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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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years on the small screen. good morning, washington continues right now. >> rise and shine washington. it is friday november 18, 6:00 now. i'm cynne simpson. >> and i'm natasha barrett. we begin with your traffic and weather. lisa baden will be with us in a moment but first here's your weather with adam caskey. >> at or below freezing in a few places. we're here on this friday morning. 28 in charlestown. 32 in chevy chase and arlington. at la plata quite a chill in the air. about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. and light winds out of the northwest which will shift
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southerly. talking mid 50's tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. high, thin clouds. and then into sunday. warmer. highs in the lower 60's. so warming up. >> warming up on the volume of traffic. 270 southbound into montgomery county. look. looks pretty nice right now heading down to 495. no worries at the wilson bridge. good on route four, route five and here we are at 95. normal volume. to get to springfield and open to the pentagon. metro rail and working in your favor. >> new this morning an armed robbery at the university of maryland at a dorm there. police have not released any details. we just know a campus alert was sent around 12:30 a.m. saying
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the incident happened at cecil hall. no one was hurt and still no word on any suspects. cynne simpson? >> another sex abuse scandal but this time targeting the longtime assistant basketball coach bernie fine. two former ball boys say bernie fine molested them. >> police and campus officials want to know who knew about this and if anyone tried to cover them up. >> good morning. both these men told espn news that they were molested by former assistant basketball coach bernie fine for years and started in the 1980's and one man said it continued into his 20's. the accusers are step brothers who both worked as ball boys and say it occurred at bernie fine's
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home and at the basketball facilities and on road trips. we've learned this morning the university first investigated these allegations back in 2005, but couldn't find any witnesses to back them up. bobby davis one of the alleged victims who is 39 years old now asked spain to to stop but that the coach never did. >> i got to the point where it was, just, get it over with. let him and he'll leave. >> head basketball coach jim boeheim said in a statement he has never seen or witnessed these allegations and fine, who has coached with him for the past 35 years has his full support. college basketball season is just getting under way and syracuse has a home game tomorrow afternoon. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> now to the pen state sex abuse scandal. the mother of one of jerry
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sandusky's adoptive sons says she is not surprised by the allegations. she told abc news she had suspicions when he began mentoring her son matt but felt powerless to do anything about it. matt sandusky says he was not abused and that he supports his adoptive father. >> well president obama's secretary of state hillary clinton will travel overseas. clinton will be the first person in her position to visit the repressed nation more than 50 years. president obama also met with leaders of india and malaysia. >> the man accused of shooting at the white house will return to face attempted assassination charges. he made his first court appearance yesterday in pittsburgh one day after the secret service arrested him in a pennsylvania motel. sources say the idaho man hates the president and wanted to kill him.
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a magistrate will decide if he should remain in custody until his trial. if he is convicted he faces life in prison. >> it's 6:05 and the secret service has a new security detail. >> herman cain is the first presidential candidate to request and receive protection. it comes amid threats directed right at the g.o.p. hopeful. details on this one. good morning ben. >> as you mentioned the secret service will be protecting herman cain during the campaign going forward and federal officials say the threats against him appear credible. >> it frustrates me to see why a presidential candidate has to have that kind of protection. >> as the republican race heats up herman cain just became the first candidate to receive secret service protection. may of 2007 then presidential candidate barack obama began receiving it.
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it was the earliest in history. >> it became as a result of multiple death threats. the last few weeks have been tough for herman cain who faced allegations of sexual harassment. >> he broke down in an interview talking about faith, his wife and what her role would be during the inauguration. >> i almost can't say it. holding the bible -- >> emotional. >> now in addition to receiving threats, the secret service says candidate can receive protection if stheff-seed a certain degree of prominence or activelyal campaigning in 10 states or if they have received more than $10 million in donations. >> ben, thank you. a tumultuous day on the two- month anniversary of the movement. >> demonstrations were held
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yesterday in cities all across the u.s. new york city more than 300 protesters were arrested. up a d.c. protesters were on the key bridge as well. >> this marks the end of an era for daytime television. after 28 years on his signature talk show, regis philbin is signing off. he spent years co-hosting with kathie lee gifford and then with kelly ripa. he says after this last curtain call he will begin a nationwide book tour "how i got this way." jerry seinfeld with temporarily fill his chair starting on monday. you can watch his final show today on abc 7. >> it's going to be a sad day. time now 6:08. 35 degrees outside. >> and still ahead making it official. after months of speculation
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ashton and demi call it quits. plus what you need to know before hitting the roads. >> and a mild weekend.
