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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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here is adam. a few areas of rain but i'm expecting it to become more widespread as we go through the morning into the midday hours and taper off into the early afternoon while mixing with snowflakes that time -- at times as temperatures drop. not a big deal. no accumulation on the roadways. just a glorified rain. rain is what we have right now moving through the metro area. moving west of 95 and in prince william and fairfax counties. temperatures dropping throughout the entire day through the lower-forties. snowflakes mixing in with the rain at times. especially west of the metro area. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. not as gusty as today.
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another cold day with morning temperatures right near 30 degrees. how is the commute? >> it looks all right. good coming out of the district and across the bridge into the pentagon. there is a crash on george washington parkway south bound. they will haul it out of there soon. i will jump over to a picture of the traffic across the 14th street bridge. moving nicely. coming out of fredericksburg on route 3, he will be defeated by a crash on 95 northbound involving a tractor-trailer. our top story on this thursday -- it has been two months since the start of the occupy wall street movement in new york. rallies are planned in the big apple and right here in the district. cots from the streets to the subways, all across the country, occupied demonstrators
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are planning a day of action. two months after the protest started. >> fighting for a brighter future. a future that does not look like the one we experienced. >> there is a growing group that is planning to march to the bridge. a protest which demonstrators called the deterioration of public infrastructure and services. >> thank god that there are so many people who are giving from their hearts. >> tens of thousands of protesters in new york city have show -- have a strong show of force. they plan to march on wall street this morning than they will gather at city subway stations later today. they will go to the brooklyn bridge to disrupt life in the city. the man arrested and charged with the shooting near the white house is expected to make his first court appearance today.
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police arrested oscar ortega had net -- hernandez yesterday. more on this story. >> he sits this morning in a state police jail in pennsylvania. he is from idaho and his parents have reported him missing since october 31. police are trying to figure out why he was in washington. according to the washington post, he had a hatred for washington and the president. the five-day manhunt for oscar ortega hernandez ended when police busted him at his hotel about one hour outside of pittsburgh. it was the hotel clerk who recognized him and called police >> he did not make any comments other than he wanted to know why he was being taken into custody. >> the arrest happen one day after secret service discovered two bullets had struck the white house. one bullet crack the window on
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the level of the president's living quarters. president obama and his family were not home at the time of the shooting. >> the most important person in the united states, and his family, are exposed to that type of violence. >> many are hoping this latest incident does not bring more security to a heavily guarded area. >> i am glad they caught this guy. i do not how you stop these -- i do not know how you stop the sides of people. >> he is expected to make his first court appearance later today. no word on when he will be brought back to the district to face federal charges. police say he will be charged not only for possessing a gun but also firing at the white house. >> thank you so much. prosecutors are recommending a life sentence for a man convicted of murdering an upper
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marlboro woman in 2007. they convicted him of murdering a 53-year-old woman stabbed 65 times. two years after the attack police matched dna it to a knife found at the time -- at the crime scene. 18-year-old gen wang was eight freshmen. a bus hit and killed her tuesday night. she was headed to dance practice when she died. >> finally we broke off. i never thought i would never see her again. >> police say the bus driver had the right of way and will not face charges. still ahead discrepancies
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and stories in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. what police are saying about the claim of mike mcqueary. a rough night in parts of the south. cleanup after deadly storms.
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people across the saudis are picking up the pieces after last night's deadly storm. authorities say three people died when a tornado touched down in south carolina. another died when a tree fell on to an suv in georgia. dozens of homes and businesses were damaged. power lines were knocked down, leaving thousands in the dark. secretary of state hillary clinton making a visit to thailand. that was at an evacuation center in bangkok. this after announcing a $10 million aid package. the floods have affected more than one-fifth of thailand's population. >> they have been true so much. we will get the latest on traffic and weather. >> it is very blustery. that will drop our temperatures
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throughout the entire day and kick the winds of about 25 miles per hour at times. a very brisk out there today. also some areas of rain, particularly in the shenandoah valley. some heavy rain moving into culpeper county. pushing off to the northeast. a wider view shows more development to the southwest. we are getting some offer level support of rain in developing in virginia and continuing to push our way. look for it to become widespread this morning. also, do not be surprised if you see a few snow flakes mixed with the rain, especially close to lunch time. no accumulation for the most part. at reagan international 45. temperatures dropping all day long. tylar at this time, clear but cold. a lot of sunshine to mar.
