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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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opriate behavior towards some female employees. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. monday, october 31. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it is a big day for kids later on today. after sunset we may have a few isolated sprinkles along and east of i-95. you need the umbrella handy locally and east of i-95. it's 38 in northwest d.c. right now, 27 in leesburg. 30 in bethesda, 32 in college park. around the freezing mark for the most part. mid 50's later on today. this is below average for this
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time of year. clouds increasing by the afternoon. then a few showers possible along the east of i-95 after sunset. tomorrow we started a cloudy and will endeavor to sunny and afternoon with highs in the mid- 50s. seven-day forecast coming up. lisa baden now. eastbound from front royal on 66, when you get near warrenton, a deer ran in front of a vehicle. southbound 95 in the va has an accident. from the occoquan to woodbrige is pretty normal. you can get through even with the minor crash. looks good elsewhere. about 11 out of purcellville, no problems on 7100. looks good on the greenway, 66 between centreville and the beltway, and 270. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this monday
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morning, the nor'easter that caused parts of the east coast to take a second look of the calendar. the early storm dumped snow all across parts of the d.c. area as well as up the east coast. that left many travelers stranded. brianne carter is in the newsroom. >> the unseasonable storm already being blamed for at least 11 deaths. up and down the northeast millions of residents still in the dark and now try to clean up from the records don't. -- record storm. >> one fell one way and the other fell another way and each of them hit something. >> like many other areas in the northeast, residents in washington and maryland are picking up the pieces after snow and leaves sentries tumbling onto cars and homes. >> it is unreal. >> millions remain in the dark. >> i'm still shocked.
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everybody is. >> in the northeast mother nature is unseasonable extrtrick was no at a treat for passengers. people on one airplanes stacked on the tarmac seven hours. >> a nightmare. carson and anna an amtrak train -- and on an amtrak train some passengers were stranded. a number of cities in the northeast now are deciding whether or not to hold halloween celebrations to night. pepco is helping other utilities restore power after the weekend's storm. 350 over deadlinehead line personnel and many tree trimmers are going to be working.
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could be the middle of the week before power is back on for everyone. has the latest weather information. uconn always check out the forecast on our website. now to developing story from d.c. a new report on the d.c. fire ring scandal will be released today. the washington post says that sulaiman brown received money from people with ties to the d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign, but there's no evidence brown was promised a job if the attacks former mayor adrian fenty during the last election. gray has denied the allegations. now for the latest in a lululemon murder trial. today we expect to hear from the medical examiner about the injuries brittany norwood allegedly inflicted upon her co- worker jayna murray. jummy olabanji has looked at the case this morning. good morning. >> good morning. court starts around 9:00 this morning. we expect to hear more and more
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testimony and evidence presented, including the testimony where we are expecting the medical examiner will take the stand and talk about some of the hundreds of injuries found on jayna murray. all this as prosecutors try to build their case on a first- degree murder. thus far this high-profile has been packed with graphic evidence and the granting testimony. based on the witnesses who may take the stand this week, could get more chilling. the medical examiner is expected to testify about the autopsy performed on jayna murray and other crimes in experts will talk about the trail of evidence that brittany norwood allegedly left behind. last friday a manager from the apple store next door to lululemon told the jury that the night of the crime, " this sounded like something heavy was being hit or drag, grunting high-pitched screams." the manager said no one called
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police or went to check it out. >> maybe if somebody had responded to that in the appropriate manner, this person's life may have been saved. >> it is inexcusable that you would not see what was going on after you hear something. >> the defense attorney said it was not premeditated. he told the jury "telos ishe lost it" during a fight. there's no word on when the defense will start to call as witnesses to the stand and when the prosecution will rest its case. brittany norwood faces life in prison if convicted. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. spotsylvania county police will step up patrols today after another attempted abduction. this happened saturday near fredericksburg. the woman said some men pulled up in a honda civic and asked her to get into their car. on tuesday someone in a beige carpet approached a 17-year-old
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girl. and over a week ago a 9-year-old girl was approached after getting off the school bus. all the victims were able to get away. it is 36 degrees on this monday. >> still ahead, a new details on an illegal immigrant accused in a drunk driving cast that killed a nun. >> new allegations against herman cain. what this campaign says about a report accusing him of sexually harassing two female employees. >> another disappointing week. disappointing for redskins fans. the team could not score at against the bills. that's a rough game that we will
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monday morning, halloween, adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. let's take a look at the cold start today. cold numbers out there. 29 at dulles airport 25 in frederick, 28 in gaithersburg, 35 in quantico, 37 at reagan national, cumberland at the freezing mark along with a winchester. increasing clouds will give us
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filtered sunshine later on today. a few evening showers are possible mainly along and east of interstate 95. if you live along and east of 95 especially, you want grab the umbrella handy for later on this evening and tonight. just a few drops. in the 40's later tonight. 50's tomorrow with sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. 50 and sunday by wednesday. -- and suny. a structure fire is reported from prince george's fire department. they're on their way to eastern avenue apt share sarod -- a eastern avenue at sherrif's road. 5:11, 35 degrees outside. >> bad news for the newest iphone 4s.
