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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 13, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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live and in hd, this is abc -- on your side. hello everyone. we are going to begin with the field.can this was another debate weekend. one contender seems to be the favorite. perry seems to be recovering from last week. we have the latest. >> the vendor perry, you advocate the elimination of the department of energy. >> you remember it. >> i have had some time to think about it. >> me too. what it was the inside joke. just once, -- >> it was the inside joke. just once, he hit it again. >> we should do it with one of was thinkings i about. >> he avoided braintrees last
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night. thisn cain who once made gaffe. >> when they asked me who the of uzbekbekistanstan i will say, i do not know. >> is pakistan a friend or a boat? >> we do not know. >> who will decide what constitutes a tortured? will trust the judgment of military leaders to notrmine what is and is torture. about u.s. forces in pakistan? >> that is a decision i would make after consulting with the on the a resurgence.g trying to walk you of thinking. >> it gingrich joined the chorus criticism of the president.
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tothere are a number of ways iran and what relatively -- and relatively few be dumb. reelect president obama braun will have a nuclear weapon. the debate, michele bachmann said cbs limited the number of questions to her. the network said it tried to be fair. no candidate produced any major gaffes or breakthroughs. president obama said he disagrees with the republican candidates that waterboarding is not torture. less than two months to go the 2012 presidential race kickoff. new rising have a star. jonathan allen. i want to start with the latest polls that seem to indicate
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a new candidate. gingrich, where did that come from? >> an old familiar face. of it is we are seeing a of anti romney candidates. newt gingrich is the flavor of the week. his performances have been much more even. people are giving him a second book. speaking complete sentences and remembering what you want to say has gone up. >> is that a vacation? do you think newt gingrich could nomination? >> this could be his best opportunity. lot of trouble getting that. is had a false start. now this is an opportunity for to reinstitute himself. has gained attraction. you see herman cain and rick
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for a while. nobody has been able to gain traction. of rick perry, not to beat up on him, did his freeze really hurt his polling? i do not think he has been able to see a huge bit in his polling. not running that well to with. he is not the nominee, that be the reason. he could rebound. he has had some humorous at things. -- outings. he made him look like somebody who is hubble. -- humble. he has a long way to go. >> you cover congress, two weeks were talking about the super committee. still far apart on a
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cut the deficit. any closer now? >> i think they are farther apart in some ways. the latest things we have seen democrats and republicans they are posturing. the pockets are farther apart would be.ought they started off with $1.20 trillion as a target. of that had been discussed. you would not think would be that hard. be getting farther apart. think for those who want to done, there could be a last gasp. is little evidence they progress. >> thank you for being with us. maryland's governor had to for apitol tomorrow event. the head of who is the democratic governors' association will talk about jobs in this tough economic environment. about theso talk
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investment in education. kicks off tomorrow morning at 10:00. is an abc news exclusive. tomorrow, we will hear from gabrielle giffords. she talks about what she from the day. her long road to recovery and is doing now. >> how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> is it painful? >> difficult. >> she will talk about the other victims from the rampage and her return to congress. you can see the full interview tomorrow night. you may recall the espn's which closed down. tuesday, a number of items it the auction block. a slap shot hockey challenge,
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by and see the items in person. the hours are 10:00 to 4:00. for all the items go to our web microsoft is going to unveil a new store. this is the company posted a 14 retail store. part of a -- this is the company's 14 retail store. major move.f a >> we will take a look at what the week.up in from president obama in australia. a healthier way of living. >> i am in the weather center. you ready for a mild start? >> i am in the weather center. you ready for a mild start?
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captioned by the national captioning institute a look at the week ahead. a funeral service will be held joe frazier. was 60-years old. the man known as smoking joe was best known for his fight muhammed ali. the match at madison square in 1971. frazier won that fight. funeral will be held morning. >> president obama heads to indonesia and australia. he is expected to announce that marines will be stationed
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in australia. comes amid growing pressure liken troops. back here in d.c., the domestic our areais coming to area. be an evening with martha stewart. she will be a constitutional -- hall this thursday evening. at what is ahead for our local sports teams. lockout continues. the redskins welcome the dallas on sunday. the caps are on the road all week. in national and then and on saturday it is off to toronto. the d.c. war memorial is back with a brand new look. requesting a makeover, it is finally done. is still one problem. the newly refurbished pc war
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the 26,000nors district resident -- resident in world war i. >> it has been forgotten and neglected the request in sad structure along --ependence avenue neglected. structureshape, the along independence avenue that up, but got new lighting. legislation to turn the local another national not sitting well with d.c. statehood proponents >> let's bring freedom to columbia.ct of that is what they fought for. >> this is not right to be particularly when there is an alternative. >> a small park across from the hotel that sports a statue of
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general. war i let's remember the men. >> he was a marine corps officer. was a harvard graduate. think about what was lost if memorial -- lost. a fitting memorial. >> abc 7 news. >> still to come on washington a major life change. what led bill clinton to become a vegan.
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we have enjoyed some wonderful temperatures. steve is here to kill our buzz. >> it is going to stick a round tomorrow, tuesday, and then it get cold.o a mild night ahead. as you wake up, look for rabbittures to be a degrees in the district. 50- to be around degrees in the district. a bit breezy. the record high was 80 degrees in 1879. 68 at the airport. it is going to be humid tomorrow morning. you will feel the difference. 48 degrees in big meadows. look at the wind gusts at 42
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miles per hour. d'ivoire final stop takes us children's hospital, reporting at 55 degrees. temperatures above average for the night.f believe we are at 11:0 5252. temperatures mild to the west. indianapolis, mid-60's. mile there. we have a cold front just ought the west. you can see the dividing line. 10 degrees cooler in .inneapolis warmer compared to this time yesterday in pittsburgh. the way for is on tomorrow. temperatures. cold front is to the north and west of us. it moves across tuesday and early wednesday. we may even hear thunder. this is the moves of behind us. high pressure will build.
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here is a look at our futurecast. temperatures, courtesy of bethwesterly wind, will about 55 degrees. the day on tuesday, what happens. the showers pushed in from the north. up between 1 inches and 2 inches of rain. it will be spread out, for anyot looking across the area. good news there. we could use a little bit of rain. that will clear things up by wednesday with much colder temperatures. 45 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy skies. see a stray shell or tomorrow afternoon. mainly north of the sea. daytimetied to the highs. the seven day outlook. -- the daytime highs. the seven day outlook. it is there. on thursday. back into the mid-50's on friday
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and alert, if you are from heartor supper problems, bill clinton has a -- from heart problems, has an important
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message for you. >> bill clinton always loved to eat. the former president calls kid who weighed by age 13. he ate his way through 50 states. all across the country. we had five meals a day. >> the president said he ran to control his weight but was not fit. he stopped at mcdonald's after jogging. an e-mail from a friend, a doctor, and to lose weight for daughter's wedding, he made change and became a deacon. -- vegan. >> i was playing russian roulette. i had changed my diet some. was still taking in a lot of extra cholesterol. this doctor works closely
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with the physicians clinton for his new lifestyle. >> you can turn it around. those archery's again. not by surgery. it is by changing what you eat. >> what does bill clinton eat? beans, vegetables, fruit, and a morning jake. he sometimes eat fish, but he on the stake. he has never felt better. looks great. god bless him. i still have to have my me. his newhave questioned died. say he looks gaunt. excursionists say nutritionists say he looks fit and his new healthy alternative.
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