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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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by lunchtime tomorrow if that will be wrapped up and skies will gradually clear tomorrow evening in time to devour the turkey on thanksgiving. the rain is moving into prince george's county and southern maryland, front grill as well. 48 degrees in harper's ferry, 43 in walkersville 50 in waldorf 51 in stafford. temperatures will slowly climb a little today into the mid 50's and continue climbing tonight to near 60. topping out tomorrow morning in the mid-60s, dropping thereafter. rainfall through midday tomorrow, become increasing. volume increasing, interstate 70, 270, 270 has a little slow traffic heading towards 109. no accidents on 50, 70.
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between hagerstown and baltimore still in good shape. b-w parkway northbound after the beltway, of vehicle went into a ditch. southbound near 410, reports of a stalled car. no.95 in virginia is also a good run between fredericksburg and springfield. back to you. >> thank you. good news for drivers in maryland. all but 1 mile of the intercounty connector open at 6:00 this morning. the part that links 370 and --- 270 and 95. >> it will come at a price. it will take you from 270 to 95. >> to go to gaithersburg i have to go all the way around the
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beltway and it is frustrating. i would rather pay whatever it is and get there quicker. >> took four years to construct. >> i am glad it's finished and i will be glad when the construction is gone. >> the idea first came up in the 1960's and now all that's left is the opening of the remaining one-mile segment connecting to route 1. the republican presidential campaign comes to washington. eight candidates will face of tonight for a debate at constitution hall in northwest focusing on foreign policy and national security. itthere's growing economic uncertainty now that a congressional super committee and failed to reach an agreement to trim the national debt. yesterday's failure means automatic cuts in defense spending and domestic programs,
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which will take effect starting in 2013. president obama says that he will appeal veto any attempt by lawmakers to repeal. >> we came close. >> we need to get people to stand up and do a balanced job. >> the committee's failure sent the dow jones down 249 points. but there was a little good news. standard & poor's is not planning another downgrade of the nation's credit rating based on the stalemate. at a 711 store in silver spring the clerks of there are getting a rush of customers, but instead surveillance cameras caught dozens of teenagers and young adults stealing items from the business. jummy olabanji has more on this case. >> this may look like a crowd of customers, but montgomery county police say it is a coordinated crime.
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saturday night just before midnight around 50 teenagers and young adult simultaneously rushed into this seven eleven store on tech road in silver spring and stole everything they could. >> they took everything. >> when police arrived this all groups of teenagers gathered in nearby parking lots or headed away from the store. they stopped six of them and found items from the seven eleven store, but no receipts. >> that is terrible. >> police did not charge them yet, but didn't get identifying information from them call for further investigation. are looking to see if any of the teenagers they stopped appear in the video. >> kids will be kids. they have to grow up sometime. >> montgomery county police are looking into whether or not these teenagers came from a party that was being held saturday night's not far from here. they are asking anyone who may recognize any of the teenagers
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in the video to call them. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. 5:05, 49 degrees on this tuesday. >> a tsa employee glance behind bars. what is accused of doing to a woman while in uniform. >> the latest, a sex abuse scandal at penn state. details on a former fbi director hired police and the investigation. >> how long will the rain fall continue and what impact is it having on traffic?
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the lights will be on with people in parts of arlington and alexandria wake up this morning. thousands of homes and businesses lost power several hours last night. there's no word on what led to the outage. probably a little early for people thinking about travel plans for the big thanksgiving day holiday. i'm not sure whether the rain will last into tomorrow. >> it will last into tomorrow. ups and downs 95 corridor there will be areas of rain today and especially tomorrow morning. the first half of the day will be fine tomorrow and the midsection of the country looks good as well. into thanksgiving day, great
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weather in store. effuse by sprinkles out there right now. temperatures if in the mid 40's northwest of town. 46 in martinsburg and cumberland. mid 50's south and east of the metro area. asthe rain will become more organized and widespread. it's organizing in parts of kentucky and west virginia and the ohio valley. that will continue moving our way. it's associated with an area of low pressure and a waterfront to the south of us. the warm air will move been through the night. temperatures will be reversed in terms of when they will climb and when they will drop. temperatures will climb through the afternoon and through the night and dropping again by tomorrow midday and afternoon because of a warm front. mid 50's today. the rain becoming more widespread. we will get close to an inch of rain by the time this is over around lunchtime tomorrow give
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or take a quarter of an inch. a few thunderstorms cannot be ruled out tomorrow morning as well as the cold front. then it looks delightful. looks great for thanksgiving, sunshine high temperatures in the upper 50's. warming into the '60s friday through the weekend. that's the weather. something for everyone. we will start in maryland with heavier volume spotted on route 5, route 4 228, 210. b-w parkway north bound after the beltway they are taking care of a vehicle that went into a ditch. and there's a stalled car on the b-w parkway as well. northbound 95 there's a crash. that's the only thing reported
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towards the harbor. the headlights northbound into springfield, moving at speed. and metro will is on normal service systemwide. metro is planning no significant track work this thanksgiving holiday weekend. it will deploy additional buses to help travelers. that's on 5qa and 5b. we are talking about 711 right now. 49 degrees. >> and it's raining out there still. not going to stopped for while. a shakeup in egypt does days after a series of deadly clashes between protesters and security forces. what it has to do with the government's cabinet members. >> vice president joe biden hosting an early holiday dinner ny great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion.
