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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 28, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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>> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- justin timberlake. >> jimmy: whatever is going on with you, will you rub some of it on me? rub me around the head and face for a little bit. >> i'll rub you, i don't know what -- >> dicky: rebecca romijn. >> jimmy: do you have to wear the high heels? >> dicky: and music from the fray. >> oh! >> jimmy: you never see diane sawyer do that.
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at -- >> tailgate -- >> tailgate -- >> shop with confidence. >> shop with confidence. >> shop with confidence. >> shop with confidence. okay? huh? >> just tailgate. >> just tailgate. what i say now? >> dicky: visit for a list of the best tailgating vehicles. confidence comes standard. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with rebecca romijn, music from the fray and back in two minutes with rebecca romijn, music from the fray and justin timberlake. eila looks gr. [ laughter ] what's so funny? nothing. nothing. and it says here hank's a real gas guzzler. you hear that hank? burp. whatever. hey, what about me? it says your ride is very smooth. aw, yeah. hear that sheila? never gonna happen. [ male announcer ] with consumer and expert reviews. confidence comes standard. see just like the reviews said. big rear-end. excuse me?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- justin timberlake. rebecca romijn. and music from the fray. with cleto and the cletones. >> dicky: and now, like always, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you, fellas. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thank you for abandoning your responsibilities and babies to be here tonight. for those of you who are visiting, welcome to hollywood. hollywood is very weird. this morning i was driving into work and i stopped at the intersection right down the block here and there was a guy standing on the corner, a mention jan gentleman. and our eyes met. and then in a very cheerful way, he yelled "what up, whitey?" how he knew i was white, i don't know. [ laughter ] that's a weird thing to do, right? i mean, if i wanted to be reminded that i'm white, i'm will dance. i don't need -- [ laughter ] pedestrians to remind me. did you notice the new open r the show? [ applause ]
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once every eight to nine years around here we like to freshen things up. part of our strong commitment to viewer satisfaction. you're here on a fun night. we have music tonight from the fray. rebecca romijn is here. and also, a man whose poster hangs over my bed at all times, justin timberlake is on the show. guys, do me a favor. i want to make him feel like he's welcome. act like you are super excited to see him, okay? i want to wish a happy birthday to the statue of liberty. have you heard of the statue -- you know, the thing dan aykroyd road around on? it was given to us from france in 1886, which means it is 125 years old, though, who knows, famous women seem to lie about their age. there are all kind of festivities planned for tomorrow in new york. actress se gor knee weaver will
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read the famous poem on the statue, as they swear in a group of new citizens. i'm not sure why they picked her, maybe because she was in the movie "aliens?" they are also marking the -- the birthday, they are going to close it down for a year to give it a number of upgrades. it's going to get webb web cams mounted around her crown. she will have cameras in her torch, which has been off-limits since 116. and she is going to be given kim kardashian's butt. [ applause ] and an ipad, too, so -- [ applause ] you have your halloween costumes picked out for monday? i hate -- i hate having to find -- i really hate it. they turn these abandoned blockbuster video stores into, like, halloween costume cities. and the costumes are all stupid.
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and the employees in the store do not care because they know they're fired on november 1st. [ laughter ] i think i might just go as a naked guy this year. you know, i'm always -- don't patronize me. i'm always impressed by the creativity some women show on halloween because they are able to come up with slutty versions of things i had no idea could be slutty. like a slutty tomato. a slutty bumblebee. slutty abe lincoln. weird things. i miss the days when hall weep was a simple holiday about making ritual sacrifices to evil spirits to ensure a plentiful harvest. now it's all about the candy. that's a shame. here's a good current events related costume. we mentioned this last night. steven tyler, the american performer, was in paraguay last tuesday. he slipped in the shower and hurt his face.