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tech in our top stories, the northeast is still cleaning up the damage left behind by the rare october snowstorm. some places on nearly 30 inches of snow. heavy, wet snow sentries on to power lines, leaving millions in the dark. passengers were stranded on planes and trains several hours. jurors will likely hear more graphic testimony during the second leg of the lululemon murder trial. the medical examiner is expected to testify about the injuries of brittany norwood allegedly inflicted on jayna murray patented as a store in march. a congressional report on the d.c. hiring scandal is separate release today. it says brown received money from people outside d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign, but was
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not promised a job if he attacked former mayor adrian fenty. the victim of a sort amtracs attack -- of the boflorida anthrax attack. her husband died. herman cain is denying allegations he sexually assaulted two former co-workers or harass them. there is a report two former employees of the national restaurant association say that he used sexual innuendo and investors in the 1990's. >> i am not going on the two people.
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i'm not going to comment because that is one of those kinds of things. >> the women reportedly received payouts and signed agreements barring them from discussing their departure. investigators searching for the cause of a democrat. the truck and an suv collided last night near old alexandria ferry and malcolm road. one driver died and another was gone to a hospital in critical condition. maryland will raise tolls on most tunnels and bridges tomorrow. increases will vary. from maryland into virginia, climbing from $3 to $4. tolls on the tests of the bay bridge will rise to $4. the polls will not increase on intercounty connector . the iphone 4s is not all charged up. >> rob nelson has a look at it. >> battery problems plaguing the
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new iphone 4s. it appears a flaw in the location software if it is causing the battery. several web sites are suggesting users set off the times on featured when traveling to help conserve battery life. no comments from apple. sobering news for facebook users. 600,000 accounts are threatened by hackers every day. facebook hopes to correct a problem with its trusted friend system that will send your information to a few of your closest friends in the event your account is packed into -- hacked into. i am rob nelson. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we are off to a cold start
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today. >> yes. on the weekend, at or below freezing in spots. >> that does not help your goal, buddy -- your cold. >> i have kids in preschool. 37 degrees in the district. much colder in outlying areas. 30 in leesburg and martinsburg. . to in winchester, 28 in gaithersburg, 27 in frederick. -- 32 in winchester. here's a look at the satellite and radar. we will have an increase in clouds throughout the day giving us filtered sunshine, later on this afternoon. cloudy but bright outside. a thin layer of overcast in the upper levels of the atmosphere. becoming mostly cloudy. here is a wider view. i want to talk about the dip in the jet stream that is moving
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overhead. along with an area of low pressure and moving up the coastline will help strengthen the low pressure system off the carolina coast line later this evening and night. that could be just enough to grow a few light showers are way later this evening and tonight in time for trick-or-treating. just a few showers possible mainly east of i-95. you will want to have a number landed there. this is will not be a washout dust a few raindrops. highs in the mid 50's today with a light south wind. slight chance of showers locally and east of i-95. 40's tonight. mid 50's tomorrow. we will start the day cloudy and then becoming sunny. of to a lot of sunshine after that wednesday and thursday with highs near 60. close to average. on the highways this
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morning, a pretty good shape in northwest washington in case you are making the approach, macarthur boulevard, canal road clara barton parkway. george washington parkway looks good. 16th street and 13th street looking good. looks good across the american legion bridge. no worries as far as virginia. 95 headlights, getting more action from newington into a springfield. a viewer made this boa for me. thank you very much. >> looking good. 36 degrees. >> washington receives a little snowfall on saturday. on sunday the redskins got plowed. how it went for them. on the next "anderson," a real haunted house, my house. and scary noises, and explained events, what is going on at this the worst hme viewer's home.
