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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news zwroefr night. two more top officials are out at penn state. as the football sex scandal rocks that school. the chilling charges against the former assistant coach. what did joe paterno really mow? countdown to the verdict. the jury back behind closed doors. is conrad murray facing jail or freedom? superstar showdown. justin bieber will take a test to prove least not the father. is the mother of the child believable? and second thoughts. kim kardashian flies to minnesota overnight to see her husband, kris. are they getting back together or is it just another chanter in the celebrity divorce?
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coming in from downtown today. hope you had a good weekend, everyone. good morning. we have a lot to get to. the brand new poll that shows why there is no clear front runner the republican race. and new details coming out from the only person who can real ly know what amanda knox i going through. >> the first interview he's given. and we're kick up the "gma" all-stars week. you hit down with faith hill. and leonardo dicaprio is here. he just becomes j. edgar hoover. first, the shocking allegations against a former penn state football coach.
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two members of the university have been asked to step down. dan harris has more. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. they call this community here the happy valley out in central pennsylvania. this morning, it's anything but happy. the two university officials that stepped down overnight, one of them, the athletic director. they'll be in court this morning, turning themselves in. they're essentially accused of covering up the alleged sex crimes of man who retired in 1999 but who was still a prominent part of the football program. >> i'm sorry, but -- my attorney has advised me that -- the situation is in the courts. and i'm not to make any comments. >> reporter: jerry sandusky was once a greerm of linebackers for the store rid penn state nittany lions. considered a possible successor to joe paterno and a community pillar for founding a charity
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for at-risk children. according to the grand jury report, he used his position to recruit young male victims, many of whom he allegedly assaulted in campus facilities. in 2002, a fwraj what assistant said he saw sandusky having sex with a boy who appeared to be as young as 10. that assistant went to joe paterno. he staked his reputation on running a program of ethics and integri integrity. paterno reported it to officials. the officials never reported it to police. sandusky continued to work with children. it wasn't until concerned moms came forward that he was charged. abc's. the j. winick confronted him. >> can you tell us if you had any inappropriate relations with
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young boys, sir? >> you didn't hear what i said. i've been advised by my attorney. i'm following orders. i'm not privy to make any statement. >> reporter: his attorney says he has maintained his innocence. >> he's very distraught about the charges, the allegations. the knowledge that regardless of whether he proves his guilt or innocence, people are going to think he did this stuff. >> you can tell us the charges are false? >> unfortunately, i'm not in a position to makee any statement. >> reporter: while no criminal charges have been filed against joe paterno. some say this man, who just a week ago became the winning es coach in division i history, should have done more. >> i can't say it any more times. sorry. >> reporter: overnight, joe paterno who is now 84 issued a statement that he did what he was supposed to with the limited
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information he had. he grieves for the family. and robin, it's entirely possible that this towering figure in court could be called to testify in the trial of man who was once his top lieutenant. >> because this story is far from over. thanks, dan. >> how does it go on for so long? amazing. now to politics. your voice, your vote. a new poll out may tell us why mitt romney is having a hard time to break away from the pack. republicans think he might be the most promising candidate. that's not t getting them to close the deal. another weekend in the spotlight for herman cain, too. >> absolutely, george. this poll shows why republican voters are reluctant to stand behind romney. republicans in the poll say he's the candidate with the best chance of beating barack obama.
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but only 24% want him to be the republican nominee. his biggest problem? republicans hate the health care law he put into place as governor of massachusetts. the law makes them less likely to vote for romney. on the question of which candidate is the most honest and trust worthy, he trails herman cain. even after the tough week of sexual harassment accusation. john huntsman said that romney changed positions so many times he probably can't beat obama. >> when there's a question about whether you're running for the white house of the waffle house, you have a big problem with the people. >> reporter: herman cain struggled over the week end to try to put the harassment allegations behind him. cain seeming to offer newt to be his v.p.
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>> if you were vice president of the united states -- what would you want the president to assign you to do first? >> reporter: afterwards, cain faced a blizzard of questions about the harassment allegations. he turned it around, attacking the news media for relying on anonymous sources. >> don't go there. where is my chief of staff? >>. >> right here. >> send him the code of ethics. if you all listen. i will explain this one time. we're getting back on message. end of story. >> it's been said over and over again, it's up to herm. cain to get it out and get it out in total. >> reporter: cain and his advisers are making it clear he does not intend to answer any more questions about the sexual harassment allegations, as one of hissed ed advisers told me,
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done talking about that. >> he's facing pressure and taking a bit of a hit. >> that's right. the first real indication. a new reuters poll out. his favorability ratings are down significantly. this same poll shows a majority of registered voters believe that the allegations against cain are true. >> thanks, jon. now to the latest in the trail of michael jackson's doctor. the jury about the start their second day behind closed doors. jim avila joins us to look inside that jury room. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's day two of le dib ratideli. could this be the day? some think it could be since the jury is deciding one simple question. up or down, did michael jackson
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kill himself or did his doctor do it? the jury will reconvene at 8:30 this morning pacific time. the seven men, five women include an actor, a tv director, a cartoon animator. and five people who they like watching tv crime shows. a coffee maker, 40 on pieces of evidence and a buzzer to communicate with the judge are what is in the jury room. two rings mean, we need a break or have a question. three buzzes means we have a verdict. did conrad murray kill nmichael jackson? or did michael jackson's addiction to demerol leave him so desperate that he killed
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himself? a close friend of jackson's, determine tolg arnie klein, spent michael's final christmas with him. klein told me he used democr edo help michael jackson on his tour. i want to know if you addicted him to demerol. >> you know the answer. no. i had nothing to do with it. i made his face better. if that was addicting, too beauty, yes. >> reporter: in the courtroom and jury room, what is the old up. many people believe it could be the fact that conrad murray is a doctor. injury. >> reporter:s don't li-- juries like to convict doctors. >> all right, jim, thank you.