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he had to go to the hospital. there were reports he lost some teeth and now there's a picture, too, that confirms he -- you guys are laughing, but that's a real picture of -- he looks like one of the little rascals or something. i never seen anything happier to look like they've been hit in the face with a panini machine before. this is something -- this is excellent. this is from the news in russia. apparently they have news in russia now. it's from a russian news program. they're doing what i'm sure was an important story about women taking off their clothes and keep a close eye on the news anchor with the very quick draw. [ speaking foreign language ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: just a pencil i -- let's look at that one more time.
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whoa! you never see diane sawyer do that. here's another good one. this one is from australia. and pay close attention to the action going on in the background. this is tonight's edition of "behind the news." >> wendy, i've heard there are a few english folks -- >> jimmy: you got news and traffic all in one. [ applause ] this -- back here in america, there's a new poll released today by fox news. they have former godfather's pizza ceo herman cain on top of the republican candidates for president. and he's the funniest candidate by about 40 points. this week, cain released a very strange campaign ad, in which his chief of staff, a guy named mark block, blows cigarette smoke at the camera --
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>> we can take this country back. ♪ i am america ♪ one voice >> jimmy: and then herman cain himself releases a very slow and very creepy smile. [ laughter ] he's been -- now he has been answering a lot of questions about the ad. some people thought it was a joke. apparently it wasn't. he told fox news last night that it was an example of herman being herman and mark being mark. i think they should switch off and let herman be mark every once in awhile. during that same interview, cain cleared up his position on abortion, which he claims the media has been trying to distort. >> i am consistently pro-life from conception. it was taken out of context and because, in that piece, right there, they didn't show the first part, i used the word choice, talking about a specific situation that he was trying to pigeon me holed on.
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>> jimmy: you don't want to do that. you do not want that. pigeon me hole is a new pizza topping. they'll deliver it -- it's their version of crazy bread. that's what he gets for not answering every question 9-9-9 like he usually does. the election is just over a year away, a year and two weeks from now. there have been a lot of republican debates already. but no one has been able to break out from the pack. there's been a lot of sniping between the candidates. usually around this time, we're getting ready for the charlie brown great pumpkin special, but there's another lesser known peanuts cartoon that warrants showing right now, it's called "you're not elected, charlie brown." really. tonight, we took the video from that cartoon. this is a real cartoon. and we combined it from audio from the republican debate. because, well, if they're going to fight like children, they might as well be them, too. >> mr. cain, what would you do as president of the united states? >> create jobs. >> i've already laid out how to
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do that for any 9-9-9 plan. >> governor romney, now. to you now. where's the proof that just cutting taxes will create jobs? >> what this president has done is slow the economy. he different creation the recession -- >> if governor romney would throw out his jobs growth plan and replace it with 9-9-9 -- >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states, you have to let both people speak. >> deep dish. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's -- there's a new dating reality show, finally, on hd net. it's called "celebr-date." a d or f celebrity goes on a blind date and then chooses one. the first episode featured the octo-mom. and last night, jose conseco
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showed up. i don't know who that have next week. joe the plumber is teed up. at the end of the show, jose was asked to choose and here's what he decided. >> my choice is going to be katie. katie is it. we say good-bye to you. thank you very much. >> jose, we have so much fun. so -- he didn't pick me, so, he looks more but now i know what i like and by the way, i like black men. [ applause ] >> jimmy: 9-9-9. [ laughter ] that smile makes every clip better. and one more thing. it's thursday night, it is time for your weekly tribute to the fcc, where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not.
