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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hink this is the fight of the many. this is really the 99%. >> you are literally looking live at the final protesters. occupy d.c., the main organization involved, plans on having a rally tomorrow in support of education in northwest. live on the key bridge, jay korff, abc7 news. >> this day of action has thousands of people marching the street coast to coast. thousand attempted to block roadways on wall street. a number of protesters and police officers ended up in the hospital. some protesters went underground to the subway system. at least 175 arrested in new york so far. on the west coast, two dozen people arrested in march in los angeles. hundreds of people hit the streets there. it was made up of organized labor and community groups.
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the rest came as the demonstrators sat down in the streets. we continue to monitor the protests in d.c. and across the country. you can get the latest all might on -- all night on a man accused of shooting at the white house will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president. the 21-year-old man shot near the white house on friday and one round hit a bulletproof window in the white house. the acquaintances say he hates president obama. ortega-hernandez will be extradited to d.c. to face charges. new information in the penn state scandal. reports of more alleged victims of the sex scandal have contacted attorneys in state college. assistant coach mike mcqueary claims he told police about the
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assault and they are nowhere to be found. >> lawyers same seven more alleged victims are coming forward, some of them claiming abuse by sandusky dating back four decades. this is the mother of a young man sandusky adopted and is coming forward with her suspicions. he was a mentor for her 10-year- old son. >> it was gerry sandusky, you know? any 10-year-old boy will be impressed. >> some are claiming an appropriate contact with sandusky dating back to the 1970's. this mother says her son matthew, is standing by sandusky but she is suspicious saying, "something strange happened in the relationships." >> as time went on, i would watch the same kids hide behind the bedroom door. >> depends state board of
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trustees are hiring a lawyer is insisting they did but they could -- and the penn state board of trustees have hired new lawyers. >> the best and perhaps for that question is his own words. he wished he did more. the board of trustees expected more. >> today, countercharges about who knew what and when. campus police and university officials are strongly denying claims from assistant penn state coach mike mcqueary. he said he immediately went to law enforcement in 2002 after allegedly seeing him having sex in the shower with a young boy. campus police and officials say no such report was ever made. sandusky's lawyers also trying to cash out on mcqueary. he still attended a fund-raiser course second mile with sandusky. senior house democrat in
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california and says the time for congressional -- it is time for a congressional investigation. rebecca cooper. dozens gather in support transgender acceptance. this comes after a series of attacks on the transgender and daygay community. lanier says they're working to improve the relationship with the community. president obama is in indonesia, his second visit to that country as president. he might -- you remember he lived there for some time. they're expected to discuss security and america's increasing role in that region. the summit continues through saturday. people found themselves
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waiting to take off. september was the first month international flights had new tarmac rules. three of the delayed flights were trying to leave at dulles during severe storms. there were in violation of the new tarmac rules and face heavy fines up to $27,000 per passenger. still to come on abc7 news at 6, why the brakes may be hit on the president's planned high- speed rail. >> it is the newest memorial in the district but where did the donations go? >> i am doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. think it is chilly now? just wait.
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you are watching abc7 news at 6 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, doug hill, and tim brant. this is abc 7 news at 6. on your side. police are investigating a crash. abc7 was on the scene this morning. this happened around 6:00 this morning. the moped driver died.
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the car driver did not stay at the scene. it is the season of giving but when you donate to your favorite charity, where does it go? >> in a report on charity budget got our attention, including the one that helped build the martin luther king, jr. memorial. it looked at the hefty salary being paid to the memorial's ceo. the new martin luther king memorial commands a big presence here. the foundation's president and ceo commands a big salary, more than $277,000 last year. >> that is absolutely ridiculous. >> people donate their money to help out whenever foundation they're working with, not to pay someone to sit behind a desk. >> charity navigator assesses u.s. charities. they're ranked them a fourth for
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highest-paid ceo's who spends less than 60% of their money on natural programs and services. there was a new number four, it had been removed from the dubious list. charity navigator said it they supplied additional financial information and upgraded their status. harry johnson it did make $277,000, and some say he is worth every penny. >> what ever they paid him, it is here now. it is a stunning memorial. >> it is more than dollars and cents. how well he served the community and brings about long- term needed change are also things to consider when you cut that check. abc7 news. i misread this story. the driver of the car and moped accident did remain at the scene. finding the perfect gift
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this holiday season could take a little longer. >> time to get the heavy coats out. the forecast after the break. >> caps can have gone north to canada. so far roll tide. tebow will flag tonight.