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dan abrams joins us. they're not deliberating that long. >> i don't think in any way, shape, or form, this is a long process so far. >> no concern right now from the prosecutors thinking, oh, my goodness, this could be a hung jury? >> not yet. this is not a who done it. it is a how did it happen. in a whodunit, it's straightforward. i think this person did it. i don't think this person did it. a lot of facts are not in dispute here. it an interpretation of the facts. you increase the possibility that a couple of jurors are going the say, wait a second, that's not the way i see it. >> a complicated case. but just one charge. >> one charge, two possible ways they can come to the conclusion. one charge. a straightforward case when it comes to the law.
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but, i still think that because what the jurors have to do is put together a whole series of facts and talk about possibilities and maybes and could bes and doubts, you do increase the chance that a few jurors will say, i don't see it that way. >> what is your take? the jury is not sequestered. >> most are not. remember, sequestering a jury means you're taking them away there their homes and jobs for weeks at a time. you're talking about enormous costs. this judge decided not to do it even though the defense asked for it. ? nothing surprising there. day two. dan, thank you. josh elliott has the other stories. we begin with important news for the stock market here and around the world. this morning, the prime minister
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of greece has agreed to step down. there are mounting concerns about political turmoil in italy, where another debt crisis could sink global markets. at least 70 aftershocks have shaken oklahoma in the aftermath of the historic earthquake on saturday fight. many people saying it was terrifying. ryan owe wns is there. >> reporter: one of the tremors columnabled part of this building. >> we have literally grabbed the bed to stabilize ourselves. >> reporter: he lives near the epicenter of the quake on saturday night. the tiny town of sparks. they had a dozen aftershots on
7:14 am
sunday. there's a fault line here. seismologists are not sure why suddenly it's so active. no one is hurt. people felt the shaking. >> i hear a few lights rattling here in the studio. we'll -- we still have our -- you can see our dura-tran still shaking. a second large earthquake here. >> reporter: oklahoma has had a rough year. it's hottest summer, biggest snowfall, largest hailstorm. now its strongest earthquake. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> thank you, ryan. meanwhile, it lasted fewer than five hours. lindsay lohan has served her time behind bars. a judge last week sentenced her to 30 days. after reporting to jail last night, he was released early this morning pause of overcrowding. next time you park your car,
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do yourself a favorite and park your car. make sure it's not moving as you walk away. look at this. the driver overseas left his car in neutral. watch what happens as it lams in the back of another car and goes right down on to the highway. nose-diving on to the busy street. the car was driverless, and in fact it did strike the highway without taking out any other cars. >> oh, wow. >> so lucky it -- >> incredibly lucky. let's park our cars, people. that's the take-away. let's go to sam champion, a merry monday morning to you. >> well -- if anyone can pull it off, you can, robin. okay, happy monday, everybody. this is one powerful front. it brought the cold weather and snow into the southwest.
7:16 am
some of these thunderstorms could carry tornadoes. we're talking about a lot of cities involved. wichita, dallas, yes. the wind from the storms, about 70 miles per hour at the peak. what about the dry weather in northern new england? about eight days in a row without any moisture. we have another three or four coming. the numbers will warm up after the cold weekend. washington, d.c., 62. the middle of the country, there's the powerful front. atlanta, 68. toward the west, widely scattered showers.
7:17 am
rather foggy start 2 hour dry andk but generally pleasant weather all of this week. one chance of rain is on fog advisory dense betweens of our region ridge and 95 until 9:00 a.m. there is a little bit apache laurel but ijamsville had a thick fog. 32 in winchester, sunny and 62 >> all of america's weather in the next half hour. josh, robin, and george? >> you don't look like you're faking it. >> it's a merry monday. >> you're going to nashville later today.
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that will make anybody happy. now to will and kate. the rumors continue to swirl. there's something new to buzz about this morning. more on that from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. the latest is that william and kate are planning to plouffe into a new place, a four-bedroom place. are they nesting? for the most talked about couple in britain, a swank new address. 1-a kensington palace. william grew up here. they decided not to move into the actual apartment. >> william thought it was fool of memories. kate thought it was a little bit creepy. >> reporter: they've chosen this place. "gma" got a sneak peek back if april. first, major renovation. they'll move in by to 13.
7:19 am
by then, they'll probably be parents. the tongues on still wagging after kate declines the peanut paste. >> we ran a story about the number of times she touched her tummy, 12 times in two hours. fwently patting it. cradling it. >> reporter: no orders from the palace to cease and desist. >> it be several, several weeks before any announcement is made officially. three months into a pregnancy, we're told. >> reporter: aside from hand-shaking and tree-planting a royal's job is little more than continuing the dynasty. >> there is pressure on them like you would not believe. >> reporter: they changed the rules last week. the first boy or girl is heir to the throne.
7:20 am
fun time uncle harry, he's going to be moving into a cottage on the grounds of the palace. he'll be the source of all ellis s elicit candy. >> fun time uncle harry? is that what you said? >> we have an inside source. >> i was there. it's a little drafty. needs a little updating. i'm sure it will be a lovely home. with uncle harry next door. thanks, nick. coming up on "gma," is this justin bieber's baby. the woman speaks out to "the insider." and amanda knox's ex-boyfriend revealing details. kim and kris, are they reuniting or hashing out the details of the divorce?
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 7:26 on this monday, november 7. the people were taken to serious crash a on rte. 50 in prince george's county. collided ates around 4:00 this morning in the eastbound lanes near route 197. have the latest coming up in a moment.
7:27 am
newschannel 8 is working on an report in a couple of minutes. we love better news with in tysons corner. beginning today pretty the capitalanes of to a newere shipped over 123 and that means from 123 to 495 will reopen and drivers and 123 will to use more lanes. let's get a check on a traffic baden it was an accident on route 50 that is gone. lanes are open heading from annapolis and that will ease the out of bowie. we'll take you live to county and show you georgia ave. is a car wreck south of affecting north and southbound georgia avenue. getting for the fog and a couple in virginia,spots no accidents to report on 395.