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real-life ghost busters. haunted sounds. today at 4:00 on the next "anderson."
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standing the play. going to the outside. a touchdown for the eagles. >> the cowboys' defensive coordinator had a solution for the philadelphia eagles. now he is going to eat crow. he boasted that sallisaw would beat them, but the final score was 32-7 eagles. -- he boasted that dallas would be dothem.
5:25 am
>> john beck was sacked nine times. the redskins lost, 23-0. this is the first time mike shanahan has been stumped. >> i don't think anyone is giving up. they made more plays than us. >> it does not get easier. the 49ers are coming to town and on sunday. a victory parade on sunday. the st. louis cardinals had a miracle run up to and then through the postseason. fans of the redbirds went to see their tenpins and deliver a message to albert pujols, "let's do it again." the news continues at 5:30.
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>> in the next half-hour, we hear from the grandmother of the boy rescued proposeafter being lost many days in virginia. >> bank gothank god. 20 says about his condition and the one person she is banking the most. if >> and a trial regarding illegal immigration that begins today. >> the halloween forecast right
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> after a series of delays, the
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man accused of driving drunk and crashing into a car filled ... nun -- filled wihtth nuns goes to court today. >> and thousands of homes and businesses left in the dark after a nor'easter. it's monday, october 31, i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. >> happy halloween. it's going to be ok for the most part for the kids. cloudy skies overhead right now in the 40's. that is along and east of i-95. indeed the umbrella later this evening and night for few stray showers, not a big deal. these are the coldest temperatures i could find. 25 in woodbine and leesburg, now 26 in leesburg. 27 in laurel and inwood.
5:30 am
36 in southeast d.c. is the warmest. 29 in hagerstown, 30 in fairfax. rockville at the freezing mark. highs in the mid 50's. increasing clouds, filtered sunshine later this afternoon and evening. along and east of i-95, a few light showers around and after trick-or-treat time. we will start tomorrow cloudy with sunshine by midday temperatures in the mid 50's. 60 by thursday with sunshine. good news for drivers on 66 eastbound at the exit for warrenton/marshall. an accident is completely gone. relatively good in virginia as far as interstate travel, the beltway, looks good inside the beltway through falls church and across the potomac river. no problems in maryland on the beltway, 270 and 70.
5:31 am
a developing story in prince william county. an illegal immigrant will go on trial today after being charged in a crass that killed a nun last year. >> carlos montano was drunk when he got behind the wheel. >> this is going to affect the debate over enforcement of immigration laws. ben eisler as more. >> this case has become more than an illegal immigrant charged with drunk driving. supporters of strict immigration enforcement have made him the poster boy for their cause. august 1, 2010 the 24-year-old bristol president slammed into another car with three nuns inside. the crash killed 19 nun and injured another. he had two prior convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol.
5:32 am
the state attorney general and did issued an opinion after this crash saying police could inquire about a person's immigration status. and virginia to change the rules on its restate ids since the department of homeland security launched a probe into the case. hethe suspect is expected to to five charges and not guilty to the most severe charge, felony murder. ben eisler reporting. jurors will hear more telling testimony during the second leg of lululemon murder trial. the medical examiner is expected to testify about jayna murray's injuries. brittany norwood is charged with beating and stabbing her to death in march at the bethesda store. her lawyers said that cdoshe did killed jayna murray, but it was not planned. the grandmother of a little
5:33 am
boy missing more than a week said that she dropped your knees when she learned that 9-year-old robert wood was found alive. she was angry with his father for taking him to north anna battlefield park. williams said that she lost hope that one time. >> it was a zero hard, it was drizzling and cold. i knew that he could not make it one more night. >> robert did make it. he is still in the hospital. doctors are running tests to find running testshe ate all week. -- running tests to find out what he ate all week. and nor'easter has dumped snow on parts of new england. >> it left a huge headache for
5:34 am
millions. presidents in washington and maryland are trying to pick up the pieces after with snow and leaves sentry's tumbling onto cars and homes. up and down the northeast, trees fell on power lines, leaving millions in the dark and mother nature's mess. some of these residents are used to shoveling snow, but no one expected this seven weeks before the start of winter. >> no heat, no food, no power. >> we will have extensive and long-term power outages. i would devise that initially it looked like some people could be without power for as much as a week. >> some officials up north are saying that it could be even longer, until things are fully restored to some areas. with so many outages and downed trees, this could make for dangerous conditions for trick- or-treaters tonight.