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mid-forties across the region. we will rebound by the weekend. 52 on sunday. >> i will tell you a secret about adam. he sleeps with his pajamas inside out. he is the one that wants snow to happen in this area. stop. what we want this morning? green lights. that is what i'm going to give you. normal travel times along to 70. 95 northbound has an accident with a tractor trailer. meandering by will be typical but doable. and for 95 southbound, everything is open. on the george washington parkway, there was a it accident. >> it is 47 degrees outside.
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>> coming up, another flood on the campaign trail. what herman cain got wrong in florida. >> president obama continues to go to australia. what he is doing today. >> a spicy debate on capitol hill.
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electrifying... eyebrowaisers... and jaw-droppers. ♪ ♪ are you a great, fine arm-flailer... catwalk-walker or talk-a-friend's-ears-off talker? one of the hard-to-describe the laugh-out-loud laughers who inspired a variety of gain scents that are, like all of you anything but ordinary. organizers plan to mark the two-month anniversary of the occupy wall street protest with marches and civil disobedience. today's e events coming days after police crackdown in new york and other cities. there are protests in cities across the country. the man accused of firing at the white house last week is expected to be in court today. 21-year-old oscar ortega-
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hernandez was arrested in pennsylvania yesterday. the secret service says bullets hit the white house. friends and family are mourning a student from john hopkins university her it. a bus killed her as she crosses the street on the campus. we turned to the scandal at penn state. a new judge will handle the sex abuse case from jerry sandusky. the original judge had ties to the charity of jerry sandusky. he is charged with molesting eight boys over the course of his tenure. >> people said to me, how could you let him say he was in the shower with kids? >> it sickened me that he would be on tv and made himself look
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more guilty. >> he said he had showered with boys but not molested them. police say that no records of assistant coach mike mcqueary reporting the alleged rape of a 10-year-old boy by sandusky. an e-mail sent by mcqueary said he had alerted law enforcement. president obama is wrapping up his visit to australia. he told australian lawmakers an american presence in the asian- pacific region is a top priority. he announced more marines would be sent down under. he then flew to a different city to speak to australian troops and u.s. marines. another misstep by gop presidential candidate herman cain. at a rally in west palm beach fla., he said republicans won back the house in 2008. the only problem was, and the actual date was 2010. he made the error two days
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after falling a question on libya. congress has approved a bill helping government contractors employ unemployed veterans. there are tax breaks for companies hiring jobless veterans. president obama proposed a veterans' tax credit in his $447 billion jobs bill. gun owners are celebrating a win in congress. concealed weapons permits issued in one state are now ballot in every other state. the bill now goes to the democratic control senate where its chances for passage are less certain. a debate is being launched on capitol hill. it should be to be considered a vegetable? lawmakers are considering a bill that would give tomato paste on
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pizza the same clout as traditional vegetables. many say the proposal is outrageous and will impact student's health. >> they're not going to get what they need and we're putting their health at risk. >> usually, to make a sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, basil, help the ingredients. >> companies that produce frozen pizzas are among the groups that requested the change and lobbied congress. android phone sales are up. one major reason could come from a surprising source. >> android sales are on the rise per. all cell phones were running googled operating system. android profited from the delay launch of the new iphone. the nielsen service says that is
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twice as much as three years ago. there is much more programming available from services like youtube, netflix, and apple tv. only half of the people in new york watch online. many of the bell ringers at the salvation army now takes credit cards. your choppers are carrying cash these days. they are using smartphones to donate and the device that plugs into phones. time for a look at traffic and weather. a little damp out there. >> today, it is going to be damp for the first half of the day. not just damp but cool as well. the chance for a few wet snowflakes today. not a big deal. do not be surprised if around the metro area and you see a few wet snowflakes mixing with the rain, especially later this
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morning. take a look at the rainfall accumulations' on the right-hand side of your screen. this was yesterday. stafford just under an inch, but still rainy there. we will continue to add to these totals for the first half of the day. temperature-wise, it is cool out there. in the 40's and temperatures will continually drop as we go through the day. a northerly wind will usher in the colder air. here is our look at our stormscan. we are getting the favorable offer level support. virginia, parts of kentucky, and it is pushing our way. i expect the rain to be more widespread throughout the morning and into lunchtime as well. already looking like a little bit of snow mixing in parts of west virginia. we can see some of that locally as well.