7:28 am
look at this picture from great falls, virginia. there is still a dense fog effect for some locations west of 95 and east of blue ridge. 32 in frederick and 41 at reagan national. are in the 30's for the most part. be sunny and 62 today and warmer tomorrow. we will be back with another
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7:30 am
♪ i never thought that i would feel this power ♪ justin bieber. wowing the mtv europe music awards over the weekend. now getting ready to fight back against claims of fatherhood back here at home. this woman here says she's had his baby. speaks out to "the insider." those details just ahead. the story won't go away. only 72 days from the wedding, now she's going back, you see her husband right there, she's on her way to minnesota. flew to minnesota over the weekend for a sitdown with him and his family. we'll have the latest on that. >> did you see "snl" over the weekend? >> i missed it. i'll have to look it up online. and two huge interviews
7:31 am
ahead. leonardo dicaprio is here live talking about his new movie, "j. edgar." and my candid conversation with faith hill. first original music out in six years. first, justin bieber is fighting back. his team is saying he'll take a dna test the minute he gets back to the states to prove he's not a father after hooking up with a groupie backstage. his accuser is not backing down as well. >> justin bieber dominated the mtv awards show last night. now there's no doubt that the bieber has huge nance europe. how now he says he's ready to face the allegation at home. >> i've provided evidence to my attorneys. it will show in court -- prove that my allegations are true. >> reporter: mariah yeater is
7:32 am
speaking out for the first time, tells "the insider" what happened that night she says justin bieber got her pregnant. >> we got to the bathroom. his whole demeanor changed. it went from cute and push tgusu know, to more aggressive. >> reporter: this is her baby, now three months old. she's come under scrutiny for a checkered past. she was accused of domestic violence against an exboyfriend. meanwhile, peeber was across the pond at the mtv europe music awards. ♪ i will fight till forever >> two awards in the last 60 seconds. there's been a lot of crap on the internet lately. i've pulled through it.
7:33 am
>> reporter: others alluded to his troubles. >> i think he's cute. >> he's really cute. >> are we going the fight over him? >> no, he's my son. >> all right. >> reporter: rumors surfaced last week that gomez and bieber had split. for his part, bieber says he's never met yeater. he says he'll take a dna test and then sue her if he turns out the not to be the father. many in law enforcement believe that if yeater could prove the allegations, she could still face serious charges if she was 20 at the time and he was 16. >> this could backfire for the
7:34 am
accuser if he's right. let's get more from howard bragman, of good morning, howard. there's though way, i would thin think, that justin bieber is bluffing? >> if he is, he's not bright. it's a tough time. you have to sit down with a client and say, is there any chance this is true. you do the program and strategy that justin has employed. >> they've done everything right so far? >> assuming that he's not the father, they have. absolutely. they came out strong. they waited at first hoping it would go away. he made a personal deninl. his team leaked that he will do the dna test. they've handled it aggressively and wisely. >> there was no way to handle it by ignoring it?
7:35 am
>> sometimes you hope. like in medicine, you call it watchful waiting. this one clearly got out of control. it clearly demanded that he look the public in the eye and say, i didn't do that. i'm not the father of that child. i respect him for doing that. >> you think his brand has taken any hit so far at all? >> um, no. i don't think it has. i think his brand is going to be stronger. i think he's a young man and i think this shows that he's powerful, he's wise. he relies on his consultants and advisers. i think his brand can emerge tougher. the other thing is this could help other celebrities against unsubstantiated claims against them. this is a very hard thing. it happens all the time in my world. hopefully, this will stop other people from making false claim. >> he takes the taste. he's not the father.
7:36 am
would you recommend countersuing? or is that going too far? >> i don't think he'll get money out of her. i think that's clear. he wants to send a message to anybody else who would come after him with false claim. i think it's probably the right thing to do. i think when people make these kinds of claim, they don't realize the emotional and professional damage it can have on somebody. i think he should follow through if it's false. >> okay, howard, thank you. >> all along, the fans behind him. new details on amanda knox. her former boyfriend, also acquitted in the death of knox's roommate speaking out for the first time. raffaele sollecito says he wants to set the record straight on the case and his releaationship with amanda. are you surprised? >> not so. he was paid for the interview.
7:37 am
as amanda knox adjusts to her life after spending four years in prison for a murder the court says she did not commit. there's only one person in the world who can know what she's going through. that is her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. in an exclusive interview, she can't help but show his affection for his ex-boyfriend. in his first interview since his acquittal, he spoke about his early days with amanda. what was then a plosz soblossom romance. >> translator: we were living in a love story. we were living our affection. with main dark it was simply a seed that was planted in the earth. the problem is, someone took the seed and crushed it, so nobody will know what it could have become. >> reporter: in the paid sper
7:38 am
view, he addressed this infamous vid know show them kissing outside the crime scene. >> translator: amanda was alone. she had nobody with her. i was the only one who could comfort her. those kisses were kisses of comfort. not kisses of passion. >> reporter: he also addresses his four years in jail before being released on appeal last month. saying he and knox were victims of injustice. what about the invitation that knox's family made to him? >> whether they take us up on that it's too early to tell. i know raffaele is experiencing the same things as amanda. >> reporter: it's true they invited me, he says. he doesn't know when he will go. first of all, i have to gather my life together piece by piece. the emotional words came near the end of the interview.
