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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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on herman cain has a blunder the campaign trail. what he is saying about his awkward moment. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute you,ise and shine to washington. you for waking up with us. we begin with your traffic every 10 minutes. here is adam caskey. >> a little unsettled today but especially into tomorrow. haveat is when we will rain moved through our region. now to some light rain. just clipping jefferson county. hancocks, maryland, in east of cumberland. really warm. a mile the start today. in the 60's.
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fredericksburg is even warmer. martinsburg, 63. on our way to near 70 this afternoon temperatures will drop. gray and damned tomorrow with showers in some locations. cooler as well but comfortable. >> very comfortable commute. route 11, good across the wilson takee where i'm going to in the geico camera. moving nicely at connecticut ave. interstate 270. newwe begin with occupiednts in the wall street movement. they spent the morning clearing out a park. it is so sanitation crews can come in and clean up the site. new york is not alone in doing this. safetys about health and
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intensified. other cities have ordered down thes to take shelters and abide by curfews and relocate. the man at the center of the sex abuse scandal is speaking about the charges against him. innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused? >> well, i could say i have done .ome of those things >> jerry sandusky told nbc news he was horsing around and touched them but not in a sexual manner. charged with molesting eight boys. it cost to the school's and joe paterno their jobs. at another sex abuse scandal
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south carolina. -- accused ofch's molesting teenaged boys. a boy who attended summer camp accused step of inappropriate behavior in 2002. he told officials they watched engagedphy as well as sexual activity. the school investigated but never contacted law-enforcement. >> this is not about the civilizing the institution. is about the decisions made that assailed the family that i represent in the community we live in. officials say they have shared all of the information have with police. he faces a half-dozen charges of lewd sex acts. from gabrielleng her road tout recovery. is softer the january that nearly killed her.
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husband gave an interview to diane sawyer. we go to the newsroom with more. >> when you watch this you can see how hard is fightingffords recover. even though she has a long way go, she has made a lot of progress. call it nothing short of a miracle. gabrielle giffords walking and talking 10 months after a would- assassin shot here. >> a lot of people died. >> she may struggle to find the words but it is that will indetermination them made the most likede of the on capitol hill. >> i think it is miraculous she has.urvived as well as she she still has a long way to but based on her progress,
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they are optimistic. the halls offrom to around the country as many cheer her on her road to recovery. think it is phenomenal she has done so much. >> when asked if she would go work, she said she would return until she is better. her journey to recovery is the subject of a new book she and have worked on together. it is being released today. on we will have more giffords on our website. oughtphoto gallery nothing short of remarkable. is urged to make to the gun czech laws. bloomberg and survivors
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urgen violence will to perform the background check system. prevent dangerous people from getting guns. they will testify before a panel and meet with lawmakers. the council is set to vote zoning bill that could ban slot machines in the county. supporters are concerned about a proposal to bring slots to the raceway. they say they are worried about traffic problems. opponents plan to rally at capital headquarters. vehicle towing will top the at a county meeting today. discuss increasing towing rates for vehicles. 5:00. 65 degrees. ahead, some agreement on the hill. details on a spending plan put together by house and senate negotiators.
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>> an awkward moment for herman cain.
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ho a little damp out there
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the metro area. a few showers later on this but the bulk of the moisture will hold off until tomorrow. of course of an inch of rain is possible. a look at our satellite .nd radar showers and west to virginia and near hagerstown. notice the band of rain all the into the lower mississippi valley. that is the cold front. we will hear -- have a series of cold fronts. through today and tonight front will move to tomorrow. that will pack biggest bunch. 63 in centerville and washington. college park and 65. already above our average high temperature. be near a 74 a high. will drop withes the front moving in. rain through tonight and
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tomorrow, between three quarters time it is over with. could even have a few otherwise thursday afternoon, back to some sunshine. nothing like what we had yesterday when we broke 73. what is the latest on the commute? are in ourimes between fredericksburg and .altimore the beltway on the east side of town. toll road, good on seven. good along interstate 270. no problems south of town. thea live picture from things areera shows fine at the american legion bridge. we will be back in less than 10 minutes.
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65 degrees. another twist in the plans for a in nebraska. >> first we have the latest on in nebraska. >> first we have the latest on president guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance.