5:35 am
a number of cities in the northeast are now deciding whether or not they will hold celebrations this evening. brianne carter, abc 7 news. this is a yearly tradition in our area, the marine corps marathon. this year it was a lot colder than usual. at the start yesterday it was 38 degrees. that did not stop 30,000 competitors. chad ware of illinois was the first to cross the finish line. two hours, 19 minutes, 16 seconds. that is the best marathon record in 15 years. amazing. >> impressive. restoration begins its work on the ceiling of the main hall at union station. it was closed friday night for emergency repairs and reopened yesterday. a small piece of plaster fell from the ceiling friday afternoon and hits a restaurant worker. that a worker was not seriously injured. the plaster fell because of damage from the august earthquake.
5:36 am
5:35, 36 degrees. >> still ahead, after 42-year one, this tour bus is making its final round today, the reason it is shutting down. >> horrifying discovery near a site where 10-year-old girl disappeared and texas.
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haunted forest in poolesville, maryland. come and check them out. >> happy halloween. temperatures are in the 40's. if you live along and east of 95 we cannot not rule out a few isolated light showers after sunset. clouds generally increasing this morning. cold out there right now. will start the day with a little sunshine. 27 in frederick, 30 in hagerstown. at the freezing mark in winchester. 35 in quantico, 37 at reagan national, 29 at dulles airport.
5:40 am
highs in the mid 50's today with increasing clouds. along and east of 95, a few sprinkles around sunset. keep the umbrella and the 4 trick-or-treating. mid 50's tomorrow. a pretty dry work week we are looking at. another chance of showers on friday. the commute looks very smooth. as far as traffic in virginia, 95 and 66, it's about the volume. no accidents. 395 in good shape from the beltway to the pentagon. nowhere is out of rosslyn or ballston. you are looking at 66 near glebe road. maryland is about the same heading through northeast,, in good shape. looks good on 270 and the beltway is pretty quiet. back to you. >> thank you. today is your last chance to get a ride on d.c.'s tourmobile.
5:41 am
for decades it has been shuttling tourists. its closing because of financial problems. another service will likely provide stortours. the latest from the conrad murray trial, a medical expert is key to the defense theory that michael jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol. >> an important reminder for parents, why you should be vigilant everybody knows the best
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united 5:00, my annual winter weather outlook. i have my soul fal snowfall predictions. see you at 5:00. -- an illegal immigrant will go on trial today in the death of a prince william county nun.
5:45 am
carlos montano was dropped last year when it crashed into another car in bristow. the judge said that he expects a plea deal will be reached on lesser charges. the northeast is still cleaning up the damage from this weekend's where october snowstorm. nearly 30 inches of snow fell in some places heavy, wet snow toppled trees on to cars, homes, and our lines, leaving millions of people in the dark republican presidential candidate herman cain is denying sexual harassment allegations women who worked at the national restaurant association say that he used sexual innuendo and digesters when he ran the group in the 1990's the search will resume today for three people presumed dead after the explosion at a grain elevator in kansas. the explosion happened saturday night 50 miles northwest of kansas city. three other workers were killed.
5:46 am
the blast was so powerful that this taking ground could be felt in neighboring missouri the search for 10-year-old girls who went missing saturday night in carrollton texas may have a tragic ending police found the body of a hispanic female yesterday's here where 10-year- old disappeared. the victim's identity has not police, but police suspended the search for the little girl. there have been no arrests, but investigators have a person of interest prosecutors will get to grow a defense witness who believe michael jackson gave himself a dose of the powerful anesthetic. dr. white. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. qantas airways is resuming flights after labor disputes in australia grounded the entire fleet on the weekend. thousands of people worldwide were stranded. yesterday and an arbitration
5:47 am
groups ordered an end to weeks of strikes by employees. the decision prevents unions from taking any further strike actions as they demand pay hikes and the job security. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey, all the kids are wondering if they need an umbrella and if they need to wear layers. >> just east of 95 will need an umbrella. it is that kind of situation where it will be just a few raindrops. it will be in the 40's for trick-or-treating. 28 degrees in gaithersburg right now, 29 at dulles airport, 28 in leesburg. 37 at reagan national. in outlying areas we are at or below freezing for the most part. we will have sunshine this morning. clouds will increase for trick- or-treating, mostly cloudy
5:48 am
around and after nightfall and a few showers along and especially east of i-95. here's the situation. a sharp dip in the upstreajet stream. combined with low pressure moving up the east coast, that will combine and strengthen. that could be just enough to throw a few light showers are way, probably only making it as far inland as about interstate 95. so a few isolated sprinkles cannot be ruled out later this evening and tonight. mid 50's today, 40's tonight. mid 50's tomorrow. bright sunshine tomorrow afternoon all the way through thursday. near 60 by wednesday. old georgetown road at 495, accident on the exit ramp. no accidents elsewhere for drivers into north east washington.
