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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a college student murdered, a young woman killed. what led to the attack? abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> on your side. >> tonight, students at aretburg state university a 19-year-old sophomore is stabbed. kortneigh mccoy killed this morning. shanee liggins is the alleged attacker. our reporter is live with the latest. it remains unclear what the were arguing about, and to suchscalated violence. we spoke with the suspect's father, who said he is devastated. the routine of picking up the of his waldorf
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hall has taken a turn. today he traveled to the other to get out whyte daughter hadld murdering a with .student kortneigh mccoy he turned without an answer. >> she is the most responsible have ever seen. i cannot get my head around it. i am trying to wait until all out. cts come >> police say a fight erupted morning at off-campus house party. the confrontation spilled onto the street. liggins used a knife to kortneigh mccoy. >> there were fighting, and out. ody ran people were crying. they said, she is bleeding. >> on sunday, the physics major was scheduled to stay -- sing the student gospel choir. performance packed with
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faculty and students urned into a memorial for the suspect's father mourned for daughter he calls bright and is shin -- in trouble. if they feel anything like me, it is horrendous. remains jailedns on a first-degree murder charge. abc7 news. >> thanks. details now on this top story. time aot the first happened at frostburg state university. it is the second time in the a over a year. in 2010, a man was fatally shot at an off-campus party. a student was wounded. the man accused in his debt is serving five years in prison. >> new at 11:00, another is being of the engine
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reported in fredericksburg. abduction is beinge actio reported in fredericksburg. the girl's family tonight. [unintelligible] it is sick to me. >> disgusted the way the man hurt child into a van. walking home from a saturdays house a blackn, when a man in drove up, rolled down the window, and said come over. not, a man got out towards. d coming then she took off towards home. new >> it is scary. like this has ever this area before. real scared. >> the little girl told police four man inside of the van.
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it had letters spray-painted on the door. that, the descriptions of men are fuzzy. this is the fourth attempted county withinhis few months. police have not said if they the incidents are links. residents say it seems that way. keeping a close their kids. >> if they go all side, there out of thereadult with you. a buddy system if they outside. >> we have not let them out when thiserday happened. >> abc7 news. more instant updates on, log onto >> today in a court hearing is scheduled in the you be a case. a man was found dead in an of compass read it off campus
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apartment. in an off-campus apartment. the trial is set for this february. major protest outside of the white house today. thousands rallied to demand that obama get rid of the a pipeline that carry oil from canada to a refinery. they say it would endanger the environment. not decidedt has not to ok the construction. >> one year from today, voters headed to the polls to or aect president obama like a new president. and a new poll says no. up with thee fed elected leaders. 80% said they are dissatisfied own government. are flat out angry, and it is an all-time high. who gets the blame tax it is
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almost evenly divided. -- who gets the blame? it is almost evenly divided. >> it will cost you more to get grandma's house this thanksgiving. gas prices have dropped recently. it has -- an average gallon of by 4 cents. ed average gas is about $3.40. a gallon of gas is almost 60 last year. than most polls have gone up. >> it may be november, but it like something else tomorrow. in for milder temperatures. steve is here with a preview. >> i wish we could extend our little bit longer. at what is going on, doppler radar. it will remain clear and cold overnight hours. waking up tomorrow morning, you
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patchy fog. that is especially out to the west. valley, nighttime lows of around 30. lower 40 around the district. are you ready for maybe even 70 degrees? you when and how long it is expected to last in a few minutes. >> we cannot wait to hear that. thanks, steve. inew book is set for release the death of osama bin laden. some are reportedly upset. >> and the herman cain controversy. some want him more forthcoming allegations he is facing. >> the penn state scandal is going. ♪
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>> new at 11 clock, the penn is a controversy
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bombshell. >> then does -- gerry sandusky custody saturday. was onceandusky the regionf tosidered the heir apparent legendary joe paterno. allegedly sexually abusing he has allegedly sexually abused several boys. the penn state administration up thesecovered abuse. ons of sexual joe paterno released a statement true, the nature and charges made are very shocking. >> the situation is in the courts. i am not making any comments. >> sandusky would not make any the childbout filedation charges against him. have been advised by my attorneys and are following their orders. >> he founded the second mile
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in 1977 to mentor at risk of boys. accused of molesting eight of those kids over a 15- year period. the affirmation was reported so long ago. >> it is scary. i do not know what to say. as a mother, it is very upsetting. >> the scandal could be much larger. the university vice president monday,n himself in thesed of covering up at sandusky, despite firsthand accounts. in 2002, joe paterno was told by graduate assistant that was allegedly caught with a 10-year-old in a locker room shower. according to authorities, administrators received the but did not act. >> before you are a leader of athletics, before them graduate in do things in society, your
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responsibility as a person, not football coach, is to protect the child. >> sandusky would not address against him. his lawyers say the retired coach maintained his innocence. is free on $100,000 bond. joe paterno has not been charged any wrongdoing. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. new at 11:00, the dramatic shakedown of the a terrorist,r-one osama bin laden. reed is chronicled in by a member of the navy seal team. -- it is chronicled in a book by navy seals team. some are upset that president obama announced his death just hours after they completed the mission. herman cain controversy not go away. -- the herman cain controversy
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just will not go away. he refused to talk about harassment of sexual with network reporters last night. on a talk show today, many to address the for all. and >> it has been said over and again that he is trying to get the information out in total. is important, because we have real issues to talk about campaign. says thesman become a major distraction. gov. haley barbour echoed his comment. meantime, herman cain says he is about it anymore. campaign is back on topic. >> an assessment is underway in walkeda after they were by the strongest earthquake. it was 5.6 on the scales. oklahoma has seen a dramatic
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activityin seismic past few years. scientists do not know why. >> we had a surprise october snowstorm. people inousands of the northeast still did not have the power back. near 90,000 people in theecticut are still in dark. officials say power may not be until wednesday. more than 3 million people lost last sunday. >> there was no power shortage new york city marathon. history was made. this person broke the course record, crossing the finish line in two hours and five minutes. on the women's side, this woman her first marathon. race in two the hours, 23 minutes and 15 seconds. you cannot pick a better running in. >> it was really nice. >> dave found out how cold it for them.
