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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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of natalie wood. how the boat captain's new story could now point the finger at hollywood's most famous stars. also breaking now, why mcdonald's is cutting off one of the nation's biggest egg producers after an abc news investigation into where your egg mcmuffins really come from. brian ross shows us the shocking undercover footage inside the hen house. fighting for their lives. three 12-year-old girls trapped under a 500-pound elevator. >> please, lift it up. lift it up. >> inside the harrowing moments when the elevator came crashing down right on top of them. and the quick thinking that saved their lives. no more. demi drops the final bombshell, ending her marriage to ashton kutcher. the exclusive, new details on what's really behind the split, this morning. feeling very safe this
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morning. knowing he's out there. happy friday, everyone. it's a cold one here in new york. >> yeah. >> everyone really dressed up out there. and we have a lot to get to this morning, including a snu interview overnight with secretary of state hillary clinton. she talks about the penn state controversy. and she speaks out for the first time. >> it was a wide-ranging interview. and pop superstar, justin bieber, speaks out in a new interview about the rumors circulating around about him fathering a child. we'll hear from justin in a moment. let's begin with the natalie wood mystery. questions have swirled around her death since she drowned in 1981. but it looked like a cold case until last night. when the los angeles police announced they would reopen the investigation. bianna golodryga is here with why they did it. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. natalie wood was one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of her era. her mysterious browning 30 years ago catapulted her to even greater fame. and now, police say they have
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reason to reopen the case. sources tell abc news, investigators are interested in revelations from this man, dennis dave in n. he co-authored a book in this which he suggested wood may not have drowned accidentally. this morning, reports that he has given investigators new documents supporting that theory. wood allegedly drowned here, off the coast of santa catalina island in the fall of 1981, after spending a night onboard the yacht, drinking with her husband, robert wagner, as well as christopher walken. her body was found the next morning, covered in bruises, floating more than a mile from the boat. wagner and walken have always maintained they don't know what happened. >> what we think is that she went outside and slipped on the swim step and hit her head and
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was knocked unconscious. >> reporter: but davern steadfastly he overheard wagner and wood arguing. followed by thumping sounds. wood was one of hollywood's most famous leading ladies. but offscreen her relationship with wagner was legendary and tumult with us. they divorced six years later. in 1972, they remarried. overnight, wagner's family issued a statement saying they're fully support the efforts of the l.a. county sheriff's department, but only if the information is valid. the press conference is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon, george. let's bring in dan abrams, our legal analysts. the author of the book, that has been out for a couple of years. but his co-author coming forward with new backup documents from the book. >> pretty low for the authorities to simply say we're going to take another look here. i think all they would need is
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some piece of evidence which would lead them to just examine it one more time because all they're saying, for now, is we're taking another look. we're not pointing any fingers. not saying we have suspects. not changing the conclusion that this was an accident. >> presumably, they have robert wagner and christopher walken also on the boat. >> it's hard to believe that 30 years later they're going to say, actually here's an incredible revelation i haven't mentioned for 30 years. i don't think that's going to happen. because you're talking about a boat. you're talking about a limited number of people. a limited number of witnesses. it's hard to figure out what this sort of new documentation could be. could there be that someone said something that's never been reported? maybe. but then, you have to figure out what is the documentation they're talking about? >> and contradictions in their stories wouldn't be enough to really advance this case at this point? >> no. not based -- you would need someone to have said something that had never been disclosed.
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some sort of total contradiction. some sort of confession, whatever the case may be. it seems hard to believe. but the fact that the authorities are saying, we're reopening it. >> they're putting detectives on the case. >> that's right. they're holding a press conference today. they're not going to do that with absolutely nothing. so, they've obviously got something, even though the threshold may be low. >> i'll wait to hear what it is. now, let's go to josh elliott and other top stories this morning. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with new details this morning of the man accused with attempting to assassinate president obama. the fbi says now oscar ortega-hernandez fired as many as nine rounds at the white house last week. hernandez, who is mentally ill, reportedly believes the president is the devil. meanwhile, herman cain has become the first republican presidential candidate to get secret service protection. his campaign requested it after a series of physical skirmishes at his rallies. meanwhile, shocking, new
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allegations this morning of sexual abuse by a college coach. this time at syracuse university. assistant basketball coach, bernie fine, has been placed on administrative leave, after two men told espn that fine abused them in the '80s and '90s when they were ball boys. one said he went to police in 2003 but was told it was too late to do anything about it. meanwhile, at penn state, more men are coming forward to say they were victimized by coach jerry sandusky. a ninth alleged victim has been presented to the state attorney general's office. here in new york city, at least ten protesters, along with several police officers are nursing minor injuries. police and barricades are in place again this morning just in case. meanwhile, in berkeley, students banned from setting up tents, they found a loophole. they put a tent filled with
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balloons above the campus. today is world records day. people around the world have been doing stupid things. that's a guy in germany who turned himself into a human torch to do the longest distance run while on fire. >> that's a record for that? >> 395 feet. he took precautions. more entertaining, arguably, this record. that's a british investor for the world's smallest road-worthy car. just 41 inches high. i would crush it, i think, with a single foot. although, it can get up to 30 miles per hour or so it says. >> come on. >> well, that's what it says, george. i -- >> we don't make this up, right? >> guinness approved. >> it is friday after all. >> after all. >> josh, thank you. mcdonald's is searching for a new source of eggs this morning for its popular egg mcmuffins, after mcdonald's
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became aware of the results of an abc news investigation that you're about to see. brian ross is here with a shocking undercover look at where your breakfast may be coming from. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. spago farms is the fifth-biggest egg producer. it's now a place under fire from the food and drug administration and animal rights groups who have provided a rare, inside look at a 21st-century version of the hen house. it's been 35 years since mcdonald's first introduced the egg mcmuffin. now, an american food icon, made with a fresh grade-a egg. >> where does breakfast come from? >> reporter: its commercials show the source of those eggs is a place where kickin's freely roam the barnyard. but reality is different. most of mcdonald's eggs come from huge, closely-guarded operations. including this one in iowa, sparboe form. a factory farm.