7:39 am
>> translator: i wish her the best in the world. because she suffered like i did. here than i did. >> reporter: raffaele still clearly cares for amanda knox. he expressed sympathy for the victim, meredith kercher. he said he would like to hug her family and he place for them every day. >> what about his life going forward? >> reporter: he's spending most time in his father's house, rarely going outside. the case was really all about aman dan. >> thank you, elizabeth. let's go to sam. >> what a cold weekend it's been in southern california. look at the snow. wait a minute, is that rain in the l.a. county area. there you go. there's the snow. yesterday's record low temperature in l.a. is going to
7:40 am
be so close again this morning. we're 48 in san francisco, 41 in vegas. watch the warm air push up. l.a., 78 by the time we get into wednesday. phoenix has felt the chill. quick look at the big board. it is a cool start to the down in the 30's. we have some areas of thick fog. >> all of that weather was brought to you by kay levian. when we come back, a tropical system maybe taking the "s" name. coming up, kim kardashian taking a visit to see her ex. what's up with that? we'll talk about that next. ho,! look, honey... it's santa.
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the most common side effect is low blood sugar. other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about levemir flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. now the latest twist in the kim kardashian family drama. andrea canning is here to read the tea leaves and tell us what it all means. >> reporter: kris humphries found out about the divorce through 2 the media. so reportedly kim felt like she owed him a face-to-face caulk. kris wants to make the marriage
7:45 am
work. kim wants closure. can the door still be open on the relationship? he was barely back in l.a. for 48 hours. heading to minnesota to see estranged husband kris humphries. the entire visit caught by paparazzi. >> kris, you may criss your bride. >> reporter: kim was spotted making a phone call. 18 hours later, her departure. still without her wedding ring. >> maybe they'll get back together. we're hearing it's more to make amends to him and give him the respect of discussing everything in person. >> reporter: the attempt at closure comes after her attempts at damage control. she refuted reports she married for publicity in this interview. she took a shot at herself. >> i just like stair at people
7:46 am
when i talk. >> reporter: over the weekend, it was "saturday night live's" turn. >> i got divorced. things are looking up for me. i'm single. there's an nba lockout. wink. >> reporter: after the break up heard around the world, one thing kim reportedly doesn't want to part with. that massive 20.5 karat engagement ring. >> she's not going to give it back. technically, she didn't buy it nor did he. they got it at a discount. the production company paid for the rest. >> reporter: wondering why the couple couldn't go the distance? there might be clues in the upcoming season of "kourtney and kim take new york". >> how am i going to have the kids and be in minnesota?
7:47 am
and have a career? >> baby, by then, they may not care about you. >> reporter: there will be no divorce special. that "snl" skit, it's a must-see. >> kris was giving as good as he gets, huh? thank you, andrea. coming up, josh has the "play of the day" and then the "dancing with the stars" diet. how stars are losing so much weight. [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't have to fret. [ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪ ♪ like a safety net ♪ even helps pay deductibles, so cover your back, get... ♪ a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aflac! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ]
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now here's the "play of the day." >> bring it, josh, bring it. >> and so we shall. we all played dodge ball at some time in our lives. look at this guy. college intermurals. it gets no better than that. >> oh! >> can we slow that down?
7:52 am
>> shall we, george? let's take another look. gets better. how good is that? >> oh. >> that is well done. >> and you, sir, are a champion. coming up, a lot of our female colleagues today taking extra special care getting ready for work here on monday. there's ashley. she walks in and says, hey, josh, how is it going? it's leo dicaprio, people. >> you look beautiful, ash. every day. t one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
abc 7 news update. could monday morning, adam caskey here with the forecast. there is still a dense fog effect for some of 95 and east of the blue ridge. this is the frederick county included. notice of the thick fog and advisory is until 9:00 a.m. it will be a great day to day and a great start to the work general with a lot of comfortable, 41 the district. cool in the outlying areas. 62 and sent a letter to day --
7:57 am
62 degrees later today and warmer tuesday and wednesday in chance of rain this thursday. veryit has been challenging with the fog this morning. it will impede the visibility. it is clear looking in this that was an accident georgia avenuen inside the beltway. it was a mess through silver crash was that seminary place and traffic was around.o get closed ato i-70 with a serious crash of a tractor-trailer. is the eastbound side of 70. everything is open right now as traffic on the dulles the dulles toll road. volume expected out of reston and 66 will flow between centreville and the
7:58 am
beltway and 270 leaving father hurley boulevard which is tedious. 95 and 395
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i thought you were getting rid of the corn stalks on fritd? >> we are. >> there is "dancing with the stars." they're shrinking so fast this season. >> where are they? where are they? >> they're right there. >> i mean because they're shrinking. >> oh, it's monday morning. i'm a little bit slow. we'll tell you the secrets of the "dancing with the stars" diet. >> do tell. we're tikicking off the "gm all-stars week. with that man, leonardo dicaprio. and a revealing conversation with that woman right there,
8:01 am
country star faith hill on her ranch in nashville, tennessee. >> looks lovely. and big news for our own, cameron mathison. he's hitting broadway, making his debut in "mary poppins." why he's head over heels. good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the growing sex scandal at penn state university. overnight, the school's athletic director and vice president both resigned. they're due in court today to face charges of lying to the grand jury. jerry sandusky was charged saturday with 40 counts of child molestation. some of those encounters allegedly taking place in some school facilities. t.j. winick questioned him outside his home over the weekend.
8:02 am
>> you can tell us that the charges are false. >> i'm not in a position to make any statements. >> meanwhile, university trustees say they have yet to discuss the possible resignation of legendary head coach joe paterno. he said, if true, the charges are shocking. stocks are falling sharply this morning. the big concern, italy. pressure is looming over silvio berlusco berlusconi, to resign. italy is considered too big for europe to bail out. new figure this is morning show how tough it is for young people to get ahead. a typical household headed by someone over the age of 65 has a net worth of $170,000. compare that to $3,600 for people under 35. that wealth gap is double of six
8:03 am
years ago. ten days after the freak snowstorm hit the northeast, nearly 60,000 homes and businesses still don't have power. they promised to fully restore service by yesterday. now they say that won't happen until wednesday. the governor has launched an investigation into the slow response. and the jury deliberation continues this morning in the conrad murray case. meanwhile, 20 years ago today that basketball legend magic johnson announced he was hiv positive. little was known about the disease. nobody knew how much time he had. still today, two decades later, he's announcing aids initiatives. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh.
