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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 31, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live and in hd, this is "wjla news at noon," on your side. >> october blast. halloween looking downright scary after a wild weekend snowstorm. in the northeast millions are without power. roads are dangerous. passengers on one strand of flight are demanding answers. brianne carter has the latest on the october blast. >> slammed by snow.
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people from maryland to maine are trying to clean up today after mother nature is a wild weekend whether. this is a total shock. the devastation around is crazy. >> the unseasonable snow storm was not a treat for passengers on this jetblue flight after drinking diverted to hartford from new jersey. 120 passengers on the runway more than seven hours sitting idle. >> i apologize. if there's any way you can get a tow somewhere to a gate or something, i don't care. take us anywhere. >> with no food, water or working bathrooms and frustrated passengers, the pilots pleaded for help. >> i have a paraplegic onboard that needs to come off and i have a diabetic that has an issue. a list of things.
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i just after get some help." >> jetblue said the airline was open wound and issued an apology saying, "faced with limited options, we did the best we could for their care." one of the passengers said the apology means nothing. >> this should of been a teacher will moment. i'm not sure the message was received. >> the passengers were finally able to the plane on the tarmac. now like millions of others in the northeast they will have to get back to normal life after what is now being called snowtober. brianne carter , abc 7 news. power outages are still a problem for some in our area. washington county, maryland was one of the hardest-hit areas by the storm. several homes in meyersville and and other town were damaged by falling trees and power lines. virginia power says more than 2700 customers are still in the dark in washington county. about 600 outages remain in
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frederick county. under 300 people are waiting for the likes to come back on in allegany county. will it be warmer, drier evening for trick-or-treaters? adam caskey has a first look at the forecast. >> we are still stuck in the unseasonably cold weather pattern. it's not going to be warmer. a relatively cool evening for the trick-or-treaters. some of you may need an umbrella. 39 degrees in hagerstown right now. 39 in cumberland. a little cooler to the northwest of town. cloud cover in the northwest of the metro. 52 in manassas, 46 in frederick. highs in the lotus mid 50's with increasing clouds. 15 degrees below average for the temperatures this time of year. we will tampa trick-or-treat faux pas as-- the trick-or-treat forecasting a little while with a little better rainfall for some people. to get the halloween
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forecasts hour by hour, go to the weather section of the web site, and pictures there as well. more bombshells in the murder trial in maryland. disturbing testimony right now against brittany norwood. she is charged with killing her co-worker jayna murray to in an upscale retail shop and but doesn't. jummy olabanji is at the courthouse now with what could be able to the prosecution's case. >> all along we have heard the prosecution says the motive in this case is the fact that jayna murray allegedly caught brittany norwood stealing from bill lululemon store and confronted her. today in a hearing before the jury the prosecution asked the judge whether or not they could bring a witness on the stand, an employee who led the night of the murders she got a phone call from jayna murray telling her that she had caught brittany norwood stealing from the store. the judge and the defense said
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they were not able to introduce that witness on the stand. this is just hearsay and there's no recording of that actual conversation. as it stands, this cannot be shown as a motive for the case. this is a huge blow to the prosecution. now it is not clear how they will be able to introduce what they believe is a motive for this murder. furthermore, on the stand today we heard from an expert blood spatter doctor will talk about the bloody crime scene that he analyzed for montgomery county detectives after the murder. he spoke about how much blood there was, saying how serious the crime was. "when multiple blows occur the blood collectively creates quite a pattern and indicates many strikes occurred against jayna murray." there was a huge gas in the courtroom when he said that. everyone found it much of the blood on the walls found on the crime scene or from jayna murray's head.
