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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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on a ride with an armed man. the suspect kit -- kidnapped thend from the giant in wheaton. >> montgomery county police said 75-year-old man came out of the giant offered university boulevard and was adopted. he was held captive for three hours of while they went bank to bank getting cash. haventgomery county police with thers speaking old victim. the same place where an armed off after dropped him terrifying ordeal. it all started around 3:00 this at this giant food. victim had just finished shopping when the suspect them with a knife.
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is really quite, really nice. forced intom was his own car. the elderly man was ordered to from a number of atms while the suspect drove. >> the victim was driven around of hours.le we are still trying to find out exactly where those locations are. muchlice are not sure how taken or how many they made. the victim was not physically but emotionally shaken up. >> you go to the metro, you go to the mall. we are in a recession, too. >> even though police are not was taken,ch money was a robberyere involved. description of the suspect
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vague.emely of days,ext couple looking at be surveillance cameras in the of the giant and that those banks. also following breaking news from outside small plane has crashed into superstition mountains. witnesses said they saw the down, slammed into the ground. this was captured by this video surveillance camera. three adults and three children were on board the plane. there are multiple fatalities. it is not known what caused the crash. let developments from egypt, three american students throwing firebombs at police have now been ordered held for four more days. prosecutor issued the order today. of the students attend
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georgetown university. a state department spokesman believe any not charges have been filed. we are learning more tonight about the search for a carjacked pistole high-priced car with an infant inside. it happened on south dakota avenue and north east. exxon were the incident happened. police are on the hunt for at allegedo people, the carjacker and somebody believed be in a getaway car. the suspects are still on delays. ending. happy the toddler in a pink jacket is an attempteding to carjacking. before 3 when a exxon.topped at the the alleged carjacker hopped in her car. off with suv and her old daughter.
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>> that is so scary. >> i cannot imagine my child being in that situation. >> the car was abandoned a few away, the little girl safely inside. only intending a carjacking, not a kidnapping. >> that is what the kidnapping squad is investigating. i in this very unexpected -- on police officers here occasion. very surprised. just on more than occasion. them here on a nightly basis. >> you would never think it would happen here. -- it would never happen here. >> when the suspect abandoned car, he jumped into a green g35 and took off towards prince george's county. we're learning more about
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case of forced servitude. prosecutors say the couple women to indonesian work long hours making well below minimum wage. investigators say this happened home in vienna. neighbors said they were the >> it was a wake-up call that it right nextening door. andabil abdel khalek talaat mervat mohamed fawzy saleh remain on the run. is accused of sexually abusing both women. " police are searching for a they believed a broad a cvs pharmacy in mclean. the man had a threatening note to the pharmacist. the employee complied and gave the man at the painkillers.
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police are intensifying a virginiah for accused of robbing two and carjacking a shopper at tysons corner. schwab robbing a bank tuesday afternoon. this was similar to the robin of manassas bank last friday. she had a weapon and then walked with cash. she is also wanted in connection carjacking and tysons corner. the start of the thanksgiving weekend. >> about brian jones is with a the forecast. >> -- bob brian joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> here is how things look right now. we had some rain showers, nothing now. at these temperatures, my goodness.
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they are already into the 40's around us. the wind chill is still out there. we have that northwesterly wind at 15 miles per hour. be a good as as we go through the evening hours. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, temperatures will be delightful. 100% sunshine. good eating weather. good family weather. could everything weather. have an abc 7 investigation. foundenage boys were on the side ofd road. not know each other, lot iny did have a common. no one has ever been charged in incident. the families are wondering the two incidents are related. we take a look at the mystery. >> amoral marks the spot or sullivanound kevin
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unconscious one year ago. the 17-year-old brought weight to the drama club. his dd to get away from it. >> last november, he text of his had a ride down. later, someone on the side of the road. investigators labeled his death run, even though that hetold his father injuries did not appear to come from a car. >> the injuries to the person that they could have caused and created either way. >> one year later, investigators acknowledge they suspected someone targeted kevin because they perceive him to be gay. >> we did not reveal anything that would substantiate that. >> authorities refer to kevin zachary wells.