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it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> we run a campaign like nobody's ever seen. but then, america's never seen a [ bleep ] like herman cain. >> coming here gets me [ bleep ] up. >> and we're looking for moisture out there. and look at this [ bleep ]. beautiful right now. >> i'm ready to stand up and [ bleep ] them all. >> what's going on with the defense team, they're trying to [ bleep ] up dr. murray's reputation. >> little [ bleep ]? >> calling yourself black walnut ice cream is actually your ploy to get white people to [ bleep ] you. >> don't forget to e-mail us. send me pictures of your [ bleep ]. >> you heard one daughter say to the other one, you shut the [ bleep ] up. and the other said, no, you shut the [ bleep ] up. they were 3 at the time. >> this is [ bleep ] my what with john schneider. >> i would have to say his body
12:17 am
looks a lot like mine. no question about that. >> is that right? is that right? is that right? >> i could have had candy, apples and gum. but no, i had to listen to you, you [ bleep ] head. what a fool i was! [ applause ] >> jimmy: we've got a wonderful program for you tonight. rebecca romijn is here. we have music from the fray. and we'll be right back with just justin timberlake, so stick around. tonight we're setting the table with something new. come in for olive garden's new stuffed rigatonis, hearty pasta stuffed with a blend of five italian cheeses. for just $11.95 try the rigatoni with grilled chicken in a roasted garlic alfredo.
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i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetras. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. do you want to borrow my keys.
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>> jimmy: hi there. tonight on the program, she's got a new horror movie on the lifetime network, of all places.
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it's called "possessing piper rose." it premieres saturday. rebecca romijn is here. i do remember the last horror movie lifetime made was called "not without my oprah." it was about a woman whose television broke during oprah and -- it was pretty scary. and then playing this, their new single, it's called "heartbeat." from their forthcoming album, "scares and stories," the fray from the bud light outdoor stage. we've got a great lineup for you next week, maybe our best lineup ever. eddie murphy will be here, ellen degeneres. adam sandler, pee-wee herman, gabourey sidibe, manny pacquiao, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars," and we'll have music from chickenfoot, the bangles, chris isaak and megadeth on halloween night. on monday, so -- please join us next week for that. our first guest has six grammy awards, four emmy awards and one neatly-boxed penis. now, he is a movie star whom you can see alongside
12:23 am
amanda seyfried in the new science fiction thriller "in time." it opens in theaters tomorrow. please say hello to justin timberlake. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for coming. how are you? [ cheers and applause ] look at how happy everyone is all of a sudden. i have to say, i felt like they had mixed emotions about me and now i know they did. >> you'd be shocked at how expensive it is to buy that type of adoration. >> jimmy: yeah, well, you know what? i have a feeling it just shot right out of your mom is what happened. whatever is going on with you, will you rub some of it on me? >> i'll rub you, i don't know what -- >> jimmy: that would be nice.
12:24 am
the last time you were here, i think you were a singer and now you've come back a movie star. and i can only imagine where we're headed -- what's next for justin timberlake? magician? [ laughter ] >> i feel like the whole thing has been a big trick, so i don't know. >> jimmy: seems like movie stars want to sing and singers want to be movie stars -- >> ah, yes. >> jimmy: but everyone really wants to sing. are you moving away from singing or -- >> i think everyone does want to sing. yes. >> jimmy: everyone wants people to hear them sing. >> probably not a good idea for everybody. >> jimmy: definitely not a good idea for everybody. but is this something that you want to wrap up eventual little or something you plan to do both of all the time? >> i -- listen, my favorite -- my favorite -- my idols as it were, you know, sinatra and dean martin and gene kelly, kind of, the guys who could, you know -- >> jimmy: do all of it. >> yeah, and do it in a way that was, you know, authentic to
12:25 am
them. so i don't know, i -- listen, i don't hit the i could ever stop doing music, but i think that -- >> jimmy: because people would kill you if you did. >> i am noticing that, yes. >> jimmy: people almost kill you -- for instance, you had a big concert in august, a surprise concert in new york. >> either way, i almost get killed. >> jimmy: not good. people went so crazy they showed up -- >> i have a band that i sort of discovered in memphis, their name is free soul. and we were in new york and we were doing a couple of events around new york and so i decided to tweet and said we would do a surprise show at southern hospitality. >> jimmy: isn't that illegal? you shouldn't be allowed to do that. technically that seems like a crime to me. >> the nypd were not happy. sort of like -- i didn't think about it when i was just tweeting away. >> jimmy: more than 6 million twitter followers and they all -- >> that's one of the parts i