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testimony still going on right now. we will keep following this story and will have the latest developments on abc 7 news at 5:00. for now, reporting live in rockville, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. breaking news and prince william county. a confession from a man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash. carlos montano was in the courtroom. >> he pleaded guilty five out of six charges including driving under intoxication, driving with a suspended license, driving impaired and involuntary manslaughter. he pleaded not guilty to the most serious charge which was felony murder. that last charge will be the only one tried. while prosecutors say this was his third drunk driving incident and that since he has done this three times its should be considered a felony, the defense says this is
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manslaughter, that he did not know the three ladies and did not leave his home with any intent to murder anyone. let's listen. >> his blood alcohol was 0.20. this is drunken-driving. his license has been suspended and revoked. the evidence will show that he had no intention of causing this accident. he did not set out dolefully or purposely to injure himself or the sisters involved in accident or anyone else on the road that day. >> we also read testimony from the two nuns that survived. the driver said she saw a car coming at her. then still remembers a massive collision and hearing the nun exciter saying " -- but none beside her -- the nun beside
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her saying, "oh me." one of them had scarring like railroad tracks and another now has one leg shorter than the other. carlos montano faces 25 years in prison. it also found guilty of feder felony murder, he faces 40 years in prison. 3 workers are safe after a construction accident. newschopper 7 full over the scene along montrose road in rockville. around 9:30 firefighters responded to a report of a collapse scaffold. they found three workers hanging from a safety rope system. that was a source of. workers were rescued a few minutes later. -- that was a reso8 floors up.
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and there was a burning car on 17th street and monroe streets in northeast. the man crashed a vehicle and driving away from the scene. the car caught fire on impact. firefighters rescued the man. he is in stable condition. they cannot identify any suspects or motives in the shooting. you may notice more police patrols in spotsylvania county. this is calling a third reported adopt an attempt. -- abduction attempt. this happened in fredericksburg area. the 20-year-old woman said a group of men pulled up in a honda civic and asked her to get in the car. last tuesday suspect approached a 17-year-old girl near the garrison was apartment complex. a few days before that someone approached 9-year-old girl as she got off the school bus. all three victims escaped unharmed. police are not yet linking the three incidents. the family of virginia boy
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rescued after a week in the woods want to thank the volunteers. 9-year-old robert wood was founded a creek bed on friday, five days after vanishing from north anna battlefield park. his grandmother said that the night before he was found steve was not so hopeful -- she was not hopeful. >> it was drizzling and the wind was blowing so hard. if you had been there you would know that cannot make it one more night. >> robert didn't have bruises scrapes, and bug bites, but no serious injuries. he's in the hospital while doctors run more tests. his family might never get the chance to meet the first man to spot the child. the sheriff's department said the man does not want any recognition. president obama is spending halloween in a private meeting with former british prime minister and tony blair. on the weekend a white house was living out with holiday spirit. yesterday the president and first lady michelle obama handed
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out bags of candy to trick-or- treaters, a bagful of cookies and and and candies, and dried fruit. as parents and kids get ready for trick-or-treating, local police departments are during up -- are gearing up. there will not on the door as a convicted sex offenders reminding them to turn their porch lights off because they're not allowed to hand out candy to children. coming up, moving day for local students. cruising through college gets a new meaning. and a cabinet under fire. sexual-harassment allegations aimed at herman cain. plus the white house cracks down on dangerous drug shortages. all than and will the rain stay away for trick-or-treate
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a potential scandal is the talk of the presidential campaign trail today. moments ago, herman cain responded to allegations of sexual harassment. there's a report two female employees complained about his inappropriate, sexually suggestive behavior. the complaints were made when he was head of the national restaurant association in the 1990's. the woman later resigned. this morning he told fox news that he has never sexually assaulted or harassed anyone and that he was falsely accused. we will have more on the allegations tonight on abc 7 news and 6:00. 7 is on your side with mall on president obama's plan to reduce drug shortages. he will sign an executive order
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a few minutes from now instructing the fda to take action. the fda reported 178 drug shortages last year, affecting everything from anesthetics to the emergency drugs to cancer medicine. part of the president's plan will require drug makers to notify the fda six months ahead of a potential shortage. and other major banks pulling the plug on unpopular debit card fees. wells fargo is ditching the pilot plant to charge customers $3 a month for using their debit cards for purchases. citibank chase bank, and others are staying away from those fees. bank of america still plans to charge the fees to make up for billions of dollars in lost revenue partly. it is halloween and the big question on kids' minds are do you have to put a raincoat over the costume? or will they be able to make it without its? >> that's what the parents are thinking. the kids are thinking only about the candy and when we can get
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out there. let's look at a time lapse through damascus. then the trick-or-treat forecast. few raindrops are involved in the forecast, but not a great deal. there's a look at damascus. snow still on the grass. they received 2.3 inches from the saturday snowfall. you can see the leaves change color in the center of the screen. on athe left side they are fallen down. clouds getting and we're getting thin overcast as we continued through the afternoon especially into the evening. 50 degrees in arlington. we have a frosting on the grass from the saturday snowfall in arlington. cold morning temperatures earlier today. below freezing across most of the region. if 36 at reagan national. immediately along the waterways warmer, above freezing.
