrobus in southeast last week just blocks from his home. police say that they used surveillance video from the bus which was key in this investigation. police say they track the two suspects to orlando, florida. at this time they remain and florida, awaiting to be extradited back to the district. thomson's family is still planning his funeral while they say this is not closure, but it's good news to hear that those police believe to be responsible are now in custody. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. the republican presidential race winding through northern virginia today. former massachusetts governor mitt romney will visit a perfect county republican committee headquarters later this morning. governor bob mcdonnell and lt. governor paul will also attend that campaign hearing.
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at the same time, president obama wraps up its two day west coast tour in denver. is announcing a new initiative to make life easier for millions of college students. karen travers is live in northwest with a preview. and some highlights of the president's somewhat serious sit-down all late-night comedy show. good morning. >> good morning. somewhat serious. earlier this week the president was focused on struggling homeowners. today he turns his attention to a struggling college graduates. he will unveil a new initiatives that would give faster relief to young americans drowning under the weight of their college loans. this will help students consolidate their loans lower their interest payments, and lower their monthly payments into something that would come as a big relief to millions of college graduates facing record levels of debt. the president is wrapping up a west coast swing that had a little fun on the side. he stopped by the tonight show with jay leno.
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>> have you been watching the gop debates? >> i am going to wait until everybody voted off the island. [laughter] >> in the race for the republican nomination, herman cain is still surging. a new poll has demanded of mitt romney in the lead with 25%. this comes as more americans are saying they don't like his signature 9-9-9 economic plan. four republican voters, the primaries may still be a long way off. eight out of 10 say it is still too early for them to see which candidates they plan to support. reporting live from northwest karen travers, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 6:08 on this wednesday, 52 degrees. >> still ahead bad timing, just hours ahead of a meeting about metro's escalator issues. the moving walkways have failed again. >> chaz and lacy. >> the final curtain for the
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most controversial contestant on "dancing." >> first, a cooling trend and the first snowfall
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haunted forest in poolesville maryland, i am matt. glenn ivey >>good morning, washington. p-51 degrees at dulles international airport this morning.
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quantico,. a cold front desk of to the north and west of us. showers already pushing into northwestern pennsylvania. -- it is 51 degrees at dulles airport. a cold front is just off to the north and west of us. 9:00 tomorrow morning the cold front will be moving through. showers will stick around. the skies will begin to clear. there's a little snowfall for upstate new york. we don't expect much for them. 67-70 degrees today for the daytime high, showers arriving later this evening. felucca extended forecast in a few minutes. first, traffic with lisa baden. metro rail had a problem on the green line, has been resolved. new york avenue inbound at south dakota avenue, there's a crash.
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traffic is able to get by. allow extra time out of cheverly. now to newschopper 7 in the geico traffic camera center camera. virginia, headlights are eastbound at 50. this is a normal backup. eastbound, no accidents. that's good to the beltway. in maryland, southbound 29 coming from columbia passed trader joe's looks great to the beltway. we will keep an eye on it. stick around. back to you. >> thank you. 6:13 on this wednesday, 52 degrees. >> some say the rich keep getting richer and students and parents paying for college are getting woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfxá modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um,
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maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. the d.c. council tackles ethics reform. a committee today will hold a meeting on nine bills designed to clean up how the council
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works. it comes amid ongoing corruption investigations into several city council members. a meeting tonight for the public will help in denair is decide what -- will help engineers to decide what to do with properties that have world war ii weapons in them. dr. murray's lawyers will call as many as five character witnesses today. he's accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. andy rooney is still in serious but stable condition in a new york hospital. the 92-year-old writer developed serious complications after minor surgery. at the request of his family, no other information has been released. former democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern is recovering in a south dakota hospital. a spokesperson says the 89-year-
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old is suffering from fatigue. he is expected to make a full recovery in a few days. shifting our focus to sports. injury report for the redskins from bad to worse. yesterday the team added chris cooley to the list of players on injured reserve. he is still coping with a knee injury and a broken finger. he joins hightower on a growing list of players. the texas rangers are just one victory away from their first world series title. they will play tonight in st. louis. in pro basketball news, another day trying to reach a deal to end the lockout. officials from the nba and the players association will meet again today. talks broke down after three days without an agreement on revenue. the montgomery county council is stepping up to address problems with metro escalator. the council panel held an emergency meeting last night and residents went to voice their concerns about escalator
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problems at the bethesda station. earlier in the day all of the station's three escalators stopped working for a short time. they were also out of service for a longer time on october 14. no good news for drivers either as the maryland state commission recommends raising the gas tax by 15 cents over three years. the added revenue would help fund transportation projects. the commission is also recommending boosting fees for car owners, as riders, and train passengers. the recommendation could raise $870 million each year. on this wednesday it is 6:17. making news, college costs hit an all-time high. and a surprising reason someone stole a 2.5 ton church bell. >> new doubts about your. european leaders may not be able to agree on a detailed plan for ending the continent's debt crisis today. they still plan a summit, a
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meeting of the finance ministers was canceled. a new study finds the top 1% of the population at 70% of the nation's household income in 2007. the most affluent 20% at 53% of the income. that's more than the rest combined. college costs are at an all-time high. it costs more than $8,000 to carry a full load at an in-state public college or university. that is an increase this fall more than 8%. a church bell that survived the 1906 san francisco earthquake is missing. it went on display in -- it was on display in front of a church. it is 80% copper and officials worry it is being melted down. i am junji de nies. let's look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> steve rudin is here. it's a nice day. >> not a bad start. yesterday was beautiful. >> absolutely. >> if we have hopes of anything like yesterday for today, you might want to reevaluate.