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where signs warn no cameras are allowed inside. >> the factory farms would like to work in secrecy, without scrutiny. >> reporter: a look inside sparboe, provided by the animal rights group, mercy for animals, showing unsanitary conditions and treatment grachk. the greatest concern to health experts, insects, rodents. cage after cage with dead birds, the factors that can spread salmonella. >> it's a public threat. they're breaking the law. >> reporter: sparboe produces hundreds of thousands of eggs in its facilities in three states. >> this is state-of-the-art when it comes to egg production. >> reporter: the company provided abc news with a guided one-hour tour, requiring all of us to wear protective gear. >> sanitation is a high
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priority. >> reporter: the sparboe executive said the fiflt and vermin seen on the undercover tape was an aberration. seemed like it happened many times. >> that's why we're having you here today to see the truth. >> reporter: the sparbo issue was called into question, with the fda giving a company-wide warning to sparbo, citing serious, significant violations at five, different sites. and now, this morning, mcdonald's says it has cut off sparboe as a supplier and will no longer accept its eggs, based on the fda action and our report. mcdonald's says it continues to have concerns about the management of sparboe and its ability to deliver high-quality food. mcdonald's said there was never any health risks with its egg mcmuffins that are cooked so well that it kills off any
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possible salmonella. >> absolutely. your action led to are a very important reaction. thank you, brian. you can see more of brian's report tonight on "20/20," 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on abc. >> thanks. we're going to turn to secretary of state hillary clinton. she's traveling with president obama across the pacific rim this week. and she sat down with abc's jake tapper to discuss the diplomatic mission. her prime focus is china and her personal connection to the penn state scandal here at home. jake? >> reporter: george, good morning. so much of this trip has been a high-stakes game of international politics with the u.s. seeking to contain china's power through trade deals and a new u.s. military presence in australia. so, that's where i started. is it too late for us to counter the power that china has already asserted in this region? >> you know, it's not about countering anybody else's power. it's about asserting our own position as a pacific power. >> reporter: they don't seem to be taking it that way.
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>> we're not going to agree on everything. we have disagreements about their political system. they have questions about our motive. >> reporter: i also asked about the penn state scandal and the initial riots on behalf of the football program, given clinton's activism on children and personal connections to the school. >> well, i am just sick at heart about it. i'm also the daughter and the sister of two men who went to penn state and were on the football team. so, we have a long tradition of supporting penn state academically and athletically. and i can understand in the passion and emotion of the moments and before people really have a chance to actually think about what these allegations mean. people, you know, perhaps were not as calm or considerate in their response. now, it seems across the board everyone is focused on what we should be focused on, which are the children who allegedly have
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been victimized. >> reporter: on a lighter moment, there was that photo op over the weekend with that -- um, near-naked man. what was going through your head the other day hwhen that gentleman without any clothes showed up in that photograph? >> that was hilarious. i mean, it happened so quickly. and when i turned my head, i just saw this, you know, very, you know big man with a -- holding a torch with a blue loin cloth running by. i think he was late for his role at the luau. i think that's what it was. >> a little comic relief on a very long trip. thanks to jake tapper in bali, indonesia. now, to the harrowing moments trapped in an elevator shaft for three middle schoolgirls you see there in oklahoma city. their frantic calls to 911 all caught on tape. and linsey davis is here with this. this is an incredible story.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, robin. we're talking about something that's almost out of an intense movie scene. it's an old-fashioned elevator where you have to open the door to get into it. when it malfunctioned, it caused a close call for these young girls when the elevator nearly crushed them. >> hello? 911. >> please, help us, now. >> reporter: their terrifying screams could be heard throughout the school. >> please, lift it up. lift it up. >> reporter: three, young girls, trapped under a 500-pound elevator. not in it. but under it. >> almost screaming the whole time. we're going to die. we're going to die. >> scared. >> reporter: these 12-year-olds came within mere inches of losing their lives during their lunch break on tuesday. they were on the first floor of the school, when they walked into this area. this is the door that would typically be used to take the elevator up. it happened to be unlocked.
7:15 am
>> we tried to open the door. and the door wouldn't open. andrea and i were pushing up on the elevator to try to get it to go back up. >> reporter: by that time, it was too late. they were locked inside. and about 30 seconds later, the elevator came barreling down, right on top of them, nearly crushing them. >> i thought that, like -- we were scared for them than i was for myself. >> reporter: ambri was on her back, her friends facedown. stuck in about a foot of space for nearly 40 minutes. the only thing that may have kept them alive, this combat boot. >> this is the shoe. and that got stuck. >> that's about as much room as we had. >> reporter: ambri has the worst injuries and is still having difficulty walking. >> it was so painful. >> reporter: she is expected to walk again in a few more days. the problem is the closing mechanism on that door wasn't properly working. a work order was issued in
7:16 am
august. it was never filled. they're going to fix the door now. >> i would imagine so. linsey, thank you. now, to the ultimate black friday story. a woman determined to do anything it takes to get the best deal. the doors will open early for the biggest shopping day of the year. and abc's john berman found a florida man who has a head start on everyone. >> reporter: there are "extreme makeovers." extreme skiing. even extreme jumping. but perhaps nothing defies the imagination as extreme waiting. inside that tent, tito hernandez has been waiting outside this best buy in st. petersburg, florida, sce monday. monday. >> tvs. laptops. thumb drives. >> reporter: he's waiting for the black friday sale that begins midnight after thanksgiving. you know, the kind where you see stampedes like this one, this one and this one. who wouldn't want to line up for that? well, we saline up.
7:17 am
but let's point out there's no actual line yet. tito is the only one there. and while we're at it, let's also point out there are nearly seven full days until the black friday sale begins. which is a full 31 days before christmas. best buy is selling laptops for $299 and hd-tvs for $199. but with that much time, tito, who is a student, could make a television, from scratch, by hand. so, why, then, why, oh, why, is he out there so early? >> definitely having fun here. enjoying hanging out. looking to save some money. >> reporter: it's never too early for fun. so, in that spirit, tito, happy valentine's day. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> that john berman. >> that's so good. he's getting some studying done or something. >> he's got the time. and we have time, now, to say tgif, happy friday, to sam champion. >> and after all, hd-tvs, $199.
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that's worth sitting for a week. we'll show you what's going on. we have cold air dropping into the country. remember that washington, d.c. was in the 70s on monday. it feels like 29 degrees this morning. and you'll say, some of the southern folks will say, that's just northern areas. look at atlanta. feels like 25 this morning. jackson, mississippi, feels like 29. here's where the snow fills in here. puget sound has some opportunity to see some flakes. 45 in new york city. and the nice warm spots, phoenix about 75 degrees. but the cool air on the west coast is reaching all the way down to the southwest before the weekend is done.
