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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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plata, 38 in manassas. skies to the west of the metro area. charles town at the freezing mark. berkeley springs is one degree above freezing. town at the freezing mark. let's get this to little girl. as herte's dressed up a kid's character from show. how was the commute? >> not adorable. we will give you a glimpse of expect as far as the of traffic. are looking at 66 near boulevard out of rosslyn. eastboundan accident after the beltway near seven. the normal backups on 66 east etting from the beltway to eventually across the roosevelt bridge. as normal volume southbound.
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rail, marc rail, vre, mass normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. our top story on this tuesday, halloween horror. gunshots ring out in the middle of georgetown. violence did not end there. investigating at least five separate shootings all across the district this morning. the violet-eyed left at least six people in the hospital. jummy olabanji is live in d.c. with the latest on this investigation. leastiolence left at six people in the hospital. 8th street in thepri heart of georgetown. police are looking for the people know who fired those . krupp to one guy ran across the street fired off a shot. a scary scenario for hundreds people in doing halloween
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celebrations in georgetown. started when two groups teenagers started fighting. >> kids were jumping off top of cars and on each other's heads and it was crazy. >> pick got worse around 10:45 out near me rang street northwest. one teenaged male was shot and hospital inarea critical condition. correct in happened so fast you what was going on. mob dispersed and there was mayhem. there was a big group of people wasall of a sudden there nobody. there was somebody on the ground. was bad. a bad situation. officers expect what should don't the night of spentation -- officers the rest of what should of been of celebrations interviewing witnesses. back.ill never come >> there have been no arrests in
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this case. still looking for suspects in the other shootings around the district. penny one with information to come forward. georgetown,ve from jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. day 7 of the lululemon murder trial. jurors will see brittany tape interrogation police today. prosecutors hope the video will yesterday when the some did not allow evidence to be admitted. murray apparently caught norwood shoplifting. and e-mail invited people to last night's leesburg halloween parade. it depicts president obama with head andhole in his of his scull removed. that is the president of the united states. is so disrespectful and not necessary. >> regardless of what party, you for theave more respect
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leader in this country. virginia governor bob bob called it shameful and disgusting. the loudoun county and issued an committee apology, saying it was not meant portray president obama if as the victim of a violent crime. herman cain has been riding but it could all come crashing down. >> the republican presidential front-runner still under fire hes morning over accusations harassed several women decades ago. we are live in northwest with exclusive. >> herman cain heads to capitol for meetings with republicans. backent yesterday striking of sexuallegations harassment. he ran the national restaurant the 1990's and two female employees alleged he made unwanted sexual comments and advances. the association paid the women cash settlements. at first he said he did not know payments, but he
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changed his tune last night on fox news. >> maybe three months salary or that, as iike recall. been two months. i don't recall. "politico" first reported the allegations. called the allegations a witch hunt. abc 7 news reporting. secretary of state hillary clinton canceled a trip overseas to care for her sick mother. was supposed to fly to last nightturkey before a series of international conferences, but she will stay d.c. instead according to the state department. listed any details about 92-year-old dorothy 's illness. president obama is apparently the picture of health. showed mr.sults duty andfit for
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i am chris morris. i teach visual arts at sitar center in adams morgan. we are for glasses for infants through adults. good morning, washington. classes. parts of the northeast still after their october snowstorm. their powerwait for to still come back on. still on hold as well. towns postponed trick-or- treating because of the dark, dangerous conditions for kids. are still closed. the storm is being blamed for the debts of at least 21 people from pennsylvania, up to canada.
