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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 19, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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trojans hang on. and, again, herby, we go to the last play of a game to decide it. >> kirk: it seems like everywhere we show up it goes down to the last play. but matt barkley, they're late in the game, the interception, the miscue there with tyler in the backfield, gave oregon a chance. the ducks almost got back in position to tie it or win it. the kicker could not começ through. maldonado and lane kiffin's team escapes with a great victory. >> brent: back to heather now. she has the quarterback. >> heather: matt, congratulations. moments ago you spent a lot of time with your coach, lane kiffin. >> there were moments we could have put it out but our defense, special teams pointed out at the end. praise the lord, this game could have gone the other way.
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finally the trojans pulled one out. it feels great. >> heather: you were in control through so much of the game. but the play that decided the game, you had to stand on the sideline and watch. >> this year we're a different team. and we pulled together big wins towards the end of the game. tonight was another one of those games where our defense made plays, they didn't let them score and it came down to special teams. we made the plays. >> heather: enjoy this win. congrats. brent. >> brent: the pac-12 north goes to a civil war. that's right. oregon will need to win next week. >> kirk: they will need to win to be able to secure that bid and have a chance to host the pac-12 championship. a tremendous game for lane kiffin, matt barkley and the trojans, coming on the road and winning in a tough environment. >> brent: that's assuming
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stanford could come back on california. thanks for watching espn on abc. we'll take you to the studio now and here's robert flores. robert? potentially great drama in central texas as we now take you to waco, texas for baylor and oklahoma. baylor, number 22 in the bcs, oklahoma ranked fifth. oklahoma just scored. we'll take you to floyd casey stadium. joe and matt with the call. >> trey miller right back there. good power football. back there. you'll be a fullback. that's the name you want on your back. that sounds like a blocking fullback, doesn't it? >> sure does. >> and we welcome those of you who are watching usc's victory
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over oregon. we've got a thriller here as well. glad you're with us. joe tesatore, matt milan, erin andrews. they have been relying on plays like this. he's passed for 343 yards. he hooked up to reese. then the play of the game, the tipped ball in stride, 87-yard touchdown to kendall wright that tied the game at 24-24. baylor would score 21 unanswered points, moments ago, oklahoma throws into that lead, cut it down into a seven-point margin. the big headline is, they've never beaten oklahoma. number five is in trouble but still lots of time left.
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>> they believe they can do it. they have the opportunity to do it. let's see if they can finish it. >> let's check in with erin andrews. erin. >> erin: oklahoma marched in for the score there, i had my eye on robert griffin iii. and kendall wright as well on the sideline. no emotion. they looked at the jumbotron, saw oklahoma score and they looked back out on the field. these guys have ice through their veins. absolutely no expression. >> could it be number five? erin andrews, you are right on the money. kendall wright is the guy. since that big tip and touchdown, we have not heard from him. it's time for him to show up.
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here's griffin. he keeps it himself and surges ahead for ten yards. kendall wright, 196 yards receiving, that big touchdown we showed you. baylor looking for a signature win which would cause even more mayhem and confusion in these bcs rankings.ç >> brent: play action, griffin, going to tuck it and run it. remember he has that world-class speed. he has another first down. >> one of the dangers of having the running skills, defensively you can take everything away. once you set that separation from the line and your backers get good depth, he takes advantage of it.
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>> oklahoma fans looked up at that score all night long and saw oregon trailing usc hoping that number four in front of them would take the loss. they did. but not oklahoma has to dig out of a hole. they need to stop griffin in order to do it. a couple yards there. let's show you the bcs standings. last night the thriller up in ames started to put everything into this blender and it's been mixed up all day long, number two has gone down. number four has gone down and what will happen and how will this unfold here in waco is the next question to be answered.
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second and seven now. screen gain. that is going to be marked all the way back at the 37 yard line. as that lateral went out of bounds, reese couldn't control it. hearst was indefensibly. >> kirk: he read that quickly. even he had caught that ball, he would have had a loss. >> as erin reported earlier, lewis, harris, starting defensive end and starting free safety for oklahoma, injured and out. can their defense come up big here? third and 17. >> one on the outside. >> griffin with lotses of time, looking over his options. launches it downfield but overthrows the intended target,
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terrence williams. >> he wanted kendall wright. initially he had one-on-one for the topside. terrence williams. here's kendall wright. that's what he wanted. the coverage by fleming was impeccable. they undercut him. it sets this up punt. >> it sets up a golden opportunity for oklahoma to try to salvage things here. as they will get the ball back. the punt. kenny stills sets up camp at the 23. that's a line drive kick, backs up still to the 14. he settles down at the 24. so the final chapter of a wacky weekend of top ten college football in front of us. stay with us. but my boyfriend thinks, "seen one chicken sandwich seen 'em all"
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>> on the left you have baylor faithful hoping to break the 0 for 20 streak against oklahoma. number five is trailing bri ini touchdown with 3:29 to play. get a good block, a first down and a lot more. the 5'7" sophomore who's in for dominique whaley who was the starting running back and is out for the year. he got a good block from stevenson. >> that left side in the fourth quarter has been giving him running room. they start the one way and come back the other way. they've been doing a nice job. >> this time, nowhere to go against that front seven of
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taylor. it was johnson who was able to find him. >> baylor defensively in their interior, they step to the plate. we've seen juan baptiste make some plays. they've done well. >> jones with time and he goes to play out of the backfield and it will make for a third and about five. >> this is all down from here. >> landry jones shows real nice patience. >> here's jones now. over the middle and in slide is jazz reynolds. last time we saw jazz reynolds they were taking him in to look at that arm. he took a big hit early. now he's back on the field making plays.
