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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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demonstration and were prepared for what ever happened. it is not something this community necessarily welcomes, protesters police in riot gear. >> we survived snomageddon and usually this usually brings more business into my store. >> this protest is scheduled until 6:00 p.m. they are moving at this point off of the key bridge and into georgetown. they say this has been a very successful day and they have gotten their point across. reporting live at the key bridge, horace holmes, abc7 news. d.c. occupiers have gotten some additional support. we continue our team coverage of live at the other end of the key bridge in georgetown. >> to take a look, there are still plenty of protesters just now leaving the bridge and a gathering over here in the park.
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we have a significant police presence here along the bridge trying to keep the protesters off the actual roadway and on the sidewalks. that has been the goal throughout the entire day. they gathered in mcpherson square earlier. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> this started at downtown at the sea in the mcpherson square. they demonstrated for washington on their way to the bridge. >> we want to bring attention to the crumbling infrastructure and all of the jobs we need to create rebuilding this infrastructure. >> today marks the two month anniversary of the movement that started here in d.c. with rallies at freedom plaza. this is a 21-year-old ashley. >> this is where it is, you know? this is where it will always be.
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>> and these teachers rallied to save teachers. >> enough is enough and we will not take it anymore. >> recently unemployed d.c. school teachers at st. they are definitely part of the 99%. >> i need a job. i have to be able to pay my mortgage. i hope to have elected officials listening to my concerns. >> we do not care about our people in america. >> many of the protesters have moved off the bridge now. as i mentioned, they are gathered here in the park. a police helicopter is keeping an eye on this. so far everything remains peaceful one descend. live in georgetown, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. at least 175 protesters arrested in new york city amidst
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clashes with police. thousands converged on the park to march -- mark 2 months. it tried to get around to the stock exchange. some protesters were bloodied and several officers had to be treated after being hit in the face by a steaming liquid. they planned to occupy the subways and then march across the brooklyn bridge. we will be monitoring the occupy protests and will bring you any updates. more on the website, falling breaking news tonight out of aspen hill. a crash involving a school bus. this happened on loyola street at about 3:55 p.m. these are live pictures from news chopper 7. 15 students were on the bus. they say a vehicle crashed into the side of this boss.
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i number of students now are complaining of minor injuries. we do have a crew on their way to the scene. the weather has stopped but the temperature drop has not. >> hard to believe that a few days ago we were wearing a short sleeves and it was 70 degrees. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center with a look at this chilly weather. >> we saw this one coming. we have been in the 40's of this afternoon. we are very close to 40 in many areas. a first look in the belfort to furniture weather center, the cold front of the coast. some snow coming across the great lakes with much colder air. all across the region, numbers have been dropping to the afternoon and evening hours down to 39 in gaithersburg right now. they will continue to slide with
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a wind chill certainly in the lower 30's. but blustery wind at times, clear skies with drier cold there. 33 degrees by tomorrow morning. how long will this state? is it here for the winter or is another warm up around the corner? the answer coming up. turning to new details emerging in the penn state sexual abuse scandal, from the woman who shared a son with gerry . -- gerry cintas key. he was eventually adopted by sandusky. she has suspicions about his intentions. her son sometimes seemed afraid of him. >> as time went on, i would watch the same kid hide behind the bedroom door. >> matthews says he supports the
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former coach and said he was not abused. meanwhile, we learn at least two victims names and are now preparing to testify against sandusky facing 30 counts of sex crimes against young boys. the ramifications are resonating here in our area. one man said he was inspired to finally come forward and report allegations of abuse at a hand of a library assistant in an elementary school. only on the seven, gail pennybacker has the story including that there could be more out there. >> there is little question that what has happened in manassas allegedly sent 15 years ago could be provoked to come forward by the story of the scandal at penn state. there is no telling how many victims over how many years. one man who was a student at baldwin in the mid-1990s's called manassas city police last
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week to report he had been molested by ston christian a library assistant at the time. >> it is a shame that they would do this. >> it was the penn state's kendel sempra looked -- penn state scandal that provoked him to speak out. >> he decided to make a call and report what happened to him. >> he faces four counts of sexual assault in crimes that allegedly occurred at the school and at his manassas home. >> if he has been doing this for a long time, something is wrong with him. >> he was hired as an aide in a kindergarten class and then was transferred to the library. he has not worked for manassas since 1999. there are now looking into the possibility that there are more