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we had a cold start this morning. in the 30's. look at what we had today. afternoon, the sunshine. cleary and wednesday -- skies, looking nice outside this evening. temperatures will begin to fall including in the morning hours. 45 degrees currently in alexandria after a high of 60 degrees. temperature reagan national to 59. made it up the average for this time of is 62. there will be above average as we move through week. the wind out of the southwest. 40 degrees, a children's hospital. the winds beginning to settle down. why we are looking for of potential of a little bit early tomorrow morning.
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42 charleston. --the rest of us, mid 50's of us, mid 50's. this will keep our -- be in the midill 60's. satellite radar is quiet and dry. across thetal system great lakes. this will go away from us, with the milder temperatures for the next couple of days. a starter cold front on thursday. bring is a good chance of showers. cooler air for the weekend. to the rest of us, some fog. -- west of us, some thought. temperatures around 60 or 65 degrees. hours, into tuesday, will stick around as temperatures are warmer. wednesday, the clouds will
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come from the west. mainly clear skies, look for patchy fog. to the west. -- cool temperatures out to the west. lower to mid 60's. when state 67 degrees. increasing clouds and showers on thursday. by friday, the cold front moves through. temperatures in the mid 50's, bech is where we should during this time of year. andto our website, of theat the blog of the alabama tornado. we have great pictures. >> thank you. looking forward to that mild weather.
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>> john beck still has a qb rating over 100. it was a great day for others, especially for giants fans. for redskin fans, get acquainted with last place. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholestero i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can he c lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good?
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> here is the bright news, redskin fans, the offensive doing better, but it does into a higher score. a re-re calling for grossman. f things are rough for the redskins. >> john beck first started with rocking beginning.
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a first quarter interception in niner's field goal. >> i can do better at some place. >> it redskins record was broken, but this fumble in the to this. rter led the very next play, a 30-yard score. 13-0. there was a turnover. >> they had some injuries. they needed to rely on us. not doing the blame game. can work on.ngs we we can get better defensively. we can get it going often to flee. redskins had a team record of a 59-yard field goal. making it 13-3 san francisco. they were on course control. the first touchdown since carolina or the redskins came here.
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11 s one was soon over, 19- the final. any time you leave the game, you will be channeling frustrated. >> mike shanahan wasted no time afterwards saying, will stick with john. they have lost four straight are so possession of last place nfc. >> we had a few guys go down last night. sometimes it does not look very bright. we have a lot of character on of ateam and a lot football players. to be,not where we want in the righting direction. they will play extremely hard. we look for. the giants had an incredible superbowl when years ago. --win years ago. manning and tom brady responded in rose to the
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occasion. to thisy, through player. a 14-yard touchdown. taking the lead by three. go, manning finds dick. 24-20. now the cowboys dusting the seahawks. well throws into a wide player for a 30 --tony rose to a wide open player 30-yard touchdown. robinson has a six-yard touchdown. doing pretty well today, the winning. let us go to nascar of for the aaa 500. to gain on a lead position. stewart gets his first -- fourth win. finished -- colorado
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edwards finished second. finished second. baltimore ravens are the pittsburgh steelers. 16 in baltimore. -- are trailing the bids for steelers. 20-1
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announce a winner this friday. >> not enough to buy a
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>> steve is here with a final check of the forecast. >> take a look at it. you do not see this very often. will tell you more about the picture. 69 degrees for a high on tuesday. cold front arrives thursday. . ll a dry air on thursday rain chances will be limited for weekend after thursday. will take that. weekend after thursday. willlook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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>> this is abc 7 news, "washington weekly" on your side. hello, everybody. when you're from tonight, we americans have elected as the president of states. americans say it comes down to the current slate of candidates. turn publicdone to opinion around? here is the report. >> and members 6, 2012, american the polls to re-elect obama or yet to be determined the public into the white house. we are badly divided as a but have one trait in common. are unhappy with the government. sunday showed 80% of t are dissatisfied with


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