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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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pitt has crippled a community. >> live and in hd this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. herman cain's bold and the nile as a montgomery county woman reveals her identity. we are learning more about what she wants to tell the nation. he denies all of the sexual harassment allegations against him. john gonzalez is alive and germantown. >> 55-year-old karen kraushaar is now the second woman to be identified. at her home, this man who parked
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in the garage later told us to leave the property and they have nothing to say tonight. she told the washington post she would like to band together with the other woman. she said -- >> it simply did not happen. >> one hour after a fourth woman publicly spoke of a similar sexual harassment in the late 1990's, he finally held a press conference on the latest scandal. >> it is not going to happen. >> he suddenly reached over, and he put his hands on my legs, under my skirt, and reached for my genitals. >> she reportedly received
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$45,000 and a settlement. >> mitt romney weighed in. >> this woman's charges are particularly disturbing and they are serious. >> it is still unclear when kraushaar could speak. she said this evening she has not spoken with the other women involved. herman cain said that sharon bialek is just out looking for money. >> good deal. now are wjla facebook page is asking if you think the damage to his campaign is done. lezlie says -- sherri wrote --
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we want to hear what you think about this. share your thoughts on the controversy on our web site at we have a poll question and they are asking, who do you believe? right now nearly 70% haven't voted it say his accusers. >> center currie speaks out tonight after he is acquitted of bribery and conspiracy charges. >> this has been a rough four years for my wife, my family, and i and also for my position. >> prosecutors claim he accepted nearly $250,000. he has been a member of the maryland general assembly since
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1986. >> new at 11:00 tonight we are following breaking election news where voters in mississippi have defeated a ballot initiative that would have declared life began at conception. if passed, it would have banned abortions in the state entirely. tonight a longtime democrat who may have run for governor in virginia has lost his state senate seat. after 20 yearsarmstrong loses to poindexter. also tonight sharon bulova wins. the broader picture is whether the republicans can capture a majority of the state senate. if the gop is successful, that would give them complete control of the general assembly and the governor's office. if you want to see any reason is of interest, log onto
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and we will keep you updated throughout the evening. >> also knew tonight, heartbreak for family and friends of two young boys whose lives are taken in an instant. anthony vindel and delonte mckie died in a car crash off rte. 50 and martin luther king, jr. highway. >> just imagine the motion on display windows two tiny caskets roll into the church for funeral services. tonight we got a good sense of how much this community is mourning the loss. the pain of losing two young friends was too great. >> i am so said he died. he was my best friend. >> this tight-knit prince george's community came together
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to shed a collective tear for the victims of last friday's fiery crash. anthony vindel and delonte mckie were killed when their car was struck by another vehicle and went into flames. attributes and a purse to the young boys, family and friends came to show support to their parents -- in particular their mom who tried to save the sun. >> that would definitely be best. they have touched -- they will definitely be missed. >> it has been tough to. it has been difficult. it has been on-again off-again. 29 has been tough. >> credit's crash remains under investigation. there is still a possibility
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that charges may be filed. >> we are following breaking news in a scandal that is unfolding at penn state university. minutes ago, and straight trustees say they will appoint a special committee to investigate child sex abuse allegations. this comes as hundreds of penn state students demonstrated outside of joe paterno's demanding he stay head football coach. he returned home following football practice but he has not spoken out about the sexual assault case against his former assistant jerry sandusky. >> you are great. god bless every single one of you. but tonight to talk rally comes as a philadelphia television station saying the number of
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people accusing him is rising. it is now closer to 20. the number of accusers has more than doubled since the beginning -- since the initial case was presented to the grant a jury. the number of charges are experts -- the number of charges is expected to increase. 7 is on your side with a warning. the new iphone 4s may be fueling a surge of smartphone robberies. more on what and where it makes you more vulnerable. >> a bit today walk through the northwest neighborhood it turned dangerous all because of what he is holding in his hand. >> i can tell they were probably specifically looking at my iphone. >> a group of teenagers followed him into the intersection stopping traffic. >> 1 punched me in the job.
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my blackberry fallout. i think they thought it was my fault. they picked it up and ran off. >> the chief cause that a continuing problem and there does appear to be a spike since the launch of the iphone 4s. many incidents happen when something like this happens -- she is walking with her phone out and your but and not paying attention. >> i just got a couple of days ago. i never really thought about it. >> watch these women so engrossed in their phones they barely looked up as they boarded the train. >> this is when bandits love to strike. it is already chaos. lots of way to quickly get a weight. >> if i take it before the doors close, the trend is already moving before you know what happened. >> metro is working aggressively to cut the number this year. they are posting these signs to writers. one man sitting near the train
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or bus doors are often targeted, but men get hit too. >> if you don't need it put it away and wait until you get your final destination. he says he is much more careful with his iphone now. >> i used to have it out and play with it when i had nothing else to do, i don't do that anymore. i keep it in my pocket. >> and he helps out of sight from a would-be robber. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, one of music's hottest stars face a crisis. adele's big decision. >> two months ago a tropical storm destroyed this road
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problems. after a tropical storm the governor redo his quest for federal funding after tropical storm lee. >> parts of fairfax county were pounded including one street where residents still can't drive to their home. >> tropical storm lee roux word to the area and it destroyed a number of routes including this one. that was two months ago. all of the other routes up and fixed or are in the process of being fixed, not this one. all of the foot families trapped on the other side of this are on their own. >> you have to plan really well every time you leave and come back. >> the purpose of living on a private road eroded for four families.