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a lot of smart people live in the metro area, some smarter than others. at the smartest people in our area are in bethesda. >> brad bell went to bethesda to spoke to these smart people and learn why they are so smart. >> the news comes as little surprise to the people of bethesda. are you smart? >> extremely. >> are you smart? >> yes. >> how do i know that? >> sat gpa. >> it this soon may be known more for its collective brain
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matter. chirac brainpower of bethesda cannot be beat. -- the sheer brainpower cannot be beat. many of these brain? will point out that naming this town the smartest in america is a subjective claim. the journal did the number crunching and says with 81% holding at least a bachelor's degree, but does this is the most lettered town between 50,100 thousand in the nation. naturally, some say we are smart enough to know better -- the most battered town between 50,000 and 100,000. >> smart people know when to shut up. so i'll go. >> in bethesda, brad bell, university of maryland. president obama as high- speed rail program may be derailed. but they could kill funding for the program next. he requested $8 billion for the
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program next year. the house and senate negotiated this morning on eliminating the funding to high-speed trains. it is possible other money from other projects could revive that project. it could take more time to get your holiday shopping done this year. the average shopper will spend 19 hours looking for the perfect gift four hours more than last year. more than 24% will shop on black friday, and a lot of shoppers will learn about sales using social media. i hope your bundled up tonight. -- you are bundled up. >> it is a winter pattern but it is brief. cold tonight and tomorrow, chilly during the day. then we will warmup over the weekend. >> of this is temporary. -- so this is temporary. >> here is at time lapse
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that is pretty indicative. stop damaging at 5:15 p.m., just after sunset. -- we stopped the imaging. the cold dry air moving in and the temperatures are still falling. we expected by the clock temperatures today to be around 40. 41 in waldorf. 44 and in stafford. 1.39 inches fell today. 1.25 inch in waldorf. here is the board of official temperatures. 53 this morning and falling throughout the day. the current low for the day is 44, the current reading. 57-41 the normal averages. they will bounce right back up heading into saturday and sunday. 37 now in gaithersburg and frederick. quantico 44.
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41 and in easton on the maryland eastern shore. a lot of areas in the 30's right now the colder air is moving in. we will drop into the mid 20's- low 30's overnight here. near 70 degrees or higher in norfolk yesterday, so 31 degrees colder than this time yesterday. the chill is here but it will move out. this warm air will transition our way over the weekend. a few flurries across the potomac thailand picked up on the doppler right now. -- potomac highlands right now. sunny, chilly tomorrow. northwestern wind, and then saturday we make it to the lower 50's. a return flow of warmer air will be here and then a cold front
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will take shape on monday and tuesday. here are the next seven days. 46 or high tomorrow. 52 and sunday on saturday. the weather affected by a slow- moving cold front clouds, and a chance of showers. clearing skies and seasonally cool temperatures for thanksgiving day. >> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local tweeted dealers. moving you forward. the -- your local toyota dealers. >> caps in a slump. >> they are in the midst of a three-game road trip. they play winnipeg there southeastern division rival. it is way too early to panic at. he camps -- panic yet. the caps are tied but time to start scoring. terps plan and the crimson tide
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right now in the puerto rico tournament. ranked 15th, so the biggest game yet. the termpsps could not buy a basket. they are trying to mount a come back. people did not believe that the redskins were an 8.5 underdog despite the fact the game will be at home. part of the reason? demarco murray. dallas beat the bills 44-7 last week. the redskins did not score a touchdown against the bills. the redskins know they need to stand up or get out of the way. >> there is not a lot of pressure on him. he is able to make a lot of plays in there. they are very balanced.
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even against new england, they had a game. >> meanwhile, tim tebow and the jets. fans and critics alike will watch because it's tebow. only vick and murray run for more yards berper carry. like it or not he is a phenomenon. >> a huge game playing a great opponent. i've just been blessed to be on great teams but a lot of great players around me that make him look a lot better than i really am. >> time tebow. the presidents cup in australia going on. tiger woods getting spanked. williams now caddying for adam scott, who brought his "a game." they filled to win a hole.
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day 2 underway down under. the columbia university band has been banned. they always play "roar lions roar." they played it with altered lyrics, "we always lose, lose, lose." [laughter]
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coming up tonight and 11 the sleep disorder keeping it from losing weight. you could be eating right and exercising but if you have this problem, you may not be able to shed the towns. a report to do not want to miss. >> still time to sign up for our latest facebook giveaway. >> we are giving away and ipad 2 again. to sign up for your chance to win. we will announce the winner tomorrow on abc7 news at 5. >> and no charge for our forecast the other. i can tell you with no reservations, might be called tonight. the diminishing wind, chilly skies, wake up to temperatures in the low 20's and climb into
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the mid 40's. for the weekend, sunshine and low 50's on saturday, partly sunny los 60's on sunday. we will drop temperatures back into the 50's and monday and tuesday with a chance of a few showers. them cool and dry right now for thanksgiving day. is our online home for weather. attractive conditions anytime. -- you can track conditions. >> "abc world news" is next. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ ♪ that's why right here in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to
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do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ ♪
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this is "world news." tonight, boying point. those occupy wall street protesters on the march.


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