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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 22, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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under 18. was that penn state sexually abusing children while the grand jury was investigating him? new uprising. three american students under arrest in egypt, caught in the chaos as more than 100,000 protesters storm tahrir square. body man. he draws more hours with president obama than even the first family. what's the one thing the president does that drives reggie love crazy? we'll tell you in an abc news exclusive. and now, it's four degrees of separation. kevin bacon, miss piggy and the new math proving it's an even smaller world than we thought. good evening. as we come on the air tonight, millions of americans are gearing up for that annual thanksgiving ritual, heading
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home. the trip has begun early. you can see it in the skies, captured by this aimage from flight aware. each blue dot is a plane overhead right now. trouble is, mother nature is making things tricky. take another look. not one, but two monster storms, one on the west coast, one on the east, promising to snarl traffic and foil holiday plans from coast to coast. it's already causing delays at airports and traffic jams on the highways, but as abc's ginger zee reports, it's not too late to take action and avoid being stung by those storms. >> reporter: the anderson family is packing up in simsbury, connecticut, tonight. >> this bag is really heavy. >> reporter: this year, their annual thanksgiving road trip is happening a little early thanks to mother nature. >> i husband decided yesterday morning when he started hearing about this big storm come through that he wanted to get on the road tonight. >> reporter: they will be joining more than 42 million of their neighbors, all hitting the roads, rails and flight paths to get to their thanksgiving dinner tables. unfortunately, what's typically one of the busiest weekends for
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travel will include a holiday storm. highway officials across the nation are bracing for accidents as yunji de nies found in atlanta. >> operators here field calls from motorists and at the same time, monitor more than 2,000 cameras. when they identify a trouble spot, they put it up on those screens and together skrat jiz on how to clear the road. >> we've got cameras, operators that can dispatch our hero trucks. >> reporter: the monster storm will hit air travelers, as well. >> we're already seeing delays, we're seeing cancellations coming into the new york airport. >> reporter: and that's where things get bad, even for folks who night not see a cloud in the sky on wednesday. >> even though l.a. is fine right now, what might happen is the planes aren't going to make it there and so that every airport around the country is going to be affected. >> reporter: even alternative moechlds of transportation are sure to be packed. more than 900,000 are expected to take a bus or train to get to their turkey this year. aaa says that's up more than 15%
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since 2010. if you're staying home for thanksgiving, the weather could affect your plans, too. officials in new york say high winds from the storm could keep those famous parade balloons on the ground. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> let's get more on this from abc's weather editor sam champion. let's start in the west. >> reporter: well, and it affects everybody from northern california, san francisco, north. that's the oregon coastline, all of washington state, all the way to seattle. heavy wind, rain and big mountain snow, three feet of snow. the east coast storm just has more territory, george. and it's the entire i-95 corridor. you can see where the rain is tonight. picture that up on the eastern seaboard all the way through the early morning hour. that's every road surface from north florida all the way up to maine and even in northern new england. there's going to be a kick of snow. >> which airports are you most worried about? >> reporter: i'm concerned about how it will back up. already, we have delays from chicago to new york. so, o'hare gets better tomorrow. new york does not.
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philly is bad. boston is bad and slow. d.c. probably slow in the morning. and all of that will react to the rest of the air space in the day. >> and you saw the planes in the sky right now. okay, sam champion, thank you. and if you're traveling over the holiday, we'd love to have you share what you're going through with us. send us stories and pictures to or tweet us with the hash tag holiday travel. and we have major new developments tonight in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. two new young men both under 18 now say they coach jerry sandusky abused them. which means that if the allegations are true, sandusky may have been preying on them during the grand jury investigation. also today, every single judge in penn state's home county reaccused themselves to avoid a conflict of interest. abc's jim avila is on the case for us again. >> reporter: jerry sandusky's seen driving into his house today may soon lose that privilege and all his freedom. his attorney told abc news in an exclusive interview last night, that because of copy cats, he
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always expected new charges against his client. >> my concern is new charges, that bail is going to be set and he's going to wind up in jail. >> reporter: that threat is here, according to "the patriot news," reporting today that sandusky is under investigation in two very new recent cases by pennsylvania's children and youth services, filed within the last 60 days. these two new cases are shocking because these children, unlike the original eight, are still minors, and were reported while sandusky was being investigated. one ordered by pennsylvania governor tom corbett, who was then attorney general. he says if he would have arrested sandusky immediately as critics claim he should, it would have blown the case. >> it would have reveal what we were doing in the grand jury investigation. >> reporter: instead, the investigation was kept quiet and sandusky roamed the streets for
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two years and now accused of committing two more assaults, possibly while he was waiting. jim avila, abc news, penn state. overseas to egypt, where the arab autumn erupted today. tens of thousands protested in tahrir square to demand an end to military rule in a twist, three american students are under arrest. abc's la ma hasan was at the center of it all. >> reporter: they were running out of space in the square today as egyptians poured in, angry that military has broken its promise to hand over power to a civilian government. after four straight days, the violence here is intensifying. you can see the army firing this potent tear gas. it fills the air, it hangs thick in the air and it's very difficult to breathe. you can see people wearing gas masks to protect themselves. ambulances ran in and out of the square.
