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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 4, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is "world news" and tonight, her story. congresswoman gabby giffords and astronaut mark kelly. new details about what she said when told she had been shot. her darkest day. and their very private plans to start a family. her determination to come back tonight. wake-up call for the big banks. we learned 1 million americans are moving to smaller friendly neighborhood banks. one of herman cain's accusers speaks out saying the truth is not what he described. and give me a break. as americans watch their retirements shrink are congressmen untouchable? royal baby? the world afire with rumors that will and kate are expecting a baby and why this picture of a sleeping beauty could be a kind
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of guide for a daughter-in-law and possible mom-to-be. good evening, and on this friday night we can bring you the first details from the new book from congresswoman gabby giffords and astronaut mark kelly. in it the story of her dream to return to the life she loved. it has been nearly ten months since a gunman shot her in the head in point blank range and it will still be a few more days before the country hears her voice. but tonight those new details about the day that changed everything. what she said when told about the bullet that had entered her brain and a private mission by the congressman and her astronaut husband to start a family of their own. all in a new book about a truly stunning journey and here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: in the memoir called "gabby, a story of courage and hope," we learn for
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the first time the details of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords' remarkable path toward recovery and painful realizations about other lives lost. among the poignant revelations, we learn that the couple were trying to have a baby, going through several rounds of fertility treatments when the shooting occurred. giffords' husband also writes about his agonizing attempts to tell his wife what happened that january morning, but that she didn't fully understand until march 12th. he writes that giffords cried and moaned with grief when she finally learned that six people had died, including a member of her own staff and a 9-year-old girl. as for what she felt about the day, kelly writes she said three words. "shot, shocked, scary." among her darkest moments, feeling trapped in her own body, aware but unable to communicate, a kind of panic setting in. her husband holding her as she cried. but as the days and months have passed she slowly regained
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her ability to speak as giffords' chief of staff pia carusone told me in may. >> it seems that she understands everything. if not everything, almost everything. she's really there. she follows directions. she laughs at joke, recognizes friends. >> reporter: as the recuperation progresses, giffords is able to recite phrases from the u.s. constitution and martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. kelly recounts some lighter moments too including a visit from former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara in which the only words that giffords could say was "wow" and "chicken." even that an achievement, just as it was in my recovery, words come back. some of them through therapy, but others naturally on their own as the brain continues to heal. but while mark kelly writes the bulk of the book, it is giffords who pens the last chapter, entitled "gabby's voice." a single page with brief sentences and phrases. most prominently, she vows to return to congress, writing, "i
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will get stronger. i will return." now, this is the tirr memorial hospital where they spent six months of her life here. she'll come back again and we talked to the doctors, nurses and therapists and said it's impossible to predict how fast people do recover but in gabby's case this was remarkably good. diane? >> thank you so much, bob woodruff in houston tonight. as we hope you know, i spoke with congresswoman gabby giffords and astronaut mark kelly and it is a journey that shows what it is to believe as astronauts say, the sky is not the limit. courage, commitment and the path ahead. we hope you'll tuning in, an exclusive special edition of "20/20" on monday, november 14th at 10:00, 9:00 central. now to the presidential race and those sexual harassment
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allegations swirling around leading republican herman cain all week. the lawyer for one of cain's accusers stepped forward today and for the first time details some of the allegations. this as a new poll shows at least at the beginning of this week republican voters seem to be shrugging off the controversy. abc's jon karl is in washington. >> reporter: does this guy look worried. herman cain received yet another enthusiastic reception from a conservative crowd in washington. big applause even as one of his still unnamed accusers got a chance to tell her side of the story for the first time. through her lawyer. >> mr. cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically and it had very specific incidents in it. >> reporter: and the national astronaut association confirmed today that the woman filed a formal complaint in july 1999. that's one month after cain stepped down as the group's ceo
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and had entered a financial agreement to resolve the matter after that. the group waived its confidentiality agreement allowing her to speak freely about the incident but decided to say nothing beyond her lawyer's statement. the controversy has engulfed cain for an entire week. but in a new poll he is still in a statistical tie with mitt romney for first place. cain said he looks forward to getting back to the real issues facing the country but our abc news poll also included something of a warning for him. nearly one out of every four republicans said that they would be less likely to vote for him because of this controversy. diane? >> all right, jon, thank you very much. we turn to the economy. word of a faint ray of light. numbers released today show 80,000 new jobs were created last month and the unemployment rate dropped just 0.1% from 9.1% to 9%. to put that in perspective even with those new jobs, the nation
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is still down 6.5 million jobs since the recession began. and overseas in france that white knuckle global summit has come to an end. going in world leaders had to grapple with the country of greece on the brink, a financial mt. everest. to stabilize the world markets and american 401(k)s they needed to finalize a deal but they did not. so what does that mean for your money? abc's david muir took that question straight to president obama. >> reporter: you mention you're confident in the bailout plan. are you confident this will happen and if so that it will work. >> am i confident that this will work? i think there's more work to do. there are going to be some ups and downs along the way. but i am confident that the key players in europe understand how much of a stake they have in making sure that this crisis is resolved. >> again, david muir reporting from the summit.