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49 degrees in the district. quantico is 51 degrees. we have hit our high temperature for the day today. temperatures are only going to go in one direction today and that is downward because of that northerly wind. you can see the errors on this map showing the wind direction. it is going to increase, dropping our temperatures. with those dropping surface temperatures, we will see a few snowflakes mixed in at times in some locations. low temperatures in the '40's and '50's with no accumulation perspective. except for the highest elevations out west, where you could see some accumulation on the ridges. tomorrow, back to a lot of sunshine. we will start today near 30 degrees with afternoon highs in the mid-forties. temperatures rebound for the weekend. lower-'60s by sunday. and i do sleep with my pajamas inside out.
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>> i know you did. i am telling everybody the truth. stop doing that. we are going directly to the pictures to show you what is happening on the highway. not much i can talk about. we are going to take you over on the side streets. everything pretty quiet for us right now. coming through rockville and gaithersburg, no problems in damascus, germantown. good on 395. we are was in along up to the pentagon. a gorgeous strip on washington boulevard. and the george washington parkway clearing up. back inside we go. >> thank you.
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47 degrees this morning. coming up, the struggling caps face the jets. >> 10 years from 9/11, what have we learned?
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>> we have to beat dallas and get a victory. everybody starts to have fun and feel better. >> i do not care who is the quarterback, who is the running back, who is heard. you have not seen the washington-dallas game be a blowout in a long time. it will be another classic
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battle. we shall see. another rough season for the redskins. a win against dollars could help a little bit. here is the rest of your morning sports. tha caps play the jets in winnipeg. they have scored 11 goals in the past five games. they are losing points out there. nobody is stepping away to be the hero. obi has been struggling. >> we think we can apply pressure to them defensively. we have not scored a lot of goals in the last five games. hopefully that will get back to where it is supposed to be. maryland faces its first ranked team of the season when it faces alabama. they will play three games in four days in pr.
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they will open the mark turgeon era with a win at home. that is sports, had a great day everybody. still at that -- still ahead, friends and family remember a local student struck by a bus at james madison university. we will hear from the young man with her shortly before debt. areas of rain for the first half of the day today.
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington. on your side. today marks two months since
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the start of the movement against corporate greed. learn what is being planned to honor the occupy movement and how could affect the evening commute. it is thursday, november 17. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. one thing you notice today. if you look at the upper right hand side of your screen, i put the doppler into the snow machine mo. we could see some snowflakes by lunchtime, but no accumulation. nothing to be excited about. do not be surprised if you see a few wet snowflakes today. rain stretching southwest across the potomac. into the i-95 corridor. we have some areas of rain stretching into west virginia, where we are seeing a mix in the
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high elevations. temperatures will continually dropped throughout the entire day to day because of our northerly wind which will be pretty gusty. temperatures dropping through the '40's. areas of scattered rain throughout the day tapering off by early afternoon. a few snowflakes could mix in as well. georgia avenue and montgomery lane, police on the area of a crash. crossing over the american legion bridge, the crash gone on the george washington parkway. opened at 395. on no. 95, traffic is able to get around the accident. a little bit complicated because the trip -- because a tractor- trailer is involved. it will add a little bit of time to your travel. now the news.
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our top story is morning -- rallies planned marking the two month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. the new york protesters plan a march on wall street and march on the brooklyn bridge. the district of marches planned as well that will affect the evening rush hour. we have details. >> from the streets to the subways, occupy demonstrators are planning a day of action. two months after the protest started. >> fighting for a brighter future, a future that does not look like the one we experienced. >> here in the nation's capital, the growing group is planning to march to the bridge a protest the demonstrators called a deterioration of public infrastructure and services. >> thank god there are so many people who are giving from their hearts.