12:26 am
didn't think about. >> jimmy: that should be considered. this is something you tweeted. you said, "i surfed in hawaii for a month and only showered twice. i'm not going to lie. i smelled." true? >> i don't want that to sound like some random kanye west tweet. and by the way, i loved the josh grobin thing. i was doing sort of a q and a on twitter and someone asked me -- >> jimmy: i got you. >> about the last time i show showered, or the longest i went without showering. and for some reason i went on this trip to hawaii and surfed. this is really not interesting, but whatever. >> jimmy: everything is you say is interesting. make no mistake actbout it. [ applause ] that's when you're know you're crazy when you stop going, this is a boring story, that's when you've got trouble on your hands. >> that's true. >> jimmy: but the fact that you don't bathe is interesting because i see it as a, like,
12:27 am
it's like, a der ternt, like, all right, ladies, we're going to calm you down a little. when you come rushing at me, you're going to go, oh. >> i gave that up and i do shower regularly now. >> jimmy: that's so -- you know what? >> i feel like the salt water was very cleansing, so -- >> jimmy: it depends. you have to rub it. >> right? >> jimmy: and you need a sea sponge or a fish to get your back with and everything. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is not a habit. >> it's not habitual, no. >> jimmy: you know what? nobody really likes that. i know a lot of guys do it. >> you hear rumors about people who, like, yeah, they don't shower. and you're like, yeah, whatever. >> jimmy: like matthew mcconaughey is who you're talking about? >> well -- [ laughter ] that wasn't who i was -- >> jimmy: oh, it's not? >> it sounds like you have an experience that might actually -- >> jimmy: i have to say, he smelled okay when he was here. >> apparently, so i've been told, there's this grace period
12:28 am
where, like, when you stop showering -- why are we talking about this? >> jimmy: i don't know. keep going. >> when you stop showering, like, you know, there's this grace period where you actually do stink but your body takes on the natural, whatever -- >> jimmy: that does not happen. >> no, no, no, this is what i was told. when i rolled up on someone who didn't shower, i was like, they haven't showered for years so they probably smell natural to themselves and how they smell naturally to themselves was like [ bleep ], so -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. just walk by any homeless person in new york and you'll get the idea of that natural skept. >> yes. >> jimmy: so you are showering. hey, explain what's going on in this picture. i think this is very interesting. >> there was a writer from "esquire" magazine who come to do these stories and they want to, you know, either go out and play golf with you or go out and have dinner with you and see what it's like to, you know, be
12:29 am
in your shoes or whatever. and so -- we were am comic-con for this movie "in time" and i never had been to comic-con, first of all. so i didn't actually know that the writer was going to come to san diego, but last minute, he came to san diego and i had already planned on doing this, but i thought it would be even funnier if the writer did wit me. so, this is me, i'm ernie, and the writer is bert. probably -- >> jimmy: the writer is also -- >> a pervert. turning bert into a pervert. >> jimmy: and those are some fine costumes you got -- from walmart? >> those are like under $10. >> jimmy: you were able to go through as a muppet. >> no, as ernie. yeah, yeah, yeah. i was a big ernie fan when i was a kid. >> jimmy: ernie is the best. >> and grover.
12:30 am
can we just say this? grover is specifically elmo before elmo? >> jimmy: grover's a little crazier than elmo. like if his brain cooked a little bit. ernie is great, because ernie is kind of a [ bleep ]. >> yes. >> jimmy: he does -- he's like bert, like, hey, bert -- have half a cookie. they split the cookie and ernie wants to split it again. he eats half and half and half and bert has nothing. that gives us a little insight into you. >> okay. >> jimmy: but ernie did get in the bath every once in awhile with his rubber duckie and stuff. you with the ocean. >> there you have it. the weirdest thing happened, we walked by the avengers booth because the movie comes out in five years or something -- no, next year, but they are hyping up that movie and they were
12:31 am
playing "lovestoned" as they were throwing out -- song of mine. >> jimmy: i know. i' i got a wedding this weekend and you were very big. >> i'm still big at weddings. >> jimmy: yes, you are. you and kool and the gang. >> yes, me, kool and the gang, earth wind and fire and -- >> jimmy: sister sledge. >> and lady gaga. never mind. no, so, i kind of had a surreal moment where i'm walking through and i'm looking at all of these, you know, things, i had never been there, i was fascinated. they started playing one of my songs and i was literally like, i tried to walk a little bit faster past the -- he was like, hey, that's your song, right? i was like -- yes. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break here and we come back, we'll talk about your budding film career, you're knew movie,
12:32 am
it's called "intime," it ouches tomorrow. why are we dark? it's dark. justin timberlake when we come back. while i was away e-trade's techno-magic -- thanks martha -- triggered my stop loss orders... saved me a pantload. [ crying ] oh great.