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kids get tohe reschedule halloween. i know. look forward to those days. i know you could not have insidettle teddy yesterday regardless. it's hard to keep them inside. get them to even halloween because they are so excited. let's look at a few light radar,e out there on the mainly in central and southern portion of the bay and on to the eastern shore. pax river unable aerostation as well. degrees there. 45 at reagan national, 47 in gaithersburg. of 95 where wet had clear skies. the cloud cover and morning quickly.ill clear out mostly sunny today, 57. total sunshine tomorrow. the same story on thursday, as approaching 60. this photo was submitted by my friend terry of
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damascus. grandson in a great costume and has a battery- pmup that keeps it inflated.'s a marshmallow thanks for submitting adds, camellia. plenty of volume right now virginia, 66, 95, no accidents. dale city normal. 395 been pretty good shape. normal travel times from the on 50 out of, annapolis, through police into cheverly. clinton's open from new york to kenilworth ave. -- lanes open. m street is blocked where it's the way, westbound only a 28 street before pennsylvania
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avenue so they can document what happened overnight. 6:11, 42 degrees outside. cracks coming up, free money from fedex. how you can get your hands on it. the d.c. council is considering emergency action regarding home-rule. >> kim kardashian is calling it quits. the $10 million a walk down the only lasted 72 days. stay with us. only lasted 72 days. s[ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. looking at the day ahead, ronald reagan at his namesake airport. will unveil a nine- our 40thue of president in terminal a today. the 11:00 a.m. dedication could problems at the airport. four lanes near the gates will one.duced to paying tribute to alonzo
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guyton. family and friends of tower university life withll honor his a vigil. was shot to death about a week ago. the vigil will be on campus. doctors have begun the to separategery two-year-old twin girls. the nine-hour surgery will allow independently from the first time, if successful. the rumors of trouble in have proven true. >> they have. kim kardashian official about divorced from president chris humphries yesterday. the reality star cited irreconcilable differences. 72 daysled it quits after their nuptials. she addressed the splits only through a written statement "after careful consideration i have decided to end by marriage.
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understands this not an easy decision. remain friends and wish each other the best."' >> while the marriage is over, the financial fallout may be about to begin. thanks to endorsements and her anshion line, she has a worthh billions empiree prenup -- but he signed a prenup. the nfl days of pe lockout by today. hendrick and his had a plane crash. no one suffered serious injuries. motorsports owns jimmy
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john's in racing. the five time defending nascar champion. vincent gray and the city council taking a stand in favor of home-rule. consideril will today opposing interference. it's in response to a bill introduced in the house criminal requiring checks for mayoral appointees in the senate this comes after the sulaiman brown hiring scandal. says there are hiring practices already in place. georgetown is the next out job store.nt obama's the keyboard as a as it calls on congress spending on infrastructure. critics say the key bridge, bridge, and 14th street bridge on the repairs. more banks are backpedaling to charge monthly debit card fees. starting tomorrow they will no longer charge of $5 fee, that is
6:17 am bank as well. it will refund customers money. thinkny economists headed ford be another recession. there is unemployment, declining exports, and more debt. fedex later today is giving away a 30,000 of cards to support small businesses. the $25 cards will go to those on its face a page. starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, used starting saturday, november 26. along with all the shopping thanksgiving. natural disasters in japan first. floodingailand there's honda. affecting parts and shortages are forcing
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u.s. and canadian production by 50%. despite yesterday's losses, good in october for the dow jones. than 1000 points or nine or five%. 2009,w jones 83% from which was after the financial meltdown. yesterday was quite a night. >> have the kids recovered? >> the coroner to take a nap -- it is going to take a nap. this >> ms. district of columbia.
