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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute this is abc 7 news at noon "on your side." >> we begin with pancho allegations against a coach -- we begin with allegations against a head basketball coach bernie fine, who is now on administrative leave. this case comes just two weeks after allegations against jerry sandusky came to light. >> both of the alleged victim's told espn at that the penn state case was what pushed them to talk about this.
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bobby davis was a ball boy at syracuse in the 1980's and 1990's. he told espn that bernie fine molested him for several years. >> i knew i did not want it to happen. >> his stepbrother mike lang was also a ball boy at the university and he also alleges that he fell victim to coach fine saying that he touched him and appropriately many times. >> he would do it again and again. it just made you feel odd. >> syracuse university confirmed that he was the focus of an investigation in 2005 after an alleged victim came forward, but the case was closed when they could not find any witnesses.
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the chancellor released a statement this morning, saying -- she went on to say -- the head basketball coach released a statement late last i, citing that bernie fine has his full support. the investigation is just in the beginning stages. >> thank you. more breaking news today. the head coach and assistant coach of the oklahoma state university women's basketball team died in a plane crash. the plane went down last night. the coach and assistant coach were on a recruitment trip. another pilot died as well.
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two years ago a plane crash in colorado killed 10 players and team leaders. a man accused of killing his elderly wife at their home is in court. he is told with killing his wife, a 91-year-old. he requested to represent himself at his trial. he said he was a staff general in the army of iraq. we have more information on this developing story tonight at 5:00. a man faces charges in a fairfax county murder that went unsolved for more than a year. 22-year-old reynard prather was indicted with the murder of jose cardona. reynard prather and other suspects were trying to rob a home in centreville when one of them shot and killed jose cardona. he could face life in prison or
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even death. and idaho man accused of shooting at the white house last week apparently believes he is jesus christ. >> please do not take me as a joke or as a deception. i have never felt so sure that i was sent here from god to lead the world to zion. >> this is an excerpt of a tape that he sent to the "oprah show". he is charged with attempting to assassinate the president or a staff member. police are investigating a robbery late last night at cecil hall at umd. two men wearing masks approached a student and demanded property. of the victim was not hurt. it is the first reported robbery on campus in 12 months. temperatures plunged last
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night. we have the first look at your forecast. >> it is still rather chilly out there. here is a great look from our rooftop camera. all of the leaves are down on roosevelt island. clear skies. it looks comfortable outside but it is still pretty chilly. 36 degrees in germantown. la plata, 41 degrees. the temperatures will rise a few more degrees in the mid 40's this afternoon and quickly plunge again later this evening and tonight. police are hunting for someone who stole $27,000 from a bank atm. a skimming device was found attached to one of the atm's. suntrust notify the affected
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customers and refunded their money. this is a first in the race for the white house. gop presidential candidate herman cain is now under secret service protection. the decision came after it reported death threat came against the candidate. >> herman cain just became the first candidate to receive secret service protection. agencies requested $113.4 million for the job. >> that certainly seems to make him seem more important in this election cycle. >> the extra security reportedly came as a result of multiple death threats. he faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment. he recently broke down in an interview when talking about faith and his wife.
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>> holding the bible when i am going in. >> according to analysts, the request came unusually soon. barack obama began receiving it in may 2007. >> in light of the gabrielle giffords shooting in january and other factors, clearly this is something that had to be addressed but it is kind of unusual when he is not actually leading the polls right now. >> in addition to receiving threats, secret service say a candidate can get their production if they are actively campaigning in more than 10 states and received more than $2 million in donations. secretary of state henry clinton is getting ready for an historic trip.
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president obama says his top diplomat will travel to myanmar next month. mr. obama says after years of darkness, there have been flickers of progress in the country in recent weeks. a new report is raising fears about over-worked metro employees. some are logging so many hours that passengers may be put at risk. >> for metro employees working long hours, changes could soon be coming. metro plans to implement a 14- hour cap each day. >> i think that is probably reasonable. >> the new move comes on the heels of the new safety report that shows some employees lot more than 100 hours a week. >> and the time i work 15 or 16 hours a day, you get fatigued. >> currently, there is no limit.
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however, train operators get an extended break during the day. >> transit authorities at a majority of drivers already left from the cap and track repairmen usually work of a lengthy hours. when it comes down to safety, every employee should be well rested. >> it is wrong. that is the main reason for a lot of accidents. >> putting this plan in place would make metro among the first to have a regulation like this. they hope to have it finalized by 2012. >> thank you. coming up, the bizarre death of the beautiful icon suddenly back in the spotlight. >> and god bless you all. i hope i see you all real soon.
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>> regis philbin and his biggest fans look back on 50 years. plus, a popular store opens its doors in arlington.
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investigators have reopened their investigation into the death of a legendary actor's wife. natalie wood was with her husband and actor christopher walken when her body disappeared.