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♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ and activist arrested year is scheduled trial today. they're charged with unlawful assembly. they were among 72 people arrested while protesting d.c. affairs. expected to appear at a before their trial. on the house, house and agreednegotiators have on a series of spending .easures the $182 billion plan funds
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commerce and transportation. stop gapncludes a measure to give lawmakers until pass additional bills. without that, the government partially shut down this weekend. president obama is not about his reelection campaign. he held a fund-raising dinner in of hawaii last night. he told supporters everything is now on the line. his triple take him to australia .nd indonesia herman cain is downplaying awkward moment. he gave a stumbling response if he agreed with obama's actions regarding the uprising in libya. that is the, different one. i have all this stuff twirling around in my head.
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>> they asked me about libya and paused so i could gather my thoughts. is complementary when people start to documentary my pauses. >> that was the leader response. polls show support for him as he battles allegations of sexual harassment. vowed tocanada has objections from .nvironmentalists it says it will reroute the area of around the nebraska. that would increase its linkup to 40 miles. their glad they came to senses. it is no place for a pipeline. >> business and labor is groups create construction jobs but the exact number is
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disputed. new music services from apple and to go starting this week. starting this week. >> the new clout-based service allows you to access all of your music. challenge will launch tomorrow. agreements with major record labels. amazon shipped its kindle fire yesterday. company has 5 million of available for sale during the holiday season. styron, the fifth game in the scolls series is unique because of its sense of scale. the game has so much content hoursuld spend many around and doing side before you start the main question.
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-- quest. we want to get a look at traffic and weather. is pleasant outside this morning. >> it is. we are going to cool down quite bit tomorrow. today, just a cold front. even a few showers early this morning. look how warm it is. 65 and the district. winchester, an isolated area of rain. 64 in manassas. lexington park at 66. laich train from martinsburg in around the winchester area. northwest of the metro area, also seeing a band of rain down into the lower mississippi valley. off to theing
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northeast. be it for the later weain and then more showers. locally, our chances are in the afternoon. here is the first cold fronts today. the second it will move through tomorrow. give as the bigger temperaturems of changes. looking at that area energy causing clouds and showers in texas. that will help trigger the rain. near 70 again. probably around lunchtime and drop intoatures will the cold front. anywhere from three quarters of over an inch in terms overall accumulation. temperatures will be on the
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downswing into thursday. could have a brief shower otherwise some sunshine. lower 50's. big changes are coming. not too big of a change from the on we knew -- we do know that the increased. stuffg onto 95, normal ahead of you. a little bit of a slowdown but nothing to worry about. could inside the beltway and the district. the green light on 95 in maryland.nd to come on the traffic side and now back to news. you may remember the espn's on the closed. today, a number of items hit the auction block. hundreds of things are up for grabs.
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you can swing by the locations items in person or to our website. it is all there. didsome local fashionistas part to help multiple sclerosis. the event included a silent auction and a fashion show. britt mchenry was one of the celebrities who helped raise for awareness of the disease. >> how do they get the hair to stay? is a balancing act. it is like an apple. 64 degrees. green bay quarterback aaron rogers dispensed on monday night football. on monday night
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football. ♪
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yorkreaking news from new city. clear the trying to the park inut of lower manhattan. are live pictures from the scene. you can see some of the have been clashing with police. several people have been taken away in handcuffs. the protesters will be allowed to the park after sanitation crews clean up the area. continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest. minnesota offered no resistance to the sun beating bay on monday night football. mondayaten green bay on
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night football. the packers went on to win 45-7. the entire nba season looks be in jeopardy. the players and union is looking to decertify stars taking action to a court of law. >> here's tim brant. >> the caps zahren-phil to play the creditors tonight. of a road trip washington. the results have been mixed to going 4-3 in seven games. they need to get things going. have won only one of their last five games. in college basketball, the hoyas 45re in action with a pay 86- win. clark, taking charge. they set up their offense with a tenacious defense.