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>> they're going to kill us. please, just let me out. >> jimmy: there you go. that's "in time." justin timberlake, the movie opens tomorrow. yeah, that's -- that's fun, right? doing all that stuff? >> awesome. >> jimmy: shooting guns and that sort of thing? >> every boyhood fantasy that i've ever had is in this movie. >> jimmy: drag a girl into a car and drive crazy, backwards on the freeway. >> we make out at some point, too, so, every boyhood fantasy, like, kick guys asses and shoot guns and -- >> jimmy: are you a gunman? >> a gunman? >> jimmy: yes. >> i grew up in tennessee, so we're very aware of guns. >> jimmy: what would you shoot? like squirrels and that sort of thing? your brother, or? >> jimmy: i was an only child, so i didn't have anything to shoot. >> jimmy: after the shooting,
12:38 am
sure. >> yeah, we don't talk about that. um -- my grandfather got me a .22 rifle with a scope when i was, like, 10. >> jimmy: that's so great. my mother wouldn't let me have a bb gun. really sad. >> you know, hindsight being 20/20, i would never let my kid have any sort of weapon at 10. that's ridiculous. >> jimmy: when i was about that age -- >> you don't have to clap. i'm basically saying i had bad parents and grandparents. you don't have to clap for that. >> jimmy: i grew up in las vegas. cleto and i grew up across the street from each other and clee taupe's dad had a gun which we would go into the closet and get the gun. when there was a kite flying in the neighborhood, we would go in the backyard and eliminate the kite. which is the stupidest thing in the whole world. this is in a neighborhood. this is not the middle of -- >> yeah, yeah, that's a bad idea. >> jimmy: still, in the movies -- >> where i grew up, it wasn't
12:39 am
exactly a neighborhood. it was very rural, in a way. and so i would only use -- i would just put coke cans up on the, like, far away and shoot. >> jimmy: and fire at will. >> they really got it. >> jimmy: sure. you should definitely -- >> bust a cap in a coke can's ass. >> jimmy: you never kimmed a human being? >> no, no, i cannot say that i remember shooting anyone. >> jimmy: this movie, the idea of the movie is -- i'm going to screw it up. people stop aging at 25 years old. >> it is complex. physically stop ageing at 25 years keep aging, but how you k at 25 will be how you look forever. >> jimmy: but forever is based upon how much you can earn. >> right. this is all from the mind of andrew nicoll who wrote and directed "lord of war" and he wrote "the truman show." and so basically what it is is, we found the fountain of youth.
12:40 am
we can look 25 forever, which -- and i didn't know this until i did the movie, that that's -- that's when the parts of your frontal lobe stops growing, so, that's when you physically start aging. and that's why they won't let you rent a car before you're 25. >> jimmy: really? he may have -- >> he may have made that up. but i went with it. look, he got me into the movie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so, you know, to avoid overpopulation, the government's come up with this way to sort of disenfrance ch disenfranchise us. you have a year of time once you turn 25 and time is money. and you can trade time back and forth through the pulse of your body, or you can steal time, you can kill for time, you can -- but what it creates is really rich people who have all the time in the world and my character who wakes up with 23 hours to live every day.