5:49 am
looks good on the suitland parkway, south capitol street. kenilworth avenue and 295 picking up a little more action at the air force base, but that is normal this time of morning. back to you. >> thank you. some local police want to make sure kidsi stay safe sureng. officers in fairfax, loudoun county, and prince william counties will visit the homes of convicted sex offenders and police will remind them to turn off their porch lights because they're not allowed to give candy. and important reminder for parents of children with severe food allergies. be sure to check the ingredients if your kids are goinging. a% of children in the u.s. have at least one food allergy. the candies do not include a full lingredient label, so you need to do research. a survey finds that san
5:50 am
francisco is the best place to trick-or-treat. ballston at #two followed by honolulu and seattle. d.c. is in seventh place. the west end and dupont circle are some of the best neighborhoods for trick-or- treat. i was knocked trick-or-treating any more while in college. traffic to facebook is expected to be heavy this week as users get a little photo happy. >> and linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york with that story and more. >> good morning. growing number of working women may be more interested in time than money. 43% are less ambitious than
5:51 am
there were a decade ago. 73% say they would not apply for their bosses job because of the stress and politics and the added responsibility. harley-davidson is trying to appeal to more women. the motorcycle maker is trying to attract customers who do not fit the usual mold, including women as well as minorities and people outside the united states. more than half of families surveyed by living social plan to reduce their halloween spending this year due to the economy and 12% are making their children's costumes this year. many are expected to show off the costumes on facebook. the day after halloween is the biggest day of the year for a bloated photographs. last year the social networking website welcomed 124 million photographs of los and they say this year could be even bigger for this halloween. linda bell reporting for abc 7
5:52 am
news. back to you. >> thank you. we want to see your halloween photographs as well. send them to us at iwitness.
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5:54 am
increases store from portland. a man is accused of breaking into on home but he did not want to stealing. he sat down on the couch in the
5:55 am
living room and started watching tv. a relative of a homeowner came over, confronted the man. the relative to the european tour might be armed, so he hits him in the head and knocked him down. he was treated at the hospital for injuries and was booked into jail. >> dumb criminals' stories. lots more still to come and next half-hour. >> the common updates on the early nor'easter that dumped snow on the east coast. >> and navigating your monday morning commute.
5:56 am
5:57 am
straight ahead at 6:00 snowfall millions. digging in the dark. >> and an important day in court for two high-profile murder cases we. >> there's no fear. i think that helped. >> a family is relieved, days after a little lost boy is found alive. good morning washington
5:58 am
continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine on this halloween. it's monday, october 31. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> happy halloween on this monday morning. tracking chilly temperatures. below freezing for the most part. 32 at college park, 30 in bethesda, 27 in leesburg, 28 in warrenton, la plata, 30 degrees. mid 50's this afternoon, degrees below average. clouds increasing later on today. around and especially after nightfall, around trick-or-treat time we cannot rule out a few light sprinkles a long and especially east of interstate 95. cloudy and cool for the trick- or-treaters with a few light
5:59 am
sprinkles east of 95 later this evening and tonight. tomorrow we will start the day cloudy and have sunshine in the afternoon with highs in the mid 50's. we will have a seven-day forecast in a few minutes. now to lisa baden for the commute. not permit county be anticipate lighter volume unusual because montgomery county schools have the day off. they can work extra hard on their halloween costumes. 270, no problems. on the ramp from old georgetown road to the beltway, there was an accident. that ramp, traffic was able to get by. police on the scene. causing a minor hickup.


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