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checking on our top stories, the serelief is on the way for maryland commuters. the next stage of the icc has open this morning. drivers will be able to use the total of four free until december 4. it will eventually end that route 1. dozens of teenagers are responsible for a mass of data silver spring 711 on -- at a 7- eleven silver spring store. they left behind a big mess after stealing many items. 8 republican presidential candidates will gather in d.c. tonight for their 11th debate this year at constitution hall in northwest. it will focus primarily on
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foreign-policy and national- security. a suspect attacked a jogger in alexandria. this happened around 6:00 yesterday morning on east del ray ave. the man grabbed the woman from behind and threw her down and did a program which touched a woman. then he ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police. a tsa employee is accused of assaulting a manassas,. the approach two women on sunday near his home. he was in full uniform when he flies to baghdad and then assaulted one of the women. he is charged with aggravated sexual battery. egypt owes the cabinet resigned in the wake of a deadly protests in cairo. the government has been criticized for being inefficient and under the rule of the military. 26 people died in three days of classicists in the capital. protesters what the ruling
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military council to hand over power to a civilian government. the military says it will do so after presidential elections that could be held sometime next year. the senate will hold a hearing to examine the nation's child abuse laws. the committee will meet on december 13 to determined whether stronger laws are needed. former fbi director louis freeh will lead the penn state investigation against jerry sandusky and the inquiry will go back to 1975. the man accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house is being held without bond. oscar ortega-hernandez will undergo a psychological about relation to determine whether he's competent to stand trial. he fired nine sides of the white house on november 11. no one was injured as a result. we are 27-year-old jose
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pimentel tried to bomb police cars and post offices and kill u.s. troops returning from iraq and the afghanistan. he was a follower of anwar al- aulaqi and he was unemployed and living with his mother. >> it is a disappointment. i would like to apologize to the city. >> his mother also said that the new york city police department handled the situation well. a judge ordered him held without bail. >> 5 icloud 18 on this tuesday. vice-president joe biden hosted a dinner for injured servicemen and women from all branches of the military and they were accompanied by their families. the vice president and his wife spanx the soldiers for their sacrifice. and there are happy to spend a
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holiday with their military family. -- wife thanked the soldiers. there was a country music concert at the white house and included darius rucker and many other stars. >> he is from hootie and the blowfish. something that makes the holidays so special could be missing this year. >> an attack on at&t phones. it it appears there was an organized attempt to break into mobile customers online accounts, but no accounts were breached. at&t says it's not sure who is behind the attempt. credit cards are gaining ground in the u.s. with the issuance of
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the first airline cart with the emb chip. if you are planning to holiday shopping while at work, you may be disappointed. more companies are blocking access to on-line shopping sites this year. others say they will monitor employees for excess of internet use. less than five degrees of separation is what researchers have found between people instead of six degrees of separation. adam caskey joining us now for the weather. lots of rain. during the umbrella. >> its organizing right now and will become more widespread. >> it's been raining the last couple days. >> it's like an ongoing protest. it's organizing right now and
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will really get going especially by midday. let's look at conditions in terms of rainfall totals. still looks like things will clear out in time for our thanksgiving. 44 degrees in meyersville -- myersville. over half-inch there as well as in cumberland. over a third of an inch in germantown and woodbrige. we will see close to another inch of rain through about lunchtime tomorrow before wraps up soon thereafter. light showers along 66, front grill moving eastward. and about 50 southwards in prince george's county, a moderate showers are to the southeast of the beltway. ended lower southern maryland, a few areas of rain. not much rain this morning. it's coming together of to the west. it will continue moving into town. you can see it in parts of the ohio valley.