8:04 am
america's secret recipe for success. products putting entire towns to work. they're all made in america. what can we to and learn? tonight it will all be there. finally, a special moment at the new york city marathon. less than 12 months after losing his legs to a land mine in afghan is it a. this man finished the marathon in two hours and 38 minutes. he had surgery a few weeks ago. i was out in brooklyn cheering him on as he rolled past. >> gives your service. >> so many wonderful stories you kept hearing like that. >> it's a great event. a great event. a little pop news for you. happy monday to you and you all.
8:05 am
you know it's the mtv europe awards when a streaker gets his turn. the man sprupted the show. he got on the stage but when hayden hands him the microphone, it's clear that the moment was staged. other stars out. the most beautiful we have seen. these are the stars we never get sired of looking at. we can thank brad golpage who gave up a job in the urban jungle for taking this picture. those are stars moving, time-lapsed camera. a big exhibit coming up at lake shasta. and it's official. robert de niro will add bernie madoff to his characters. this is according to the bbc.
8:06 am
his portrayal will be based on two books. one of them written with the cooperation of ruth and andrew mado madoff. de niro has the hair style and the chops. and, everybody, that is "pop news." the hair, spot on. we'll see how that goes. >> cannot wait. what do you got, sam? where are you? >> oh, wait, already? already? we have a lot of folks are the marathon this morning. tell me your name. >> i'm danny. >> you ran, everything good? >> we did. still. >> and then jedward is in the house. together they're jedward. >> we're on "good morning america." it's the coolest show ever.
8:07 am
justin bieber, britney spears. >> lady gaga. >> it's awesome to have you. let's get to the boards. we'll start with the fog in philadelphia. this has just closed in. if you could see the runway, it would be there in the middle of the screen. it will be a delay. it will take until midday for the fog to burn off. wednesday, 67 in new york. better than this weekend. and into d.c., on our way up. shawn, could it be sean? it's not named yet. we're watching it. about a 30% chance of development. a chilly morning into the a look at frederick foge we have a dense until 9:00 a.m. normally, you could see houses
8:08 am
here and a water tower. laurel has burned off in and there is sunshine and it a sunny and pleasant day. good, 35 and co- lead dollars and martinsburg but low 60's today. >> it is a huge monday morning crowd. oh, lara? >> nothing to do. with a certain someone who just entered the studio. here's a look at what is coming up in our "morning menu." in the studio thi morning, leo dicaprio is live. and dancing off the pounds. we're revealing seek ycrets on dance floor. the diet that is making them all seemingly disappear. and robin's candid interview
8:09 am
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chase freedom gives you 1% cash back. and the largest cash back card only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but you know, it's your choice, so... don't' get shortchanged. get your cash back. chase freedom. how about the man that has so many people on our staff getting up early today to look their best. leonardo dicaprio. critics are saying his challenging new role may earn him yet another nod. we'll talk in a moment. how about a look at the incredible career he's has thus far? in "titanic" he was -- >> i'm the king of the world.
8:12 am
>> reporter: and for two decades, he's been the king of the box office. starring in block busters. >> how did you get here? >> reporter: and romantic classics. he's been nominated for three academy awards. the first for e"what's eating gilbert grape?" >> whyly take care of it? >> gilbert. gilbert. >> reporter: followed by "the aviator." >> hold on to the wheel for a bit. >> reporter: and for "blood diamond" in 2006. he's worked with legendary directors. and frequent collaborator martin scorcese in several films. >> you are a federal marshall. >> reporter: in his new film,
8:13 am
teaming up with another legend, director clint eastwood. >> without the ability to make arrests, it means nothing. >> reporter: we are so happy to have leonardo dicaprio back with us live this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> you have people pressing up against the windows. >> seems like that's a common thing around this place. >> not really. >> it has to do with you. a powerful film. you seem to be drawn to complicated characters, the challenge of playing them. >> usually, when a lot of questions still arise about the character and their intentions and motives, i become interested. when you read -- and there's a lot of bad scripts in hollywood. you read a script and there is no job left for you to do, that's when i'm not interested. i have gotten to work with some pretty great material in my time.
8:14 am
>> you brought it yet again. i have to say, because he's a -- he's -- there's so many things written about him and said about j. edgar hoover. he ruled the fbi with an iron fist for, like, 50 years. this is the early years. here you go. >> still the officials here. agent stokes. >> the ladies appreciate it. >> i suppose the ladies' opinions are more important than the bureau's? >> no, sir. >> perhaps you're better suited for the police force than the bureau of investigations. >> i've been with the department of the bureau for seven years, edgar, almost as long as you. >> no, you were with the old bureau seven years. that bureau is now gone, sir. and so are you. >> even his voice, his dialect.
8:15 am
you are known, leo, for doing your homework and really researching a role. what did you learn researching him? >> i don't know where to begin. he's always been so shrouded in mystery. there's been so many salacious rumors around him. his tactics have been put under question and great scrutiny, especially in the 1960s with the cointel program. it was fascinated learning about his childhood, and the country i have forgotten about. we were under attack from bolshevik invaders. like there was great lawlessness. bank robbers going state to state robbing banks. becoming local heroes. he came in, this young political upstart with an incredible amount of ambition.
8:16 am
fueled by his mother. his mother's great dreams of political glory. and -- her father -- his father was a failure in politics. he was mentally insane toward the end of his life. she looked toward him to accomplish this. he cleaned our country up. created this bureau, this police force that is ominous, feared, revered. one of the most respected police force that the world has known. >> he did it from scratch. it was him building it. you and director clint eastwood artfully handled the rumors about his personal life. >> yeah. >> and in researching that aspect of his life, there was a lot of things circulating about his personal life. private life. >> a lot of stuff. i don't think anybody knows the truth. they had a lifelong partnership.