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the man accused of shooting at the white house on friday night is expected in court today in pennsylvania. foster ortega hernandez was arrested yesterday. it opened in the -- it happened in a hotel about one hour outside of this bird. a hotel clerk recognized him from a photo and called police, ending a five-day manhunt. >> he did not make any comments other than he wanted to know why he was being taken into custody. >> four days after shots were fired, secret service agents discovered that two bullets hit the white house. one of them cracked a window on the residential level. president obama was not home at the time. he has an arrest record in three states but has not been linked to any radical organizations. funeral arrangements being planned for a local student killed by a bus on the campus of james madison university. we are live in fairfax when --
5:35 am
where jane lang once attended. >> those who knew the 18-year- old said that she had two passions -- dance and her friends. we spoke excellently with the young man who took her out on a date just hours before her death. walking to dance practice with a dinner she had picked up four friends, she crosses against the signal. she had dark clothing on and a bus driver hit and killed her. just hours before, he had taken her out for her first day. he shot -- he thought she was the happiest person she had ever met. he hoped to take her out again. >> i kissed her a few times and finally we broke off. i never thought i would never see her again. >> she was on the phone with her former boyfriend at the time of
5:36 am
the accident. >> the last thing or former boyfriend heard was a scream and a screech. that was about it. >> authorities say that the driver had the right of way and will not be charged. we are live in fairfax this morning. >> thank you for that report. a special tribute to john f. kennedy today. green berets will lay a wreath on his grave site at arlington national cemetery to honor his vision to build a dedicated counterinsurgency force of about half a century ago. today's ceremony reduce a tradition that took place two decades after kennedy was assassinated. still ahead more developments in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. what police are saying about the claim of mike mcqueary that he did contact them about a child rape. do you want a local organic
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turkey? you might be out of luck. >> another check on
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i am at the discovery center at the national zoo. i have with me a northern pines snake.
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good morning washington. >> very nice. >> to close for comfort. adam, what did you think about that snake? >> noem thank you. -- no thank you. it reminds me of a children's book i read to my child. let's take a look at the super doppler 7 snow machine. route 50 is getting in on the action. we could see a few wet snow flakes mixed in later on today with no accumulation, nothing to get excited about. do not be surprised if you see a few wet snowflakes. further to the west, in the higher elevations, you can already see some snow in west virginia. on the highest ridge tops, you up to 1 inch throughout the day
5:41 am
today. for the first half of the day it will be tapering off and clearing later this afternoon. 46 degrees in the district. 51 degrees in quantico. temperatures are only dropping from here. we have already hit our high. it will become a little dusty out there. temperatures dropping to the lower-forties later this afternoon. tomorrow, a cool day. mid-forties and sunny. i was going through some pictures of traffic and i thought i will share them with you. 95 and springfield looks quiet. looking good just north of reagan national airport. looking good buy at dulles airport as well. nothing complicated to report on the beltway. at one and college park, headlights and more of them.
5:42 am
as you take the metro rail, you will find normal services. we are tickled. back inside. coming up on the show, loved ones prepared to -- prepare for the funeral of heavy d. your eyes are not fooling you. you are see
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welcome back. our top stories now. today marks the two months since the occupy wall street protests began. protesters are planning to mark the anniversary with marches and civil disobedience that comes after a police crackdown on several camps. investigators have found the man suspected of shooting at the white house last week. 21-year-old oscar ortega
5:46 am
hernandez was arrested in a pennsylvania motel. he is expected to appear in court today for an extradition hearing. friends and family members are mourning a james madison university student. the 18-year-old died when a bus hit and killed her as she crossed the street on campus. turning out to the scandal at penn state. another judge is taking over the case against jerry sandusky. the judge originally signed had volunteered at the charity of jerry sandusky. the football coach will be in court december 7 with charges of molesting eight boys over seven years. his lawyer is defending his tv interview. >> how could you let him say he was in the shower with the kids? how could do not let him say that? he was. >> is sickened me that he was on
5:47 am
tv. he made himself look more guilty carry it >> sandusky said he showered with boys but never molested them. police say they have no records of assistant coach mike mcqueary reported the rape of the 10-year-old boy. in an e-mail to friends mcqueary said he alerted law enforcement. a public wake will be had -- will be held to honor the late rapper heavy d. he collapsed outside his home in beverly hills. the autopsy came back inconclusive. the coroner is waiting for reports of -- reports of a toxicology report. there will be a tribute to him at the upcoming soul train awards. a river that runs through illinois has a reddish tint because a scientific studies. scientists dumped the red dye because they are studying asian car migrating to lake michigan. they are not wanted in that lake
5:48 am
because they are competing with native fish. the dye is harmless and will eventually be diluted. thanksgiving is just one week away from today. >> if you have not bought your organic turkey, he might be out of luck. maryland farmers says demand for organic turkeys exceeded demand available. they actually sold out months ago. this is thanks to a growing trend of buying organic and supporting local agriculture. >> i think that the health messaging behind organic inverses mass-manufacture and poultry is getting out. i find that encouraging. >> one farmer said he started taking orders in march and suggested that if you want a free range organic-fed and turkey for next year, you start planning ahead. >> that is a lot of planning.