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it becomes more widespread. we will continue to see that trend and it will move into our area. there's an area of low pressure. once rundown to our south. much warmer air behind the front. cool more air moves in while we are sleeping so the temperatures will climb. by this time tomorrow morning, a low to mid 60's. the rain will become more widespread this evening. a few thunderstorms possible tomorrow morning, the rainshowers wrapping up by lunchtime. becoming a breezy as we clear out tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will peak in the morning and then dropped thereafter. temperatures will tumble through the lack of the day tomorrow. thanksgiving through the weekend, a lot of sunshine, comfortable, unseasonably mild, upper 50's on thanksgiving, 60's from friday through the weekend. there's an accident
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northbound 95 between garrissonville road and the marine base. be careful. they are on the scene. that's the only one. 66 looks good. nothing on 81 11, 7100. a nice trip on the greenway anza dulles toll road. doylestown 395 looks great leaving the beltway. no problems to report near the pentagon. the exit for washington boulevard, looks good. marylanders out of columbia into a silver spring, moving nicely, traffic getting away from us is southbound 29. looks good from randolph road to 495. 49 degrees. >> coming up, good news finally for capitals' fans. >> there was a topless photographs of me on the link.
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>> they were so easy. >> meet the man making a profit from this. what you are doing is not right. and an award winning actress.
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the words did not see much of a competitive monday night football game. the new england patriots were part of that. the 34-3 victory over the kansas city chiefs. this gives the patriots a two- game lead in a of see east. too bad the redskins cannot have the same luck as the capitals. >> capitals fans are happy. his tim brant with a look at sports. >> the capitals finally beat a pretty good hockey team in
5:27 am
the phone book. it was 2-1. it was deflected and then the game was tied. the capital started firing at the goal. this one was deflected in by nicklas backstrom. the and the power play. there is the goal. the first power play goal in six games. the capitals win, 4-3. >> when you are hopefully getting out of a little funk it does not go from localw to high it takes steps. hopefully on wednesday we will be better than we were today. >> have a great day. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, a preview of tonight's
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republican presidential debate in d.c.. constitution hall transformed ahead of the big event. >> the most expensive road in maryland history. now it's open. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. some areas of rain right now. we
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a new option for drivers in maryland. this morning you may now use the second segment of the intercounty connector air. good morning, washington. great to have you along with us on this tuesday, november 22. i am pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson.
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we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is monitoring the storms. >> a few areas of rain, not a big deal this morning, not much in terms of showers. it will become more organized and widespread around lunchtime and thereafter through the first half of the day tomorrow. you notice a few spotted showers here and there along 66 in fauquier county and parts of the shenandoah valley expand in southern maryland, prince george's county and anne arundel county getting some of the action. not much in terms of showers this morning. that will change as we go through the day. 45 degrees in cumberland, 49 in herndon and waldorf, 47 in bowie. 52 in fredericksburg. temperatures will slowly rise through the mid 50's this afternoon and continuing decline even after sunset tonight. near 60 degrees while we sleep.
5:32 am
morning temperatures tomorrow in the lotus mid 60's and cooling off thereafter -- low to mid 60's. looks good as far as interstate travel. 95 between richmond and baltimore there was a minor accident northbound near garrissonville road and the marine base. vdot is on the scene. it will not an dd much to your travel. no worries on 66 between centreville and 495. google on both sides of the dulles greenway and dulles toll road. traveling to the wilson bridge, nothing complicated. all the way to new york avenue is open from 50. the second segment of the intercounty connector opened this morning. that links interstate 270 and
5:33 am
95. ben eisler is live in gaithersburg with more. >> that's right. it's been a long time coming. it took four years to complete the construction. the intercounty connector era is now open, 15 miles of it. it will cut a 47 minute trip from laurel to gaithersburg down to just 17 minutes. while the next two weeks are free with an e-z pass, it will cost anywhere from $4 to $6. it's the most expensive road maryland's has ever built. $2.5 billion. thise living nearby and we did those living nearby are happy that the construction is over. all of us left is the one-mile stretch to about one. there's no word on exactly when that portion will be open. live on the icc, ben eisler, abc
5:34 am
7 news. a busy month for republican presidential candidates. tonight they will take part in their 11 debate and it's being held in constitution hall in northwest. brianne carter is in the newsroom with a preview. >> good morning. aid candidates will face off once again, two blocks from the white house. -- eight candidates. it will focus on foreign policy and national security issues. the republican rivals will meet amid the fallout from a failed deficit-reduction deal and one day after the latest poll shows newt gingrich is surging to the top spot. republican voters favor the rich with 24% of the vote. mitt romney has 20%. the debate will also likely be a test on non-policy form herman cain. the former front runner recently had trouble during an interview on libya.
