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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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gton," on your side. >> straight ahead heyman is wanted by u.s. park police. >> good morning, washington. thanks for waking up with us on this monday morning, i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> the weather will be mild to start this work week. ben cooling off by thursday. 56 degrees in the district right now. 52 in winchester. 509 in lexington park. highs in the upper 60's approaching 70 today. we will have a few areas of rain west of interstate 801 in
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the mountains. mostly cloudy tomorrow, isolated showers throughout the day. mid to upper '60s. best chance of rain is wednesday. most of us will get a little dept -- little bit. low 50's on thursday. a touch of autumn on thursday and friday. road work on the outer loop of the toll road and outer loop of 66. traffic stay to the left. it stays true viaright. outer loop between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard moving construction to the shoulder. very peaceful scene. back to you. >> thank you. following new developments from the friday night shooting near the white house. u.s. park police has lifthave issued
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an arrest warrant for the man they believe is responsible. >> with the word "is will" on his neck, ortega has a standout marking. the 21-year-old is a suspect in an incident friday night in which shots were fired blocks from the white house. >> i don't know any protesters that would be so bold as to shoot at the white house. >> i witnesses saw a car speed off after the gunsgunshots. >> it is pretty shameful and ridiculous. >> police are hoping someone has information about the man with multiple ted cruattoos. >> on his right chest he has a tattoo of rosary beads and hands
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clasped in prayer. poehl did hands on the left. and on the left side of his neck is the word "israiel." >> it does not appear that the white house was the target according to police. the mannes 5:00 hour is 5 ft. 11 with brown hair and brown eyes. to give park police a call if you have more information. a gunman is on the loose after walking up to a metro bus and shooting. this happened yesterday morning at 37 e street band eli -- and eli place. a man has nnon-life- threatening injuries. a former preschool teacher
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accused of sexually assaulting children will be in court today. brad minor assaulted two four- year-old second tester academy in leesburg. he was fired after he was arrested in july. a former candidate for mayor in the seat and is also expected to be in court today for a status hearing. police arrested sulaiman brown in september and charged him for driving without a valid license. he had a maryland license, but lives in d.c. he was targeted because of allegations that he made against vincent gray, he says. there's an effort to save money. airtran is a subsidiary of southwest airlines in southwest -- and southwest will continue to fly in and out of dulles airport. volt is feeling the heat.
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linda bell has that story and more from new york city. good morning. >> [no audio] >> we are having trouble with the microphone. we will check back with her in a little while. >> 4:35 55 degrees. >> still ahead, more fallout from the mishandling of military remains at dover air force base. which lawmaker is calling for an immediate investigation. >> fairfax county school board preparing to tackle a test the issue. a proposal to increase surveillance cameras in schools.
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captioned by the national captioning institute good monday morning. 4:38, time for traffic and weather. >> now to adam caskey. >> if it's going to be a warm day and a little breezy. southwesterly wind picking up to 25 miles an hour at times. a warm wind out of the southwest. a significant amount of clouds overhead a moment. we will get some breaks in the
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clouds in the latter morning and afternoon. in ohio and indiana and western pennsylvania, isolated showers. some of that could dip into the mountains west of 81 today. 56 right now in martinsburg and the district. 54 in gaithersburg, 59 in lexington park 57 in fredericksburg. some of us could exceed 70 degrees this afternoon with gusty winds out of the southwest. mostly cloudy tomorrow, gray skies. a few isolated showers possible. the best chance of rain is wednesday. that's when they should be loyal more widespread and heavy at times. clearing on thursday. cooling down, low 50's. clearing over nine construction out of the way outside the beltway going west on 66 and southbound all the way
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to zootique the bill tysons, two separate work zone, no accidents as far as interstate travel. north into richmond looks good and into baltimore looks good as well. good trip at university boulevard. construction barrels to the side. 55 degrees outside. >> herman cain's wife is opening up about sexual harassment allegations against the presidential republican candidates. what she has to say. >> tension between occupy wall street protesters and police is coming to a head in some ci
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welcome back. our top stories investigators have gotten an arrest warrant for the man suspected of opening fire near the white house friday night. police are looking for 21-year- old oscar ortega. he lives in the d.c. area. items in a car found near the roosevelt bridge led them to ortega. former d.c. mayoral candidate sulaiman brown is expected in court today for a status hearing. he was arrested and charged with driving without a valid license after being pulled over in september. he was using a maryland license. airtran plans to end service
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at dulles airport and four other airports to save money. that takes effect on june 3. southwest airlines will continue to have flights in and out of dulles airport. congress is looking into the mishandling of remains at dover. ron oatman says a house subcommittee to investigate what happened and to make sure what happens in the future will be looked into. and -- the washington nationals cutter rescued friday after a kidnapping ordeal is staying in venezuela for the time being. wilson ramos plans to play for his team in venezuela through the winter beginning this wednesday. he said that its final moments as a prisoner here raising as police and kidnapper is exchanged heavy gunfire in a remote area where he was being alex. pennsylvania governor tom
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corbett says that he expects more sex abuse victims to come forward and that the loss for reporting the abuse of children need to be reexamined. the assistant coach said that he saw " jerry sandusky sexually assaulted a b oy in the shower -- a boy in the shower. >> he is a witness in this case. he met the minimum obligation of reporting, but did not in my opinion, have a moral obligation that all of us would have. >> moody's may downgrade the university's credit rating. surveillance cameras, the fairfax county school board will vote this afternoon on a proposal to allow principals to set up cameras in cafeterias and other parts of schools. supporters say it would make the schools safer. opponents say would violate