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victims, a children's that are now adults. >> when children get molested, they are scared to say something until they get older. >> manassas city police hope people will come forward if there are more victims. tonight, stefon christian is being held here without bond as this investigation is in its beginning stages. live in manassas, gail pennybacker come abc7 news. the man fbi agents say opened fire on the white house is now being charged with attempting to assassinate the president. oscar ortega-hernandez was arrested yesterday and made his first court appearance this afternoon. scott thuman has the charging document tonight and the alarming details in this story. >> these documents, if accurate, but paint a portrait of a very disturbed young man who thought
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the government was out to get him and president obama was "the double -- "the devil" and that "he would not stop until the is done." we are learning more tonight about oscar ortega-hernandez. of the fbi agents say he fired possibly nine shots at the white house, one that penetrated a window that was stopped only by a bullet proof glass. acquaintances said he felt mr. obama was "the anti christ." they say ortega-hernandez "needed to kill him." it found an assault rifle, three loaded magazines, nine spent shell casings, a box of ammunition, a baseball bat, and brass knuckles. >> there are a lot of crazy people out there. >> security is crazy. no one would think that would happen. >> the 21-year-old is accused of
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pulling his car over on constitution between the white house monument -- between the white house and the washington monument. >> this is that is a prize were people are very frustrated with the things that are happening. -- this is not surprising. >> over the past year, his opinion and comments regarding the president than the government had gotten worse. he stated that he was "preparing for something." the president, of course, was not hurt. he was not at the white house. arlington police had approached him earlier in the day after someone called about a suspicious person. after going through these documents, he was not breaking the law, but they did ask to search his car and he would not let them. ortega-hernandez was brought back to d.c. to face charges. that may not happen until the end of the month. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5
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have you seen these benefits and -- bads? >> what happened when a pilot on a delta plane had his co-pilots called for an emergency landing? >> it you are planning to trouble for a thanksgiving next week, will there be more people on the road this year? >> a string of deadly tornadoes ripped through the south.
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still need your signature. right now during sign then drive it's never been easier to get the all-new passat the 2012 motor trend car of the year for practically ju your signature. that's the power of rman engineering. visit conjured percy viewing -- controversy brewing tonight. >> yesterday they unveiled an advertising campaign called unhate. the vatican called the images offensive. other pictures in the campaign include president obama and kissing venezuelan hugo chavez and netanyahu with abbas. those images remain on the website. what do you think about these ads? we posed the question on our facebook page.
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84% said the kissing ads went too far. you can go to our facebook page and join the discussion to let us know what you think. >> we like to know what people have to say about that. at least six dead after suspected tornadoes swept through six southern states. john gonzalez is in the satellite center now with a look at the damage. >> experts say it is not unusual for tornadoes in november, but this many in one date is jarring. from louisiana to north carolina, it caught them off- guard. thousands are still without power. the dangerous storm system ripped to the southeast killing at least six people and injuring dozens. from up above, you can see the magnitude of the devastation with neighborhoods leveled. >> we got in the bathtub and we prayed that god would protect us. >> 24 tornadoes in 24 hours across six states, the
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strongest ripping a 27-mile stretch through alabama and georgia. winds up to 135 miles per hour as rescue workers worked to the night looking for survivors. >> we went to church and we heard the wind comes through. we put the kids in the bathtub and parade. >> tornado season, there is not unusual for second peak of activity. these blanketed areas and residents of a guard. >> it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and the winds picked up. >> a woman trapped in the song was pulled out from under the debris and fallen trees. >> i do not know what kind of injuries she had. >> director stephanie's home in a louisiana, the entire structure thrown 50 feet from its foundation. >> they all started spending and i thought i was on a roller coaster. >> multiple twisters touched
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down in alabama. the worst weather there since to under 50 people were killed during a string of tornadoes in april. -- the worst weather their sins 250 were killed in april. around here, it is starting to feel like winter. >> we have been spoiled by the mild weather. we will have a steady warmup back into the 60's. put in motion during the day this whitened the ground temporarily, that it cleared out. what would not melt too much with temperatures in the low 20's tonight in big meadows. that is an indication of how cold it is at that elevation. 25 degrees. 37 the current temperature in
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winchester. gaithersburg at 39. 38 in herndon. it feels like 33 right now in gaithersburg. these temperatures have been falling all the long. tonight, 20's and 30's across the area even though we are still in the mid 40's in some areas as temperatures continue to drop. temperatures called all across the mid-atlantic. the first time i can remember we have put these wind chills up. hagerstown deals like 37. -- feels like 37. moderation in temperatures starting saturday. 35 in chicago. 35 in indianapolis. -- 39 in indianapolis. already at this point 32 degrees colder than we were yesterday in north pole.