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>> oklahoma hurries back up to the line and snaps it. two minutes to play. that is complete to jazz reynolds. one of the young receivers trying to step in and step up for ryan broyals. 2:04 and counting down the play. landry jones, 234 yards of passing offense. he's going to have a sooners first down as the clock will stop as they move the chains, 1:41. fifth ranked team in the country, trying to stay in the hunt and make that argument for the bcs title game as a one-loss team. james hanna went off. there was a little confusion now. as to what should be done.
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first down from the 18. over the middle. that was dangerous. rodney chadwick had an opportunity. >> he wanted kenny sells in the worst way. he locked on him. that is very dangerous. everybody was right there. chadwick had a chance to put it out of his misery right there. >> 4:35 from jones. he needs more magic here. complete to the 11 yard line. he's in for hanna. he just went off a little while ago. doesn't have the same movement that hanna has. >> third down, they can get a first down at the 8 yard line. >> four down territory.
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>> jones, plenty of time. first down and he scoots out. it will be first and goal, oklahoma with 55 seconds remaining. and now they sub in blake bell, the 6'6", 245-pound bruising back of a quarterback. and with that personnel group coming in, baylor head coach art riles (b&ls a time-out. be sure to stay tuned after our game tonight for the ford wrapup with robert flores. glad you're with us in waco, what has been a wildly entertaining game all night long. joe alongside matt milan and
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erin andrews. baylor has never been in a spot like this to try to beat number five at home in a game that means so much this late in the season. baylor has never beaten oklahoma, 0 for 20. blake bell, he's running four times for ten yards. he's had three touchdowns. they actually refer to this package of him coming in as the belldozer. let's see if he plows straight ahead. >> the last few times they'll run a powerback inside. baylor has not been able to stop it. >> also has trey miller there, the fullback with him. >> here he goes. bell, into the end zone. he does it again. his fourth touchdown of the game. a little bit of a change but the same personnel group, using the same power.
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this time play side instead of bringing it around. >> looks like they'll go for two here. >> blake bell is staying on the field. >> the officials are going to have a revw here. blake bell was not running off and placekicker michael honeycutt was not running out, matt. >> they have not -- when i'm saying they, this baylor defense has not stopped this power all night long. ridkowski, miller, shedd, ripkowski, they blow right through the middle of this defense. let's see if his knee is down anywhere. i think it's down but the ball is over. >> by about two feet at the
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point where his knee is down. the replay official, david ames is taking a look here. he's scored four touchdowns with the power game at the gold line. does that give you enough faith to go for two? >> doesn't matter what we think, i'll tell you that right now. >> that's the decision being made. >> josh heupel is going to make that decision along with bob stoops. what they're saying is we have been beating the line of scrimmage, changing the line of scrimmage to their side of the ball. nobody stopped them all night long with that play. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field is confirmed, touchdown. >> so they pull within one. now the decision to be made, keep in mind, what's on the line. oklahoma state, number two was upset last night up at ames.
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oregon, number four, was upset and oklahoma is trying to stay alive. bob stoops could be part of the argument for the bcs national title game. >> they want to end this right here. >> this is big. bob stoops making the decision to go for two. key those fullbacks. >> they call a time-out. baylor took the time-out. >> time-out, baylor. >> a week ago, baylor survived a two-point conversion attempt. that was against the struggling kansas team. that was a fade route out to the corner. you'll likely know what's coming straight at you. >> what this is about, joe, this is all about numbers. that's what this whole thing is
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about. defensively you have to know how you're deploying your guys. you'll have four on their five. you have to be in a numbers advantage. that's what you want to be able to do. with this formation, the offense can dictate where the numbers go. because they can take the fullbacks in the back feld and get them to every -- either side of the ball. that last touchdown we saw, they stayed play side and blew right through them. number advantage, oklahoma. if they stay with the jumbo personnel group, you have trey miller at 249, fullback, ripkowski at 255 and bell, the quarterback at 245.ç two-point conversion attempt. >> flag came in there and there was motion. >> now they'll have to kick it.