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for some reason, he left his house late at night. some -- the next morning, the sidepotted of the road. >> he had some dramatic -- traumatic brain injuries. he said he did not remember who attacked him or why. few weeks ago, he took his own life. >> i now consider whoever beat up, murderers. >> both fathers wonder whether able -- whether they ever get answers or justice for their sons. >> i would like to have five with whoever did
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it. the mystery continues. the investigations are still open. doctor still stands by his that his injuries did from a hit and run, but from an assault. driversrning for of the in and out nation's capital. there are a new batch of speed cameras at nine locations. the expanded speed traps are record number of tickets. >> the bulk of the people do get are from maryland or outside neighboring jurisdictions. has become an obsession for trying to make money the city. >> this is the second time that have popped upe in the district. frustration and fear for a
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william county family. a woman who is raising a child but as burgers disease say they to be forced from -- casper curse -- disease city are be forced from their home. >> landing and homeowner in trouble and are low income tenants in a bind. moving, the act of collecting cardboard, it is always stressful. i should be getting ready to a big thanksgiving dinner. instead, i am packing. >> we really do not know where to go. >> their new address could be there suv. >> that is the last thing anybody wants. >> last month, they were shocked
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to learn they were living illegally. >> are landlord's house is over behind this wall. she has a front entrance. >> the couple rented out a small portion of this home. the owner has to knock down that wall. >> i have nowhere to go. it is short notice. old special-year- needs son is in a tailspin. >> he is in controllable at school. they're having to restrain him. >> they cannot find an affordable apartment. last of my tape. >> they cannot help but wonder life and its blessings can fade. the family is forced to
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live out of their car, they tell that their son will go to relatives in the area. where were unsuccessful in reaching the homeowner for comment. we're following some breaking news from frederick county. a deadly accident on northbound 270. the accident has led to serious area forelays in the drivers heading out of the region. the first leg of travel for season is coming to an end. drivers along the pennsylvania what youdealt with highwayscribe as horror. dozens of vehicles found a tar-likestuck in mass. >> we could not control the car. we pulled over.
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it is dangerous. who is going to pay for this? >> we had no idea if we were with othert hit vehicles. a frightening drive turned for nearly 150ss tar leagues from tanker on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> look at my wheels. look at my tires. >> you did not know what at first. spots.t some rough hadson is asserted to harden up feelur tired, you could it. -- as soon as it started to on your tire, you could feel it. >> to cover the highway for nearly 40 miles. >> this is disgusting. >> this is unacceptable. >> it is horrible. >> we were going to new jersey,
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and now we cannot. >> can you a mountain? the driver -- honeywell imagine? the driver is facing charges for not securing the sealant. the turnpike commission is putting sandbags substance is that will get vehicles additional attraction. >> that is awful. few excited holiday shoppers are already set to go. a few folks have already pitched of tents, camped out buy in the best pentagon city. atwill open for customers friday. on we are hearing from the all my children and to live. subs are cancelled for a second time. the production company debt plan move about soaps, decided to
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abandon their plans. this is due to a lack of financial backing. abc canceled both shows in april. live"onight, "one life to actress tweeted -- facebook -- last minute
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are under way for beloved macy's day christmas -- thanksgiving parade. there are concerns that high could groundsrea of the huge balloons. a finals will make decision one hour before the parade starts. do it,pe they can though. >> there could be 25 mile per hour winds. around washington to 40 miles per hour. it is going to be a little bit tight. earlier, there was a beautiful rainbow. there it was. our temperature right now outside your in washington, 36 degrees. which a change from earlier this morning. over an inch of rain
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in some areas. frederick, the winds gusting to 70 miles an hour. look at manassas. at the buffalo trails elementary school. that was earlier today. 48 miles per hour. of the countryh cloud free. be the story. there is the son of why in the south pacific. southere is the sun way in pacific. last 24 hours, there goes our area of rain. some nice dry air coming in right over us. only for tonight, but tried and true saturday. it will be late sunday before we see any real moisture coming our way. morning, it will be a bundle up morning.
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some of the temperatures. i think you folks will be into below 30's. during the afternoon, once a cloud any place. sparkling blue skies. tomorrow morning, early in the here in right washington, temperatures in the mid-30's. low 30's in the suburbs. by tomorrow afternoon, but the about 5 miles be per hour. wall to wall sunshine. if you have to drive tomorrow, good driving weather. there will be some shoppers sunday.n late temperatures by sunday will be the 60's. follow me on twitter and posted all the time. have a wonderful thanksgiving. make it a safe one.
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>> it is nice to have good weather. the georgetown hoyas are heading back from hawaii. the caps a flypast the jets. it is all coming the next in sports. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the caps were trying to winning streak to 2. tonight, the game went into overtime. how about this? bang. right side. the caps leading 3-2. it was tied at 3 at the end of regulations. bingo.rtime, the caps -- capsule win in overtime. for-3. the georgetown hoyas continued impress the basketball world. today, they took memphis.
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henry simms misses the turnaround. the game is tied at 78. in overtime, jason clark. he was sensational all night. georgetown takes a two-point lead. 91-88. to madison square garden. they led the entire first half. they were up two at intermission. they won it 69-58. the redskins were back on the after a much-needed day off. because ofd a sprained ankle. will play on sunday. williams was at practice despite his sort need. moss was back. they hope that will help.
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>> we have not had a lead early this losing streak. it is very important for the defense to get a lead. if we are behind, we need to go out and execute. need to take the lead. >> a local legend has brought a another title at the turkey championship. a whole turkey in 10 minutes. next to all within 10 minutes. what are we thinkable for? -- thankful for? trying to get some fans back to basketball by christmas. >> she was right there.
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>> i was looking forward to turkey. one more gift... [ gasps ]
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>> we will be right back. ♪
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tonight on "nightline," holiday heist. tomorrow kicks off the holiday shopping season. but it turns out, tis the season not just for giving, but also for taking, as stores hurt for billions and billions of dollars in theft.


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