8:17 am
they were together for decades. they went on vacation together. they lived together, they ate lunch and dinner together every night. they worked together. the subject of what it is like to be completely of service. putting your life on hold for a job. i thought it was handled with a lot of class and tact. the concept of two men almost entering a priest hood. the fbi was their church. the feelings they had for one another they bottled up. >> you leave it up to the person looking at the screen to make up their own mind. that is great and rare. what a transformation. i mean, it goes through six decades of his life. you mousse have been in that chair for hours? >> for the older stuff, yeah, that was -- probably about six hours every morning.
8:18 am
but clint's pace is incredibly fast. we did the film in a month and a half. thankfully, the last couple of week, once we got footing for the characters, it wasn't just the makeup, it was talking to a young kennedy as if he was a political upstart who tint know the first thing about politics. for all of us, it was -- an interesting challenge. like i said, the makeup was hard to get used to. but -- we were thankful that clint did it toward the end. >> it must have been a thrill working with clint. >> it was. i could go on and on. there's no one more instinctive than him as a director. he sits there and decides what he like and doesn't. he tell you straight off. >> he doesn't mince words.
8:19 am
george will have a chance to talk to him. the movie comes out on wednesday in a limited release. and then nationwide, a great birthday gift for you. any plans on friday? >> not so far. i have to go back to work in australia soon. >> the great gatsby. thanks for coming. all right. oh, come on. it was a given. now to "dancing with the stars." the phenomenon we see every season. stars losing so much weight so fast. all those hours guaranteed to get anyone in shape. that is not the only secret. >> reporter: this season's "dancing with the stars" is so hot, they are melting off the pounds. chaz bono lost 18 pounds. nancy grace down 23 pounds. and ricki lake lost 20.
8:20 am
>> it's a great way to lose weight. >> reporter: it's true. on average, about 250 calories an hour are burned. multiply that by 30 hours a week. an all-new osbourne. 20 pounds down. melting away marie osmond. and a cut and curvy kirstie, down 30. >> you can't recognize the person sometimes after the show is over. >> reporter: it's not just the fancy footwork but a fancy food plan as well. plan called fresh-ology. calorie-controlled, gourmet meals, made with organic ingredients. >> i went on that and the workout plan. i lost 35 pounds in nine weeks. >> it does pay off. superfresh. >> makes me wonder how i danced by way through season eight
8:21 am
without it. at a cost of $35 to $50 a day, i needed to be convinced. freshology food. i just got my first delivery. it looks like today, have a nice gourmet breakfast going on. oh, yeah, i can't cook this good. for lunch, a great salad. i'm feeling good. i'm energized. i'm full but not too full. and dinner. it's made my day very easy. food prepared. food delivered. food eaten. we spoke with a knnutritionist. i like the food. i liked the concept. and with the "dancing with the stars" pros doing it now, think we might need to change the name
8:22 am
of the show to "dancing with a shrinking waist." >> thanks, melissa. "dancing with the stars" airs tonight. not only are the cma awards on wednesday, one of the superstars, faith hill is back in a big way. i visited with her and the family. ♪ well the mississippi girl don't change her ways ♪ >> reporter: it's been six years since faith's last sit. ten years since she's dominated the awards show. >> faith hill. >> our girl, faith hill. >> wow! >> reporter: and 13 years since she hit megastar status with songs like breathe. ♪ i can feel you breathe washing
8:23 am
over me ♪ >> was that a vocal? >> reporter: she knows in country music, six years away is a long time. >> the pressure to get something out there is enormous. it really is. to have not had a studio record on the radio for six years. basically, the career is gone. >> reporter: it's not like faith has been sitting around the past six years. ♪ all right sunday night where are you ♪ >> reporter: she's been the voice of the sunday night football open five years running. she's debuted a perfume. released a greatest hits album, a christmas album. and one more little thing. marketing. >> glamorous, sophisticated, and totally dazzling. >> oh, no, you were not -- >> those are the words associated. >> i wish they would have given
8:24 am
me bigger boobies. >> reporter: that ken doll by her side, husband tim mcgraw. >> tim and faith? >> reporter: they agreed to become barbies for their three daughters. >> the kids love the morning time, getting ready for school. i've been making this record. he's been car pooling. a lot of kids. ♪ it's your love that just does something to me ♪ >> reporter: this, though, is spectacular. on their tennessee ranch, they celebrated a milestone reserved for few music stars. 15 years of marriage. i was here before talking to him. and i remember something he said about you. >> oh, my goodness. >> i want to play it for you again. >> to me, she's the most beautiful girl in the world and the coolest person i have ever
8:25 am
met. she doesn't get that at all. >> oh, that's sweet. he knew he wasn't going to get supper that night unless he said something nice. >> reporter: that's cute. there is chemistry. can i say it? you're hot together. and it just -- >> i love him. i love my husband. >> how do you keep it, after is a years? >> i don't know. i just -- i just love him. he sometimes he drives me nuts and i drive him nuts. i'm ocd and type a. he's just -- whatever is in the immediate. we work differently. i melt when i see my husband. i do. i know it's going to be like -- so disgusting. but i do. and i -- i want to be with this man for a -- for my life. ♪ let's make love all night long
8:26 am
until all our strength is gone ♪ >> and faith will share so much more with us tomorrow. you'll hear her new single first on "in the spotlight" a world debut about 10:00 p.m. herein. >> "in the pot light are robin roberts." >> oh, but this is more important. lauren alaina and scotty mccreary. it's all leading up to the cmas. coming up, supermodel mommy. what gisele wants everybody to know. we have some good-looking people on the show today. can i just say that? whoo!
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. -- the penn state community is shocked by the allegations of jerry sandusky. perjury charges today. our sister station, newschannel it will happen in that report in a few minutes. elections will be held tomorrow in maryland. for information on the polling
8:28 am
locations, log onto time for a check on your traffic. a lot of volume in virginia. have any accidents to report across the american legion bridge. this is live at the 14th street bridge. in maryland, it is improving on avenue southbound. there was an accident that is gone. we still have some thick fog hanging on. , head -- frederick county in particular. falls, virginia. you can hardly see anything. temperatures are for the most in the 30's. total sunshine today and warmer tomorrow. total sunshine today and warmer tomorrow. have another
8:29 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business servg a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can helpake opportunity possible.