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>> there's a cold front? >> that's right. by noon time the clouds will start to increase and showers on the way later tonight and tomorrow. not the greatest of days. let's look at what's going on. newington, virginia, a 54 degrees. temple hills, 51 degrees in maryland. in the district, 53 degrees. 52 in gaithersburg, 50 degrees in fredericksburg -- 60. the clouds will increase and showers will arrive by the evening. tomorrow possibly a quarter of an inch of rain. if you are traveling out west especially around denver this morning, many flights out there from dulles airport, they're looking at snow. 12-pristine to 15 inches of snow
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expected in denver. not for us. our skies will clear as we move into the day on friday. that is good news. the marine corps marathon on sunday. dry weather with temperatures around 60. showers by 9:00 tonight for us. to buttress will fall into the 40's and low 50's. highs in the 60's tomorrow. mid 60's on friday for the high temperature. then our temperatures will rebound just a little on sunday and monday, which is colleen. an update on traffic now with lisa baden. nothing scary on the highway right now. normal volume on 66 eastbound out of manassas, in centreville and 50 fair oaks, 95 out of woodbridge and again in springfield. if 395 had briefed allies in landmark. across the american legion bridge, and it looks good on the maryland side. there was a minor problem with
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the georgetown pike on the beltway, but no disruption right now. 270 southbound delays are normal and out of urbana to get to hyattstown. and again in germantown. no worries in and out of baltimore. new york avenue "crash tax" south dakota avenue -- a crash at south dakota avenue. the 52 degrees. >> up next, chaz bono's final bow, what he says about six weeks on the ballroom floor. coming up on "anderson," i am conquering my fear of heights. on my next show, we all have fears. i will show you how to face them and overcome them. on the next "anderson."
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6 down and the six still in the competition. >> chaz bono had one of the worst scores during broadway week. for the transgender activists it's the end. he says that he is sad to go but does not consider the elimination bad news. >> it truly was a life changing experience. it showed me so much about myself. >> what is the one in thing that
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makes you smile right now? >> dust, and do, how much i'm capable of, how much i can overcome. if i really had no idea until i was challenged on every level. -- just what i can do. >> it was a challenge for him where sparkles and get out there and have fun. >> there will be a halloween theme next week. 6:25. still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> more rescues from the rubble, days after their earthquake in turkey. they found two more people alive. >> montgomery county schedule to get under way with the lululemon murder trial. we have the details coming up. >> steve rudin in the belfort
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furniture weather center. starting the day with sunshine, but a cold front on the way. forecast [ rock playing ] ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i just hope that they find him soon. and he will be okay. >> straight ahead at 6:30, a desperate search with hundreds of volunteers and their hours away from heading back into the woods missing for a missing -- looking for a missing nine-years old. we began with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with meteorologist steve rudin. some changes are on the way as we move through the afternoon and evening hours. a cold front will approach from the north and west and that will allow our temperatures too
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slowly fall. nothing to complain about outside this morning. 54 degrees at reagan national airport. west virginia is at 41 degrees. you can see the cold front stretching across western pennsylvania into eastern ohio. this will bring us a thickening clouds later this afternoon into the overnight hours. daytime highs today will be around 70 which is above average. you will want to keep your umbrella and raincoat handy tomorrow. doug hill will be in in a few moments with a full look at the forecast. this just in --vdot reporting there is an action on the inner loop of the beltway near leesburg pike. it is the inner loop at route 7 after 66 on your way through tyson's corner, coming out of merrifield an accident on the
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right side of the roadway. it looks like you can get by on the left. the search for a missing 9- year-old boy resumes in less than three hours from now robbie wood disappeared on sunday while hiking with his father and brother. he is autistic so is his ability to communicate is limited. that could make the search more difficultautria godfrey is live. the searchers planned to resume their efforts at 9:00 this morning and they will meet at king's dominion. they had just under 900 people volunteered yesterday to search for the little boy. they had to turn away some people because they could not get them processed and trained quickly enough.