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those items were borrowed. >> brian van de graaff sent that us. thanks. in arlington last night, party time. in the orange astronauts costume tolooks like he is waiting on the space shuttle. i love that. .lassic , i lovend emma lee we have rain this morning on the eastern shore. an end prettyto quickly. is east of 95 mainly in maryland and points east. that will continue clearing. here's a little cloud cover. this will clear of to the west, theit's cloudy east of metro area. the clouds act as a blanket over
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night. in annapolis, 52 in park, 45 in the district. 34 in cumberland and winchester. 39 in culpeper. at the freezing mark in frederick rainout. clearing skies this morning. sunshine throughout most of the a few patchy clouds afternoon. 57 for the high temperature. tomorrow, ane beautiful wednesday. it will be cold in the mornings. morning temperatures in the 30's. ties approaching 60. breaking 60 on thursday with sunshine. slight chance of showers on morning. i think it will be next few and far between. the weekend looks good. how are we doing on this november 1? let's go to manassas with a newschopper 7 flying over 234 business.ear our neighbors hitting the road. every day it looks like this. out of gainesville, through
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manassas to get into accidents., no normal volume. 395 in the geico traffic camera slowing at duke street -- duke street is open. at shady 270 42 degrees. >> the ballroom is taking a toll of its competitors. report have an injury from weeks 7. "anderson," chaz cher on the mother program. are you proud of him? and a beauty pageant controversy for children. ever thought maybe i not address my daughter hooker?tle
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♪ >> it was a spooky night in the ballroom on "dancing with the ."ars >> ricki lake had 27 points out of 30. a teen dance. the music stopped. rob kardashian and hope solo celebrities in the top spot. martinez of finished in fourth place.
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>> starting wednesday morning i butt and i will something to put me at the becausehe leader board, .hat's where i want to be fifth d arquette place. nancy grace in last place. the contestants are starting to as beat up as the redskins. >> rob kardashian said in practice he ended up doing the and pulled his groin muscle and his hamstring. problem with maks. >> nancy grace lost part of her .ardrobe does she get points for maps? that?r >> i don't think so. 6:25.
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still another half-hour of "good washington." >> will conrad murray testify on behalf? the defense will not say yet. more testimony in lululemon murder trial. not herejury will headlines. i am tracking abuse sprinkles on livee this morning super doppler 7 rada
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> regardless of what part you in, you should have a little for the leader of this country. >> if the controversy in the commonwealth. adis over a political showing a president with a bullet in his head.
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good morning, washington. tuesday, november 1. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> just a few sprinkles in lower maryland, especially on the eastern shore. most of the rain and calvert county has come to an end. south.e sprinkle down lexington park and especially on to the eastern shores where we have rainfall this morning. coming to an end. 45 in the district, 39 at dulles airport, 41 in leesburg. frederick is at the freezing mark. had clear skies is where temperatures 30's.oler in the ,id to upper 50 today, clear sunny. near 69 by thursday and friday. highs near 60 on a weekend.
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my family. looked at this live picture eastboundhopper 7, 66. it looks like this every day. bleeding falls road. 66 out of gainesville to manassas. goes all of traffic the way to centreville. on is open nothing complicated as forrest 27 track0. southbound on the screen heading from us, delays forming at father hurley boulevard to get to the beltway. rail, marc rail, vre our normal service. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, a violent night in d.c.. a man is in critical condition duringeing shot halloween festivities in
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georgetown. witnesses say two groups of fighting just before the shooting on m street. police have no suspects or motive. investigators say teenagers in a hospital after being shot on m street in northeast d.c. a man and woman were shot near avenue and decatur northwest. no suspects or motive in all the shootings. a man was stabbed at the fort totten metro station. condition ors whether police have any what happened during that stabbing. today is day seven in the murder trial. jurors today and will get their norwood's at brittany tape interrogations. >> this comes a day after the prosecution suffered a major setback. brianne carter is live in with why a judge of the witnesses. >> good morning. week two of lululemon murder
6:33 am
trial. testimony comes day.fter expected that later today hear the taped interview with police with brittany norwood. it is what the jury will not hear that is making headlines. the state's attorney john after just to allow from another lululemon said jayna murray say that she norwood stealing from all lululemon store. say that is why norwood allegedly ambushed mary. the judge ruled such evidence is hearsay and not admissible in court because cannot testify. monday a blood spatter testifying stand, murray was first struck standing, then kneeling, and crouching. the deadly blow came when she was on the floor. they say this was premeditated murder. but the defense says this was not a planned attack.