7:19 am
is a beautiful friday morning but cold. it is unseasonably cool numbers. degrees and 27 in orange. 35 degrees in the district. some upper 20's here and there and high temperatures will only the mid-40's. total sunshine and into the weekend, temperatures will rebound back into the mid-50's >> this, by the way, is a very powerful storm moving into the northwest. up to ten inches of snow in the
7:20 am
sierras. also, waves on the north california coastline and the oregon coast, could be 25 feet high. >> look at this huge audience we have inside the studio. could be because it's cold outside. >> oh. >> did you get everybody else a cup of coffee? or just you? >> i'm the bad guy. but i grabbed a family of four from wisconsin who loves "the play of the day". >> another way to tease himself. also coming up, if you don't mind, josh. demi files for divorce. what's really behind the split with ashton? and justin bieber speaking out. a brand-new interview about the claims he's the father. we're going to hear from him.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. 7:26 on thisng at friday, november 18. montgomery county town longstanding ban on alcohol could be history. lawmakers plan to introduce a bill which would allow restaurants in damascus to legally serve beer and wine. damascus residents are split on and newschannel 8 will story in a fewis minutes. nationals catcher speak outos will his kidnapping in
7:27 am
venezuela. scheduled to make a statement at nationals park this afternoon. from his family rescuedt week and was days later. eight people have been charged connection with the kidnapping. check on the morning commute with lisa baden. we are looking at 66 alive outside the beltway. volume is eastbound of your screene but no accidents out of manassas. the next camera is beautiful, 270 at the lane divide for the beltway all the way up to frederick which is open and clear. metro rail is a normal service systemwide. you can notice the chill in the air right now. degrees.part is 28 degrees.rsburg is 28
7:28 am
today with highs 40's. mid that is 10 degrees below but temperatures will rebound this weekend. by sunday. >> thank you for j
7:29 am
it's official. demi moore and ashton kutcher finally call it quits. we saw it all play out on twitter, on the internet, on
7:30 am
youtube. so much speculation. but now, it is really over. we have new details on why demi filed for divorce last night. >> that's a bummer, in so many ways. >> yeah. but not surprising. >> no. also, the latest on the baby drama and daddy drama. justin bieber speaking out. >> that's just ahead. also, if you need inspiration to lose weight, you have to see this story. we're going to show you this man. on his own, he dropped almost 400 pounds. that's right. 400 pounds. he took his life back. we'll have that coming up. first, more on the end of one of hollywood's high-profile splits. demi moore and ashton kutcher are splitting. now, moore says she's moving forward in her life without him. abc's andrea canning is here. we've been talking about this for weeks now. maybe. maybe. they were trying. >> i do not think this was an easy decision for her, at all. demi moore said she ended things
7:31 am
with great sadness and a heavy heart. she showed women everywhere that age is just a number. they did everything from kabbalah to social media. but apparently no amount of tweets could keep this hollywood marriage alive. after months of on-again/off-again speculation, this time, it's really over. >> bombshell breakout news. >> it's official, demi has had enough. >> demi divorcing ashton. >> reporter: demi moore releasing this statement on thursday, about her decision to end her marriage to ashton kutcher. as a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain values and vows that i hold sacred. and it is in this spirit that i have chosen to move forward in my life. just 14 minutes later, kuchar tweeted, i will cherish my marriage with demi. >> you can spend months apart. you can miss each other. at the same time, there's
7:32 am
temptation thrown at you at every curve. >> reporter: the signs of trouble were there. in october, he was accused of having an affair with this 22-year-old. and soon after, he was seen without his wedding ring in this video. >> truth. >> reporter: throughout, both of them took to twitter to address the rumors. ashton writing, when you assume to know that which you know nothing of, you make an expletive out of you and me. with a link to the song "don't believe the hype." demi put a photo with her eyes closed. and a caption, saying, i see through you. >> reporter: in this interview, they seemed to be fine. kuchar was like a father to demi's three children. decides being closer to 23-year-old rumor, than his wife, 16 years his senior. and recently, they seemed to be making an effort. going camping in september. and the couple reportedly sought alone time at turks and caicos, at the vacation home of her ex, bruce willis. >> there was deep respect.
7:33 am
and together, they came to a decision that right now they couldn't make it work the way they wanted. >> reporter: making rounds on twitter, demi moore and ashton kutcher were married for 41 kim kardashian marriages. now, demi needs a change to her handle of mrs. kuchar. i vote for great catch. what do you think? a lot of websites are calling on suggestions. robin? >> all right, andrea. joaning us now, alecia quarrels. the a.p. received a statement from demi's people. you had no idea it was coming? >> we actually broke this story. this is sad. but i will say shocking. there were allegations in september that he had cheated on her. they had been tweeting back and forth. she said she's the only one that has her own back. she put out a statement. it wasn't a joint statement. it was i have decided to leave the marriage.
7:34 am
>> normally with a celebrity couples, you receive a joint statement. >> exactly. this was different. as a mother and a wife, there are vows that she holds sacresa. read into that what you want. >> it's difficult, especially when you're in a fish bowl like they are. >> people are playing into the age difference. and she was a bigger star than he was when they first got together. how does that play in? >> there are challenges with age gap relationships. two people at different stages in their life. we really didn't see that because his career thrived with her. and she had younger children at the time. so, i don't get the sense that this is what this is about. i think we were really rooting in them to defy that image. >> and i think -- not just in the beginning, rooting for them all along. >> yeah. it's -- >> they let us in, which is very unusual for a celebrity couple, through twitter. >> they let us in. i was on the red carpet in 2003
7:35 am
when they made their first red carpet appearance together. and everybody was like, is that demi moore with ashton kutcher. and they put photos together out there. they have gone back and forth. they president it on the website. >> and that puts pressure on you, doesn't it? >> a tremendous amount of pressure. and a relationship should be personal. and they should be intimate. an they put everything out there. and we've seen celebrity couples crash and burn like this before. and we really want to feel like a relationship is genuine. but when you put it all out there and start to see cracks, people get very suspicious. >> and i have to say this. demi was here a couple of months ago, right before the rumors hit the tabloids. and the staff noticed how incredibly thin and frail she looked. and people will tell you, if your husband is accused of sleeping with someone half your age, it has to take a toll on you. >> absolutely takes a toll. and added pressure that everyone is talking about it. so, it's not just that you're dealing with these issues in your relationship, one-on-one. but you have the added scrutiny
7:36 am
of everyone else. definitely not good for you. >> what do you think going forward? >> i think going forward, this will be an amicable split. she was with bruce willis for 13 years. they are very good friends. ashton kutcher has his own money. i think they will go for -- they have a dna charity event together. >> they have worked together so closely in those projects. you can tell they are dear to both of them. >> but their interests to surviving your ex when there's betrayal. and ashton's tweet about his marriage, or the demise of his charj, he talks about his marriage not failing. if you betray someone, then you failed your marriage. we don't know if that's the case. relationships can take work. >> you weren't thrilled about that tweet, were you? >> not spectacularly. >> he put out a statement. and he had to put out his.