8:30 am
♪ go katy, go katy. katy perry, right? that is actress katie holmes. she's joining us tomorrow at "gma" all-star week heats up. >> we have our own all-star today. cameron mathison. if you have ever dreamed of being on broadway, see what he does. he has stage fright. you wouldn't know it. >> no way he has stage fright. >> that's what they wrote. >> well, then it's gotta be true. >> he said he was doing fine until he had to do it. he's a great actor. i think the world of him.
8:31 am
think the world of this next story. everybody listen up. if you're having trouble sleeping, we're testing out some new gadgets that claim that they will put an end to sleepless nights forever. is that not music to your ears? ♪ i just can't get enough ♪ >> oh, yeah, work it, people. >> what do you have, josh? >> i have something good. supermodel gisele bundchen and cindy crawford talk about giving birth. yorn george? >> i get cam. and now, "cam's cameo." >> what is going on? >> i'm not sure. but for his big debut, what better place than broadway. >> we knew something was up by your expression. >> cam, save me here.
8:32 am
mary poppins. >> i like the animation. i like it a lot. i have to tell you. i was feeling as cool as a cucumber going into this whole thing until i got to the theater and realized what they wanted me to do. including sing. gave me a little stage fright because i can't carry a tune. had a few hurdles to get over. i have to say, it was an honor meeting the one and only, mary poppins. ♪ ♪ the sound of it is simply quite atrocious ♪ >> reporter: i've been told the neon lights are bright on broadway. what they didn't tell me is i would wind up here some 30 feet above the ground and upside down. this goes against every natural instinct i have ever had. how did i get here? in honor of their fifth
8:33 am
anniversary on broadway, they offered to let me be in the show. you found great wow moments for the broadway show. >> clearly, mary is a magical character. when you're with her, magic has to happen. mary poppins flies out over the audience. it's family based story set in this magical world. >> reporter: and i was going to be part of the magic. great, right? except they're dropping me into one of the most complicated numbers. ♪ over the roof tops >> reporter: they're teaching me burt's stunt. holy cow. right. i get advice from stephanie lee, otherwise known as mary poppins. >> are you afraid of heights? >> i'll find out soon. >> if you are, don't think about it. >> reporter: and then case
8:34 am
dilllard gives me these. >> don't think about how thin the wires are. >> oh, thank you so much. that's helpful. two awfully small looking wires are attached to me. >> no so fast, not so fast. >> up i go. >> stay with it. >> it was high. really, very high. i was doing well. right up until i got to the middle and they asked me to turn. >> now face the front. >> face the front? >> there you go. whoo! well done. >> success. we move on to liarics. here's the thing. i don't sing. >> you're going to go right up the scale. >> right up the scale. i have no idea what that means. >> two, three, go. >> tell you what, we'll fast forward through this part. seriously, we're going to fast
8:35 am
forward. we hoouf on to practicing my part in step in time. a bit after the beginning of the number. ♪ just in time and a little bit at the end. they declare me ready. i hope they're right. >> thank you, everybody. thank you, everybody. ♪ a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> reporter: i touch base with some of my new cast mates. you're broadway musical veterans. i'm a newbie. i need help. >> just relax. a deep breath in. you got it. you got it. >> still nervous. >> we're welcoming cameron mathison to our show. >> i change into my costume. show time! get a quick bit of makeup.
8:36 am
it accentuates all my wrinkles. and then, the moment of truth. >> gotta go. go t that go. >> you can't come in here. it's all to me. i'm going in. my debut, baby. ♪ they're covered in soot and they're up on your roof f ♪ ♪ chim chimney chim chim cheree ♪ >> i'm in a musical. trying desperately not to screw it up. ♪ so far, so good. i spend a couple of minutes offstage while the pros do the hard stuff. and then, my big finish. with a few dozen of my new friends. ♪ possible that all the running around made me a little light headed because i was way too
8:37 am
excited when i got off the stage. what's up? nailed it. nailed it! very cool. broadway debut. wow. wow, wow. and then before i know it, it's over. i take my bow. and while the rest of the cast sings their encore, i stand in the wings, reveling in the memories of my jolly holiday with mary. ♪ super call fraj listic expialidocious ♪ here, i'm holding my congratulations notes. the kids that play jane and michael gave them to me. it's very sweet. i want to show that. i had a surprise guest in the audience. broadway vet, i mighted a, susan lucci came to see me. what a riot.
8:38 am
r >> robin is not buying the stage fright thing. it was all about the singing. as long as i turned down my mike and nobody could hear my, i was fine. >> you're such a natural. we've been admiring you. i can't believe you have stage fright. how cool for susan lucci to show up. >> it was cool. the adrenaline kicked in. i had a few nerves. >> can't wait to see what is coming next. let's go to sam and the weather. >> here we are in times square in the "gma" corn and pumpkin patch. you're amazing. >> tell me where you're from. >> washington. >> illinois. >> illinois. >> illinois. >> arkansas. >> okay, okay, one more.
