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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> weaves are expensive. i cannot believe they were fighting like that. good morning on this friday, i am kendis gibson. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for joining us on this black friday. now to adam caskey. i hope the shoppers are bundled up. >> i am going to need a we -- weave. it is cold outside, 36 in leesburg, 34 i inwood. 45 in rockville. total sunshine today. a great day to work off the thanksgiving meals outside.
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it will be comfortable this afternoon, highs in the 60's. tomorrow will be nice as well sunshine, high, thin clouds. on sunday, conditions fall apart somewhat. added clouds and the chance of late-day showers after lunch time but especially tomorrow evening and tomorrow night into monday. we will talk about the workweek, coming up. we start with 395. at glebe road, moving nicely as you make your way northbound from springfield. looks good. northbound is on the left side of your screen. keep in mind that the hov restrictions are in effect today. that's our 95, 95, 66, the toll road, and in maryland on 270. the beltway at university
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boulevard, traffic moving pretty smoothly. no problems on the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway from silver spring. the entire length of the beltway is a good ride with no accidents.
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a handful of shops including toys"r"us and walmart opened before midnight. three u.s. students held in egypt will be heading home soon. one of them, derrik sweeney, is from georgetown university. the three of them were arrested monday while allegedly throwing firebombs during political protests in cairo. the court in egypt has ordered the release of the students. firefighters are looking into a gas leak in northwest washington. crews got a call before 12:30 this morning. no one was injured and washington gas is looking into the incident. in guadalajara, mexico, the
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bodies of 26 young men were found yesterday in two vans and pickup truck abandoned on the expressway. the victimy have the names of gangs on their bodies. the search resumes for the remains of the victims of wednesday's's night plane crash in arizona. the small plane slammed into a mountain in phoenix. so far one child's a has been recovered. people in chicago are mourning the loss of the former first lady. the wife of former chicago mayor richard daley died last night after a long battle with breast cancer. maggie daley was active in galleria 37, which educates and
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employs some people in the arts. she also promoted educational program after school matters. she was 68 years old. american troops dined on turkey and stuffing for their last thanksgiving meal in iraq. 20,000 u.s. troops remained at eight bases in that country. most of them will be coming home by the end of the year. president obama called 10 members of the armed services overseas to wish them a happy thanksgiving. congresswoman gabrielle giffords met with her constituents yesterday for the first time since being shot in january. she and her husband mark kelly helps serve thanksgiving meal to service members and retirees at an arizona military base. she only used her left-hand to serve the food due to injuries. first lady michelle obama will be presented with the official white house christmas
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tree. the 19-foot tall tree is from a farm in wisconsin that will be displayed throughout the holiday season in the blue room. >> the national harbor will hold its annual tree-lighting show tonight. the make a wish foundation will make a surprise announcement granting a wish to a child. there will also be musical performances and a fireworks show. >> i guess i can expect some gridlock in my neighborhood tonight. alexandria will have the annual tree-lighting ceremony beginning at 7:00 at market square along king street. there will be a message from the mayor, a visit from santa claus and a performance by the metropolitan fine arts center. >> they are not wasting any time getting ready for christmas. equipment keeps getting more high tech. >> in this black friday "tech bytes," some gifts on your list.
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a multitasking coffee maker. >> it's the first and only coffeemaker that brews and anti- aircraft -- an entire caraffe or a single cup. >> and an electric saw and pepper mill -- salt and pepper mill. >> you only have to tap the top of it. >> and you can watch your bread toasting so that you'll never burn another piece again. $350. i am sunny hoskins. we have a banner thanksgiving day. i guess things will get better today.
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>> just as sunny, below warmer than yesterday. it's got to be a good day to get outside to burn off the calories. >> i think i will. >> you have all day saturday when it's going to be just as nice as today. it will be good to move around. manassas, 28 degrees right now. 30 in culpeper. cool in some spots especially west of the immediate metro. 41 downtown, 37 in martinsburg. there's a chill in the air especially in outlying suburbs. clear skies overhead. no clouds to speak of across the mid-atlantic right now. that's because we have high- pressure planted almost directly overhead. there's the sinking motion in the atmosphere in the bidding any clouds from forming.