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28 degrees in hagerstown earlier. here's a look at the cloud cover. and our level disturbance shifting overhead. that is helping to increase the cloud cover, which is mudskipper in west virginia -- which is much thicker in west virginia, but it is moving in our direction. there's a big dip in the jet stream and that's moving over the east coast. all that combined with a weak area of low pressure over florida, showers organizing and moving up the coastline combos will interact with the jet stream and cause another coastal low pressure system, but nothing like what we had on saturday. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle this evening east of interstate 95. that is the key. east of 95. one person in your group should have an umbrella when you are trick-or-treating. you will be dry for the most part. temperatures in the mid 40's
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northwest of town. we will start the day clouded tomorrow becoming sunday by the midday and afternoon, highs in the mid 50's, below average for this time of year. 60 degrees by wednesday or thursday. at that time, a lot of sunshine. fairly dry and sunny this week overall. >> something to look forward to. we want to tell you get ready to pay more for tolls on maryland tunnels and bridges starting tomorrow. the chesapeake bay bridge tolls will be $4. on the harry nice bridge from maryland to virginia $4. the polls will not increase on the intercounty connector. a mall in maryland is getting ready for demolition. restored as county officials plan to tear down laurel mall on route 1 and will build a retail and residential town center in its place. the mall opened in 1979. it brought a lot of business and
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tenants to nearby malls. developers have permits to start tearing down the shopping mall in the next three weeks or so. some local college students are moving into a floating dormitories today. more than 200 st. mary's college students are moving onto the sea voyager. there was a mole the outbreak in the dormitory. they're expected to live on the cruise ship until december. coming up, how would you like this guy showing up at your house for dinner? we are going to make it happen. anderson is also here
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captioned by the national captioning institute when was the last time you sat down at the table with your family for dinner? for some, that's a pipe dream these days. now we can bring it back with a very special guest. anderson cooper is here with us live from new york. i just saw a little bit of your video from today show about halloween fun. were you masking as phil donahue? >> yes. >> paying tribute to the first talk show host with silver hair. >> he's my special guest. >> you are launching a challenge with a serious message for families as well. >> i speak to so many mothers and they talk about the difficulty of getting the whole family around the dinner table. everybody has so many jobs and so much work and people on video games and texting. three have a family dinner challenge on the show. we are trying to get people to
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commit to one night per week getting together with their family. whether that is the median family or extended family or just with their friends getting together around a dinner table and sharing stories and food. it is not just to develop better eating habits for kids, but really for families to spend time together. so many good things happen around the dinner table, so many important things happen. all the studies support this. on the show in order to spur this along i want you to sign up for our dinner talent on our facebook page or go to i will come to your house to have family dinner with you. >> if someone becomes the lucky recipient of this opportunity what will be served by that family? you don't eat spinach or squash. i am a picky eater, but i will eat anything that i am served. i am very polite, so i will not
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say no to anything. >> thank you. and don't miss this halloween celebration today at 4:00. for the first the word of the contest at 4:00.
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tonight at 5:00 o'clock, join me for my winter weather outlook. i have my snowfall predictions. make sure to have a shovel.
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>> there was a soul food feast at my alma maters how were university yesterday. i was a live option year along with mayor vincent gray. and a good time tonight on halloween. >> let's take a look of the seven-day forecast. isolated sprinkles the east of 95 this evening and tonight. few and far between. the rest of the week, near 60 degrees by wednesday through the weekend. dry weather for the most part, the skies. thanks for joining us this monday. we will see you at 4:30 a.m. and you and on abc 7 news at noon 5. happy halloween.
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