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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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of i said i am innocent those charges. >> for the first time, former penn state assistant coach jerry speaking above the charges he sexually assaulting young boys. what else he had to say during a phone interview. is tuesday, november 15. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first here is adam caskey. early on this tuesday morning. isolated hours northwest area but that is it for now. still looks like the bulk of the moisture will be moving through our area tomorrow. hagerstown, showers moving in now and east of cumberland. a few isolated areas of light rain. it is warm.
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66 in the district. 53 in winchester. hagerstown, 60. very warm to start the day. high temperatures near 70 but we close tothat showerse and then more through this afternoon tonight. tomorrow, we could be looking rainfall accumulations. clear by friday. looking good but cooler. they were stopping traffic the beltway between the bridge and the georgetown pike. on the are moving beltway. maryland side has been ok the outer loop, when the right.y to it should be moving now. keep in mind if you travel this area, that is going to affect you. hampshire avenue, all liens are free.
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construction was in the lane but you can see, everything is moving now. traffic in virginia, that looks all right. northbound 66 is in pretty good shape. we begin with the telson the at pennx abuse scandal state. sandusky is breaking his silence. of the he is innocent charges he assaulted young boys. >> he denies abusing young boys, nbc that he may have around but he is not a pedophile. >> i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent and falsely accused? >> well, i could say i have done
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of those things. horst -- horsed around with kids. attracted to under aged boys? >> sexually attracted, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no, i am not sexually attracted to young boys. >> this was his first public denial of the sex crimes against the invoice. to 10 victims have come forward to authorities. told cnn his client theanswer each of accusations. was showering with this kid and the kid was messing around having a good time. he felt uncomfortable seen that. were part ofboys his second mile foundation ware, stay says the former coach was than life.
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>> somebody like coach sandusky was almost a god. >> the chief and -- executive about questions the tority could have done more protect children. gabrielle giffords is out about the day that changed her life. >> a lot of people died. tough, tough. >> she sat down with diane sawyer for the first time since being shot. six people died and 12 others wounded. she learned how to walk and talk again. she spoke in fragmented sentences. say her recovery has miraculously. still has a long way to go. she will not return to congress is better. we will have more on our website. gallery, log onto
4:35 am eight activists were protests and a schedule to go on trial today. they are charged with unlawful assembly and sillier to obey an officer. among 72 people arrested while protesting ingressional interference d.c. affairs. expected to attend a before the trial began. a zoning bill that could slot machines in the county. about ars are concerned proposal to the raceway. are worried about traffic problems. plan to rally. vehicle towing will top the agenda at the council meeting today. to discussng maximum rate for from privatees property.
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another fare hike from one major carriers. >> and a warning for android users. >> good morning. you use a droids you will to hear this story. android operating system has spitewa --in spyware. most come from third-party sites. sprint is following verizon's of datasting the amount can use. you can get 6 gigabytes for $49 a month. that is up from five. here is the catch, they do not to smartphone. airline tickets for delta went higher. it raised the round trip fare by much as $10 on most domestic flights.
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if you're looking for a unique the person hard to shop groupon is offering epic deals. now, reporting for abc 7 news. >> that is a good teas. we are definitely staying tuned. 65 degrees. >> still to come, some major could be coming to the university of maryland. many sports teams have been recommended for elimination? >> another candid it has in o-- oops moment.
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bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins. look atant to get a traffic and weather. we have rain off to the northwest. from new england the deep south. one or two of those showers now. moving into hagerstown. a brief shower. of this will dip into our region late to run. locally our chances will be in the afternoon. the temperature is warm out there.
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66 at reagan national. we are well above our average. hagerstown and 60 with the rain moving in and frederiksberg 68 degrees. be near 74 the high temperature and then temperatures will drop in the afternoon as showers move town. .othing widespread today tomorrow we could see up to an of rain by tomorrow night. thursday we could have a few isolated morning showers but we see clearing struck most of day. the lower 50's on friday. looking sunny as well despite temperatures. construction on the beltway the outer loop. they should be wrapping up for the morning. between alexandria to and from bridge, things are quiet.
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construction between interstate everything has been removed. the beltway.n in and out of the district. you to the geico traffic center camera. can see they have those lines because of the construction. throughng your way books decent. now back to cynne simpson. it, 65you believe degrees. kidnapping of wilson ramos. hear his message to his supporters. thatpart of the audiotapes supporters. thatpa[ female announcer ] maybe you're one of them.