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it is a testament to how badly everyone in this community wants to find this little boy. the search is growing more desperate by the day. dozens of dejected searchers in march from the woods. there are searching for a 9- year-old robbie wood. some stopped to light a candle for the missing boy. >> i just hope that they find him send and he will be okay. >> he was hiking with his father and brother when he disappeared. he is autistic and his communication skills are limited complicating rescue efforts. >> there are a lot of different animals there. >> volunteers remain vigilant. more than 1000 turned out yesterday and they will be back out again this morning. that will track for the rugged terrain that they hope has kept the ball alive during the night. >> it is a cold night and he is out here. they are calling for rain. >> some of the school buses have
6:33 am
started to arrive. the need of those buses because they will have to bus all the hundreds of volunteers from this area over to the park. once these volunteers arrive, they have to go through a registration process and i have to go through a short training process. it is a rugged five-mile hike through this park and wooded terrain. that has some obstacles facing them as they continue to search. we are also following the latest developments from turkey this morning were the search for survivors after sunday's deadly earthquake continues. crews pulled an 18-year-old student and a teacher from the rubble of an apartment building. the survivors emerged from the record-61 hours after the earthquake. they found 41 other people alive yesterday. police are clashing with
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occupy wall street protesters in oakland, california. officers fired tear gas at demonstrators. in atlanta, police arrested more than 50 protesters who receipt -- who refused to leave a city park. the mexican resort towns are bracing from a direct hit from hurricane rina. hundreds of people have already evacuate to. rina is a category two hurricane. a jury could hear opening statements in bill lululemon murder trial as soon as today. jurors will not see graphic photos of the victim's body. we learn more about the weapons
6:35 am
used on the victim. jummy olabanji has more details. right now, we know there are about 65 potential jurors left. we are expecting that number will go down to the 12 needed along with the five alternates this morning. we know it has taken two days to come up with a jury. each one met with the judge privately to go through what they know or do not know about this case. there will be emotional testimony going forward. as well as some graphic evidence. yesterday, prosecutors revealed out jean-marie died. -- jayna murray died. eight weapons were used including a hammer. this will be an emotional trial. we expect more friends and
6:36 am
family of jeanette marie and brittany norwood to be in the courtroom later today. -- jane that murray. jayna murray. thank you. police are investigating a suspicious death of a falls church virginia woman whose body was found in a creek in new york state. police found her body in elmira heights. an autopsy has been conducted and they're waiting for a toxicology report. the republican presidential race comes through northern virginia today. mitt romney will visit the fairfax county republican headquarters later this morning. governor bob mcdonnell and the lieutenant governor will attend that meeting -- that rally. >> still ahead -- the president
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gets serious on a late-night comedy show. we will have highlights from " the tonight show." >> we will tell you where winter kimberly. >> we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes
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>> it is about 6:40 in time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's go to doug hill. >> good to see you. it is a nice morning with a partly cloudy skies. clouds will be increasing and will have to deal with some rain and some unsettled weather for the next couple of days. in alexandria, 50 degrees. skies are partly cloudy across the region. a comfortable morning. the satellite and radar is picking up a cold front across the great lakes for it a fair amount of sunshine for the next couple of hours but then increasing clouds as we get to the afternoon and evening tonight. i think it will have a better chance of rain tomorrow.
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some clouds and showers tonight and tomorrow and eventually it will clear out by late tomorrow night. a fair amount of rain between now and late tomorrow evening. into the upper 60's, close to 70 with increased cloudiness today and scattered showers later this evening and tonight. thank how to the roadways look? this is the normal backup southbound on 270 from frederick to get to 109. lanes are open to the lane that divide. i just talked to maryland state police and they say no accidents. we had a crash on the inner loop at leesburg pike. look at that back up on the inner loop leaving springfield to annandale and merrifield.
6:42 am
this is after 66 but before route 7 and that car wreck is in the right lane. thank you 6:42 and 52 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. >> have you been watching the gop debate? >> i will wait until everybody is voted off the island. [applause] [laughter] >> the president sits down with jay leno. >> we will have highlights of what's next for the president's west coast tour. we know the president has some serious issues he will talk about.