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>> what we think is she went outside and slip to on the step and hit her head and was knocked unconscious and fell into the water. >> the captain of the boat is telling a different story. he says he overheard the couple arguing. they were known for having a tumultuous relationship. we want to get a check on the weekend forecast. if it is bright and sunny out there right now bank -- it is bright and sunny and out there right now. >> it is not that bad. we have handled this before. let's take a look at the time lapse of the sunrise. this is a beautiful shot from our hd camera at the naval academy. not a single cloud in the skype. all morning long and for the rest of the day as well.
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here is a live view from fairfax. 42 degrees. a cold day outside for the kids at recess. 43 degrees in manassas. temperatures are about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. total sunshine. nothing but clear skies. that high pressure is giving us that motion in the atmosphere, inhibiting and the clouds from forming. this is going to move off shore late tonight and tomorrow. that will put us on the backside giving us the return flow and the southerly wind which will be bumping up the temperatures for the weekend. mid 30's around bedtime. tomorrow morning, close to the freezing point so i think a
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degree or two a roundabout way but maybe even in the upper 20's in some outlying areas. mid 50's tomorrow. then some increasing clouds especially late on sunday but noticeably warmer in the 60's. we cannot rule out an isolated shower late sunday after sunset and especially sunday night into monday. not a washout. >> we will make it through. we are following some breaking news at this hour. the washington nationals catcher is now back in washington and is speaking out about his kidnapping. >> i just want to say thanks, nats fans, for your praise and support. i am happy to be here with my family, and i will see you in spring training.
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>> he was abducted last week. he was rescued two days later. eight people have been charged in connection with the case. it it was an all-star tribute to regis philbin. -- >> hosted his show for nearly 30 years, and today for the last time. ♪ ♪ >> one last chat with the producer and one last walk through that door. the regis philbin farewell tour comes to an end. a vip finale starting at the red carpet where he has come to work for the last 28.5 years. >> are you sad? >> i think did a bit of both. i think he feels the same way. >> regis philbin has always
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thrived on spontaneity. producers did not tell him which celebrities were bewould be in the audience. >> as for what is next, -- >> and no one knows the streets of new york city better than new. why not be a cab driver? >> all he will say is he is not retiring. >> we are going to dinner with him tonight. >> joy has always been the boss. >> i have had the privilege of walking 43 steps with you five days a week for the past 11 years. >> you look great. could you do it? >> absolutely. >> fantastic. >> when we see that person, we will make a decision. >> it will not be easy filling
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the shoes of a giant. >> i hope to see you again real soon. thanks everybody. >> his future is the subject of today's on-line debate. we would love for you to weigh in on our facebook page. we will have the results tonight at 5:00. a new place to pick up groceries. trader joe's opened its newest store this morning just about a block away from the clarendon metro station. and lot of arlington residents are excited about that. metro riders can expect some disruptions this weekend. blue and yellow line trains will not run between -- red line trains will single track between dupont circle and the judiciary square. coming up, a unique family
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shows what life is like under their roof. >> 1 girl's search for her sperm donor father reveals a bigger surprise. plus the very talented q ejectment. see what happens when i share a cup of joe with him.
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this is a lifestyle that we really see it inside. three wives, 24 children. a public a missed family takes
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-- a polygamist family takes inside their home. it really does not fit a lot of the stereotypes that people have about polygamist families. >> they really turned those stereotypes' upside-down. they are really a modern family. this is nothing like -- one man, three wives 24 kids. the wives are all really beautiful and educated. they maintain that this is the way they want to live. they are allowing our cameras in for all access because they feel that polygamist marriages should be legalized. i know people will have a lot of strong feelings about this but i encourage them to watch before passing judgment.
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they say they are not oppressed or abused. these 24 kids, i have to say regardless of what you think of the parents and their lifestyle these kids are pretty incredible. >> and they all get along together under one roof. that is the equivalent of a full class from. >> it is. all the children have chores that they do and they all contribute. that house was cleaner and quieter than our house and we only have two kids and one dog. >> they figured out how to make it work. we will tune in. thank you so much. everyone is invited to watch tonight at 10:00, and then stay with us for 11:00 news.
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a nuclear power plant that supplies homes in our area is being reopened. dominion power says it is saved but some residents and watchdogs say they are not so sure. the special tonight at 5:00. now getting a final look at our weather as we go into the weekend. >> warming up a little bit. some high clouds tomorrow, a little bit warmer closer to normal near 50's.
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62 degrees for sunday. we cannot rule out a few isolated showers late sunday and into monday, but for the most part, the weekend is looking at agreeable. it looks like we will clear out again for thanksgiving preliminarily. not a washout monday through wednesday. >> thanks so much for joining us. we will see you back here for "good morning washington." have a wonderful weekend.
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