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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fired with a phone call. a few damaged cars and a tv van. >> coach! >> this afternoon, under the gaze of statues students are camped out for prime seats to saturday's game. they're talking about the coach. >> it has been a disappointing few days. >> there is also a growing awareness on campus that what is alleged to what happened to those children has to be the greater concern. >> i think it is disgusting and appalling. i think it is a shame that is punishing the university. >> last night, the coach told the kids at his house to go
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steady, go to their class as. the routine has returned, but there are still shows of support. we are hearing that there is going to be some sort of a protest demonstration vigil on saturday perhaps in march after the penn state game. >> the repercussions from this scandal and last night's protest reach far beyond football. suzanne kennedy continues our team coverage. >> local alumni have been watching the developments to the story very closely. this story does not just a matter to people with ties to penn state university. it is the end of a legendary career. after nearly half a century on the job, joe paterno is out.
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>> i am very saddened to buy the newess. and surprised and shocked. i did not believe that the president and joe paterno should be subject to that kind of auction. >> everybody can finally focus on the victims of the whole situation. >> victims' rights advocates say joe paterno should have been fired, especially when he could have done more after a possible crime was committed. >> it would have taken him five minutes to pick up the phone. >> on the streets in washington, d.c. today, many worked support of the dismissal. >> he should have been fired. >> he knew and he did not come clean.
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precious start for penn state. >> -- a fresh start for penn state. >> some alumni are encouraging people to donate to victims' rights groups. they have such a goal of $500,000. we are live in a satellite center. >> this story is still a generating a lot of comments on facebook page. did penn state did the right thing by firing joe paterno? 63% say yes. 37% say no. you can go to our facebook page to cast your vote and voice your opinion. we will have much more on this story coming up in sports. we will hear from tom bradley about taking over as interim head coach. just 24 hours ago, we were talking about how wonderful the
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weather has been. >> no more praising doug hill today. >> if you were watching that -- at 5:00 yesterday at this would not be a surprise to you. a warm-up is coming, too. let's look to the west. the skies are starting to clear. there is a final area of showers double pass through the cold front over the next hour or so. it will push off and -- farther to the west, coming across the great lakes, snow showers. for us, it will be clearing skies. temperatures reached their peak around midday. as we head through this evening the showers will come in and the temperatures will drop to the 40's. let's get to the latest
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development in the search for kidnapped nationals player, wilson ramos. armed men broke into his home in venezuela and captured him at gunpoint. we are live in nationals park with the latest. >> police say they have evidence that wilson ramos is alive, but they will not say what the evidence is. the embassy is not confirming that. major league baseball had investigators in venezuela helping end the search. the kidnapping of one of the national's most promising young players has done to the team and its fans. -- stunned the team. the 24-year-old was just outside the front door of his home last night when and suv drove up.
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the government issued a statement today that the car was found in a municipality in northern venezuela this morning. police about to find them and capturing his abductors. kidnappings have become a problem in venezuela recently. >> some major league players have the ability to pay the ransom. >> he was back in his native venezuela. the nationals and major league baseball and released this statement -- >> i hope he is safe. >> the president of the
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venezuelan baseball league said the kidnappers have made no demands to his family. >> we are following some new development in the mystery in aruba. the lawyer for gary girodono is off the case. he traveled to our robot with robin gardner. she vanished in august. he remains in jail. >> a 20-year-old man pleaded guilty for the car crash that killed three of his friends. the accident happened in may. kevin coffee is facing years in prison. it was an emotional day in court. >> an emotional day for both
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sides in the case. this was not a bargain. in this case, the 20 year-old said yes, i killed three of my friends, and i tried to get away. he walked out of court after pleading guilty on three counts of manslaughter by a vehicle in the death of three friends. >> there is no amount of court procedures that can bring them back. >> grieving families huddled in the courtroom and relived the night of may 15. he was behind the wheel with his friends. he was stumbling drunk and was urged not to drive. the car veered off the road, hit a telephone pole and to trees -- two trees. prosecutors read the autopsy report in court.