5:35 am
this is likely the last debate before the iowa caucus in january. cnn created a time lapse of constitution hall being transformed over the last two days ahead of tonight's gop presidential debate. this gives you an idea of the work that goes on behind-the- scenes to make this sort of stuff possible. >> that's pretty cool. investors' nerves are ronald now the congress has still to reach a deal to trim the national debt. yesterday's failure means automatic cuts and defense and domestic programs. they will take effect in 2013. president obama says he will veto any attempt by lawmakers to repeal the automatic spending cuts. >> became close in this committee, but there remains a gap. >> no committee is ever going to solve america's problems unless we get people to stand up and do a balanced job. >> the committee's failure sent the dow jones down 249 points. but there's a bit of good news.
5:36 am
standard & poor's is not planning another downgrade of the nation's credit rating based on the stalemate. that's pretty good. 5:36 on this tuesday. 49 degrees. >> still ahead, caught on camera. teen-agers and young adults storming the seven eleven store grabbing merchandise and taking off. how investigators need your help solving this. >> tragedy strikes major-league baseball. a player was murdered and his brother has been arrested in the case. >> and adam caskey and lisa baden every 10 minutes with traffic and weather.
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the i am executive chef at food and friends where we prepare and deliver meals to people with hiv aids, cancer, and live challenging illnesses. we would like to wish you a -- >> good morning, washington. 5:40 on the nose. a little damp outside but the steady rain in lower southern maryland is pushing across the bee-- bay.
5:40 am
a few light showers in northern virginia and the shenandoah valley. the rain will become more organized and more widespread as we go through the day. numerous showers moving through for the bulk of the day especially through the afternoon and tonight and through the first half of the day tomorrow. 50 degrees right alan the district. frederick, 45. fredericksburg, 55. temperatures will slowly climb through the fifties throughout the day. tonight even with the rainfall but temperatures will continue climbing. it will be in the low to mid 60's throughout the morning tomorrow. and temperatures will fall there after tomorrow afternoon. becoming a breezy on wednesday. a few thunderstorms and rainfall through the first after a day. clearing tomorrow evening in time for thanksgiving. looks fantastic thursday through the weekend with sunshine. comfortable. rain chances road spray ron
5:41 am
the beltway with no accidents. looks ok american legion bridge. the beltway at the wilson bridge. coming on to 95 northbound, a little more action. out of fredericksburg to the marine base is able to get through. in marshall on 66, a growing volume that is anticipated. nothing on the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. from 270 to 109, everything is open. northbound after the beltway near greenbelt road, someone slid off the road on the b-w parkway. 301 at village drive there's just been a crash in upper marlborough. 49 degrees outside. >> new details following the pepper sprayed incident at the
5:42 am
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the seattle mariners are mourning the loss of a teammate murdered in the netherlands. police found outfielder greg halman bleeding from stab wounds early yesterday morning. the director of afterwards. he was from holland. police in rotterdam say that its 22-year-old brother has been arrested as a suspect. the team's general manager calls the incident a tragic loss. >> greg was unique in the fact that coming from europe in the major leagues. the entire organization is grieving. >> his brother has been questioned but no charges have been filed. the occupy d.c. camp at mcpherson square, u.s. park
5:46 am
police arrested a man last night for lead sexual assault. it's not clear if he or the victim or protesters. about a dozen occupy protests walking from new york are now in maryland to meet with students at the university of maryland in college park today. more fallout from friday's pepper spray incident at the university of california davis. the police chief and two officers are on administrative leave. this is video of officers dousing protesters with pepper spray. the school chancellor says that she feels horrible about the incident but refuses to resign. people carried out a flash mobs robbery at a silver spring convenience store. surveillance cameras caught at least 50 teenager storming the seven eleven store on tech road saturday night. based all items and left a big mess.