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that's due to the daytime heating. there's a low pressure system in the upper midwest. to date total sunshine, very pleasant, as well into the 60's. approaching 70 near fredericksburg. clear tonight. a beautiful day tomorrow. high, thin clouds moving overhead well into the 60's. sunday with a cold front approaching, mostly cloudy, tens of late-day showers from the afternoon all the way through sunday night to enter early monday.
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much cooler next week. rain chances here and there next week on monday and maybe into wednesday. temperatures in the 50's starting on monday. now to steve. 395 at glebe road, everything is pretty good right now with no problems reported. moving pretty well amount northern virginia and maryland. light volume. not seeing anything resembling a rush hour. but hov restrictions are in effect today. that affects 95, 395, 66, the toll road, 270, and about 50. now to the beltway at university boulevard. hardly any vehicles. that's both sides of the beltway. no accidents reported on the beltway on the maryland side or
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the virginia side. there's a problem northbound on route 1 in fairfax county near lockheed boulevard. all lanes remain blocked due to an accident investigation. everything isn't open. -- is open. a thanksgiving tradition in the district. the turkey bowl. the country's first female high- school football coach could walk away with a victory.
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month's payment.
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following breaking news. this is video from northwest d.c. a car crashed into a firehouse in the 1600 block of u street before 4:00 this morning. police arrested a woman and took her to the hospital. . last night to mark the first
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nfl game featuring brothers as opposing head coaches. the baltimore ravens defeated the san francisco forty-niners. that broke the san francisco 49ers winning streak. that allows the raven's head coach to hold bragging rights over his brother. bring mchenry has a look at the rest of sports. >> there's something in this city may love more than a thanksgiving turkey, and it is the turkey bowl. coolidge high school is led by the only female are city coach in the country and they took on the very dangerous done by our team. it was a game played by turnovers. there is matthews getting picked off. still running. coolidge, the early lead -- got the early lead.
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matthews stays inbound. on august the lead for good. and one of our athletes of the week goes to the outside and dogs and for the touchdown. dunbar comes back to win the turkey bowl, a. the capitals hosting the rangers this afternoon at the verizon center. have a great day. 41 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> caught on tape. a brawl at a nail salon. how it started. >> plus, braving the black of night for the black friday deals. we will have that story coming up in a live report. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. there's a chill and the
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temperatures but today will be as
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a chaotic scene in california on black friday. a gathering at a wal-mart injured 20 people. good morning, washington. it's friday, november 25. i am pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is on sun watch. >> you had been confused. sunlight? i am at work right now. i'm off duty i guess you could say. it's going to be a great day
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total sunshine, high pressure giving us a sinking motion. that is inhibiting clouds. 28 degrees in manassas, 41 in the district at this time, 43 in annapolis. total sunshine expected today, as well into the '60s and approaching 70 far south of the metro. thanksgiving was perfect. today will be just as nice and a few degrees warmer. a good chance to get outside to burn off the calories. or wait until saturday. clear skies tonight dropping down to near 40 degrees, about average for this time of year. high, thin clouds tom moe moving overhead. mid 60's, comfortable. unseasonably warm. sunday is when the weather pattern will shift. the beautiful weather cannot last forever. added clouds and the chance of afternoon or evening showers.
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traffic still doing pretty well. thanksgiving was good and today is. inbound lanes of 66 before you get to the roosevelt bridge and into the district, everything is moving very well. very few vehicles visible on the roads. no delays on 66. the beltway in maryland and new hampshire avenue, this is where we usually see delays, but it is clear. outer loop traffic near a georgia avenue looking good. 270 at father really boulevard, no delays. light volume. all around the region we are doing pretty well on the insistence -- on the interstates with no accidents. back to you. >> thank you. stores across the country today, black friday started a few hours earlier than normal this year. >> they did not hesitate to camp
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out overnight to score a few deals. brianne carter is an best buy in fair oaks with more. how is the crowd? >> a steady stream of people so far. many of those who waited in line have come and gone. we are seeing people coming in the door at his best by waiting for deals. but this location and number of deals ar3ee flying off the shelves already. this vast pine opened at midnight -- this best lbuy opened at midnight. retailers hope that opening even earlier if will help boost sales. shoppers are mixed on whether braving the black of night was worth it on black friday. >> we got in line and got out. >> waiting in line.