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>> these were terrible deaths. that is something that the court needs to know. it was pain and suffering that these children went through. >> only one passenger survived. for three hours police chased him would search dogs in the the rain. once they got him at his house they told him three of his friends had died. he faces 40 years behind bars. >> he could get all 40 years and it would not be any worse than what he has delivered on a day- to-day basis. >> prosecutors say when the group of kids got in the car they had been at a party. prosecutors are urging parents not to send kids who are intoxicated out into the street. the united states marine
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corp. celebrated its 236 birthday today. that is that the marine corps war memorial in arlington. president eisenhower dedicated that memorial this date in 1954. defense secretary opened the region's new military hospital. it is the largest military hospital in the world. it is designed to handle almost 1 million wounded troops each year. 153 suites complete with kitchens and wheelchair accessibility. coming up, the outrage and what the air force is saying about the scandal. >> what about the washington
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monument? see what is being done to protect the landmarks this winter. >> what did you have for breakfast this morning? if it was a breakfast sandwich, you might have packed on more calories than you think. >> it is a new dance club that also serves dinner.
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a north east washington neighborhood is concerned over the nature of a business. >> the stadium club is not a sexually oriented business, even though it is a strip club. >> this area is not designed for sexually oriented businesses. you might think that a club that had nude dancing and private rooms would be called a sexually oriented club. the d.c. law is so open to interpretation the zoning board held a vote yesterday. pull dancing is a class in some gymnasiums of these days -- pole dancing is a class in some gyms
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these days. >> pole dancing is the new thing for physical fitness. >> they are not naked when they are doing it. >> the board sided with jordan, 4-one. >> they have just given the green light to build a red light district in zone 5. >> unhappy owners of this building said the decision means they can move ahead in opening their new club. >> it is our intention to run a good clean it business. >> we found little opposition. >> but like the strip clubs. -- we like the strip clubs. >> the improvement association
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fears about the community will come to regret it. >> the stadium club ignored our interview request. with this ruling from the zoning board, a number of clubs are hoping they can find a new home here in ward 5. the federal government is stepping in to help virginia schools damaged by the east coast or the bike. fema approved a request from the governor bob mcdonnell. both schools were badly damaged by the earthquake. they closed indefinitely. students are attending class is in temporary facilities. a lot of people get their homes are ready this time of year.
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able authorization project is about to get underway at the washington monument. crews inspected it -- workers will install whether sealant and that work will last five days. it will cost about $240,000. you were right on about the weather today. >> the cold front is pretty strong. we're almost finished with that. we will get on with it. it will be a chilly day tomorrow but a warming trend will come back for the weekend. we will look at the radar. this is what is happening from the region right now. the area of rain is focused a crossed the bridge and from west to east. you can make out the back edge of the rain. you can see a little bit of clearing developing to the west.
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that will move out. skies will clear. it is going to be mighty cold. this is gaithersburg during the day. all of this is heading to the majority of the viewing area. 47 in frederick 45 in the district. i do not see any more rain in the forecast until monday evening or tuesday. 46 in winchester. the front has not reached those areas yet. a 38 in detroit, 39 in chicago. there is some lack of fact snow shower activity developing. -- lake effect snow shower
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activity developing. we will get a field that chilly weather. our highs tomorrow will be about 10 or 11 degrees below average. it is going to warm right back up over the weekend. there is the front and there it goes. all this will move out high pressure will regain control. that will be the mechanism to start warming up through saturday sunday. here is the story tonight. 44 for the average temperature. definitely breezy. we should be no higher than 50 degrees. a quick recovery on saturday. mid-60's on sunday and monday
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and tuesday. the next weather system could bring us a few scattered showers. sooner or later this string of good luck is going to run out. i will prepare for that. "gfey's anatomy" is on abc 7 primetime tonight. >> it is too much pressure. she is a resident. she is a machine. she does not care if it is my husband. >> no, she does not. >> there you go. it is on tonight at 9:00. >> you have one more day to sign up for your chance of our latest facebook giveaway. this is a good wine. >> we're giving away $700. just go to
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we will announce the winner tomorrow at 5:00. coming up, just one day after eddie murphy it drops out of the oscars, a new host is chosen. >> the average sand which is going to run you 500 to 700 calories. >> do you know what is really inside your favorite breakfast sandwich?