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it cut off their link to civilization. >> it turned this road into an island it. >> we pretty much are an island. this is the only way i in and on way out. >> it is very frustrating. >> they are thankful that a contractor built a bridge is so residents can get to work and get to school. >> when you g g h if you have bursters you need to take out, you have to come across the bridge and put them in the wagon. >> than they have to pull the wagon a quarter mile up the hill. >> we are all getting a lot of exercise. >> privately owned means the fixed will have to be privately funded. brecher are not getting any help from the county at all. >> the view they typically get of their picturesque drive they
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see goininyou may be wondering what it's like to happen if there is a medical emergency or fire. public safety officials are aware of the situation. they do have a back with to get here just in case the to get some emergency equipment in here. everybody realizes that will take longer than normal. as far as the timeline out here, they are ready to start repairing this. that could take a couple of weeks from now. they hope to get this job done before winter settles in. >> thank you. new at 11:00rapper heavy d died in an l.a. hospital this afternoon. he was found unconscious in the driveway of his beverly hills home. he was responsive when paramedics arrived. he recently worked -- he recently performed at the michael jackson tribute concert.
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he was 44 years old. also new british singer adele goes under the knife to try to save her career. ♪ the 23-year-old underwent surgery at massachusetts general hospital. she had surgery for a vocal cord hemorrhage that forced her to cancel a concert this year. she is expected to make a full recovery. we are down to four couples on "dancing with the stars." tonight it was nancy grace who was voted off. she think her fans for sticking by her each and every week. the remaining couples will face off on monday. it is midnight. it is time for you to go home. a pair leave the viewers agree with him.
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daylight savings time does not her friend. >> we have the weather to talk about. four days in a row without a cloud in the sky in november. what was the last time that happened? >> i do not remember. >> does she remember? >> she doesn't remember either. but the grass is still growing and, what are you looking at? bambi and her pack of jackals are still after my roses. it is in the 40's right now. a beautiful day. our temperatures almost 70 degrees. in four weeks are average high is 50 degrees. look at temperatures for now. a really chilly night right now. not as cold as it has been. 39 degrees and dulles. 51 in hagerstown. look at the past the line. this is some of the leftover ferocious weather that roared through oklahoma yesterday and
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is now in arkansas. by the time it gets here it will be diminished. look at the rainfall in fayetteville, arkansas. there is a ripple in the jet stream. that area of moisture will be coming our way but not until we really get into friday. here is our featured a cast. overnight hours temperatures drop but not as low as they have been. tomorrow when you get up, had to school. temperatures will be in the 40's. i don't think we will see any of that fog that we saw. as we get into late tomorrow, some of the moisture begins to come our way. finally we begin to see some clouds. temperatures will be into the 60's by tomorrow evening. there the clouds on thursday for a chance of a few light showers. followed by at chillier air as to get into friday and the beacon. and out tomorrow for that
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sunrise at 6:44. maybe one or two patches of fog. temperatures 47 degrees tomorrow. continued mild with southeastern winds. there is a little chance of showers on thursday. for veteran state, much cooler and a little bit breezy. temperatures in the 50's. i am sticking with my weekend forecast from earlier in the week of sunshine. i will not change my mind. >> their ego. >> one more warm day tomorrow. things are heating up for joe paterno. >> the end looks and a meant for him. was there a star in the future? there were
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>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. >> the penn state board of trustees met by phone tonight. they would meet again tomorrow to discuss the sex abuse scandal that has shaken the university. this alleged crime has threatened joe paterno's job and the university is fretting for his exit. this has been an emotional day
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at state college, pennsylvania. but turnout return home tonight unable to move among all of the fans -- joe paterno came home tonight and able to move amongst all of the fans by his house. today had to feel like anything but business as usual. they prepare for saturday's home finale against nebraska. >> would you beat coaching on saturday? >> there is no change for head coach at penn state. >> support is said to be drying up, the scene at his home suggests otherwise. at least as far as the student body is concerned,paterno did address the crowd. [inaudible] his weekly news conference was canceled by the president kurt >> we have determined it will not be held or reschedule.
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we will not have any additional comment on this matter. >> it has been the subject of debate for years, but never like this. an entire sports world is awaiting the next move. >> got lost every single one of you. >> joe paterno. joe says he wants to meet with the media in the next zero to four hours. the dallas stars beat the capitals 5-2. all of a sudden, the capitals have lost five of their last six outings. the stars scored three goals and the last period. they were attacking at the goal. eric nystrom scored with an exclamation point. 5-2 dallas. the nba players told david stern no deal today. the players are asking for another deal with owners before
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wednesday's deadline. the players on saturday to accept the 50-50 split of revenues. >> there you have the big story on joe paterno. ♪ ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free
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beareful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving d we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. the d.c. community awards a
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woman who is doing work in her home country of peru. the award is presented by the global fairness initiative recognizing leaders to help the less fortunate. you can see lots of great entertainment there as at bank of america
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>> how about tomorrow. enjoy it. it will feel like november of all things as we get into the weekend. temperatures at the high 50's. you can keep posted on the weather all types of things like the moon into jupiter. you can still see it. join me. >>
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