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he had 17 of his points in the first half. thompson is the only junior. made 5 of 6 beyond the arc. including this bucket. there is a look at your morning sports. 5:27. 65 degrees. formerhead, the assistant coach is speaking out against charges of sexually abusing live -- boys. >> gabrielle giffords give her since therview shooting and nearly took her life. way.ore rain on the
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. of those i am innocent charges. coach former assistant sex abuse scandal speaking out. here with jerry sandusky did to doing with several young boys. it is tuesday, november 15. i'm cynne simpson. >> we begin with your traffic weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here. > one little batch of rain have a fewe will showers into the afternoon hours. hagerstown, it looks like frederick county is getting clipped as well.
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this is all pushing off to the northeasterly this morning. later today we will have a few showers. it is very warm. 65 in the district. also a coldthe -- front will help our rain chances later on. if you spotty showers but still a mile. around 70 degrees. more rain showers tomorrow. more highly organized with upwards of an inch possible in some locations. how was the commute? >> ok as far as interstate travel. everyone is behaving. will star with a couple of pictures. in maryland you will find things moving well. the headlights are southbound that virginia, making the inside the beltway toward the pentagon.
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no worries there, either. we have a developing story right now. another conversation between police and occupy wall street protesters. past hour, police arrested seven protesters who to leave theered park in lower manhattan. they have been told they can the park has been cleaned. allowed to bring sleeping bags or tents. there are more pictures. are big story this morning, the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. sandusky gave a phone last night denying the charges. we are in northwest with what to say.had >> jerry sandusky admits to
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showers with young boys sexuallyhe did not assaults them. he denies abusing young boys nbc that he may have horsed around that he is not a pedophile. >> i say i am innocent of the discharges. >> completely innocent and falsely accused? >> i could say that i have done some of those things. i have horsed around. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys? >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no, i am not sexually attracted to young boys. >> this was his first public .enial
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reports say up to 10 a suspected victims have come forward. his lawyers told cnn his client answer each of the accusations. the shower with this kid. they were having a good time. he saw that sense of time comfortable. they were part of the thomas day says former coach was larger than life. >> somebody like him was almost a god. >> the chief executive resigned questions that charity could have done more. for the first time, we're .earing from gabrielle giffords it is all about what she went through, how she learned to walk talk again after being shot in the head. live in the newsroom with
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more on this exclusive. saysery run around hers of ais nothing short miracle. walking and talking a would-befter killed her.rly this was her first television shot inw since being rampage.uring a she was alert and happy and vowed to fight to get better. still undergoing therapy home. of it focused on improving speaking skills. she hopes to be speaking by next summer. doctors say she can comprehend everything around her she still struggles to express what she wants to say. >> i think it is phenomenal she has done so much. >> difficult. strong, strong. >> that is the spirit.
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>> she and her husband released today detail in their after there and shooting. last page, she says she will get stronger and will as a recovery continues. >> so good to see her doing so well. remarkable. 5:36 at 65 degrees. >> investigators announced more the kidnapping of ramos. what his message is to supporters. >> and some of the audiotapes down a powerring couple.
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>> i am when d morris from the salvation army reminding to yourself this season. donate, a volunteer, make a difference. good morning, washington! ♪ a warm and mild tuesday morning. well into the 60's.
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you will notice a little bit of humility but it is not impressive. but it is not oppr essive. some areas of rain along 81 all the one -- all the way to hagerstown. most of frederick county, virginia. locally we will get in on a of rain.t nothing too heavy. then scattered showers tonight. temperatures dropping into the 50's. near 74 highs today than we cool ofn over the next couple days. thursday and friday, back down to friday. thursday morning we may wake up
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isolated areas of rain. early in the day and clearing afternoon. 7, no problems to report sterling.rn through the georgetown pike looks quiet. driving onto 66 as the volume increases out of manassas, then in the fair oaks. good inside the beltway on 66 and a long 395. police say it is in great shape the airport and beltway. to the geicoyou camera for maryland. here we are at the beltway. headlights are leading the way baltimore. the red is heading away from us. college park toward the wilson
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bridge, all is good. >> thank you. about 65 degrees. haveg up, which sports recommended for elimination? >> to cash in or out? [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community. kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah.