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we are supposed to start the day of fried with a healthy breakfast. >> many of us get the breakfast part down. lisa fletcher is what she found out about breakfast sandwiches. >> they can be deceiving. some pack a day or two days' worth of fat calories, and sodium. what if we told you you could have three scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or three slices of pepperoni pizza
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and still not consume the amount of calories in some breakfast sandwiches? >> wow. >> the breakfast sandwiches better now available is like having two or three mcmuffins. mcdonald stake and, tuesday ago, 710 calories. the burger king enormous, let's breakfast sandwich -- 760 calories. >> i do not really looked at it. i think it is our responsibility. i think we may not care. >> experts recommend that adults have no more than 2,000 calories
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in one day. many of this damages cover more than half of that. >> -- many of the sandwiches cover more than half of that. >> you are looking out two days worth of saturated fat. >> more than 1,300 calories. >> that is just breakfast. >> our experts say watch out for those muffins at restaurants. many of them have more then 500 calories. we have more information on our website. >> i guess you are ok if you just have breakfast. no other meals. >> that is amazing. >> coming up, the cost of your thanksgiving dinner is going up this year. find out how much more you will be paying.
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>> montgomery county police investigate a possible hate crime. >> albert tonight with the revelation that cremated military remains wer
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 on your side. residents in a virginia town
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of in shock tonight. >> the landfill is in king george county. residents are reacting as high- profile military officials testify about what happened. we are live from arlington national cemetery with the details. >> this practice has stopped. it stopped in 2008, according to testimony on capitol hill today. the people of -- the people want answers as to why it happened in the first place. >> it is the final resting place of the war dead. it was where thomas cremated remains were deposited. -- cal was cremated remains were deposited. >> they should take better care of soldiers. >> the air force's top commander
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says he takes full responsibility for this situation. he said from 2003 to 2008, the dover mortuary incinerated body parts that could not be identified. >> the people who did not fulfill our expectations were disciplined. >> for the past three years the air force says the remains have had a proper military burial at sea. griffin says the regard of a fallen warriors remains is paramount. >> i do not know who you would point the finger to. >> this afternoon the secretary of defense charged the air force to continue their investigation. he wants more punishment to be melted out and you want an apology offered to the families.
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we are reporting live at arlington national cemetery. it is time to update tonight's top story. >> washington national's player wilson ramos was kidnapped from his home in venezuela last night. police found the kidnappers car today. investigators said they believed the player is still alive. >> a rockville man could spend 40 years in jail. kevin coffay pleaded guilty today to charges related to a crash that killed free of this friends back in may. >> a group of children -- they have to put up a -- they have to put up with a chronic vandalism.
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we are live in gaithersburg with the story. >> people in the community said they have put up with groups of teenagers and young people for years, then to live in homes and tormented them. these incidents have escalated recently. montgomery county police are investigating a possible hate crime. >> marks and scratches of the door apparently inflicted by five teenagers. the man who lives here it says the teenagers are relentless tormentors. >> it is disturbing. >> the people who live here tell police the teenager's count on the door repeatedly. they say the juvenile pelted the house. >> we have had experiences of people paint bolling our door. >> -- paint balling our door.