7:37 am
he could have said a few more words, maybe more eloquent. >> always good to have you with us. we wish them both the very best. have a good weekend, you two. let's get over to sam and the weather. sam? >> hey, robin. it's time for us to talk about lake-effect snow. this line is coming -- a line coming off of lake erie, north of syracuse has six to seven inches of snow on the ground there. in comes the cold air. it looks like a one-day shot. this time, we've seen this kind of this season, where the cold air will be a brief moment. and the warm air will rebound. and that's exactly what happens here. washington, d.c. gets to 62 by the time we get to sunday. back in the 60s in new york city. it's 45 today. sunday, 61. raleigh, you're 68 and 52 today. same in atlanta. that's the way the warm air pushes back in. i don't think we can count all the way through december. but it's working in november.
7:38 am
in comes a big, wet, snowy system in the northwest. that will ch 30'sre in the lower now and even below freezing in some outlying locations. cool to day but sunday with the mid-40's. >> and all of that friday weather was brought to you by jcpenney. robin? george? >> you have a friday glow about you. thanks. coming up, the latest twist for justin bieber. he spoke out in a new interview about the claims that he's a daddy. wait for black frida ...start your holiday shopping this saturday! find 50% off all her favorite worthington styles... ...60% off j. ferrar looks he'll love... ...50 to 65% off sleepwear... ... and an extra 15% off gold jewelry, already 70% off! plus, with jcpcash get 10, 15 or $20 off!
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now, to justin bieber, that paternity story just won't go away for the pop superstar. and his girlfriend, selena gomez is facing it, too. >> reporter: good morning, again. after spending weeks performing and wowing crowds in europe, justin bieber is finally back in the u.s. and he wasted no time taking to the air waves, denying the allegations against him. justin bieber speaks. >> thank you. thank you. >> what is it you want to say? >> reporter: for the first time, he shoots down the baby drama rumor on the elvis duran in the morning show. >> as far as the whole, you know, baby situation. >> uh-huh. >> you know, it's unfortunate
7:43 am
that it had to happen like that, that people make false accusations. if it was up to me, it would have been a better story where justin bieber went off to south america with a 27-year-old supermodel. that would have been an awesome -- >> you didn't hit it? >> no. >> reporter: meanwhile, 20-year-old mariah yeater, seen here with her ex-boyfriend, around the time she got pregnant, continued to claim that justin is the father of her baby. yeater writes, please erase all messages from my mom where she says tristyn is robby's son. adding, i'll kick you when we get paid. i'm trusting you. please. >> what a crazy week it's been in the news. >> to say the least. >> reporter: bieber's girlfriend, selena gomez, was more tight-lipped on thursday, talking about her public problems on "the ellen degeneres
7:44 am
show." >> you've been all right? >> i have been. >> reporter: just before, the accused stalker was released from jail. charges were dismissed. tmz caught up with him thursday morning. >> to have something else to her at her tendeder age, are the ho chosen one of god. >> reporter: moments after brodnicki's release, police took him back into custody and he's being held for mental evaluation. this is a couple with a lot on their plate. >> bieber's back in the states. is he going to take the dna test. >> reporter: he said he would before she dropped the lawsuit. >> thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day" and a friday bonus round. plus, are you ready for oprah's favorite things? ♪ when the dog bites ♪ [ grandma ] ok. ♪ ah. then we will all do it together. treats. teets...teets...teets... yeah. look at this. [ female announcer ] it seems like the best family traditions
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7:48 am
here's "the play of the day." >> right now. >> what's happening?
7:49 am
>> we'll get to that. it bothers us, too. soccer players celebrate, obviously, in so many ways. look at this match in brazil. look at fabio santos. it's a brilliant, brilliant finish. >> it is. >> you know the lambeau leap, into the crowd they go. this is -- this is -- oh. >> he's still happy. >> yeah. >> meant to do that. >> by the way, fabio santos' team did win, 3-1. >> that's good. >> what is he thinking? >> i don't know. he was going there. obviously, friday bonus round. >> yes. >> i have a cat for you who doesn't really want to be bothered. not by anybody. >> anyone? >> take a look. >> yes, hello? [ phone ringing ] >> wait for it. wait for it. >> oh, no.
7:50 am
>> no way. >> stop ringing. >> that's great. >> how old are you? >> ben. >> his family is by the door. it's freezing. what do you think? "play of the day" is his favorite thing. what did you think of that? >> i think it's really cool. >> thank you. >> and that made it really, really cool. >> we have a lot to get to. the burlington coat factory people are here. they're participating in the coat drive. and it is freezing. also, "dancing with the stars" coming up because it always is. >> ben, can you believe you're on tv. >> no. the target 2 day sales is almost here and the last thing that's
7:51 am
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7:55 am
>> live and in hd, this is an
7:56 am
abc 7 news update. is 7:56 on this friday, november 18. metro riders should brace for delays this weekend. pentagon city and king street well not have service this weekend trains will single truck orangets of the red and fromand the work runs until 6:00 a.m. monday. some metro workers said they day, sevenrs per days per week. institute aing to working capital and we will have onin-depth report newschannel 8 in a few minutes. let's find out what is happening on the roads. there is an accident in ddot is on the
7:57 am
scene. is running on a normal schedule. have a couple of pictures and begin in maryland with from usfic heading away throughge park greenbelt have with normal volume. the left side is the outer loop is beautiful at the pentagon. there is a lot of sunshine outside but it is cold. it looks warmer than it really is. district and the down to 28 degrees degrees in martinsburg. we are on our way to the mid today and warming into the and low 60's on sunday we will be back at 8:27.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
out in times square this morning. it is really cold out there. julie andrews sings that. along with oprah. oprah is playing santa again. watch the audience go from whiskers to whistles. we're going to have her favorite things. >> what are those? >> doggy ornaments. >> really? >> with your dog's picture on them? >> is that k.j.? >> i don't know. i can see k.j. i have to say, guys. we love these types of stories. a man, he collapses, he goes into the emergency room. and the doctor there said something that changed his life. he weighed almost 600 pounds. he is half the man he used to be. less than half. >> in a good way. >> in a great way. and it is a good day for adam. he's going to share it with you. i just -- it inspires you.