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students' privacy. >> looking at ways to improve traffic around the walter reed military hospital in bethesda. one idea under consideration is a trail underneath rockville pike. that would connect walter reed and the national institutes of health with the medical center metro station. >> boxing legend joe frazier will be laid to rest today. larry holmes and mohammad ali are expected to be among the mourners. today's service is in philadelphia. the onetime heavyweight champions smokin' joe died last week after a battle with liver cancer. he was 67. herman cain's why is speaking out about the sexual misconduct allegations made against him. this is the first time we are hearing from gloria cain. she said that her husband totally respects women and she does not believe the allegations. she says that he would act to
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have a split personality to do the things that were said. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that it would've been something totally disrespectful of her as a woman. i know that is not the person he is. >> four women have accused herman cain of sexual- harassment. denied for the first time we will hear from congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she is talking about the shooting rampage in tucson that almost killed her. she will discuss what she remembers about that january day in and what her recovery has been like. she is still undergoing intensive outpatient therapy in houston. the full interview tonight at 10:00 and abc 7. president obama made job creation the focus of an international summit in hawaii. he and the leaders of 20 asian and pacific nations discussed
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jobs and trade during the summit in honolulu. he says openining global markets for american goods lead to jobs and all. -- at home. officers in riot gear moved to evict demonstrators from two state parks. more than 50 people arrested in portland. they have been camping out there more than a month. the city wants them moved because of unhealthy conditions. 55 degrees on this monday. >> a big weekend for parishioners waiting for the reopening of the national cathedral. we will have more from yesterday's big ceremony. >> someone was joking that justin timberlake brought sexy back to the marine corps ball
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welcome back. 4:51, 4 traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> it is supposed to be nice today. >> unseasonably warm again this afternoon. yesterday was in the mid-60s. today, and '60s approaching 70 degrees later on today.
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more clouds and sunshine to start the day. then we'll see some sunshine. the first half of the workweek will be a little unsettled with most of the rain holding off until wednesday. there will be showers in indiana. some of the rain may dip into the mountains far west of the western maryland area and west virginia. we have some solace in the forecast west of interstate 81 through of the day. manassas is 55 right now, 54 at dulles, 50 in frederick. the 59 in lexington park and annapolis. the average high temperature is 59. upper 60's today breezy, southwesterly, gusting at 25. going into tomorrow, mostly cloudy with reduced rates showers can and especially into wednesday. that's when we will see most of the moisture. from tuesday through wednesday to exceed two inches of rain in
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spots. the commute looks ok. we have been looking at the cameras looking at what is not happening. volume is still very light. the pace is good. overnight construction being moved away. park police reporting nothing going on but they are aware of on the george washington parkway or the clara barton parkway. we will show you traffic moving very smoothly, 66 inside the beltway. looks good near glebe road. 395 and the 14th street bridge are quiet. 270, the headlights are southbound at shady grove road. back to you. >> thank you. it was a busy weekend for the washington national cathedral. >> yesterday was the first sunday service since the cathedral was damaged in august. suzanne kennedy spoke with parishioners about the special day. >> at washington national
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cathedral it was the first mass in nearly 50 days. the spiritual home of the nation has been closed since august 23' earthquake. >> it was a very moving service. >> it was marked by the official seating of the ninth bishop of the episcopal diocese of washington. >> never dealt importance of what you are doing and what we are doing on this earth. >> inside the massive gothic cathedral the only son of iroquois's impact is the protective net under the ceiling. two large panicles outside that were damaged stand as a reminder of what happened in late summer. the repairs will take years and cost millions of dollars. swap we have done over the past
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weeks is stabilize the building so that big and reopen, but the restoration work has not begun. >> a church members were happy to be able to worship in a familiar setting. >> it is terrific. if it's a wonderful place and the music and her words. >> we are privileged to be in this church. a great experience all the way around. great to be back in the building. >> suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> nice to see a back open. >> lovely. oprah winfrey and add another accomplice mature long list of achievements. >> she was presented with an honorary oscar award on the weekend the humanitarian award for charitable works. it's the first oscar for oprah winfrey. she was nominated in 1986 for a role in the color purple, but she did not win. highlights from the event will be shown the separate 26 on abc 7 on the oscar telecast.
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new host billy crystal will be there on stage. >> they need to go back and give oprah and awards for the color purple. >> i agree. the u.s. marine corporal kelsey desantis had one of the hottest debates at the marine corps ball. i don't know if you recognize him. actor and singer justin timberlake. he and escorted her to the events in richmond saturday night. she invited by a youtube in july and later spoke about the experience calling it one of the most moving evenings he has had. >> criticacool. 55 degrees outside. >> redskins are setting records but not the ones to brag about. if [ female announcer ] maybe you're one of them. ♪ ♪ one of the always electrifying... eyebrow-raisers... and jaw-droppepers. ♪ ♪ are you
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new developments in the friday night's shooting near the white house. the man u.s. park police need your help finding. >> i know that is not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> herman cain's wife is speaking about sexual-harassment allegations against your husband. what else she said on fox news. >> another rough weekend for the redskins. the team and coach setting records with their losing streak. good morning washington at


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