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that is racist to do that. that is not right. >> police are patrolling this neighborhood in hopes of preventing any further incidents and apprehending the young perpetrators. police have arrested a juvenile accused of stealing almost $200 from a group of maryland girl scouts. the two suspects were caught on surveillance cameras as they grabbed the cash box at a wal- mart. they caught one of the men in the same shopping center where the death occurred. investigators are looking for one other suspect. donations are being collected for the scout troop. it is the sound that brings
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in the holiday season. the salvation army kicked off its campaign to date in the district. the salvation army hopes to raise $1.6 million in donations this holiday season. the money will provide help for those in need. let's get a check of the traffic situation. >> good afternoon. it is a very wet out there. 395 -- very slow. northbound 95 at 610 a car went into a ditch. you are slow on 295. very heavy because of an incident on northbound d w parkway -- gw parkway. let's take a look at the beltway. very slow traffic in each direction. all the travel lanes are open.
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on the inner loop, we have some slow traffic from 210 to telegraph. on the outlook, delays between central avenue and the parkway. you are backed up from new hampshire to georgia. >> that looks miserable. coming up, the d.c. war memorial is we opened to the public after a multimillion-dollar makeover. some people still have one issue with the memorial. >> leonardo dicaprio stars in and j. edgar. >> if midnight is too late for you,.
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will they be able to pack a punch at the box office? arch campbell joins us with his review. >> they will be packing something. i do not know.
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>> here we go. >> "j. edgar" teams clint eastwood with leonardo dicaprio. the movie has stirred up a great interest. the result is a mixed. at best. >> it is my belief that when a man becomes a part of this bureau he must conduct himself as to eliminate the slightest possibility of criticism as to his conduct. >> leonardo dicaprio captures the j. edgar hoover's intensity. it works best when he plays and at the start of this career. >> let him know that i have a copy for my own safekeeping. >> its fuel speculation about his private life.
5:41 pm
the movie tries to imagine whoever's relationship with a longtime companion. it rates two starts ou tof 4. best bets -- "ides of march." there is great silly fun this weekend in adam sandler's new movie. nobody wants to see clint eastwood make a stumble but he has done it this time. >> i hope his makeup artist is not watching. thank you for your honesty. >> coming up next, get ready to
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pay more for this year's thanksgiving dinner. >> eddie murphy is out. a new host for the oscars has already been chosen. he is a crowd favorite. >> it is an honor. >> she is the first woman to hold a very important role here in washington. meet mariann budde.
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the washington diocese will lead its first ever female bishop. she will oversee the episcopal congregations all over d.c. and maryland. it is a first for the washington diocese. >> mariann budde can hardly contain her excitement about her new job. >> it is a joy and an honor. >> she will be the first ever been a bishop of washington. it is one of the many episcopal congregations that will now be
5:46 pm
under her authority, a place she calls a national treasure. >> it is a pulpit from which the major issues of our time can be explored and addressed. >> she went to seminary in virginia and did many missions overseas. she was a priest in minneapolis. she has been married for 25 years and has two sons. >> they help me remember the most important relationships are the ones closest to home. >> she says her sons are part of the reason why helping young adults will be her priority as a bishop. >> i want to be among those who advocate for immigration reform. >> the episcopal church only began ordaining women in the 1970's. she says she feels a tremendous gratitude for the women who major opportunity possible.
5:47 pm
>> i do not want to be known for being the first woman bishop. i want to be known for the first bishop who moved things forward. >> her consecration or dedication service is saturday. they are expecting the national cathedral to be packed with 3000 people from all over the country. she will preach for the first time as a bishop on sunday. the american -- the price for a traditional turkey day feast is up 13%. on average, a mill for 10 people would cost $49. the cost of everything on the menu is going out. the biggest cost type is for the main course. it will cost about $21 this year, a jump of 4%. apple shipped its first ipod to a customer 10 years ago
5:48 pm
today. can you believe that? it debuted back in 2001 and it changed the music as we know it. it was the first and p three -- mp3 player to become wildly popular. apple has sold more than 300 million ipods. >> the oscars have a house but he is not exactly new. eddie murphy about out of the production after his friend who was supposed to direct the show, did the same. moments ago billy crystal tweeted -- this will be his ninth time hosting the show. we asked how -- we asked who you love to see host the show.