12:41 am
>> jimmy: good movie. and -- >> i hope i explained that right. >> jimmy: he did a terrible job of explaining it, but trust me, it's really good. great to see you. thanks for coming. "in time" opens in theaters tomorrow. justin timberlake, everybody. we'll be right back. i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. really? a plaid tie? what, are we in prep school? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? i was gonna say that. uh huh... what percent of women want to cure their yeast infection? one hundred. how many can cure it with vagisil? zero. monistat both relieves
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>> jimmy: well, hello there. the fray is on the way. our next guest is the model turned actress against whom all others are compared. her new tv movie, called "possessing piper rose," airs this weekend on lifetime. please welcome rebecca romijn. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and you make me feel like a real shrimp. you have to wear the high heels? >> well, your legs are behind a desk, mine aren't. hey. everything's fine. so hasty. are you all set for halloween? >> ah -- am i? you know, now that you -- when you have kids it's like getting them set. >> jimmy: you have twin girls. >> they are turning 3 so they are not just getting a concept or trick or treating and candy and costumes and the whole
12:52 am
thing. >> jimmy: when you have twins, do you have to dress them in the same -- >> no, no. one's a princess, once's a cowgirl. >> jimmy: they picked that? >> they did. >> jimmy: their names are dolly -- >> and charlie. >> jimmy: and charlie is named after your brother-in-law who is "the bachelor." >> right. you named your child after the bachelor. >> yeah, i had a girlfriend named charlie who is another name sake. >> jimmy: let's go to the bachelor. if you have another kid, jake pavelka would be a nice name. >> a theme. >> jimmy: that would be a great theme. so, that's very cute. will you carry them around -- >> i hope not. they are getting bigger. hard to carry them both. halloween's taken on a whole new meaning, you know? you can go different directions with it. and i feel like in my younger adult life it was slutty halloween. put on sexy clothes. as i got older, met jerry, i really got into scaring the crap out of jerry. >> jimmy: you torment him. >> i love tormenting him.
12:53 am
>> jimmy: jerry o'connell is your husband, if people don't know. and he's so nice you almost can't help take advantage of that. >> i get so much delight out of scaring the crap out of jerry. >> jimmy: how? >> just like, you know, grim reaper in a situation when he least expects it. candles lit, just creating a really creepy -- i like making haunted houses for him to come home to in the middle of the night. and you can't do that now with 2-year-old children. you can't do that. >> jimmy: he's lucky. >> now, everything is scary to the little girls and now i have to do cute halloween. and everything is scaring them. so -- >> jimmy: what scares them? >> the pumpkins on my front porch. they're not even carved. they are just vegetables. gourds. cute pumpkins. jshg turn on the foodnetwork so -- >> they'll be terrified. i can't even -- i keep finding them on the side of the house going, who put these here?
12:54 am
my 2-year-old children are -- >> jimmy: they are moving them off the property? >> too scary. oh, pumpkins, scary. >> jimmy: get rid of the pumpkins. if the kids are scared -- >> giving them nightmares. >> jimmy: wow. they won't see your movie, i would hope. >> i don't think so. it is scary. you know, i feel like i'm a real connoisseur of horror movies. i watched them all. i feel like i know what's scary. and this one has a creepy kid and that for me is scary. >> jimmy: creepy kids are -- they're in a lot of movies. did you like that? >> that is always scary to me. >> jimmy: who is in this one? >> isabella. we adopt her and it turns out her mother hung herself in prison and is trying to get her child to come over to the other side with her so she can be with her so. >> jimmy: kill herself? >> kill the little girl so she can be on the other side. >> jimmy: that's sweet. that's nice. they want to be together. >> yeah. it's a custody battle.