8:39 am
>> arkansas. >> yeah, i know. let's get to the boards. our twitter and facebook pictures. take a look at the inspirational picture from michigan. we thank you. here's where the storms are rolling in the day today. wichita, right at the top end of the storms. as it continues north, still some fog hanging on in locations, mainly west and area,est of the metro otherwise total sunshine and 43 degrees downtown. to the lowur way >> do not tell me that you have been up since the marathon. row have to have got a little rest? >> a little. a little. >> all that weather brought to
8:40 am
you by chase freedom. george? come you would sleepless nights be a thing of
8:41 am
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8:43 am
sleep has spawned a whole new generation of products. becky worley tried some out. >> reporter: we stay up too late. we get hot in the middle of the night. we can't fall back to sleep. we wake up exhausted. and marketers are taking notes. from space-age sheets to wireless sleep monitors, the sleep products abound. first, instead of sheets, could you imagine sleeping on athletic shorts? sheex are made of the same fabric as workout gear. they feel satiny smooth. they're supposed to stay cooler. they are supercomfy, i can't say i slept noticeably better. and they cost 200 pucks. that would give me bad dreams in and of itself. what about falling asleep? for some, white noise or music
8:44 am
are crucial. white noise machines are expensive. enter bed phones. headphones that lie flat on your ears. pretty comfortable. but the price is right, 30 bucks. you can download white noise tracks. they'll slowly lower the noise so eventually, they're silent. pitch black. and the alarm jolts you out of a deep sleep. really an unpleasant way to start the day. this alaclock tries to make it peaceful. 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, the lights get brighter. it transitions you into a brighter sleep stage. and then calming sounds wake you. ah, much better. finally, the mother of all sleep gadgets, the zeo sleep trainer.
8:45 am
i've been using it for about four months. while the headband makes me look like a complete goober, it's made me sleep better. once you get ewe used to it, it translating your sleep patterns to a website. it tells you how long it takes to go to sleep, your sleep cycles, and how many times you wake up each night. i compared the results to a professional sleep test. this device is about 80% accurate. it's no substitute for a sleep apnea test. it helped me find some answers. good luck. sleep better. and good night. now, one note, you should e definitely know that the folks that make the sheex say they're
8:46 am
expensive because of the material. the price is comparable to some of the high tleed count cotton sheets out there. robin, i feel bad saying this to you, knowing how early skrou to get up. since i have concentrated on my sleep, it's gotten better. like an hour or two here a night. i feel so much healthier. >> i have those sheets. i just put them on a couple of weeks ago. i love them. for me, but they are on the pricy side. i gotta tell you, they keep you -- there's something about it. who knows? i'm glad you're getting your rest, becky. you look -- thanks so much. you can get the full details on the products. i didn't know she was doing it. the products. i didn't know she was doing it. go to on
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today, a great story in our campaign for the million moms challenge. to raise awareness of maternal health in the world. we look at what ricki lake is doing to help. bianna golodryga has the story. >> i had my baby. no one delivered my baby. i had my baby. >> reporter: we get a fascinating glimpse into the most private moments of some of the most public women. >> my body went into an animal-like state. where it -- i never -- i mean -- during a contraction, i might have been like, oh, god, help
8:50 am
me. but i never thought, i can't do this anymore. >> my job as a mom that i felt at that moment was to just breathe, relax, and allow my body and trust my body to do what it knows. what naturally knows what to do. >> reporter: all talked candidly about the joy and the pain of having a home birth. >> the feedback i got from my doula and my assistant and hi husband was that i was very quiet the whole time. in what they felt was a deep trance, a deep prayer, a deep meditation. that was their perception from the outside. from the inside, however, my experience was that of just sheer survival. >> it was just the most intense experience. and -- and it was just like, i can't believe i did that. and then -- and then i have a baby. >> reporter: ricki's mission, to educate the women about all the
8:51 am
different ways to bring baby into the world. >> i'm not saying have a moment birth like me. i'm pro hospital, pro doctor, and pro the consumer doing due diligence and making an informed choice. >> reporter: for these women to come forward with some of the most intimate details, how did you get them to sign up? >> some had hospital birth, some had the births they did because they learned about the film. we women need to fell empowers and be there for each other without judgment. >> reporter: today, she's extends her passion to address the urgent needs of women in the developing world. she's joined the millimeter moms challenge. >> whether it's clean water, prenatal care, teaching about birt control, whatever. it really can impact in a huge way and save mothers and babies. you lose the mother, you lose the family. >> reporter: it's teaching moms in america about the struggles
8:52 am
that moms in developing countries are experiencing. the two subjects go hand in hand. >> 1 million babies could be saved if there were train midwives for them. we should all do what we can to give every woman in the world access to good care. >> reporter: and for a watching at home that is pregnant or deciding to get pregnant, what should they take away from your mission right now? >> my dream is ultimately that if we, our generation have these positive amazing birth stories an we share those with our daughters, our daughters will have these positive birth experiences. that will change the system. >> and tomorrow, you can join ricki for a huge global event. a worldwide baby shower online connecting moms around the world and offering great prizes as well. show you care by being there.
8:53 am
go to she squeezed us? . she squeezed us? . >> did she give you a to war zones. and that can b be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's
8:54 am
gdp; a rebirth made possible by the international business and tourism magement programs at rochester institute of technology.
8:55 am
josh, 27 more secs. hang on for that. >> hang in there, baby.
8:56 am
herman cain will be on with jimmy kimmel live tonight. and not miss kenny chesney with a big announcement and brad paisley. thanks for watching, everybody. >> there's a marathon finisher. >> congratulations to all of them. >> go, marathon! >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning at 8:56. a journalist from baltimore sent critics spent more than months and a libyan back come.
8:57 am
matthew van dyke arrived at b w i saturday night. he disappeared saturday in march he says he went to libya to thatrt the revolution ousted longtime dictator moammar khaddafi. a feud between a fairfax a drivingrch and range could be headed to court. officials said they have counted than 2600 call balls that property during recent year. one ball hit the youth director in the head. thus check on traffic. will beubled times in our favor now. , not only across the american across 270.e but is traffic on the beltway at colesville road. bridge, we will light and 95 out of dale city to springfield looks like that is improving.
8:58 am
here is a broken down vehicle at the beltway. metro rail is a normal service. some thick fog across region especially up in frederick. normally you would see some here and especially water ofer but you cannot see any that. area of fog north metro area.the a dense fog advisory is still in some areas. 43 degrees downtown, on our way to a low 60's and sunny. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
8:59 am
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