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small, scraggly pine tree. ♪ ♪ >> hi. i'm major windy morris from the salvation army reminding you to give of yourself this holiday season. donate volunteer, make a difference. good morning, washington. ♪ >> happy friday morning. 6:11 a.m.
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it's cold to start day. even this afternoon it will be running about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. temperatures are object down swing but will remind over the weekend. frederick at 30. i just heard from my facebook friend that her backyard in damascus is 24. 27 in culpepper. we do have some readings in the twonets kick start our friday morning. two degrees above freezing here. it will be a beautiful day. albeit a cool one. a lot of sunshine due to the warmer air advancing into place. lower 60's on into sunday. back with more on your seven-day forecast coming up. lisa? >> traffic is moving nicely. going to germantown, maryland live with news chopper 7 in the geico camera 270 at 118, no
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complications to report along 270. going in and out of the district. changing to a map. quiet. 16th street, that's a pretty good ride on the southeast ride as well. kennel worth avenue, pennsylvania avenue and the parkway. we'll have a look at virginia in our next report. so stick around. cynne and natasha? >> i have christmas music stuck in my head and 97.1 starts 24-hour christmas music. it starts! >> time now 6:12. 34 degrees outside. >> coming up, the holiday outlook from the roads to the highways. what you need to know before your thanksgiving get away. >> and overworked employees according to a new report. i'm brianne carter. hear what metro riders have to say coming up in a live report.
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>> but first why police are reopen an oscar
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>> at 6:4 authorities will announce today that they are reopening their investigation into the death of actress natalie wood. she drowned after a night of partying on a yacht off the coast. police say they recently received new information about her death. >> and a gaithersburg man accused of killing his step daughter is expected in court. he stabbed his 12-year-old step daughter in may. >> and authorities say 22-year-old ron and 21-year-old vincent shot and killed
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22-year-old thompson on a bus in southeast d.c. >> and washington nationals catcher willis are mos is speaking out today about his kidnapping in venezuela. police rescued him two days after the kidnapping. >> metro riders can expect disruptions from 10:00 p.m. tonight until closing on sunday. blue and -- red line training -- orange line trains will single track between boston and east falls church. lots to remember. >> yes. 6:15 on this friday morning. an important alert for metro riders before you board that next train. a report shows some employees are logging so much overtime they are concerned passengers could be put at risk. >> live we have bri.
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>> some metro employees are working as much as 15 hours a day. currently train operators get an extended break during the day between the morning and evening rush but some riders say well, that is just not enough. within the transit agency there are currently no limits on hours worked but metro leaders say they are working to change that. according to the report metro's goal is to be the first to implement a work day cap. by the end of the first quarter in 2012, authorities plan to have a 14-hour-a-day limit. authorities say 90% of operators currently work less than 14 hours a day and it mainly comes from track repair american but riders say they need to be rested. >> bri, thank you. on the hill, the 12-member debt
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reduction super committee how the first face-to-face meeting in more than a week but no break through in an effort to find at least $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next if decade. they have until noon to reduce spending cuts or another one could take effect in 203. >> why this thanksgiving will be a record-setter on the road. more on these stories. >> good morning. topping america's money thanksgiving pain at the pump. it will cost more to drive to mom's house this year. gas prices are higher than for any other thanksgiving. the average is $.56 cents more than last year. the experts are blaming the economy for low birth rates. youppinger women were the most dramatically affected.
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and two big orders for new planes including one for $22 billion of new aircraft. president obama says it will create 100,000 new u.s. jobs. and call of duty is the game's third record year. not just a record for video games but all entertainment. and that's america's money. i'm sonny. >> thank you. before we get to traffic and weather every 10 minute. just be glad you do not live here. this is video out of buffalo, new york. a lake-effect snow advisory is over but several inches of snow was dumped across the region. >> no, sir. adam don't let it happen to us. >> if it were up to me, we would have a monster lake. parts of western maryland.