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>> that is a pretty good looking less. >> billy crystal is a classic. >> a great call. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in our newsroom. >> tonight new developments in the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. we have more from penn state on the firing of joe paterno. did you see the debate last night? there was a lapse of memory for rick perry. i am being generous. we will see how he is handling that. a big birthday celebration for the u.s. marine corps today. we will see you at 6:00. >> that was one of the most awkward moments. >> hard to watch. >> let's see what doug has for
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us on the radar. >> clearing skies will be the next event. let me show you the location of the rain. most of it is east of the district right now. heavier downpours across calvert county. the precipitation is less -- that is west of the appalachians will not move again. some areas of snow are coming across lake michigan. we will see clearing skies tonight. as we get to sunset you can see the clear to the north and west. 46 degrees in frederick. 49 in quantico. fixed -- 51 in lexington park.
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these numbers are running 10 to 15 degrees colder than they were yesterday. partly cloudy, breezy for veterans day parade 48 to 53. mid-60's for monday and tuesday. we have more for you at 6:00. this story, it seems to get worse and worse. >> the trial has not even started yet. there is a whole lot we do not know. after the firing of joe paterno last night the emotions exploded. there are unanswered questions on decisions to be made as they tried to turn the corner. college football move dawn today without joe paterno. >> we are in a press -- an unprecedented situation. >> joe paterno's penn state
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program was the epitome of all that is right in college athletics. >> i have no regrets. >> in a span of just days, these images have been toppled over by bees. -- these. as is camelot of a career has come to a controversial close. outside his house late last night, joe paterno addressed the fans. >> we still have things to do. >> tom bradley said today he knows of no formal plans to honor joe paterno during saturday's game. >> where should he be saturday? >> coach has meant more to me than anybody except my father. i do not want to get emotional
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and start talking about that. he has had such a dynamic impact on so many people and players' lives. >> we will have more on this at 6:00. the search continues for wilson ramos, who was kidnapped last night at gunpoint in venezuela. law enforcement officials believe that he is still alive and is a dead anti-kidnapping unit said are dispatched in the suspected area. the 24-year-old had just finished his rookie year. he makes more than $400,000 a year. that is the target. the thing that is very unusual is the fact that they normally take a relative and hold them and ask for ransom. not in this case. cops are really scary. >> that is very scary. -- really scary. >> that is very scary.
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>> it has been here for 80 years, but most people never even knew about it.
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the d.c. war memorial is back open with a brand new look. >> it is finally done, but there is still one problem. >> the new labor for breast d.c. war memorial honors the more than 26,000 -- the d.c. war memorial honors the more than 26,000. >> it has been forgotten over the years. >> the small structure got $3.5 million in kenya -- in federal stimulus money. >> they cleaned up the marble, but in the new lighting. it is a bronze eagle medallion. legislation is not sitting well
5:58 pm
where it statehood proponents. >> let's rededicate ourselves to bring freedom to the district of columbia because that is what they fought for. >> this is not right. when there is an alternative. >> a small park across from the hotel that shows a statue of the world war i general. forget the politics, and remember the men. >> he was a marine corps officer. he was a harvard graduate. a fitting memorial. >> on the national mall, at abc 7 news. >> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up, joe paterno passion runs hot at penn state
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university. >> it was the biggest highlight from last night's debate. we will talk about how rick perry plans to recover from this. >> it has been a big secret for decades. new testimony in the watergate scandal is being made public. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. >> the calm after the storm on the campus of penn state university. >> the scene on campus is far different from the violent protest. we are live with the latest on the scandal at penn state. >> things are much calmer


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