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14 degrees colder at reagan national. -- 32 degrees colder in norfolk. these air masses are getting more dynamic and moving a little bit more quickly. overnight, temperatures will fall around the 30 degree mark. 20's in outlying suburban areas. no higher than that. a very chilly day tomorrow. the average is 57. 39 late tonight for an average. 30 degrees in the morning. 43 at midday. by saturday, a full day of sunshine into the lower 50's. jump into the lower 60's on sunday. then another cold front will milled through still seasonal, but a chance of showers. -- another cold front will move through. >> if only because the calendar
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on fast forward to get back to the good stuff. >> you mean like may and april? [laughter] tonight in prime-time, katie couric takes us behind-the- scenes of regis philbin's like as he plans to say goodbye to his talk show tomorrow after 28 years. >> after so many years of hard work why not give back a little bit? >> i plan to. i have done it all anyway. >> a special "20/20" with katie couric and regis philbin. that is followed by a special two-hour "private practice" as they staged an intervention for one of their own. >> -- just does not know how to kick back. >> he does not. >> coming up, a peanut butter recall after a salmonella scare.
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>> a big hollywood couple calls it quits. >> when the biggest movies of the year opens today. what does arch campbell think about "breaking don?" -- dawn?" i've >> the misunderstanding that led to the emergency landing of a delta [ male announcer
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the co-pilot on the delta plan had a big scare. >> a pilot was missing and a passenger with a heavy accent was banging on the cockpit door. >> as pamela brown explains, it was not as severe. "to turn that this was a false alarm. the co-pilot was prepared to make an emergency landing, as you hear in this radio transmission. it started out as a terrorist scare thousands of feet in the air. >> 6132 can we leave the frequency? >> the co-pilot of this planet, known as the pilot missing in action. he kicked it into high gear and radio again saying it someone not the captain, was trying to get into the cockpit. >> the captain has disappeared in the back and i have someone with a thick, a foreign accent trying to access.