8:01 am
>> love it. definitely. what does it take to shine in the ballroom? well, from wake-up to makeup, we have 24 hours in the life of "dancing with the stars" brooke burke-charvet. it's a really neat insight into what goes on behind the scenes. also, the ruby red slippers of judy garland's in "the wizard of oz." they're going up for auction for millions. and we're going to show you one of the most treasured movie memorabilia of all-time. >> a security guard very close by. first, let's get to the news and josh. >> all right, guys. we're going to begin in los angeles, where homicide detectives have now reopened the investigation into the 1981 drowning death of actress natalie wood. back then, police said the star of "west side story" had died after a day of drinking with her husband, robert wagner and
8:02 am
co-star, christopher walken, on a yacht. but documents have emerged supporting the captain's claim that foul play was involved. the captain said he overheard wagner and wood arguing. and president obama says he's encouraged by signs of democratic progress in one of the most isolated countries on earth. during a stop in bali today, he announced he's sending secretary of state hillary clinton to myanmar, hoping she can help speed up reforms there. it will be the first visit by a u.s. diplomat to the former burma in 50 years. meanwhile, secretary clinton also told abc's jake tapper today, that she no longer believes syrian president bashar assad is a reformer. she says his days are number because the opposition shows no signs of backing down. new claims of sexual abuse by a college coach this morning. two men say assistant coach
8:03 am
bernie fine asulted them when they were ball boys. the men say the penn state case helped push them to go public. this morning, a wisconsin couple is charged with starving their infant daughter because they were worried that she would become obese. chris and mary sults are facing felony neglect charges. the couple's daughter gained only 5 pounds in 14 months after she was born. and aaa predicts a 4% jump in holiday traffic this year. and gas prices could set a thanksgiving record, with the national average expected to top $3.44 per gallon. if you're flying, average airfares are 20% higher this year. finally, one more unusual world record has just been broken. thursday, guinness world records today. men, women and children gathered in dublin, ireland, to break the
8:04 am
record for the largest gathering of leprechauns. there was a previous record. it was set on jay leno's show. and if you lock very closely in the crowd. very closely in the crowd. sam champion. had no idea that on his way down south he was in dublin. >> glad to be a part of it. >> good on you, sam. good on you. before i give to you, sam, i want to, quickly, from the irish to the scots -- >> yeah. >> one of our intrepid colleagues here is wearing something -- >> the fighting scots. >> explain the blazer. >> a couple months ago, i was in erie, pennsylvania, eden borough, university. and they made this suit for me. the first women's basketball game tomorrow, saturday. and they asked me, for good luck, to wear it before the game. they even made one for k.j., my jack russell.
8:05 am
with the initials on it. bruce baumgartner is the a.d. he's a big wrestling guy. he asked me. >> you do it. bruce asks, you do it. >> wonderful of them. during your pop news heat index, i will keep in the suit. >> for good luck. good. i love it. let's get to it. let's talk about another style icon, aside of you. beyonce. before the baby bump, there was the bridal gown. beyonce and jay-z were keeping their nuptials such a secret, no one has seen the wedding dress until now. queen b. reveals the gown that she wore with the ruffled train. and just the sweetest smile we've ever seen. no word on who designed that dress. but you've done good. do you remember the scene in "bull durham," one of my
8:06 am
favorites when kevin costner is in the shower? it marries the two ideas. it's beer-scented soap from brooklyn brewery. it's for the guy that doesn't want to drink in the shower but showers with a drink. it comes in a minibeer can. i have the soap right here for you. here you go. what do you think? >> it's terrible. not going to lie to you. >> smells like a hangover. >> there's a reason we leave the bar. >> right. and then shower after. >> yeah. >> there's three flavors. maybe the others are better. brown ale, black chocolate stout and a lagger. >> i'm still smelling it. >> it's a stocking stuffer. and "people's" sexiest man,
8:07 am
bradley cooper. ryan gosling fans are not happy. there's the group. they occupied "people" magazine's new york headquarters yesterday. holding up ryan gosling's faces. saying this proves injustice. why not get a cover for the "gma" sexiest guys? the greatest anchor team i've ever seen. a little something for everybody. let's go occupy. >> i'm totally in. we have to go to dublin to get sam back. >> why are you holding that? >> he was there. >> you know what -- >> you want the cover. >> i want -- well, yes. i know. but i have to finish second. >> behind ryan gosling, in our dream date. >> he voted several hundred times. >> technicality, george. >> didn't say he couldn't. >> that's true. sam?
8:08 am
>> good morning, gang. >> top of the morning to you, sam. >> we're here. and we're standing actually just a little north of times square, where the studios are. right here about 46th and 7th avenue. we're going to launch today a brand-new virtual reality experience. a magical experience right here in times square. how many times have you come with your family and you can't really take anything away from times square. now, you can, right here in disney. when you stand here on the magic spot. take a look right there. captain hook is standing beside me, virtually right beside me. anything can happen. and it's right up there on the giant screen. you can interact with about any disney character here. it's just today and tomorrow. from 9:00 until 7:00 today. and 9:00 until 5:00 tomorrow. there's hook right there. how about if we did a thing? are you ready? he's live. i can -- whoa. oh.
8:09 am
hey, how are we doing? and so, when you do this, you can actually sign up right here. put your e-mail address now. put your phone number down. and -- easy, hook. i'm not armed right here. go away. go away. and there he goes. right here, anything can happen. and so, as i was saying, when you walk in the line behind me and you sign up, they'll send you a picture. they'll send you your digital image from this experience. and you can put it on your facebook. you can put it on your twitter account. you can walk away with a great, memorable experience right here in times square. and that's not trying to find a cab, either. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share with you. as you head out the door, we have a nice shot of very warm air that's going all the way -- well, it's holding down south. but the colder temperatures are definitely going to get in. there you go. dallas goes to about 81 degrees at that point. here comes the storm showery day into south
8:10 am
nothing but sunshine today with blue skies. see anyhink we will clouds until tomorrow. it is cool out there right now, 34 degrees in manassas. freezing point in winchester. midre on our way to the today but we rebound on the weekend, >> so, this brand-new, today, our princesses. and if you can see right up there. can you see cinderella right at the top of the screen? can you see it? right there. right beside us right now. you both look very beautiful as princesses. lara? here's what else we have coming up on "gma." here's our "morning menu." the moment in the emergency room
8:11 am
that changed his life. this man is almost 400 pounds lighter. wait until you hear how he did it. and wait until you see him now. and "dancing with the stars" brooke as you have never seen her before. she is letting us in her life 24/7, to show us what it takes to sparkle in that ballroom. and get ready to rejoice. we're unwrapping oprah's favorite things. get out a pen and paper. great ideas coming up on "good morning america." ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now --
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8:14 am
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8:16 am
imagine a day when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. go to for a $4 coupon. our next guest is truly an inspiration. adam slack lost an amazing amount of weight over the last three years. he credits an e.r. doctor that had very blunt advice for him. we're going to meet adam and that doctor in just a moment. first, here's a look at adam's amazing journey. >> i had sustained a lower back injury. i was on the couch for five or six weeks and did nothing but eat. that's how it started. 100 pounds turned into 200
8:17 am
pounds. >> i would help put on his pants. he had a bad back. so, i would help him get in and out of bed. >> i would eat a dozen eggs, scrambled, a full loaf of white bread toasted. a half pound of shredded cheese in the eggs. dinner time came around, i would make eight hamburgers. and eight hot dogs to go with it. in a way, i would drink 20 diet sodas. while it was happening, i felt good. that was my comfort. that was the only thing that soothed me. when i was done, i was a little ashamed. >> i tried to limit how much input i would give him. >> many times, my wife and i disagreed. one time in particular, i remember her saying we can't pay a certain bill because we have to put food in the house. and we had just gone food shopping. the last few years were the worst. it was full-out depression. i was worried my kids were going
8:18 am
to get picked on. >> i couldn't do sports or be athletic with him. >> reporter: the turning point for adam, a trip to the emergency room. he was diagnosed with sky-high blood pressure, as well as type 2 diabetes. and for the first time in his life, a light went on. >> the doctor walked into my room. the first words out of his mouth were, hello, mr. slack. what would you like in your obituary? it was the darkest place. but also a rebirth. a father's love is endless. that's the truth. and here is the e.r. doctor that inspired adam, dr. bustamante and adam's wife, june. first, let's swing out and meet adam. hiding behind his old pants. drop them, adam. fantastic. it is great, great to meet you. >> thank you. >> wow. those were your pants.