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it would be awesome. >> we're not talking to you this morning. >> i know many would disagree with that. but when i was a kid in minnesota, my brother and i our biggest dream was to have a big lake because then we would have lake-effect snow of course it never happened. >> this is from my newest facebook friend ricky dun out in winchester. he took this shot as skies started to clear close to sunset giving us that beautiful orange and red color. look at these numbers. spotsylvania, 27. remmington, 26. luckily not much of a wind anymore. so really isn't much of a wind-chill factor. centerville 32 along with alexandria. annapolis 30 degrees along the water. clear skies overhead. mostly sunny through today.
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there's that lake-effect snow up in buffalo in upstate new york. there it is with that cold air moving over the warmer waters of the great lake. high pressure giving us that general sinking motion keeping the clouds out of here. into the weekend it's going to set up that return flow or southerly wind. we have that clock-wise rotation. as it moves east, we get the southerly flow warming us up over the weekend. mid 50's on saturday, and i think we'll be above 60 degrees despite added cloud coverage. lisa, any issues on the sflode >> yes. v dot just called with a crash 66 westbound near the beltway. eastbound travel slowing at centerville and at 50, fair oaks. i had a picture. 95.
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northbound are the highlights in this camera. yep. slow and steady is the pace. that's how you win. no accidents reported right now. if you're leaving fredericksburg past the marine base up to the river and then up to the 14th street bridge. we'll give you normal travel times in maryland. >> next up, why demi moore finally filed for divorce from ashton kutcher. >> next, one girl's search for her donor dad reveals a surprise.
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at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudlyupporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible. >> well, another hollywood couple is calling it quits. actress demi moore announced she is ending her marriage to ashton kutcher. she said in a statement there are certain statements and vows that she holds sacred. kutcher tweeted sometimes marriages fail. >> as you all know. it's been a difficult time in my
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life and i'm greatful to my friends for their unwavering support. >> nba player kris humphries says he's moving forward. he spoke to reporters while promoting watches. that's the first time we've actually heard him say something. >> yes. moving on. next. >> time now 6:25. still another half-hour of good morning, washington. >> coming up bella and edward finally say i do, but will die-hards all in love with "breaking dawn"? >> across the country occupy wall street protesters clash with police. details coming up. >> sunshine out there. beautiful shot from our roof top camera. but it's still rather cold. [ male
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> i did not feel right about it. i told them that -- please do not do that. >> explosive new allegations. it is friday, november 18. >> we began with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, adam caskey -- what is going on? >> a lot of stunt -- sunshine, but temperatures 10 degrees below average. take a look at the morning numbers. first, we'll start with our camera shot. a little before sunrise. a beautiful morning picture. 33 degrees at the naval academy. 28 in gaithersburg. culpeper, 27. a large bird, 30. lexington park, up 34.
6:30 am
total sunshine today -- crisp and cool. 46 is the best we will do this afternoon. temperatures into the 50's tomorrow. in the 60's by sunday. late sunday, we may see a shower. lisa, what is the latest on the road? >> heavy volume, but no accidents. maryland state police say come on in. deval trip on massachusetts avenue. no worries along the george washington parkway. clear at barton parkway. we are good in virginia as well. heavier volume on 66, 95, and 395. >> thank you lisa. new this morning -- and armed robbery. a campus alert sent out around
6:31 am
12:30 said the incident happened at cecil hall. there is still no word on suspects. another sex abuse scandal shakes the college sports world. this time, it is a basketball coach at syracuse university. according to espn news on the heels of the penn state scandal, police want to know about these accusations and if anyone tried to cover them up. >> both of these men told espn that they were molested by bernie fine for several years. they say it started in the 1980's. one of the men say the abuse continued into his 20s. both were stepbrothers who were ball boys at syracuse and diversity. they say the abuse occurred at fine's home in on a team road
6:32 am
trips. he has been put on administrative leave while local police and the university investigate. we have learned that the university investigated the allegations in 2005, but could not find any witnesses. the coach says in a statement that he had never seen or witnessed the allegations take place. he says that coach fein has his full support. we are also following developments in the penn state sex abuse scandal. the mother of one of jerry sandusky's adopted sons is speaking out. she told abc news that she was suspicious about the former defensive coordinator but felt powerless to do anything about it. sandusky -- matt sandusky says he was not abused. secretary of state hillary
6:33 am
clinton will travel to myanmar next month. clinton will be the first person to visit the repressed nation in more than 50 years. mr. obama also met with leaders from india malaysia, and the philippines. a man accused of shooting at the white house will return to washington. . oscar hernandez made an appearance in pittsburg, one day after being arrested in a hotel the idaho man hate the president and wanted to kill him a judge will decide whether he will remain in custody until his trial. hernandez faces life in prison. thousands of protesters are back on their campsites tonight. >> in cities across the country
6:34 am
occupy wall street demonstrators put on a show of force. in new york, and -- protesters staged a takeover of the stock exchange. there was chaos and violence on the streets of new york. protesters and police clashed pushing and shoving each other. there were injuries and dozens of arrests. from cleveland miami portland, in atlanta, protesters rallied against corporate greed. >> i think in coming equality has gotten to the point where people are willing to stand together. >> the protest of around wall street failed to disrupt the stock exchange. protesters appeared divided over the message and what to do next.