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i need to deal with the situation. >> the captain was trapped in the bathroom. the man was trying to alert the co-pilot. the pilot did not buy it. >> he said he was stuck in the lav. and someone with a thick foreign accent is giving me the password and i'm not letting him in. >> they advised him to make an emergency landing. >> you are all clear to just get on the ground. >> they eventually opened the bathroom door and he notified air-traffic control. did the pilot go too far? >> i can see why. he did not know why he was knocking on the door. >> safe, rather than sorry. >> it was a small plane with only one flight attendant. even though no emergency landing occurred, it was serious enough
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that fighter jets were about to be scrambled into the air. back to you. >> a close call. thank you, pamela. coming up, a local teenager starts for weight loss journey. now what is up to her to make it happen. >> a thanksgiving tradition we have not heard of. i am jennifer donelan and i will give you a hint. these roads are going to be busy. >> dozens of women came to this d.c. hotel hoping they would get rounder derrieres. the woman who allegedly
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captioned by the national captioning institute tonight, new details about the arrest of a woman at a hotel accused of giving women unapproved injections. >> they're supposed to give women a boost in their backside but these injections turned dangerous gail hoffa's life in northwest washington with the story. -- turned dangerous. >> they turned up hoping for a perfect figure. the woman who promised it was doing something not only illegal but very dangerous. >> there have been deaths from injections of silicon. >> and get people who want --
5:30 pm
yet people want a j.lo booty with nine injections. $4,000 per injection. this is our base book picture. -- this is her facebook picture. she was arrested at this marriott hotel and charged with distributing unapproved and misbranded devices. >> they may look fine for a while, but then it starts festering and turned into a chronic problem. it has to be cut out. >> there could be hard lumps skin discolorations come and infections. >> if the needle is not clean you can get aids or hepatitis. >> at this hotel there was an acquisition of during the same thing back in 2008 and she was arrested. an exotic dancer from baltimore
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said her silicone had wound up in her lungs. >> it traveled through an artery to her lungs. it conceivably could have resulted in her death. >> very conceivably. silicone can leak into the bloodstream and migrate to the lungs. very recently, that happened to a woman who died in vegas. and has also happened to women in philadelphia and new york city. reporting live, gail have come abc7 news. -- gail huff. please are reopening some of the roads in the district -- the police are reopening some of the roads. the key bridge into georgetown they blocked half of the case street while they marched to the bridge this afternoon. -- they blocked half of k street. officials in prince william county say more could come forward.
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stefon christian faces four charges that start 18 years ago. the victim, now an adult, was an elementary student in the manassas school system. and i'd home and charged with taking shots at the white house will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president. oscar ortega-hernandez will be taken to trial. he could receive up to life in prison. he fired the shots from an assault weapon friday night. our news partners at wtop, they find the natural operators can work up to 16-hour shifts. they said the figure is rare and 98% of operators work less than a 40 hours per week. they are concerned about drivers putting the lives at risk for financial incentives. metro says they will look into
5:33 pm
modifying the policy. the new a.a.a. travel forecast indicates this holiday will be busier on the road than in the airports. they are putting aside concerns about the economy and gas prices and are heading out of town. jennifer donelan joins us live outside along interstate 395. >> this does not look like 395. here is the deal. you get in the car and drive. americans will be traveling more than 50 miles from home this thanksgiving. a aaa predicts more than 42 million americans will travel for turkey next week, and increase the have not seen in a while. >> i am going to dallas to visit my sister. >> usually is $278, now it is $ 425.
5:34 pm
>> they care less about the quantity and more about the quality of time. all they travel expected to rise 4%, an improvement. before the july and labor day were both lower. >> gas prices. >> even gas prices will month stop traveling. the national average right now is $3.39 per gallon, up 50 cents from a thanksgiving 2010. but this is actually down 60 cents from the sky-high prices we saw this summer. >> i am driving. when she is heading from d.c. to new jersey. >> i do not know if anyone cares about the gas prices in theory. >> i am visiting my mother here. i will go back to norfolk to pick up the kids and come back.
5:35 pm
>> things to do with grandma? priceless. -- thanksgiving with grandma? reporting live from arlington jennifer donelan, abc7 news. >> a lot of them are already hitting the roads. a quick check of the traffic situation. very slow traffic on 395 south. an accident after seminary with delays near the pentagon. again at quantico, very slow westbound 66 . to manassas, let's look at the beltway. dealing with some very slow traffic. on the innerloop, have been delays from the dulles toll road to 270 spur. slow from connecticut to georgia. very slow delays on the innerloop.
5:36 pm
-- on the outer loop. incident that the dulles toll road has been removed. very heavy delays on a 270. sloper old georgetown and that will take you all the way to hyatt -- all the wayt to hyattstown. thanks. coming up, the smartest community in the country is right here in the metro area. what makes its residents so intelligent? >> i'm arch campbell with entertainment coming up. >> at 6:00, if you are a procrastinator with your christmas shopping, it may take you longer define the perfe
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tonight is the night. pin 7 waiting brad long time. >> the popular fourth movie opens tonight and arch campbell is here about how this stacks up against other movies. >> and i saw it with a select handful of "twilight" fans.