8:19 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> once upon a time. >> once upon a time. >> so, this man inspires you. he says the first thing out of his mouth in the e.r., what do you want to say in the obituary? >> yeah. he put it blunt to me. what do you want in your obituary? >> what was your reaction? >> it wasn't a nice one. i told him to leave the room. i sat there for two hours. and he came in and we sat and talked for 45 minutes. >> it clicked with you, for whatever reason. >> first time. first time ever. if i had 1 doctor, i had 100 doctors telling me, you need to lose weight. >> i'm sure it wasn't the first at that weight. you never said that to a patient before. why did you say it to adam? >> at that time, with adam, he was complaining of -- he was about to pass out. and he had high, high blood pressure. he didn't look good.
8:20 am
he looked sick. he was not ugly. but he can be great. so, at that time, i had to do something about this. i tell him about his losing weight. and i sit down. and that came to my mind. i told him, if you don't do anything about your weight, you might as well pick your obituary. >> and that was something that clicked with you. and you started by walking the dog. >> yeah. my dog, thunder. he was a real big support in all this. >> and where did you go from there? i know people are watching, adam, and saying i want to do this. and they don't know how to go about doing it. >> you know? you have to get hooked on something. i got hooked on something. for me, it was walking. one block turned into two blocks. then, three and four. >> step by step. >> it is baby steps. >> you have a beautiful family. a beautiful wife. where are your ss? they're over there. oh, and your daughters, too.
8:21 am
and it was your son, the oldest, you're a baseball coach. >> yeah. >> and there was a real moment. tell us about that story. >> we had just won a real big baseball game. and -- and the first time he came out of the dugout. and we were all celebrating. and he went to give me a hug. and i heard a clap behind my back. and that was the first time that my son was able to give me a hug. you know, its was -- as you can see, it was a real emotional moment. >> he was able the get his arms around yu. >> the first time. >> your wife is looking great. >> and the whole family is now involved. and you were just reunited with dr. bustamante. >> yes. >> what was that moment when you got back together? >> we just reunited about two days ago. and i was excited to see him and his family. and when they brought me a thank
8:22 am
you card. the thank you card that's with it. the baseball autographed by the son. >> dr. bustamante, you probably saved this man's life. i know you said you're a family man. your obituary will say you lived a long, healthy life. thank you very much. let the children come up here. and let's kick it over to george. >> what a fantastic story. thank you, robin. it is now "dancing with the stars" time. the final danceoff monday. tuesday, we learn the winner. wednesday, all of the finalists will be live here on "gma." co-host brooke burke will take us through her day, morning tonight, as she prepares for the big finale.
8:23 am
>> i'm brooke burke-charvet. >> the day starts really early at 6:30 in the morning. i head into the kids' room. >> wake up, girls. >> waking up grumpy kids. i have four children at home. >> to wake up my two little babies are sitting here. >> all right. >> a very hectic morning in my household. i'm making breakfast. >> extra. >> extra chocolate. and driving my kids to school. i'm a really hands-on mom. i have many jobs that i do. i'm the ceo of modern moms. i also spent all of last year writing "my life as a mom" and doing a dvd series on how to get in shape. i love to take a walk and workout. i arrive at 10:00 a.m. you read through the script. and everything we say on our live show is in this script. >> we've got more still to come and a lot of great
8:24 am
entertainment. as soon as we finish reading the script, new script pages come in. if you notice, i pull out sheets from magazines with different makeup looks to inspire us. >> that's our hair inspiration wall. >> i'm doing your hair now. >> the funny thing is that, these lashes look totally natural on. on the show. >> sometimes we do double layers of lashes. they look amazing. >> next monday or tuesday. ♪ >> sometimes it looks great in person and doesn't look great on tv and vice versa. this is the empty ballroom. and that's my little skybox up there. everybody's back into the control room. i'm going to go out to the middle of the floor with tom and see if we can get the dress approved. and we have to get it approved. are we happy? we're approved? all right. it's that easy. and it can be that easy to say
8:25 am
no. we do a full-blown dress rehearsal, which usually takes about two hours. there's two more dances coming up. do you feel you have two more dances in you tonight. and call, logon to everybody wants you to help. >> that's it. my day is nearly over when we wrap our live show. then, i go to one more script meeting. an i rush back home to kiss the kids good night. i'm lucky to have four amazing children and married to a wonderful man. i'm blessed to have this gig. but it's about taking it day by day. ♪ >> this is monday's show. >> i always like to tweet pictures of my shoes because nobody ever gets to see them. i may ask ricki, what do you need to do to get that top spot
8:26 am
back. >> you look -- all the time. >> now, backstage. no more rehearsals. the show is live. for now, that's a wrap. see you guys monday night. >> and the finale kicks off monday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. tune in next wednesday morning. all three final couples dancing right here in times square. a great party. and coming up here -- ♪ a few of my favorite things >> sing it, george. you want to sing with us. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. i am natasha barrett at 8:27. and, maryland ban
8:27 am
be history.ould will introduce a bill to allow restaurants to serve beer and wine. bethesda is ranked as having people in the u.s. community its size. analyzedess journal populationswith and 100,000 and the best ticket out on top. 81% of its residents have at least one bachelor's degree. in bethesda, things are nicely virginia like it is behaving on 66 and 95 and i-395 . here are a couple of cameras to problems on the outer 108 is argia avenue at pedestrian accident. the next camera takes to the
8:28 am
the elderlyh on avenue andnecticut pike.lle look at the sunshine on i-395 . a beautiful day today with high pressure over head. it will be on the cool side and only a warm about 15 degrees from our current numbers. 36 degrees in the district. of us will be in the mid- with totaltoday sunshine and clear skies through night and it will be cool morning but warming weekend, 50's tomorrow afternoon and below 60's by sunday. updatel have another
8:29 am
♪ we started kissing i want a love ♪ [ cheers and applause ] the one, the only, lady
8:30 am
gaga. we will never forget her spectacular support. she is going to be coming back to "good morning america." it will happen next tuesday. she has a lot to talk about. and we cannot wait for lady gaga. >> thanks giving week. it's going to be great. coming up right now, also -- oprah's favorite things. great deals. just a couple minutes. there's robin's favorite. >> i love those. also coming up, thanksgiving doesn't necessarily mean you have to cook turkey. chef mario batali in the kitchen with casetasty alternatives we t wait to try. >> first, back to robin. this is a piece of hollywood history we're looking at right now. the legendary ruby red slippers
8:31 am
from "the wizard of oz." this man right here, runs a house that will put them up for sale. and i can see we have security right next to them. and this is legit. >> oh, yeah. >> joe, it's good to see you. >> how are you? >> all right. this is the real deal, isn't it? >> the real deal. >> how much do you think they will go for? >> we've estimated 2 million to $3 million. last year, we sold debbie reynolds' subway dress. >> what is written? >> judy garland number seven. they probably had ten pairs of slippers. four have survived. one was stolen from the museum in 2006. this is probably the last pair that will ever come to auction. >> and there is one on display. >> absolutely. go to washington. >> it's a popular display. >> it's the most popular display at the smithsonian. >> where do we see these actual shoes in the movie.
