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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute the frenzy on the friday thanksgiving. got a 40-inch flat screen television. itll tell you why fear and several hot spots. an exciting trip turns into a nightmare. what these students are demanding tonight. the mystery in aruba. the man jailed for months is about to go free. >> i asked him what he really it, he started to cry. >> what is to come next in the case?rofile live and in hd, this is at 11, on your side. mysteryjor break in the in aruba. the montgomery county man under suspicion may be set free.
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a judge made the big decision gary giordono be held in a few days. dner's body has not found. we have the very latest. >> it appears the judge has said enough.s the prosecutors do not have a body, no weapon, no convincing a motive. road inite , most residents are that their neighbor home, a free man, by next wednesday. >> the prosecutor wanted more at his laptop and ipad. >> prosecutors have appealed the
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release himsion to from a jail. following the disappearance of his traveling companion. is notcollege aged son commenting on the case. friend told us there is a sense of relief. >> he told me he is coming home. i had no idea. >> authorities say two days gardner's disappearance, he called american express for an insurance policy before theyher traveled. >> it does not pass the lab test. >> there is no body, no weapon, convincing a motive. do not think you should someone, put them in prison, unless you have evidence of a crime. >> he broke down in tears during friday's hearing maintains that away from him during snorkeling. body has never been found.
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prosecutors have filed this know whatt we do not the judge will do. he could simply say, i have times to extend jail to find evidence. or he could hold a special monday.on we just do not know. thedano could return to asted states as soon wednesday. where following breaking is national harbor. reports theon post disney corporation has decided not build a resort hotel there. disney bought 11 acres of land back in 2009. was considered a down payment build a 500-room resort. disney has had a change of heart. given for the decision. national harbor is still trying attract major businesses. to the story that has affected all of us, black friday
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shopping. seen the excitement turned violent. at least 10 people were hurt in angeles walmart after police woman pepper sprayed get an x-box. to in phoenix, officers slammed a customer to the ground. the situation here in our region, from maryland, virginia, district, malls remain quite packed. we are live in bethesda with of the dramatic scenes. are finally taking a the breath, we just wrapped up a long and busy day of shopping around town. by the size and the enthusiasm
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of the crowd, retailers have to about this black friday. this is the mad rush recaptured h &m storeing of the corner at midnight. the scene was familiar at the the best buying of of spirit the shopping at the stroke of midnight on this black friday bargains hasfor going ever since. >> we are in tough economic times, but she could not tell by the crowds. at the mall at prince george's plazas, shoppers were out in force. >> i wore tennis shoes instead of my heels. >> look at the parking lot of the montgomery mall. it sparked a feeding frenzy on bargains. are 40% off.em >> look at what shoppers did to the shoe department at macy's. >> of the merchandise gets mixed
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up. you have to be strong. >> this family made a day of it. >> walked around for hours. >> they came out today to shop. >> it was a lot of fun. montgomery mall since noon. >> never again. >> take the whole family out shopping. black friday shopping date is about over. is another day, ladies and gentlemen. malls will be open again. a lot of merchandise on the the shelves. >> protect yourself. stay away from the issues section. -- show section.
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check out our photo gallery at today was the perfect weather to outside and walk from store to do -- store to store. much longer is this picture- weather going to last? >> perfect weather. it will continue for a while. the weatherat at center, i like a tear. -- it here. 66 at dulles. bwi broke the 70 degree mark. a late november day that we do not normally see. temperatures are in the 40's downtown. manassas, 30's. inside the beltway, 40's overnight. lots of sunshine on saturday. beautiful weather to continue. we need to talk about our next
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around then coming second half of the weekend. breaking following to from princeng in george's county. police are searching for three man as shot and during an apparent carjacking. the suspects are on the run the park this still. prince george's county police man after hel a rounds atuple of officers. happened -- the man was alone of theuse at the time shooting. investigation is underway. the mother of the georgetown arrested intudent egypt says her son and two other students are about to leave the country. that derrik sweeney is from cairo toy before flying back tomorrow. derrik sweeney and two others after they were throwing firebombs at
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enforcement and egypt. -- we arefollowing union stationf how this is happening and the potential impact. >> police say armed gunmen are they have had in side taxicab drivers. they're looking for your help to catch them. every day, these cabbies say they let strangers into their cars. so they say, robberies happen all over the city. >> it happens almost everywhere. northeast, southeast, northwest. >> 11 robberies and carjackings cabdrivers have taken place this november. suspects, who work in groups of two and four people, hit outside metro stations. >> god help us. that is all i can say.