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>> a lot of people were looking for the big-ticket item of the year, sa 42-inch flat screen tv at $200. a lot of people are not able to find them anymore at this location. a lot of people say this is just the first stop and they will continue going to other stores throughout the day. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> the mad dash for black friday sales left 10 people injured at a wal-mart in the san fernand of valley in the los angeles area. all the injuries were minor. the huge crowds are not the only thing to watch for a while shopping. carjackers and thieves are looking in parking lots. there were more than 35,000 reported car break-ins on black friday last year alone. shoppers are referred to pay attention, stay focused, and avoid distractions.
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encouraging news for a georgetown university student arrested in egypt this week. yesterday a court order to the release of derrik sweeney and two other students. jummy olabanji is in a satellite center with more on this story. >> as you mentioned, a judge has ordered that these three boys be released. now they are waiting for that to happen. the holdup seems to be from a bullet from immigration and national security officials. even so, this news gave these families something to be thankful for on this thanksgiving holiday. 19-year-old georgetown students derrik sweeney on the right and two other americans have been detained in cairo several days now. all three accused of throwing firebombs at egyptian security forces during pro-democracy demonstrations. they have denied any wrongdoing. upon learning the news, georgetown university president issued a statement saying that
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the entire campus community is grateful for the news of the release. derrik sweeney's mother says she is grateful. >> i swear, so many people sent from god to help. the paris have been answered. we could not feel more blast. -- more blessed. tprayers have been answered. >> the young man denies wrongdoing in the case. fog and clouds 37 august black friday, 40 degrees stepping up to be another nice day. >> we will have the latest on the gas leaks that is affecting parts of northwest washington. >> and a security guard under fire for how he treated a shoplifting suspect. the suspect only four years old.
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we use washington d.c. museums and mortals to bring learning alliance for students in the d.c. public schools. >> good morning, washington. friday morning, black
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friday. 5:41 a.m. unseasonably cool. 32 in inwood. remington, virginia, 29, along with stafford. 36 in leesburg, 43 in southeast d.c., at the freezing mark in huntingtown. wide-ranging temperatures. yesterday was perfect. today is just as perfect, but it's a little better. a few degrees warmer, mid 60's with some temperatures approaching 70 farther south of the metro area from culpeper to fredericksburg and into southern maryland. tomorrow will be just as nice, a little cloudy, mid 60's. chance of rain sunday afternoon. the drive around town looks pretty good right now. we have a problem. an accident, ongoing investigation, northbound route 1 in fairfax county of lockheed
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boulevard. there is police direction there. southbound, everything is open. north bound is pretty accident investigation is. now to springfield, moving pretty nicely. there's a little more volume than yesterday northbound. looks good between dale city and springfield. nothing reported. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42. >> a brawl at a nail salon caught on tape. what led to the chaos. >> and a strange method to find a missing dog.