12:55 am
where one party is a ghost. >> jimmy: with a ghost, yeah. >> and it's scary. like, it's really scary, i thought. lifetime really kind of let us go for it and i kept saying, lifetime, they're looking at this, right? we were going for it and they let us. >> jimmy: you did it. so, you got that going on. and i understand you have a reality show that you've been working on, as well. >> yes. >> jimmy: tell us about that. >> this is, you know, this is a reality show where i'm helping working people stand up to the man. little hard to explain but i think if you see the trailer for it -- >> jimmy: we have a promo for it. it's going to be on abc. we have not haired th aired thi. >> you'll get it when you see it. >> jimmy: let's look at the new show. >> finally, a reality show about your frustrations in work situations. from the producers of "america's next top model" and "undercover
12:56 am
boss" comes a show with kick. >> we're not supposed to go in there. >> totally unacceptable. excuse me! i'm having a meeting here. >> [ bleep ]! >> rebecca romijn kicks your boss in the nuts and calls him an [ bleep ]. >> can you help me with him? >> yeah, i got this little man. >> only on abc. >> jimmy: well, that's -- looks like a winner. >> it can be an awkward moment when you tell your boss he's an [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: it can be. >> i like to help people. >> jimmy: by the way, that could be a show. there's no question about it. >> right? >> jimmy: and you are moving to new york for a little while. >> yeah. jerry is doing a show on broadway called "seminar" that just opened in prooechs and he's -- he's there until march but we are relocating in a week
12:57 am
with the babies. we'll be on a red eye on my birthday, my favorite way -- >> jimmy: that's fun with -- >> two babies and a dog. >> jimmy: a dog, too? is the dog going to be in the cabin? >> he'll be in a bag at our feet. >> jimmy: wow. that's -- and you'll be just -- jerry is already there? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: oh -- >> isn't that a great way to spend a birthday. >> jimmy: that sounds like a really bad idea. >> i know. >> jimmy: well, i'm sure you'll punish him for it by scaring him when you get home. well, great to see you. please give jerry my best, and the kids, too. rebecca romijn, everybody. "possessing piper rose" airs saturday night at 8:00 on lifetime. we'll be right back with music from the fray. ♪
12:58 am
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>> jimmy: this is the single from their upcoming album. the single is called "heartbeat." here with the song, the fray! ♪ ♪ we're on an open bed truck on the highway rain is coming down and we're on the run ♪ ♪ think i can feel the breath in your body we gotta keep on running til' we see the sun ♪ ♪ oh you gotta fire and it's burnin' in the rain thought that it went out but it's burnin' just the same ♪ ♪ and you don't look back not for anything 'cause love someone love them all the same ♪ ♪ if you love someone love them all the same oh
1:02 am
i feel your heartbeat ♪ ♪ and oh you're comin' around comin' around comin' around ♪ ♪ if you can love somebody love them all the same you gotta love somebody love them all the same ♪ ♪ i'm singing oh i feel your heartbeat ♪ ♪ i'm tryin' to put it all back together i've got a story and i'm tryin' to tell it right ♪ ♪ i've got the kerosene and the desire i'm trying to start a flame in the heart of the night ♪ ♪ oh you gotta fire and it's burnin' in the rain thought that it went out but it's burnin' just the same ♪ ♪ and you don't look back not for anything 'cause you love someone you love them all the same ♪ ♪ if you love someone you love them all the same
1:03 am
oh feel your heartbeat ♪ ♪ and oh you're comin' around comin' around comin' around ♪ ♪ if you can love somebody love them all the same you gotta love somebody love them all the same ♪ ♪ i'm singing oh i feel your heartbeat ♪ ♪ ohh ohh ohh i know the memories rushing into mind ♪ ♪ ohh i want to kiss your scars tonight i'm laying here ♪ ♪ 'cause you've gotta try you've gotta let me in let me in
1:04 am
oh ♪ ♪ feel your heartbeat and oh you're comin' around comin' around ♪ ♪ comin' around you love somebody you gotta you gotta love somebody ♪ ♪ you gotta i'm singing oh i feel your heartbeat ♪ ♪ all your heartbeat all your heartbeat yeah all your heartbeat ♪ >> jimmy: i want to thank justin timberlake and rebecca romijn. i want to apologize to matt damon, we've run out of time for him. the new album is coming out


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