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>> police considered the suspects armed and dangerous. >> i feel bad for them. it is dangerous. >> drivers expressed sympathy for their victimized colleagues, prepared they drive for whatever may come their way. >> does it scare you? >> no. >> why? >> when my time comes, it is my time. >> police also asked if you know about this case, please get in touch. which metroot say stations were involved. have yet to make any arrests. up, a group of students flying to reagan airport are outbreaks tonight. you why they are demanding an apology.
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making a grand return to the big screen. am art
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airline security -- just their job or racial profiling? learning more about a controversial decision to pull a eastern students from a thanksgiving day flight. the students were detained for hours and they spoke with abc 7 after arriving in our region. on by the students demanding an apology. >> the plan was more than four late, are writing your thanksgiving evening. eight students from the and i emirates were taken off
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u.s. air flight in charlotte, n.c., and questioned by police. >> they decided to call our name. they said, you have to get off the plane. >> the students were each about 15 minutes. >> what is the reason for you heading to washington? for u.s.esperson us the students of the planef because of a security issue. they say that was later be a non-issue. u.s. airways would not provide about theetails incident, but law enforcement heardome passengers over the students talking about the military. tsa saysperson for the gs agency was not involved. this didn't feel they were
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profiled. -- the students feel they were racially profile. they treated as different than the others. with this dance now j.r. martinez impressed a lot of folks. panetta called him and invited the pentagon. he said his dance performance strength and of wounded veterans. when the two planned to meet. on some old friends are back arch campbell has the latest on the newest muppets movie. ♪ >> the think we should have bigger car? >> best holiday honors go to the
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muppets. it cramps jokes, songs, and cameos into an irresistible mix. stars. on the independent scene, williams plays marilyn monroe. good that after awhile, you forget he were watching an actress. 3.5 stars. both are weekend best bets. have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell. --the moppets never miss a muppets never miss a beat. ok.
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that was a live look at our nation's capital. beautiful again tonight. you can see the temperatures are cooling off rapidly. we are into the 30's. within the downtown, we are still into the 40's. a lot warmer here in the district. 68 in alexandria of the high today. right into our forecast. just off to the west, a few more but nothing really showing itself just yet. much a clear sky. i will zoom out and give the forecast from our evening and going into the weekend. still plenty of sunshine off released saturday. what what happens on sunday. you start to see a few clouds building back in.
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the storm system is going to be about this guy. whether this thing has gone to down and stick around for a while. i will give you are high- definition high-resolution forecast. we are looking for nothing but sunshine. we are still in store for a mild day. temperatures back in the mid- 60's in many cases. watching, sunday afternoon, a first round of a shower. a sprinkle or two. the latest information shows starting to slow down. and 40's. overnight. be chilly in some cases. start there.a cold right back into the 60's in the
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afternoon. that all has to do with the the next storm system. that storm the several days away. it is going to continue to be good throughout the weekend. >> keep it that way. of the terps job to that three in pr. themselves atm home tonight? we will tell you about tonight's blowout next in sports. ♪
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>> the fans at a rise in maybe tonight, there was to -- verizon may be louder, but tonight, there was not much to cheer about. 5-2 rangers. -- third goal of the month. here is new york's capt. again. went 6-3.s the caps play buffalo tomorrow. williamske of jordan from maryland, leadery emerged as the of the season. disappoint tonight. 24 points against florida gulf coast university in college park. -- it home.e t
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we like to see that. 73-67.d hangs on to win isaac ben and punches it in from 6 yards out. the game is not over. final six minutes of the game. he makes a one-yard off the right tackle. west virginia went 21-20 and remains eligible. the nba players and owners reportedly opened of talks today to end the 148-day lockout. says they are about from an agreement.
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are hoping to something in time for christmas. in the harris households, you can watch lebron james. >> you just had to go there. ♪
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we'll make your first month's pay'sment. the dramatic video and from plaque friday --
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friday it is our top trending story on on thanksgiving day, you parade, of famous course. on the day after, springfield, mass., hosts its own parade. some of the balloons reached 75 feet in the air. honored thede also responders. we will be right back.
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final thoughts on the weather?
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>> it is going to continue greatness. pretty coolom, images. just to enjoy the weekend. >> it is going to be greatness. he said it. you heard your folks, up -- you ordered your first, folks. have a good night and a great weekend.
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tonight on "nightline," doctors with heart. what's a big ten college football star doing here working with a team of american doctors to help bring back a hospital and a nation from the brink. and tiniest patients. racing tlo


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