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firefighters looking into a gas leak in northwest
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washington. they got the call desk before 12:30 this morning on georgia avenue. no one was injured. washington gas is looking into the incident. a deadly accident outside a home depot in hyattsville was caused by an elderly driver with a medical emergency. the man lost control of his vehicle and struck six people in the parking lot on east-west highway. one of the victims was killed. the driver and five other pedestrians were taken to hospital. no word on whether the driver will face charges. two local men are being praised as heroes this morning after a thanksgiving day rescue. cars collided yesterday in upper marlborough. one of the cars then caught fire with a woman trapped inside. a man who was driving by stopped to help and then he and another man at the scene pulled the woman from the burning car. >> when i reached down to grab her leg, she screamed. i said this is going to hurt but i have to get you out of here. >> when we moved her competency the way we could feel the
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flames. >> the rescuer had tomilly does not even but changed his mind a last-minute. and four-year-old girl was busted for shoplifting, but now the grocery store officials are apologizing superfamily. she was snacking on dried apricots at a safeway in washington state and then put the bag back on the shelf. her father did not notice, but a security guard did. >> they said that your daughter stole from the store and we are pressing charges. >> she hopes for community service. the girl cannot read or write, but the guards forced her to scribble her name anyway. the store guard has been fired. >> a brawl at a mill salon
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called on cell phone video shows women ripping out each other's hair. a mother and daughter entered and started yelling at employees. and another female employees started yelling back. the fight began and the third woman threw a ceramic bowl. >> from there it was off the chain. bowls were flying and hair was flying. >> two teeth shattered. they could face felony and misdemeanor fbattery charges. this can get your attention. a california woman trying to attract attention to herself to find her missing dog. >> is hitting the streets of
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billion -- of la joya in california. >> a maintenance man said that a lady has it. i will be standing out here every day. >> we really should steal more dogs. she has had the dog five years she says. >> i know what is going through your mind right now. -- she is standing there in a bikini to attract attention. >> she was looking pretty cold. i don't know. let's talk about the local weather.
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>> it is a chilly. manassas, 28. 30 in culpeper. 37 in quantico. wide-ranging temperatures. 41 in the district, 43 in annapolis. not a bad start to the day. it cannot get any better than this for november. i would prefer a big snowstorm, but that is not in the works. sunny skies, beautiful gorgeous. another beautiful day. yesterday was perfect on thanksgiving. today is going to be a little better because it will be a little warmer and with sunny skies. no clouds in the skies throughout the mid-atlantic and the south and southeast because there cypress tree overhead. that gives us a sinking motion in the atmosphere and inhibits clouds from forming. -- there is high-pressure
5:51 am
overhead. chance of rain by tomorrow afternoon through about wednesday. there is uncertainty as to the extent of the rain chances monday through wednesday. but there's more certainty to the fact that to address will be dropping. we will be well into the 60s today, near 70 south of the metro area. high, thin clouds tomorrow, mid 60's. chance of an afternoon shower or on sunday. rain showers possible monday and possibly into wednesday. near 50 degrees for the high temperature by monday. not much traffic. 270 at 121/clarksburg, a few more cars, but it's moving. no sound and southbound looking good from frederick to the beltway. silver spring looks very good, no problems all around the beltway. inner loop, a loop, maryland and
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virginia looking good. springfield interchange, 95 notes around and southbound here -- northbound and southbound. 95 delays from dale city to springfield. back to you. >> thank you. let's look at what is happening in business. incentives from your job to walk off the thanksgiving meal. and price cuts for the ipad 2. >> linda bell standing by working a leopard print at bloomberg headquarters. >> good morning. looking for discounts on the ipad 2? apple is holding a special one- day only sale on its web site and in stores. you can get $60 off depending on the version.
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and best buy is offering the ipad 2 at a discount. some of them sold out. on wall street, more european troubles. hungary's debt has been downgraded to junk by moody's. today might be a good day to go to the gym. you might bid to catch a break on membership from your employer. a growing number of companies are offering financial incentives for employees to stay fit. it costs the company less in medical costs when employees are working out. and it is sometimes connected to their 2012 bonus. >> that's a pretty good incentive.
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thank you.
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the turkey and stuffing car in the refrigerator and now it's
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time to focus on shopping. black friday frenzy. >> and the latest on a building collapse under investigation at a busy d.c. shopping district. >> monitoring the countdown to homecomings for three american college students in egypt. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, everybody. great to have you with us. 6:00 on this friday, november 25. i am pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. steve in a moment, but first adam caskey. top of the morning to you. >> 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning, attending black friday temperatures. take a look deck them. remington, virginia, and 29 degrees along. with along the one in the


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