8:32 am
>> in his opinion, these are the most famous pair, when dorothy clicks her heels to go back to kansas. >> this is the pair? >> they're the hero pair. all the others are used to run around. these are the hero insert pair. she wanted to go back to kansas, she would click her heels. >> can you pick them up? the soles on the bottom. >> the soles are red. >> you see that? >> all of the other shoes are felt. when people study these, they count the sequence. they know the construction. they do that. >> december 16th. all right. stand down, sir. you okay? he's ready to take me out. i don't want to touch them. joe, thank you very much. and this is truly iconic. you really feel like -- >> part of history. >> it is. thank you. sam is in times square. a little bit -- where is he?
8:33 am
he's down at the disney store and has so much more for us. we want to get sam. >> good morning, robin. we're just north of you at the disney store in times square, for the one of a kind virtual experience in front of the store. when you come in here, you line up. you give them your e-mail address and your phone number. they will text you a picture of you with a virtual disney character. it's something to take away from your time here in times square, just hanging out. we did the party rock anthem on our halloween show. so, with the disney characters. and there's donald already in place for me right there now. we did it. we didn't do it really well. but we did it. and so, donald's here. we're going to teach you guys the step. okay? on the step, donald, are you with me? you got it? ready to learn? everybody ready? okay. you're going to lead with your -- shuffle. shuffle. shuffle down, one.
8:34 am
down, two. you ready? all right. so, ready to go? shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. down one. down two. take it, donald. take it. how are you doing? pretty good. did you do pretty good? not bad. ♪ i've just got to tell you, i'm having the best time here. i don't know if it comes across on tv. but it really is a good time to stand in front of the screen and be up there in front of all of times square, hanging out with your favorite disney character. and an experience you'll be able to take away home with you when you leave. our party right here in times square. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with that system moving in. i think you should leave the party rock theme over weather. it comes out over the southwest. it's going to deliver a hit of snow. it's not only snow. it's not only snow all the way through the mountains, but we really think near the puget sound in the seattle area, you'll see snowflakes.
8:35 am
that will drop into the mountains of california and also nevada later through the weekend. warming up in the deep south this weekend, after a cold start to your friday. and there will even be a few showers in the mississippi river valley. 30'ss the chili in the sunshine but we to the mid 40's today but temperatures will weekend.the highs will be back in the lower 60's by sunday. >> i just want to show you that my picture, by the way. i want to show you my picture. do you have it? got a good shot of it? that is a picture with donald duck this morning. you can get yours sent to you by
8:36 am
e-mail or text. >> looking good out there. this is also looking really good. who doesn't love oprah's favorite things? she may have ended the show. but oprah is keeping this holiday tradition very much alive in "o," magazine, which is out now with its guide to great gift ideas. this morning, we're sharing them with you guys. grab a pen and paper. these are really good ideas. clarissa cruz is fashion feat e featurfeatur features editor. and is going to tell us about the great gift ideas. >> you get a discount on a lot of these ideas. >> i love that. i'm going to scream like the audience. let's start right here. i love these necklaces because they feel one of a kind. and they also are inspirational. >> that is great for a busy mom. if you want to take a breather.
8:37 am
they're mantra necklaces. >> your mantra, i know you're wearing one right now. a great one to thing about. karma. what goes around comes around. >> yes. >> they're $49 on our discount. >> fantastic. next up, an espressomaker for just $10. >> this is only $10. it looks great on your stove top. very chic. >> very good gift idea. our friend, robin, is obsessed with these. a wonderful gift idea. they're portraits of your dog. >> and oprah loves these, as well. they're from >> $70. but it's custom. it's a keepsake. >> exactly. >> coming up, i see the wine and i'm interested. >> this is a bottle riesnthel.
8:38 am
and what he looks to do is fill it with wine from his native australia. these are $16. but $12 with our discount. >> great idea. i have to admit, i've been trying this. this is from australia. >> this is another one of peter's picks. it's australian licorice. they're delicious an available for the first time stateside. >> i can't say that i haven't -- >> $27. >> $27 with the discount? >> yes. >> now, i can't stop. the alarm clocks. by the way, none of us want these. but you might want one. and really cute colors. they're a pick from dr. oz. and they're alarm clocks from st. jude's. they just make animal sounds. >> i like that. more appealing than the blasting that goes off. and this is the dog? >> yes. >> and st. jude's. i assume that the money goes -- >> the children at the hospital designed these. so, it goes back to them. >> these are wild. >> they're awesome, aren't they?
8:39 am
>> they're sneakers by asics. they have a liner in them. so, you don't have to wear socks. >> all of these gift ideas you can find on our website, on yahoo! check them out. we will be right back with mario batali, ev we prise not to send you overseas on your first day. day two, however, could be a totally different story. around here, students show up for their first day of co-op work and internships and are assigned to help one of over 1900 corporations, assignments that often lead to full - time career opportunities. it could be around the corner. it could be halfway around the world. no matter where our
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students go, their journey always begins at rochester institute of technology.