5:47 am
officers stopped several teenagers outside the store but did not charge them yet. university of maryland police have filed criminal charges against its second man in connection with last thursday's armed robbery of a student. the suspect 21-year-old dominic amos, a suitland, is still on the loose. the other suspects, 21-year-old isaiah graham, of riverdale is in custody. they held up students outsideoutside cecil hall. athletes will try to raise millions of dollars on their own to save their sports. there's a shortage at a major retailer. target is trying to line up new egg suppliers after cutting ties
5:48 am
with a company accused of animal cruelty. it's open to line up new suppliers by thanksgiving. target plans to open at midnight on black friday. supporters wanted to get the retailer to open up later showed up with 200,000 signatures at started headquarters. one target open at 5:00 a.m. so employees can enjoy the thanksgiving with their family. target says its decision was based on the competitive nature of the retail industry. >> getting more and more competitive. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. the rain is getting organized right now. >> definitely spilling over into tomorrow especially tomorrow morning. any kind of travel tomorrow evening will be fine. up and down the 95 corridor there will be a strong system dropping proposeprecipitation.
5:49 am
locally, things will be clearing by at least lunchtime tomorrow. here's a look at a few areas of rain or southern maryland, " or calvert county, mary's county. and southern anne arundel county, showers moving over the bay. fauquier county, showers. not that much in terms of showers right now. but it's organizing and will become more widespread close to lunchtime and thereafter. visibility's are down. only 0.3 miles at dulles airport. 0.5 in gaithersburg. reagan national, 5 miles. 50 degrees downtown and in culpeper. martinsburg, 46, 45 in manchester, 54 in lexington park. temperatures will slowly climb up words throughout the day. one degree every couple hours is probably the best we can do.
5:50 am
temperatures will continue to rise through tonight. even after sunset, warming. low to mid 60's by this time tomorrow. that will be our high temperatures today. notice the rain to the northwest. it's becoming more widespread and moving into the washington area. it's associated with an area of low pressure moving through arkansas. there's a cold front that has some showers and that will give us rainfall by this time tomorrow. here's the warm front with muggy air that's going to move into town tonight and into tomorrow. the rain becoming more widespread, mid 50's today. near 60 tonight. temperatures climbing into the morning, then dropping thereafter. clearing out in time for thanksgiving, looking beautiful. 95 and 66, typical volume
5:51 am
starting to grow. let's go to 395 traffic. northbound looks pretty good and duke street. all the way to the pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. southbound 270 at shady grove road, a little dicey. no accidents. down to the beltway is still open. back to you. >> thank you. if you are gearing up for black friday shopping, if you may want to wait a week or two. >> linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. >> the day after thanksgiving may not be the best data garden. -- may not be the best day for bargains. mark your calendar. tv sets, laptops, and cameras are less between the monday
5:52 am
after the thanksgiving and december 13. if you have been getting an onslaught of e-mails in your in box try to get you to shop online, it brings a new meaning to christmas. where retailers are pushing holiday promotions as well. the amazon and toys"r"us are among those getting word out of pre-thanksgiving sales. it's a way for retailers to deal with increased competition and the poor economy. stock-index futures right now are indicating a slightly higher open. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:52. we will be right back.
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♪ >> tonight is the season finale of "dancing with the stars." we will learn whether rob kardashian, ricki lake, or j.r. martinez will be named the winner of the mirrorball trophy. >> rob kardashian earned a perfect 10 for the first time this season from all the judges. ricki lake and j.r. martinez are tied for first place on the leader board. j r's partner has a theory about getting the lowest score tonight for the cha-cha.
5:56 am
>> i stood there and i felt rob kardashian doing this. >> rob kardashian has lasted longer on "dancing with the stars than his sister's marriage. one team will be eliminated when the final two teams will dance again before someone wins the trophy. catch all the fun on abc 7. and cynne simpson will have live reports tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 as well as abc 7 news at 11:00 from los angeles. >> nice dresses. still more ahead. >> back to square one. talks to cut the federal deficit. the super committee pose in a super failure in getting anything done. how that affects all of us. >> lisa baden will help you navigate your tuesday morning
5:57 am
commute. traffic an
5:58 am
and easier commute for drivers headed east to west. we will have a live report from the intercounty connector for. >> and the "dancing with the stars canal i" analysis coming up.
5:59 am
>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning on this tuesday, november 22. i am kendis gibson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment, but first meteorologist adam caskey. a lot of people travelling. what do they need to know? >> it's going to be ok on thanksgiving. for the second half of the day tomorrow, conditions will be clearing. more rainfall moving in later today and early tomorrow morning. not much rain to speak of this morning on super doppler 7. if it's moving on to the eastern shore. a little bit here and there south of winchester in the shenandoah valley and around 66 in northern prince william county. a sprinkle in cumberland. we are in the 40's to n


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