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who inspired a variety of gain scents that are, like all of you, anything but ordinary. checking our top stories. the man at the center of the abuse scandalex speaking out. terry sandusky told nbc he is that he is not a pedophile. of molesting eight young boys. more alleged victims have come forward. wounded arizona congresswoman giffords says she will congress and toshiba's better. she used fragmented sentences
4:46 am it was her first interview since shot in the head. the prince george's county is set to vote on a bill that could ban slot machines. the company that owns the them towants to bring track. could be aay it traffic problem. a gay rights pioneer will be remembered on capitol hill today. paying tributese to frank. he died last month at the age of 86. he began his fight for equal rights after being fired from the army in 1957 because he was gay. police have arrested more suspects in the kidnapping of wilson ramos. say they were part of a group of doctors in the 24- old last one state. commandos rescued him on friday.
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he has a message for national stance. >> it was a hard time for me. but i'm happy with my mom right now. thank you for everything. >> he says he plans to stay in hiszuela and play for league team tomorrow. now the conversation that down a prince george's county couple. audiotapes of the executives .ack johnson and his wife the audio was recorded last november. listen here.
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prosecutors say they have that conversation just before they arrested on federal corruption charges. sports programs are back on the chopping block as the up with ways to trim the budget. they are recommending cutting diving, cross- country indoor and outdoor track, tennis, acrobatics, and tumbling and water polo. >> i have friends who are on teams. hit on the school pride. >> because the economy is hitting as hard. cut things. >> they are recommending the be shut down by july. it would save millions of the athleticring department's budget back in line. negotiators have agreed on measures for the
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budget year. the $182 billion plan -- a stopgap measure to until december 16 to pass additional bills. without the measure, the down this would shut weekend. president obama is traveling is nott does not mean he on his reelection campaign. he held a fund-raising dinner supportersand told for is nowhe fought stake. he will travel to australia and before returning to washington. herman cain is downplaying an awkward moment. he was asked yesterday if he agreed with president obama's uprisingegarding the in libya. paused and seemed confused giving a stumbling response. reporter asked about the
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he laughed off. >> they asked me about libya and paused so i to gather my thoughts. it is complementary when people start to documenting my pauses. he is battling allegations sexual harassment from women. try corp. -- 65 degrees outside. patti labelle is getting slapped with another lawsuit. when a woman claims the singer did to her. >> the challenges for the final dancing with the stars. see who came out on top.
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tuesday morning. we have a little bit of rain now there. look at live super doppler 7 and you will notice a areas of light rain. just northeast of romney, was to virginia. -- west virginia. it is warm outside. 56 in the district. lexington park 67. we are talking morning conditions with short sleeves. i temperatures near 70 degrees
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like yesterday. then a few showers will move in lunchtime and into the afternoon. even locally we can expect a few of light rain and then tomorrow we will have most of the moisture. what today tomorrow which up to rain.h of temperatures will be on the down the end of the week. they are cleaning up overnight construction. are off to a pretty good start as far as interstate travel. i have some pictures to reiterate that fact and we will start with springfield, 395 the headlights are northbound. that is good. next we will take you to quiet.d, we will wind it down with a picture of interstate 270 southbound.
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forthere are legal troubles patti labelle. has sued the singer claiming she cursed and threw a bottle of water at her and her daughter in november 2010. she claims that she chastised her toddlering walkaway at she dealt with and a car seat. she says when she told her it was none of her business, she toew water on them and try hit her. was filed with police. after a cadetths sued her over a scuffle with her bodyguards. >> at least it was not a phone. [laughter] >> maybe it is a good thing we're close to the season finale the dancing with the stars. >> the injuries are piling up. last night, she danced on a
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ankle and her solo, she needed a painkilling injection during rehearsals. the team moscow on an decouples did the three dances of peace. ricki lake came out on top by we will see who will make it to the finals tonight. who are you looking to go home? >> that hope grow. -- girl. >> 59 degrees. 65 degrees. my goodness. officials in oakland and new york are sending a strong message to protesters. york are sending a strong message to protesters. the latest on the t
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without intent of sexual contact. >> we are hearing from the man of the child sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky admits to horsing around with boys although he denies abusing them. gabrielle giffords gives her interview since the that nearly killed her.


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