6:35 am
6 a lot 35 right now. this is the end of an era for daytime television. after 50 years regis philbin is signing off. he spent 15 years at coasting with kathie lee gifford. he spent the last few years with cahli rep up. he says he'll do a nationwide book tour for his book, "how i got this way." jerry seinfeld will fill his chair starting on monday. regis' final show is today at 9:00 right here on abc 7. >> 6:35 is our time. it is 34 degrees. >> after security for a presidential candidate. why herman cain is now protected by the secret service. >> a fan favorite in an oscar contender. new movies for the weekend.
6:36 am
>> we have another check on traffic and weather every 10
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yoyou ready for your present? yeah. all right i'll be right back. okay. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes the giving can be just as amazing as the gift. [ woman ] what do you think? [ laughs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's
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the lexus december to remember sales event, offering some of our best values of the year but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer. >> time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is chilly out there this
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morning. it is ok. before you know it, winter will be here. clear skies along with very light winds, calm conditions. let's get started. looking out across the chesapeake bay towards maryland beaches, a very chilly start. 33 degrees right now good- looking start to the day. around the region, temperatures are cold. 28 in gaithersburg. 32 in athens. 34 in quantico right now. high-pressure firmly in control of the weather. the winds are light and will be fairly light today. expect the snowfall to taper off along the eastern shore of lake ontario. high pressure over southwest virginia today.
6:40 am
that will keep us high and dry all day long with nothing but sunshine. the high pressure will move off to the east over the weekend. we will pick up a little bit of cloudiness and a little bit of a warming trend. 44-49 degrees. northwest wind at 3-10 miles per hour. we will rejoin you in about 10 minutes. >> lisa, is there anything nasty on the road? >> i am going to talk about low pressure on the highway. it is a very nice trip this morning. what is happening out there? we will go live to a couple of pictures and show you what is or is not happening. beautiful on 110. good on 66. quiet on falls church. nice trip to the pentagon. no delays on 95. over on 29, traffic heading away from us -- headlights
6:41 am
northbound, leaving silver spring. back to you. it 6 a lot 41. 33 degrees. >> will audiences sink their teeth into "breaking dawn?" we have highlights from thursday night's nail biter.
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>> a nuclear power plant is reopening. dominion power said the plant is safe, but some residents and nuclear watchdog say they are not so sure. our special report tonight at 5:00.
6:44 am
extra protection for provincial candidate herman cain and tracking down a potential presidential assassin. the secret service is in the spotlight this morning. >> this is unprecedented for a presidential candidate to get secret service security? >> it is unprecedented for this year, but in previous cycles, there have been people who have gotten protection. if you look at jesse jackson who ran twice for president, he had protection. ted kennedy and some others have occasionally got in production this early. as you know, we have a eight- nine republican candidates at this point. the president, of course, gets protection. >> this comes on the hills of
6:45 am
this guy charged yesterday with the possible assassination of the president. he could face life in prison if found guilty. new a video is coming out of the suspect talking about the president and what he thought of them and ultimately, what he wanted to do. >> there are indications that he regularly talked about taking the president what the devil and he needed to take care of this problem. he had weapons of around his home that disappeared about the time he disappeared from idaho. in retrospect, it seems pretty obvious what was torn to happen. at the time, i am sure people thought it was just an offhand remark. now we are hearing not just one or two bullets, but several bullets were found at the white house and marched on the outside of the white house that indicate there could have been several more rounds.