6:45 am
at the same time, these appearances on "the tonight show"mad don't they? >> they do. he has a wide audience. the president has been on the show four times. he really has a chance to connect with people in a way he does not have standing behind a podium at the white house. >> how did he do? >> it is not the toughest interview ever. jay leno gives him a chance to relax and connect 121 if he can for the television screen and talk about some things that would not get across necessarily at the white house. he got a chance to crack wise. >> let's talk of his next step on the west coast. he will be at the university of colorado today, rallying students there and talking about
6:46 am
helping pay off their college loans? >> absolutely. in a down economy, he will talk about something that is important to young voters, the chance to get a student loan that is less expensive than it was when you took it out, pay it down sooner, and maybe have bad debt forgiven. >> joe williams, we appreciate it. defense attorneys will try to change the public perception of dr. conrad murray. his lawyers will call as many as five character witnesses in the trial of the death of michael jackson. a british coroner will hear about the final moments of amy winehouse. the singer died in july at the age of 27 and an initial autopsy was inconclusive. the texas rangers are one
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win away from their first world series title. they will play again tonight concerns are growing about escalator outages at the bethesda metro station. in montgomery county council meeting was held last night about the broken escalator all three escalators stopped working and they were out of service for a longer period on october 14. >> people can handle was going down because it is walking the going up it is a struggle. >> there is not a single person in this metro system that would not like the escalator toward better. >> metro plans to replace the escalators at the bethesda station and build a new station on elm street. a federal judge in north carolina will rule on motions aimed at dismissing the case against former democratic vice- presidential -- former democratic presidential john edwards.
6:48 am
he is accused of using campaign funds to cover up an affair. he is expected to go on trial in january. a former goldman sachs board member is expected to turn himself in on an insider-trading case. it is not clear what the charges against raja gupta are. the forecast says winter for parts of colorado. wintry weather is already piling up in denver boulder and other areas. 20 inches of snow could fall in the rockies. in our area, we don't have snow to worry about what we have some rain on the way and colder air? it will definitely feel like fall over the weekend. 59 degrees yesterday in denver and now they are 29 degrees.
6:49 am
we will see some sunshine today and then some clouds and showers locally. temperatures are in the 50's locally at the moment. hear, the clouds and showers. that will be later today. we will have heavier clouds the seven and a few showers late in the day and tomorrow will be the best chance of showers. we will look out west a little bit. a pretty quiet weather pattern east of the rockies. around denver, the snow is continuing to fall. it is a sign that even though it is early october, winter weather patterns are starting to develop. locally over the next couple of days, we will have sunshine mixed with clouds for the morning and increasing cloudiness and highs in the
6:50 am
upper 60's and scattered showers tonight and it will be a bit cooler and tomorrow it looks like cloudy skies will be the story with more showers still in the 60's and temperatures start to fall later in the day. keep up with the weather any time at >> lisa baden, we have problems out there? this is just in from montgomery county. 270 southbound after falls road but before montresor road look at the pace of traffic. -- before montrose road. in virginia, traffic is stacking up on 66 in manassas leading
6:51 am
rusher 50 off and on to the beltway. 395 is jammed. if you have any ghosts or super bureaus around the house grabbed a camera. >> you could win our costume contest. send the pictures to iwitness at
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at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and counities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school thatrings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> getting ready for rina. a travel warning has been issued over hurricane rina. it is getting closer to mexico's most popular resorts. another blow up in the ballroom -- rounded two between maks and judge len goodman. checking this morning's top stories -- police officers and volunteers will resume their desperate search for missing autistic boy in hanover county virginia. the nine-year old was last seen sunday while hiking in battlefield park. opening statements could
6:55 am
begin this afternoon in the trial of brittany norwood who is charged with killing jayna murray at lululemon store in march. mitt romney will spend time in virginia at the fairfax county republican headquarters this morning. >> lisa baden there are possible delays on the orange and blue lines because of a commercial power problem. if you take the origin i am getting the word -- if you take the orange and blue lines, delays are possible. we're stuck in about a germantown on i-270 . there's a crash on the inner loop of the beltway at leesburg pike. delays are out of springfield and eastbound 66 has a crash in manassas. let's go to steve rudin. we have a little bit of sunshine and we will gradually
6:56 am
have more clouds gathering. near 74 daytime highs mid-60's tomorrow but showers tomorrow and breezy and much cooler on friday in the mid 50's. saturday a few showers and the marine corps marathon is early sunday morning. it is ideal running weather because it will be cool. temperatures will rebound to around 60 degrees on sunday and halloween monday. is your online home for abc 7 whether. >> sounds good. that will do what -- do it for us. >> for continuing local news, thune 2 newschannel 8.
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