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a coffin was carried through. caught up in this melee, three american college students studying at the american university. gregory porter, luke gates and derrik sweeney were arrested, accused of throwing molotov cocktails. we reached sweeney's mother on the phone. >> i can tell from the pictures that he's terrified. >> reporter: before his arrest, luke gates was tweeting. "it's only scary because i feel so reckless," he writes. "live bullets -- i was here!" and "wish the protests in new york looked like the ones in tahrir." tahrir today looks like it did during the uprising that overthrew hosni mubarak. but dislodging this country's powerful generals prove even harder. 22-year-old mustapha aswaty says he knows the risk he's taking. so, you wrote your name and your phone number in case -- if something happens to you, they can call your parents? >> yes. >> reporter: as the nation's military leader spoke tonight, the protesters shouted --
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"irhal, irahal." leave, leave. they were the same words they used when hosni mubarak gave a speech saying he would stay in power. a day later, he resigned. the question tonight -- will these protesters behind me be able to do the same again? george? >> lama hasan in cairo, thank you. now to politics, your voice, your vote. and 24 hours after the super failure of the supercommittee. president obama called on congress to act before a tax hike for 160 million americans kicks in. the president took a couple of punches, too, from one of his top rye values and some occupy wall street protesters. here's abc's white house correspondent, jake tapper. >> reporter: president obama came to first in the nation primary state new hampshire today, but he could hardly get a word out before occupy wall street protesters interrupted him. >> over 4,000 people have been arrested. >> i appreciate you guys making your point. let me go ahead and make mine,
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all right? i'll listen to you and you listen to me. all right? >> reporter: the president was there to talk about the need to extend the payroll tax cut, set to expire at the end of the year. the taxes of a family making $50,000 a year will go up by $1,000 right after christmas unless members of congress act. >> they should be doing everything they can to protect the middle class from tax hikes. you've got to send them a message. make sure they're listening. tell them, "don't be a grinch." >> reporter: it's an area where there is some bipartisan agreement, though not for how the president wants to pay for the tax cut and extending unemployment insurance benefits by tax increases on corporations and wealthier americans. a non-starter for republicans. the impasse is frustrating news for social workers donald rendo of massachusetts, out of work with a new baby. >> if they don't act, a lot of people will be cut off from their safety nets and we're
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already having trouble, i can't imagine what it would be like without that net. >> reporter: the president was also greeted in new hampshire today on the airwaves, by republican presidential candidate mitt romney's first tv ad, featuring this quote. >> if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> reporter: but that's so scout of context it's false. here's the whole context of what then-senator obama said in 2008. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, "if we keep taking about the economy, we're going to lose." >> reporter: the romney campaign insists they were not trying to mislead voters, merely trying to use president obama's own worlds against him, turning the tables now that he's in charge of the economy. george? >> ong, jake, thank you. and new warning tonight about some thanksgiving tapeles. researcher at harvard found that eating just one serving of canned food over the course of five days significantly raises the levels of bpa, found in the
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lining of cans which some have linked to rates of deadly disease. dr. richard besser joins us now. and rich, this was a pretty big spike of bpa. >> reporter: this was very surprising. five days of soup and your level went up more than ten times. after two days it went back to normal but a ten-fold increase. >> but the question is, how dangerous is bpa? >> reporter: well, george, that's what we just don't know. big step from where we are now, finding it in the body to showing that it causes harm in terms of health. the nih is putting $30 million into trying to answer that question. but just last year, the fda increased concern about bpa in baby bottles. manufacturers took it out. it will be interesting to see if manufacturers remove from from the food lining. >> what can people do? >> reporter: well, you can go fresh and frozen. cut down on what you have in canned food, until that question is answered. >> okay, rich, thank you. still ahead on "world news," what the president is really like from his constant companion. an abc news exclusive with
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valet, gate keeper and first buddy. for three years, reggie love has done the job for president obama. like all body men, he avoids the press, but now what he's leaving the white house, love is peopling back the curtain in this abc news exclusive with rachel nick comes of espn. >> reporter: reggie love has been a constant presence. just feet away from president obama. since we first met him during the 2008 campaign. love gave us a mini tour of what has since become his trademark. the things he carried. >> this is a lint brush, toothbrush, scope, cough drops. >> reporter: love started in the mail room of a bama's senate office, then moved onto the campaign where he famously bonded with the future president over a shared love of sports. notably, basketball. they were both rookies to presidential campaigns, learning their jobs along the way and learning from each other. >> i've taught him aretha franklin and john coltrane and
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he, in turn, has downloaded jay-z and lil' wayne. >> barack obama. >> reporter: one historic election and three long years of work later, love is packing up and saying good-bye to one amazing first job. >> and this door right here leads to the oval. one of the four doors that the president can enter or exit through. >> reporter: he showed us the tiny office he occupies just four feet away from the oval office. his home base for long 18-hour days and some nights spent sleeping here. you and the president. >> i don't know what the joke is there and if i could, i probably wouldn't repeal it. >> reporter: a laugh shared with the president who love calls a monitor. a someone or the who in return refers to love as a younger brother. what do you call the president when you're with him? >> mr. president. and if it's a casual scenario then i would just say "sir."