6:46 am
>> for people watching, are you getting any kind of intelligence that sources say they knew about this? the secret service knew about bullets on the white house lawn. >> i do not think they did know. they took a preliminary look around over the weekend because they knew someone had fired a weapon in that direction. someone in the white house found the bullet on tuesday. suddenly, they started finding other indications that there were other bullets. we were told over the weekend that they did not see any direct connection to the white house. it is something of a surprise and we are still trying to find out -- talking about a car speeding away and another suspect. >> that is surprising that there could be potentially that many bullets fired and no one realized it until later.
6:47 am
authorities are going to announce today that they are taking another look at natalie wood. she drowned after partying on a yacht off the southern california courts. new information has allowed them to reopen the case. a step father charged with killing his stepdaughter. he stabbed her to death. it happened back in may. a charlottesville judge is expected to decide today which questions a jury will answer. the man is scheduled to go on trial in february. starting tonight, metro will not run blue or yellow line trains because of track work. trains will run a single track on parts of the red and orange line until sunday night. it is that time of year
6:48 am
where friends and family come together for a night of eating drinking, and if the redskins win, merriment. we are talking about dallas week. the cowboys are coming to town. the redskins are hoping to pull this one off. this rivalry means everything. we are hoping kickoff is set for sunday at 1:00. attempt to lead his team to another victory. -- tim tebow leads his team to another victory. >> he runs around the corner. touchdown. >> tebow led the broncos on a 95-yard fourth quarter run to win it. denver is 4-1 since he took over at quarterback. let's get a look at the weather for today.
6:49 am
>> it looks nice. at both a little chilly out there. the fact is often this time of year we get some lousy weekend weather. we got the lousy weather yesterday. the weekend will be good. ricky dunn sharing the sun set yesterday. it turned out to be spectacular. now we see live down the river from our rooftop camera. the sun comes up in five minutes. it will be a beautiful day. right now across the area, very similar sites. 31 degrees in fairfax right now. light breezes across the area. these are some of the coldest regions. 24 degrees in frost bird. 26 degrees in spotsylvania. 26 in remington and 27 in kenny's bill.
6:50 am
temperature map across the region -- mainly 20's. stafford at 27 pettitte 32 at hartford's city. 32 degrees right now in waldorf. levitt -- heavy lake effect snow has dwindled. high pressure will control us right to the weekend. temperatures will climb slowly into the mid 40's. high pressure dominates over the weekend. high-pressure will return warmer temperatures. temperatures climbing into the low to mid 50's. 62 for a high on sunday. have a great weekend. >> yet banks for that one. >> we will jump right up to news chopper 7. they are flying over 66.
6:51 am
eastbound on 66 out of fair oaks. we are open at metro station on both sides. everyone is behaving. no worries on the beltway near 66 from the american legion bridge. i am going to take you quickly to a camera in maryland where traffic is flowing briefly right now. 270 on shady grove road. all lanes are open.
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>> i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. >> "breaking dawn" consummates the love between a girl and a boy. fans will most likely enjoy it the movie in spite a -- two stars out of four. the best new movie honors go to george clooney. he discovers his wife's affair after a doctor puts him in a,. a four-star oscar contender. here is the weekend movie guide.
6:55 am
have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thanks, so much. before we start the weekend let's go to lisa baden. >> in virginia, 66, 95, 395, and a live look that traffic on 66. they are heading west on the way to manassas. a beautiful trip today. not bad. adam caskey is next. >> a standard fall day.
6:56 am
lots of sunshine. in the 40's. it will look and feel like fall today. 60's by sunday with cloud cover at that point. i do want to point out, late sunday into monday we could have a scenario of light rain. the first half of next week could be a little more unsettled. >> ready for the weekend. that does it for us. good morning america is next. have a great day.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a legendary cold case suddenly reopened. one of hollywood's most


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