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>> false start, offense, number 74, five-yard penalty. retry. >> that was a gutsy, gutsy call by bob stoops. he wanted every bit of it. it's that time of the year. risk reward. now the decision made for them. >> just that movement right there makes the decision to kick this extra point. >> so on comes michael honeycutt, the redshirt freshman, walk-on kicker. to tie the game and keep hope alive in the bcs. 38-38. 51 seconds remain. so we said who was going to step to the plate. and the answer was real simple. >> it's landry jones. 447 yards of passing and the last drive when they needed to make the big play, he came
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through. started with the running game. it was roy finch out to left side. then landry jones took control. patiently moving them down the field and when the big play presented itself to jazz reynolds, it was there. goes to the tight end, back underneath. and then this throw to clay which sets up the belldozer for six. >> blake bell, 6'6", 245. four touchdowns, the last of which ties this game, fifth tie we've had. oklahoma scored two touchdowns in the last five minutes and four seconds. landry jones has made one poor throw here tonight which was an interception. then he's come back -- >> guess who gets his turn, though. >> exactly. now comes robert griffin iii.
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>> he'll take a knee. one of the most dynamic playmakers and exceptional athletes in all of college football will have his crack at it. >> not too shabby of a night so far. 433 yards, three touchdowns. one of them called back. one of them dropped. another one just missed by a few inches. or that thing would be over 600 yards. >> he is one ever four fds quarterbacks with over 9,000 passing yards and over 2,000 rushing yards in what has been such an exciting career here in waco. you see the wind. it is going into their face, the wind is going right to left. they're going into the wind here with 51 seconds to play in a tie game against number 5. >> now is the time that the oklahoma defensive front needs
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the same pressure they had to start the game. >> they're going to keep it on the ground with ganaway. no time-outs for baylor. >> they're saying they're going to go to o.t. >> now oklahoma will say we've got three of these. so they will take a time-out, as bob stoops will try to manage the clock and see how this plays out. >> let's update you with those bcs standings. number one, lsu, unharmed. number two, took it on the chin, up at ames. alabama, they're sitting there as a one-loss team with a glossy resume, oregon in a thriller against usc, they go down and baylor trying to do the same to oklahoma in a tie game here. if oklahoma survives they're still in what's going to be a
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wild argument in a few weeks as to who should play for the bcs title. >> second and six, remember the two time-outs for oklahoma remain. griffin. going to keep it himself. he picked up a block but could not stay inbounds. a big gainer, out to the 45 yard line with 36 seconds remaining. >> that time-out just turned around and bit him in the rearend. >> courtesy of robert griffin's speed. >> as soon as he saw the coverage he reversed the field and was out the game to theç lt side. >> that's aaron jones. twice he's hit a 50--yarder in his career. more real estate to be could be kerred for the bears.
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here's griffin now. trying to escape the pressure. and griffin into midfield, into oklahoma's side of the field. that stops the clock at 28 seconds. >> we know that griffin has world-class speed. but he saw that and knew he had a lot of green and forced him out of bounds. that's a big play. >> they need about 13 more yards for that successful range of aaron jones. pressure off the edge. it is complete to kendall wright. kendall wright gets through and kendall wright is down inside the 34. where aaron jones has hit before. 21 seconds as they move the chain, the clock stops momentarily. remember, no time-outs for
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baylor. empty backfield for griffin. he has time. launches it to the end zone, touchdown! harris williams
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>> the extra point just sneaks through. a 34-yard touchdown with eight seconds remaining. robert griffin iii adds to his legacy. 479 yards and 4 touchdowns on a magical night. >> he buys time with his feet and his eyes find the back of the corner. but keep in mind, he was willing to let this thing go. he was going to run the clock out, but they tempted fate and fate answered with a six-point throw to seemingly finish this game. >> it seems there has always been something about robert griffin iii, be it his dynamic story of being a world-class track guy who tried to convert his skills to be a passing quarterback or his season-ending
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knee surgery in '09 and having to work his way back. and these thrilling finishes he's provided time and time again with an athletic skill set that's unparalleled in the game right now. a school record, 479. oh, by the way he's rushed for 72 and he single handedly made it all happen there on that last-minute drive. only eight seconds remain. >> i'm still stuck at the time-out by oklahoma. >> they thought maybe. they wanted to see if they could manage it. instead, griffin struck. now the squib kick. takes a bounce. that's a live ball. and baylor tries to come up with it and they may have. and they have. taylor's going to close this show. a special teams mistake by the sooners.


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