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>> reporter: that's more casual? >> yeah. and he's the president. >> reporter: what does he do that drives you crazy? >> i'm 28, 29, stubborn and think i know things that i may not know the answer to. he's like, you should take my advice. i got elected president. you should listen to me. >> reporter: what about the other way? >> the guy loves to ride around with the ac off, like, in the summertime and i get hot, i start sweating. i'm like, it's 80 degrees in this car. i'm going to pass out. >> reporter: we added up all the miles you have traveled with the president. do you have a guess? >> seven times around the world, how many miles is that? >> reporter: you're not even close. you guys have traveled together almost a million miles. that's going to the moon and back three and a half times. that is going 35 times around the world. >> whoa. too bad we didn't fly commercial. i could use those points. >> reporter: many of those miles
6:48 pm
were spent traveling with the president's family. >> first and fore most, they're huge. malia has got to be, like, 5'11". redid the basketball clinics with them and do drills and -- >> reporter: so you're on the court drilling -- >> well, they're competitive. >> reporter: his proximity to the president meant he's been there for landmark moments in the obama white house. sometimes even delivering the news himself. like when love handed the president a note letting him no the stimulus bill had been passed. has there been times along this way when you thought, this is my life. >> it's the president's life. i've just been lucky to have been a very long passenger on an amazing ride. >> reporter: reporting for abc news, rachel nichols, espn. >> a million miles but the president's first name is always sir. good luck, reggie. when we come back, what not to do on thanksgiving. a surprising warning from the to do on thanksgiving. a surprising warning from the department of homeland security. s
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in healthy living tonight sh a big vote of confidence for statins, those cholesterol lowering drugs used by2 million americans to cut the risk of heart attack and stroke. a study says benefits increase the longer someone takes them with no long-term risks. it urges anyone with at icer risk to consider starting statin treatment promptly. and we've all gotten all too used to the holiday alerts from the department of homeland security, but today's was a bit of a surprise. the threat is not terrorism, but turkey fryers. here's the sid owe homeland security linked to by twitter. it warn s americans to make sur the turkey is completely
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dethawed. and said they the fryers should only be used outdoors. the u.s. fire administration is part of homeland security and there are more than 1,000 deep fryer fires every year. and in new 'land, look at all those happy feet. about 50 baby penguins couldn't wait to head home after being rescued last month. microchips were implanted into each so they can be monitor and more will be joining them. about 300 other injured birds are still being nursed to health. still ahead, it's now four degrees of separation. why we can all call justin bieber, kevin bacon and miss piggy good friends. doctor doing your job.ant r so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious... like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid related erosions in
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we learned today that the 7 billion of us on this planet are a lot more closely related than you might think. abc's john berman crunched the numbers and found some pretty fun connections. >> reporter: justin bieber and chinese leader hu jintao might as well be friends. how so? ♪ baby bay bay bieber is dating selena gomez, who used to date nick jones, the jonas brothers played for malia obama's birthday. malia knows her dad, obviously, who has been known to hang with hu from time to time. for years we have called this
6:57 pm
phenomenon six degrees of separation, the notion that we are all connected to each other through no more than six jumps. there is also the pop culture version, six degrees of kevin bacon where every actor can be connected to every other true kevin bacon. the science came from a 1967 study where researchers asked volunteers to try to send a postcard to a person they didn't know. it took six jumps before it arrived by mail. but that was back when there were postcards. six degrees is getting a makeover, all thanks to social media. a new study finds that on facebook, we're getting closer. connected by an average of 4.74 friends. what does that mean for society? kevin bacon was not available for comment, we actually tried, so in lieu of that, we'll connect bacon to another pork-related celebrity, miss piggy. piggy is in "the muppets" with amy adams who was in "julie and julia" with meryl streep who starred with kevin bacon in "the river wild." just four jumps.
6:58 pm
in that spirit justin bieber, hu jintao, kevin bacon, nick jonas and miss piggy should all link hands and sing the old daze nooe favorite -- ♪ it's a small world after all >> reporter: it is a small and ever smaller world after all. john berman, abc news, new york. >> and now they're all one connection from john berman. that's all for us tonight. don't forget to watch "nightline" later. don't forget to watch "nightline" later. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma."
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