6:34 am
testimony expected to get under few hours at the rockville courthouse. this could perhaps take between days and 10 days. closing arguments will likely happen later this week. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. virginia opposing democrats republicans don't see eye to issues. lot of >> but members of both parties in their outrage over controversial picture of president. >> this campaign flier showsdoun county obama with a bullet through his head. ben eisler has reaction. this e-mail has sparked controversy in the commonwealth. was meant to stir up support republicans in loudoun county, but even the most us say that it far.too >> the county ought to be that.g at campaign flier depicts of hisnt obama with part
6:35 am
removed and a bullet hole his head, an image created the loudoun county republican they say, in the of halloween. >> you should have a little more respect for the leader of this country. it was part of a montage of distorted democratic leaders, including nancy pelosi with her its market, out of supporters to attend last night's halloween parade in leesburg to help "vanquished the zombies." even those who turned out for parade expressed disgust. but for all. -- that is awful. that is the president of united states. county republican committee sent out this --tement
6:36 am
terrydonnell as well as connolly and other republicans blasted the e-mail. the committee now mistaken it out of circulation. connolly.ry the trial against michael jackson's doctor is in its fifth week. testify.rray may he has consulted with his attorney, but is not made a final decision. accused of involuntary manslaughter for the death of the king of pot. the evidence phase of the case will end today. parts of northeast still picking up after the rare october snowstorm. millions wait for the on,r to be turned back halloween is on hold. it was canceled because of the dangerous conditions. many schools are still closed. the storm is being blamed for of the least 21 people from pennsylvania all the way to canada. you will be paying higher tolls in maryland's starting today. now costs $4 to drive across
6:37 am
the chesapeake bay bridge. the tolls on interstate 95 between baltimore and delaware, now. from $5.p if the tolls are higher at the harbor and fort mchenry tunnel. statewide hike is expected about $90 billion a year. on this2 degrees tuesday. >> still ahead, herman cain controversy. the republican presidential has sent mixed messages about sexual harassment allegations. marriage,rdashian's the reality star calls it quits with. husband number with the reality star calls it quits with. husband number with [ speaking french ]
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welcome back. a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> good morning, doug. >> first day of november, it starting with clear skies and some partsatures in the viewing area. clouds and a few sprinkles in other parts. we are tracking showers shoreght on the eastern of. chesapeake bay right now. over southern maryland end.y coming to an
6:41 am
still some cloud cover south and east of the city. out andng is pulling with a postal system. most areas west of the bay are clearing. we will see a lot of sunshine today. about average temperatures or little below. starting at 32 degrees right in frederick, 37 in gaithersburg, 39 in manassas, 34 winchester. east of town, where there's 52 in lexington mary's county. skies will clear from west to east. it will be pleasant with mostly skies and a breeze. to 58 degrees. coming up, we will see if nasty lurkingng there for the first few days of november. pretty good today, lots of sunshine. that's the latest. better.ound see you. getting there. you.
6:42 am
there's a crash on route 3 175.bound at plenty of traffic southbound on -- they change the picture. out no, typical at georgia avenue. maryland, slowing from the icc project to join the outer loop delays. but things are (. -- are open. virginia, 95 out of springfield, open to the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. 6:42, 42 degrees. the fbi releases video of 6:42, 42 degrees. the fb[ female announcer ] we understand that today your life if full of responsibilities.