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traffic tonight we take it a prehistoric. you about a diet that is helping a weight.eople lose but some experts are saying, not so fast. will tell you about the diet tonight at 5:00. a lot of activity today. this is prince george's county zoning set to vote on a would ban slot machines. eisler is live where opponents are
5:46 am
expected to gather. >> that is right. the issue on the table is to bring slot machines to the raceway. folks say it could create around jobs in the county and generate four hundred million revenue which could help pay for a much-needed new county hospital. say the slot machines create problems of addiction, increased crime and have a impact on the community. today onil will vote whether to ban gaming. in 2008, there was a referendum voted to haveers slots at five locations. to get slots at the race when now would take another statewide referendum to at prince george's county. council would have to
5:47 am
vote down this ban as well. right now, the ban has four votes and needs five to pass. bill says hef the has that fifth vote. we will see soon enough. 8 sports programs are on the commissionock as the with ways to trim the budget. the commission is recommending swimming and diving, men's cross-country, indoor and track, tennis, acrobatics and tumbling, and water polo. >> i have friends who run teams. during that takes a hit on school pride. >> the economy is hitting as hard. cut things. >> the commission recommends be shut down by july. they would save millions of the athleticring budget in mind. more people arrested in
5:48 am
the kidnapping of wilson ramos. authorities say they were part group that abducted the of his family's home. commandos rescued him from a mountain hideout two days later. butt was a hard time for me happy with my mom right now. i want to say thank you for everything. >> he says he will stay in venezuela and play for his team starting tomorrow. >> now the conversation that down a prince george's -- couple.r koppel jack johnson and his wife -- recorded last november as agents were closing in on them.
5:49 am
prosecutors say johnson had that werersation before they arrested on corruption charges. 5:49 and time for your traffic and weather. send it to you, adam. areas of rain to talk about the mark. a big deal. tomorrow, widespread showers. a damp day. some germination of my grass seeds already. i am prompt for this rain to come. to come. for this rain warm temperatures are hoping that out. the rain will help the cause and -- as well. 55.
5:50 am
at these warm temperatures. cooler northwest of town where front dropping in and some rain. quantico 69. also a little bit of humidity in the air, at least unusually high for this time of year. also quoting northern frigid county. pushing off to the north and east. part the rain will the metro area. later on, especially into the afternoon, some spotty showers. here is our future cash that the rain developing. notice the time stamp. morethe heavier rain, the organized showers will be moving in through tonight and the route today to mark. of course of an inch possible by late tomorrow night and on into
5:51 am
thursday night. have a few stray showers. mostly cloudy today and a few showers into the afternoon. back to near 74 afternoon highs. cooler tomorrow the still comfortable. a lower 60's which up to an inch possible by the time we thursday morning. and isolated showers here or most partfor the the midday and afternoon. out throughout the day. a lot of sunshine friday into saturday. thursday and friday. temperatures redounded to the weekend. >> we have 66 westbound leaving toward nutley street with roadwork in between. on interstate 270, we are watching the volume growth. no worries to report as far as
5:52 am
on 355 through the legion bridge. good shape on both sides the beltway. no accidents reported. also looks good out of get into silver springs. 5:52 and 54 degrees. i get to the e- done but i have never them. apparently there are some deals. wal-mart beat out its rivals -- allen joinso from bloomberg headquarters in new york. let's talk about what is happening in the markets. stock futures are down 0.5%.
5:53 am
protesters forced out of the of the the epicenter movement. we will be getting reports on retail sales ahead of the opening bell. home depot and wal-mart will be reporting their most recent results. of wal-mart, they may the lowest on land prices comes to toys, at least this month. thees for the tories, near at target and amazon. wal-mart also bidding prices on us.s as well as toys r grab holidayg to shoppers. offering epic deals. however beck are they? a personal cooking class or a trip to the taping of the ellen degenes show. with a backstage tour. these are going to be limited in
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they offer. many >> very tempting. i think some people are logging computers right now. 64 degrees. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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last night, jay r. martina's danced on a twisted ankle. danced on aez twisted ankle. she was in first place with a total of 67. see who will make it to the finale tonight on abc 7. jr came in third. >> looking good as always. more still
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straight ahead, and occupy crackdown. why police arrested dozens of .rotesters in new york city been a senset i've of those charges. the man at the center of the sex abuse scandal speaks out. the accusations against him that the knowledge and it's true. future of slot machines in a maryland suburb. we have a live report. against jerry acknowledges he are


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