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and now the politicians may not have taken bold action but tonight americans are. abc news has learned that as of today 1 million american consumers are hurling a lightning bolt warning at the big banks moving their money out in protest. as we reported the goliath banks did an abouout-face abanding plans for those $5 fees on debit cards but other fees have been creeping in. and a lot of americans are saying we have another option. abc's matt gutman has been on this story for weeks and brings us the news tonight. >> reporter: the big banks may have retreated on those $5 debit fees. but hundreds of thousands of americans are on the march, outraged at all the other fees for overdrafts, even using the atm. that means across the country people like small business owner david meinert are mutinying. >> i'm moving my money from four of my businesses to -- out of bank of america and chase. >> reporter: bringing $3 million worth of business with him.
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>> that kind of money and my level of business actually doesn't really matter to them. >> reporter: for meinert the end came when his banks refused a new line of credit. for others like kristen christian, it was that atm fee. >> i couldn't support the principle behind it that targeted anyone with less than $20,000 in an account because they can't afford it. >> reporter: now 78 now now say they'll join her. in october alone credit unions had 650,000 new customers. a 13-fold spike from their average month raking in over $4.5 billion in new deposits. >> each bank can going to deal with the best interests of their customer and shareholders. >> reporter: tomorrow tens of thousands will close their accounts at big banks and look to small banks who say they're not going to charge them those fees. the big banks are saying no matter what happen, they'll have to recoup that revenue meaning a future with more fees and
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probably some more upset customers. >> okay, matt gutman and we'll all watch. tonight the fate of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray is in the hands of seven men and five women, the jury now behind closed doors. deliberating over the question who is to blame for the pop star's death. abc's jim avila now with a look at the jurors wrestles with a very big decision tonight. >> reporter: they never see te s irraucous scene because they me miles away and is bused to the courthouse to deliberate. sitting in the box for six weeks, it is a quintessential l.a. jury, seven men, five women, four crime show watchers, an actor, tv director and a cartoon animator, now spending 8:00 to 4:00 in a jury room next to court with no window, no phone but filled with nearly 400 exhibits and a buzzer to communicate with, two buzzes for a smoke break or lunch, three to
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signal a verdict. the prosecutors stationed in their 18th floor offices at the courthouse. lead defense attorney ed chernoff is at his santa monica hotel, everyone promised two hours' notice to scramble back to court. >> hi, dr. murray. >> reporter: conrad murray taped on the street in santa monica by paparazzi today awaits the verdict at his girlfriend's apartment. >> i'm with friends and family and my children. >> reporter: one witness conrad murray wanted the judge to hear, but the judge would not allow, dr. arnie klein, the beverly hills dermatologist the defense team blames for jackson'sle addiction and ensuing insomnia. now, for the first time since the trial began dr. klein sat down with abc news today and conceded he gave jackson demerol, large dosed because his six-hour treatments involved up to a thousand needle pricks over six hours, but denies any addiction. >> if i addicted him to demerol and would remain in his body for a long time, yet they found non in his body.
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i made his face better. >> reporter: they've used the buzzer and asked to walk around the courtroom to stretch their legs with no indication of a decision any time soon. if they don't reach a verdict today they will not deliberate over the weekend and resume on monday. diane? >> all right, jim, thanks for standing watch tonight. stale head on "world news," are members of congress holding on to their gold-plated pensions while asking everyone else to sacrifice? chris cuomo tracks them down for answers. is the royal family about to expand? the clues tonight about william, kate and a baby? [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> reporter: why is this congress messenger ignoring me? here's a hint. it's not his hearing. chris cuomo, abc news. maybe it's because i'm here to ask about the lavish congressional pensions that allow them to retire earlier and collect more money than almost everyone else in or out of government. and guess what, you are paying for it. fact is, a 20-year member of congress who is at least 62 collects over $50,000 a year for life. >> i represent taxpayers back home, chris, who don't make a whole lot of money. >> reporter: meet the face of the resistance. congressman howard coble who has been trying to cut back the pension for 28 years. right now he is sponsoring one of three bills that either replaces the pension with a 401(k) or brings it in line with the rest of federal employees. >> of course, you can imagine, chris, how many co-sponsors i have. >> reporter: how many? >> none. >> reporter: would you say seven? >> no, none. none. >> reporter: and that's what brought me to washington, to
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find congressman dan lundgren. he chairs a committee that's been sitting on these bills for months. . he says he's been busy making cuts to save money elsewhere. those are all great but this one really speaks volume when everyone has to tighten their belts when you say we are not going to let our pensions be better than anybody else's. >> we'll look at all those out there. >> reporter: but it's not scheduled yet. good luck wit. i hope you get it done. the elevators doors close but this situation is not over. not by any stretch n fact tonight you will see something that's very rare in d.c. these day, diane, progress. >> staying on it to get action. >> absolutely. no other way to do it. >> be sure to tune in tonight. we will all be watching. chris cuomo's report on "20/20," see what happens next. still ahead here, william, kate, a new royal watch tonight.