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[ cheers and applause ] year five of our warm coats, warm hearts drive, with burlington coat factory. >> they're already rolling. >> keep them coming. >> we have the whole team from burlington. it's such an important thing. so we have a big goal to get to this year. burlington jump-started it. giving us 1,000 coats. now, we're taking it from there, starting right here at the "gma" studios. take a look. shiny yellow trench. my antiques road show fleece. time to go. it feels so good to clean out the closet. but even better when you know that it's going to a great cause. it's that time to kick off "gma's" annual coat drive, which has brought warmth, love and
8:43 am
smiles to hundreds of thousands of people every winter. >> thank you. >> reporter: over the past four years, a slew of celebrities donated to our warm coats, warm hearts drive. from ben affleck. to will smith, ryan seacrest, and the jonas brothers. alongside the celebrity donations, we felt the generosity from around the country and managed to collect over 800,000 coats. now, it's our fifth year. and we're going big. our goal, that 1 millionth coat. i've made my my personal mission to make sure we get there. behind the scenes at "gma," i know my co-anchors have coats to give. and what do you know? >> what do you know? >> reporter: coats in hand. i have coats to get. thank you. robin? i'll get her later. sam? >> lara. >> reporter: hi. >> what's up, lady? >> reporter: is this for us? >> this is for you.
8:44 am
>> reporter: i have to keep collecting. even diane sawyer joined in. this is not an episode of "charlie's angel." >> i love this. >> reporter: and the donations keep rolling in. from teen heartthrob josh hutcherson. to "the chew's" chef michael symon. >> i have one to start. >> one closer to our mark, which i love. thank you so much. and even on this, the last week of his show, regis gave back. thank you for bringing a coat. >> this is a great idea. this is one of my favorite overcoats. i hope they enjoy it. >> reporter: every coat counts. and we're asking people to tweet us pictures when they donate their coats. we've received an overwhelming response. now, it's your turn. and it all starts in your closet. so, start cleaning. join me. clean out your closet. make room. so, please help us out.
8:45 am
there's diane's coat. these are a few of the coats i started collecting this week. we'll continue. we hope you will, as well. you can give at any burlington coat factory. you have until january to do it. make a donation and tweet it. please do that. we're getting there. in the history of this effort, we've donated so far, 8, 22,254 coats. we're trying to get a 1 million. one coat at a time. every bit helps. thanks for your efforts. and please, go ahead and donate. coming up, everybody, mario batali in the house, with thanksgiving treats.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we are counting down to thanksgiving. for the rest of the week, we are here with our friend and chef mario batali. great ideas, from your new book here, "molto batali, simple family als." >> that's right. in two weeks, i start writing a bimonth live column -- every other week, about what is interesting in food. it's going to be about nutrition. about family. how to eat well. >> where do we find it? >> it's a national distribution. you won't be able to miss it. >> that's great. what do we have snowed. >> two side dishes. you make a roasted pumpkin
8:49 am
fontina. and throw in some nutmeg. fontina is one of my favorites. it has a delicious, complex flavor. then, we have a little bit of pecorino. and a little bit of nutmeg, which i find works well with cheese and fondue, and also with the pumpkin. once you've got that, it will hold well. you have to put it on the heat and boil it. >> and keep stirring it right? >> and stir it. and then you go right to the plate. we pour on the plate like that. and dip like that. >> this is going like gangbusters back here. >> i knew they would love it. then, what you do, is you roast it by cutting them into cubes. roast them in the oven, just like baking a potato. and serve just like that. >> very good. >> sweet and savory. >> good stuff. >> then, i have turnips, which a lot of people aren't excited
8:50 am
about. so, i then roll that with an olive pesto. take green aolives. take some pine nuts and a clove of garlic. put it in the food processor, like so. and zap it until it's pureed. you can do this with any herb, any cooked vegetable. it creates this crazy flavorful, textured puree. you take turnips or any vegetable. and you stir it in, like that. >> nice. >> and then, just stir it around. add a little bit of chopped parsley. a little marjoram. if you feel you didn't want to make the olive pesto, you can buy it in the store, in jars
8:51 am
like that. stir it. keep it warm until you're ready to serve it. when you want to serve it, take it to a platter like that. >> i was asking you before, i'm not doing thanksgiving. we have great brussels sprouts. >> easy. the key to understanding brussels sprouts. you don't have to boil them. cut them in half, take some really good bacon. stew it around the pan. bake them until they're crispy on the edges. >> and not boiling. >> no boiling. you put them in, and put it out. >> you made it easy for me. thank you very much. >> the turnips with the green olive pesto. >> i just made a turnip of my own accord. >> thank you. everybody, "the chew," every weekday here on abc. to get all of the recipes, and a
8:52 am
thanksgiving cooking guide on on yahoo! at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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[ cheers and applause ]
8:55 am
they are uptown for reege's big farewell. hey, guys. >> we're not going to miss this. we were red carpet road kill moments ago. we're just moments away. can you believe it? >> i can't. it will be interesting to see just who's in the audience. it's supposed to be star-studded. >> we're going to go. have a great weekend, everybody. and hold down the fort, will you? >> unbelievable. >> let's go watch this on tv. before we go right now, we want to leave you with something very special to kick off your weekend. a brand-new "your three words." as you listen to it, enjoy. and have a good time. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> we'll miss you, regis. ♪ ♪ 'cause the little things don't mean much to me ♪
8:56 am
♪ that girl i'd cross the whole world ♪ ♪ for someone like you oh, oh, no matter where you go ♪ ♪ my unpredictable girl >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning @ 8:56. there are new revelations the idaho man accused of firing a rifle at the white house last week. people who knew him say he was jesus and he thought president obama was the antichrist. appeared in federal court in yesterday and was with trying to assassinate the president.
8:57 am
predicting more than 42 million americans will travel theirst 50 miles from thanksgiving weekend up 4% from last week. -- last year. air fares are up 20% from last year. everybody is coming to my house so i have been cleaning painting bring it on! we had a crash on the beltway to get past the mormon temple. will take you live to some pictures. the outer loop at 355 looks good. the inner loop is not too pretty is a normal backup. look at the delay leaving route 1. northbound 395 is not too bad in the sunshine. beautiful sunshine out there. becausel sunshine no haze or humidity.
8:58 am
this is frederick, maryland. it is 36 degrees in frederick freezing point at the dulles airport. tomorrow andnny low 60's by sunday. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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