5:49 am
arizona state police officers took part in a strange case. a dog gave officers the runaround. he was in the back of a car involved in an accident. he freed himself and took off for it. officers cornered the dog. i cannot read this at the same time. it is hilarious. they returned him to his owner. you know officers are taking this video. [laughter] >> that little got shook the officer like they were out on the football field. >> there they are. >> best video of the day. a possibility of what snowflake's? >> yes. do not get excited. do not the surprise either.
5:50 am
it is mid-november. >> you are way too happy about this. >> we could have up to an inch later on today. right now, just areas of rain. that is what it will be cold rain. i am not expecting all that much in terms of sunlight. here is a look at our super doppler 7. i put you into snow machine mode because we could have some wet snowflakes pieces. the rainfall totals so far over an inch in some locations. especially in upper montgomery. close to 1 inch already including yesterday's rain, of course. crossing the potomac and off to the west, we are seeing areas of rain. light showers in west virginia.
5:51 am
in the high elevations of west virginia, i would love to hear from you in this rain or snow that you are seeing. i have a hunch that some of it, even in the higher elevations, even though it is showing green on the dollar, it is snow right now. most of the rain we're going to get today developed in the southwest of virginia and will push our way. i am expecting the rain to be more widespread throughout the morning and taper off through the early afternoon. winds are to the north and breezy. the winds will pick up. it will be a blustery and gusty day today. because of the northerly components of the winds, that is why it temperatures will drop all day long. we have already hit our high temperature. we are in the 40's. cool air from the north will continually drop our temperatures throughout the day. it is dusty out there. winds up to 25 miles per hour.
5:52 am
a cool day. but rebounding into the weekend. >> thanks for the video about the little dog on the highway. i stretched my dog into the car because i know how many animals are in vehicles when an accident occurs. not on the kids, but you have to think about animals in the car. let's not go there, but sometimes it is not good. the animals on the highway we are dealing with is a lot of deer. we have had several deer accidents. so be careful. you know where they typically like to hang out. at this time of year, they are looking for any way they can. no problems to report in springfield, virginia. " all those headlights north on i-95. we are good on 270. good on 395 all the way of to the pentagon. back inside.
5:53 am
retailers are expecting a huge turnout for black friday this year. >> we are joined live at bloomberg headquarters with that story. >> all of these promotions that the retail industry is offering, from door busters to midnight openings, may actually work. the retail federation says about 70 million consumers plan to shop the weekend following thanksgiving. shoppers are also want to be hungry. the national restaurant association says on black friday, 32 million americans will dock into restaurants for a break from the holiday madness. on thanksgiving, 30 million americans will eat out and rely on restaurants for their meals this year. the first criminal cases in the signing of mortgage documents to. two california mortgage officers assigned tens of thousands of
5:54 am
foreclosure documents. occupy demonstrators plan to storm the stock exchange today. investors are taking all of this in. stock indexes are a little change right now. back to you.
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peoples sexiest man alive has probably broken a lot of parts. this honor goes to actor bradley cooper. he starred in the hangover movies. he graduated from georgetown university. his first thought about his new title was how happy his mother was going to be. he is in good company. previous sexiest man alive include george clooney, brad pitt, and johnny depp. what you think? who would you rather see out there? >> i
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>> still ahead, a day of action to mark the occupied movement two month anniversary and why it could make it miserable for local drivers. >> man accused of opening fire on the white house is due in court today and we're learning about a possible motive. >> cold front is moving through and "good morning washington "continue as now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning to you 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, november 17. >> we begin with y


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