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tonight at 5:00, the rattled ourhat region happened months ago, but its effects are still coming to light. cracks,"t "quake couldt at 5:00 a car, it be affecting your house. the republican presidential front-runner herman cain is still under fire this morning accusations sexually harassed several women decades ago. was going to be in town. he had to of known that the questions were going to come up. it did not seem like he had much with thosegy to deal questions. >> exactly. this is problematic. he had weeks to respond to abouters on questions when he was at the national restaurant association
6:46 am
in a settlement with at least with regard to sexual harassment accusations. yet he could not provide a coherent answer. a problem with that is he has to in iowa and new coldhire to go out in the doors for hisi name. thatis not something encourages them. >> it is a trust issue. let's talk about rick perry. he was the front runner at once. now there's a new youtube video thee he's on stage on podium acting a little seenrently than we have him before. mitt romney must be sitting going, thanks a lot. >> we have seen a lot of volatility in the gop field. favorite one week who of theared to the back next.he in all this has been mitt romney. thatyone's front runner ofs not seem to have a lot
6:47 am
likability with the conservative base. come true foram because he has not had to do much. to sit back and watch them fall apart. it all.l report -- and you will report it all. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. released tapes spies trading messages. it turned and chapman into an annanational celebrity -- chapman. honoring ronald reagan. today officials will unveil a statue of the 40th a.sident near terminal the 11:00 a.m. dedication could cause traffic problems at the .irport four lanes near the gates will reduced to one lane at reagan national.
6:48 am
the maryland general be asked to fund purple line. there will also be an open house at the university of maryland. a coalition of health and are askingal groups boycott baby shampoo made by johnson and johnson. they claim it contains two causing chemicals, but the company says that it does itsuse those chemicals shampoo. let's see what's happening the weather with doug hill. sprinkles and some clouds. let's check out live super doppler 7 radar. rain slowly moving on to the shore, the vestiges of a center moving up the coast. area, skies are clearing rapidly. let's look of the rainfall totals since the overnight hours. almost half inch of rain in ocean city. was an eastern star.
6:49 am
district heights, a quarter of an inch east of the city. 0.1 in landover. it's been very limited in some areas. 42 degrees in district heights. weather in the clear skies areas. 31 degrees in inwood and hancock. rest of the area, in the 30's.mainly west ofrth and town. 45 degrees in huntingtown, 36 now in leesburg. thanks for visiting. the high pressure will be .eplaced with sunshine today we will be in the upper 50's for with lots ofn sunshine. by the time we get to the end november, 29 days from now, temperaturehigh will be 52. we will eventually get to the 30's to night and back in the near 60 with sunshine
6:50 am
tomorrow. caskey will have the outlook as part of the seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. >> thanks so much. we are going to newschopper we have been warning 234. a crash on we are looking live. this crash near allen drive west of 95 in quantico area. medevac helicopter was required . the landing zone was at a school nearby. 34/ dumphries n drive.talob 95 north from dumphries all the way to
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the tuesday morning. herman cain has made it plain. says he has never sexually anyone. is it enough to keep him on top race for the gop presidential nomination? after just over 72 days, and a dollar wedding, kim kardashian files for divorce. was it real love or was it just made for tv? answer's stricken. gainingrsonal trainer
6:54 am
more than 70 pounds in six months. hereby to tell us why he's doing it. that's next on "good morning america." >> we want to take another today's top stories. was a violent halloween in d.c. least five people wounded in a of shootings all across city. a man is in critical condition on m street int georgetown. prosecutors in the lululemon murder trial suffered a setback. a judge says jurors cannot hear ho said jaynaker w murray said that brittany norwood was shoplifting, before she was shot. kim kardashian and is calling it quits. 72 days as a married woman. the reality star filed for from nba star chris humphries, citing irreconcilable differences. if you missed it last night, the's your chance to see
6:55 am
winners of our halloween costume contest. >> that's right. for the cutest costume we have christian the lion. the scariest goes to carson the zombie. >> and most creative costumed claw. don't the to see all the entries, go to, congratulations to all the winners. thought ofnever have that costume. lot of work. >> that is a credit to their parents. >> late at night so in the last ditches. a last look at traffic every minutes. >> a crash in dumphries on 234 west of 95. turning very sunny morning today, by the afternoon,
6:56 am
50's today and tomorrow. sunshine the next couple days. next chance of rain friday morning. looks pleasant it to the weekend and dry. tony as a at firefighter. and i love this garden gnome, from springfield. this one from olw.rf, an -- an owl. made and charlotte from arlington. >> good job. so many costumes. if that does it for us. good morning america is next. for local news, news channel 8. for local news, news channel 8. we
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