5:40 pm
i was there as the chaperone. opening weekend for the fourth of the "twilight" series features a wedding and a berth. this chapter moves slow, possibly too slow for the fans. >> i edward cullen, tak you bella swan. >> it consummates the love between a human girl and a vampire boy. marriage and a dangerous birthed do not follow this serious love triangle. i previewed it with a small crowd of the fans who will most likely forget this episode's sometimes boring pace. what makes a "twihard?" >> someone who goes nuts. >> energetic, hopeless romantic, someone into werewolves,
5:41 pm
vampires, stuff like that. >> would you like to marry a vampire? >> possibly. >> as a movie, 2 stars out of 4. also opening, george clooney discovers his wife's affair. "the descendants" is a family drama. a 4 star oscar contender. it is this weekend's best bet along with "midnight in paris," "margin call," "tower heist" and "puss in boots." in the long run, "the descendants" compete for the oscar. a big movie and a really good movie but george clooney. >> he does not seem to make a
5:42 pm
bad movies. >> i am a big fan. >> excellent. coming up next on abc7 news, a hollywood power couple filing for divorce. >> president obama has a new message about cigarettes. is he now smoke-free? >> a local teenager's weight loss journey that started on national television.
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one maryland teenager says she will not let her wait obstruct her life anymore. >> he may have seen the beginning of her journey on "the anderson cooper show." >> with every step, press, and scott -- squat she is moving closer toward her goal of moving 100 pounds. >> and up. good. >> she wears a size 24 and weighs about 300 pounds. she says it is time for change. >> people would say things, but
5:46 pm
this is me wanting to change myself, to better myself. i am getting in shape. i just want to live a healthier lifestyle. quite she just started her mission three weeks ago with anderson cooper. he connected her with it is in a structure earners -- instructors twice a week. >> if you have the motivation, they're willing to do the work and do not shy away. >> for mother and sister are making it a family ever. >> we push each other. we help each other around. you cannot just do it by yourself. >> she is motivated by a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes. >> i do not want that trend to continue. at the rate we are going that is exactly the route we were taking. it stops here. >> cooking healthy meals at home and packing smart lunches
5:47 pm
for the girls. while her journey is just beginning, in the first week, changes have already begun. >> i told her she was looking a little smaller there. >> i said it thank you. >> they started attending fitness class is and of course we will follow her progress and keep you updated. cynne simpson, abc7 news. 7 is on your side with a good reason to check your food pantry. smokers is recalling thousands of jars of natural -- smucker's is recalling natural chunky peanut butter purchased in the last week or so with a "best if used by" date of august 3rd or fourth, 2012. three dozen jars have been recalled from several states including maryland, virginia and d.c. president obama is
5:48 pm
officially tobacco free. now he has to work for tobacco companies. >> the fact is quitting smoking is hard. believe me. i know. we can make it easier which is why we have resources. >> in in a video on the winehouse web site, the president congratulates -- white house web site the president congratulate those who have stopped smoking. >> the company recently sued the fda from applying those labels. president obama kicked his longtime habit by chewing nicotine gum. later today actress demi moore said she is ending her six-year marriage to ashton kutcher. she says it is "with great sadness." this comes just weeks after a
5:49 pm
woman came forward saying she had an affair with kutcher. he said he would forever cherished the time he spent with demi. gordon peterson is live in our newsroom with a look ahead. >> we will have the latest on the progress of the occupy marches here and across the country. there have been hundreds of arrests and we have a live report. also, learning the details on the subject of how hundreds of thousands of dollars from the national martin luther king memorial went into one person's paycheck. we will follow the trail of donations. maureen and i will see you in if you. in the meantime, a check of the weather. >> let's do that with doug hill. >> clearing skies under way. the wind will diminish a bit and temperatures will really plummet tonight. in damascus elementary,
5:50 pm