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or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. as we said there is a new royal watch on tonight. it's been six months since the wedding of the year, the union of prince william and kate and now a simple gesture by kate the other day has a lot of people in a frenzy. will there be a little prince or princess on the way? abc's nick watt is in london. >> reporter: watch closely, prince william tastes the peanut paste.
6:50 pm
kate takes a pass. for gossip mongers, that moment right there, right there, is seismic. >> that was a huge hint that possibly kate's pregnant. >> reporter: because pregnant women often avoid nuts for fear of creating an allergy in their baby. maybe she's just dieting or maybe she didn't want to get peanuts stuck in her teeth on tv. royal handlers wouldn't elaborate. we never confirm or deny speculation about pregnancy. >> the tiniest hint like this could be massive, and we'll always look for those. >> reporter: at a reception the other day, she didn't sip champagne. last week they changed succession law. the first born, boy or girl, is now heir to the throne. coincidence? within a year of marriage the queen gave birth to charles. within a year, diana had william, who married kate 6 months ago. >> we'll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids.
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>> reporter: so is there an heir in there? nick watt, abc news, london. >> and around here we were all reminded today of another newly minted royal princess, diana, just three months after her wedding to prince charles. do you remember this picture which ricocheted around the world. sleeping beauty hands folded politely but nodding off at the opening of britain's parliament. there was a secret behind this photo. her exhaustion was the result of her pregnancy in the early stages and 24 hours after that picture was snapped, the palace officially announced diana was expecting her first child, prince william. and still ahead if you looked up in the air you couldn't believe it. rhinos, flying upside down a half mile in the sky. to safety. and our person of the week coming right up.
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and in south africa, was it a bird, a plane or a rhino? the endangered animal sedated upside down blindfolded dangling from its ankles a half mile high in the sky, 19 of the rhinos were relocated to protect them from poachers and the worldwide fund for nature said this approach is the best because the rhinos are more relaxed this way than they would be nets and you can remove animals from areas inaccessible by roads. a person of the week who saw a different need in africa. she found a simple way to bring a sample of our modern life here and saving a lot of lives. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: what if you could save a life with a little light?
6:56 pm
inside this rural clinic in liberia, a woman named mapu is about to give birth in almost total darkness. then suddenly a light switches on, and they can see, all due to that tiny yellow suitcase on the wall. it's actually a solar-powered system delivered here by this woman, laura stachel, a doctor and mother from california. ten years ago, after welcoming her third child, she was stunned to learn that, as joyful as childbirth can be for a new mom here, in africa, it's a strikingly different story. in some parts women are 70 times more likely to die in childbirth than women in the u.s. so stachel headed to africa to find out why. >> childbirth should be a completely joyous event, and it shouldn't be a situation where women have to wonder if they're going to survive every time they get pregnant. >> reporter: one reason for the uncertainty, an unreliable power source. imagine giving birth in a room like this. >> this is probably a lot closer
6:57 pm
to what the situation would be at night. >> reporter: doctors performing c-sections and emergency surgery in near total darkness. >> we just need to make sure we make the strap longer. >> reporter: so back in california, dr. stache lchl and her husband built their own solution, creating this suitcase. solar panels are attached to the clinic roof and connected to led lights. it costs about $1,500, and the entire installation takes less than an hour. they've already installed more than a hundred of them around the world saving countless lives. >> that baby is so close. >> reporter: and on this night welcoming one more. >> hi. welcome to the world! >> reporter: his future and the future of millions of others now a little brighter thanks to one mom's electrifying idea. >> so we choose dr. laura stachel and go to milli
6:58 pm can. don't forget "20/20" and "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here on monday. c. don't forget "20/20" and "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here on monday. a. don't forget "20/20" and "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here on monday. n. don't forget "20/20" and "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here on monday. . don't forget "20/20" and "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here on monday. [ speaking french ]
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