strangely enough in damascus, montgomery county. mainly just a cloudy day. late afternoon, finally clearing out, and just like that the sun went down. do clearing skies, clearing with dropping temperatures. wind chills for thisese 12-14 miles per hour wind. 31 in gaithersburg and hagerstown. 40 degrees in annapolis. here comes the cold front. cold moisture picking up -- it slow moisture picking up a chill from the lakes. generally, clear skies east of the mountains tonight as high pressure is in control. sunday beautiful tomorrow but only in the mid 40's. low 50's on saturday. the wind out of the southwest
5:51 pm
pushes us into the 60's on sunday. the cold front coming in monday and tuesday with a chance for showers and mild temperatures. that is the very latest. tim brant checking in. >> the redskins continue to move forward. shanahan says maas may play next week in seattle. besides that, they are firmly in getting on track against the cowboys. all shanahan cares about this week is this game. september 26th in dallas, the redskins were 2-0, but dollars converted a third and 21. -- dallas converted aand then a grossman fumble. who knew then how big that would prove to be? >> that was a pivotal part of
5:52 pm
the season. >> i felt it slip away. that was supposed to be a win for us. >> 6 losses in 7 games. >> we need a boost regardless of who is up. >> here come the cowboys who have won two straight, for the time being. >> it will be hard for them to come up here and play in our house. it will not be an easy game for them. >> the rivalry is a far cry from what it used to be partially because it has been all dallas the last decade. they have won 20 of their last 27 meetings including six of the last seven. but >> is a hard-fought game. it is hard to win. i do not care who is playing quarterback, running back, who is hurt. i do not think you guys have been around here and see a washington-dallas game be a blowout in a long time. >> we need to get the ball rolling. you know? for us to make the playoffs, we
5:53 pm
have to win. you can only take one game at a time. the cowboys are up next. this will make or break our season. >> the redskins are still talking playoffs? >> playoffs? >> seven games left. >> one game at a time.
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5:56 pm
energy secretary steven chu faced harsh questions today. >> the main focus solyndra. chu said it was not politically motivated. he insists he made a sound decision. but >> my decision to guarantee a loan was based on the analysis of professional. the final decisions were mine and i made them with the best decisions of the taxpayers in
5:57 pm
mind. >> republicans claim one of the top investors was a fund-raiser for president obama's presidential campaign. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell. it is the fourth decline in five weeks. analysts say jobless claims need to be consistently falling below 375,000 to signal a real job growth. and that does 4 abc7 news at 5. coming up at 6 -- hundreds of people converged on to the key bridge. that story coming up live. >> more charges and more denials as more claim predatory behavior at penn state. >> the new reports that put a local airport right in the spotlight for a long delays. right now at 6. captioned by the national captioning institute live in hd.
5:58 pm
this is abc 7 news at 6. one your side. occupy protesters on the move and occupying one of the biggest areas of the rigid busiest areas. >> it they went from mcpherson square to key bridge just in time for the afternoon rush hour. this comes two months after the beginning of the movement. jay korff is covering the story live from key bridge in arlington with a look at the day of action. jay? >> this protest dumped " -- dubbed "get on the bridge." it was all about the degradation of infrastructure. we did lead to some traffic tieups come as you can see. hundreds of protesters from virginia some from the district. >> all weapons are not bombs. voices. >> when do we need it?
5:59 pm
now. >> converging on the key bridge in solidarity. >> these are unacceptable conditions. >> some argument for union rights. others for more jobs. >> american politicians can do better to put americans back to work. >> that all share a belief that the rich and powerful control too much of the political and economic might. >> we are trying to change that and rebalance the equation. >> a strong police presence kept other potential troubles at a minimum. the protesters came to this bridge which has been deemed structurally deficient to make a point of. >> this bridget symbolizes the work that needs to be done. >> they think they should invest more in infrastructure. >> we drive on these bridges. we want to see infrastructure. we want to see more jobs for everybody.


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