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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  November 27, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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d democrats havave said we will not caught $1 more without raisising taxes. >> in the nation at's capil, we celrated thanksgiving with the 11 republican debate. >> i it is to prevent afghanistan from becoming a launchihing point for a tax. >> we just want our rights. >> here at home, theepublican front-runner has advice for the occupy protesters. >> go get a job right after you take a bath. captioioned by the national captionining institute >> full disclosuree -- we are recording this program the day
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before thanksgiving. i have a feeling we are not going to miss much. first,t, the super committee bust. as "politico" sees it, the super committee never had a chance. "it faiailed because of a politically unpalatable m mixix of distrustst and the partisan toxicity in washington." here is michael bomberg's take. >> i just think thfailure of the super committee to come to an agreement is just a damning indictment of washington's inability to govern this country. i don't know how you reach an agreement if you don't sit down at the tab and talk to each other. people say who do yoblame? it is both sides of the aisle and both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> any argument with a mere bloomberg on that, nina? >> in general no, but specifically, the democts at
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least proposed entitlement cuts larger than had been oposed before. the republicans' teeny budge of the idea of new taxes. a majority of the country belies there should be there should be tax increases on the wealthy. -- on the wealthy to help us out of thisroblem. it won't entirely but you might as well call their bluff and do it. charles? >> it athad a chance to do tax reform, the one thing on whicich left and right both agree. it is a more fair system and lead to econom growth. it didn't have been brought the president coul have made it happen or leased assisted in making that happen.. probablye are going to have to decide the issue n next year in the election. it is an ideological divide it between left and right. in the end, the people decide. >> colby?
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>> let's understand how we got to this point. back in july, the republicans decide it to take the debt ceililing hostage to t themselvesut of the bind we are and where thfull faith and credit off the united states was going to be called into quesestion. mitch mcconnell came up with this jerry-rigged idea that was doomed t failure, the super committee. you cocould tell i was going to help buy the appointments made in the charges given tpeople. boner me it clear to republicans what they had to do on the committee, and so did the democrats. here we are. >> mark? >> just to set the mayor of new yo's record straight, the super committee democrats propod a larger cu in medicare tn had been proposed by simpson-bowles or by president obama o or by any other political entit of record.
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i think that is part of it. there is no question that it was doomed to fail because our polarized pololitics and it is doomed to fail most of l because you have a republican party at has notot voted f any real tax increase since 1990, when george bush's budget deal, in which replican lore was the reason george herbert walker bush lost a second term. >> dana milbank in "the washington post" said that senator kyl was thehe spoioiler. >> you cannot pin this oone individual. we had no give on either sidof any significance. the republica were locked into their position, and why shouldn't they be? they have one on everythi they have tried to achieve by jt saying no. >> i actually give the democrats
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some credit for moving off the dime of it. but the l lack of trust and the lack of ability to ve a corresponding move -- thee tragedy at was this was a system that may have b been doomed to failure, but it also could have been doomedo success, because it guaranteed vote on thee floor it circumvevented the need to giva 3/5 vote to kill a filibuster. if that they could have come to an agreement, it would have gottenup or down vote. >> what a a surprise that nina would ha found that democrats deserve somome comtted on this committee. i'm really shocked to hear that. the facts that despite all the protestatitions of the democrats the republicans, starting with the very conservative the setor coburn who was on a simpson-bowles and approved and suppororted an increase in net tax revenues -- >> that was the g gang of six though. >> now, he voted in simpson-
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bowles to increase $1 tririllion -- i am in the middle of a sentence, and i am going to get to the end and i will let you kn with punctuation, all right? >> ok. >> comma -- >> [laughter] he supported a a $1 trillion in increase in net tax revenues, the same way tt on the super mmittee, sator toomey of the club for growth supported an increase in tax revenues. it seemso me that the myth that republicans oppppose higher taxes is sily not recognizing there is a difffference between the warring rates and increasing revenues. >> just to correct the recor yes, tom coburn to suppo t on simpson-bowles and he was excludedrom the committee did pat toomey was on the committee. he endorsed $300 billion in revenues over thet 10 years, $30 billion a year, under
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e condition, that the bush tax cuts nimply be retnened, but at the highest rate be cut to 28%. democrats think they have a winner polititically on this. they didn't -- juslet me finish if f i could, charles before you i interrupt. this discredits government it discredits congrs, and it helps repupublicans in 2012. >> what i don't understand is how you n sayay oh, yes, the republicans would have increased revenues, butecause the rates were lowered, it is not a good idea. who cares? do y think the chinese who ow our debt, caree about the rates? what they care about is the net revenues and the deb per you can do it with lower rates, and it is a win-n-win. >> that is a big if. >> is tha -- is there a
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silver linining here? >> that is the other thing the and not going to let the automatic cuts take place. that is the further damning thing about our system. we have no way of straightening this thing out.
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mi romney has s lukewarm support. and rth, as mark shields predicted would happen at some months ago, newt gingrich's effective performance in the debating has been reflected in the pol. you want t to take a vctory lap here? >> no, but i want to point out that this format is made for nenewt gingrich.h. you have eight candidates up there, you have a premium on who can speak coherently, concisely using facts in his argument. he is the best certainly in that group of that by far. and there is nothing adversarial. nobody ever ss, but what what did you mean by that -- "what did you mean by that?" maria bartiromo of the cnbc is the ononly person who challenged him. in a party that is dying to beat barack obama, he is the one guy they feel could go toe to toe with obama. mitt is not the guy they nt to
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go home with. >> this debate was not as nasty or damaging, totally, to anybody as the previous debates, although at one point herman cain called the moderator wolf blitzer "blitz." >> is into their -- isn't there a reindeer called "itz"?? >> these debates are not good for the republicanranchise. it does not matter that herman ca is now a lesser candidate. for weeks he was ahead of the pack. i suspect something s similar will happen to newt gingrich. it has happened to michele bachmann and others. i think the reason obama is creeping up in the polls is this is what people are seeing on a weekly basasis. >> when it comes to foign
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policycy and natiol security, the subject of this debate, with which of these candidates would you be most comfortable? >> probably everyone except ron paul who is living in the 1920's and things we can have a moat around the unit states and we nore the world, the wod will ignore us. i n't think there's a lot of the division. jon huntsman is slightly moderate on afghanistan, but romney me a good point in the debate -- since the plan today is to leave in two yrs anyway, and everybody agrees that you keep residual force, even huntsman and obama, i presume it is an argument over a f few months one way or the other. in the end, there is a ve small division, even though huntsman wants to be the one to say that we need to build a nation at home rather than abroad. he says he's not for immediaiate withdrawal. >> colbyhich canada are you most comfortable -- >> huntsman by far.
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he has experience abroad, he knows his way around the subject. newt gingrich professes to k know everything -- somethi about everything -- and he doesn't. in the case that mitt romney, he works his talking points well but there is no depth there. jon huntsman by a mile. >> your only choices are the people on that stage. which of these candidates are you most comfortable, nina? >> that is hard, because i don't think anof them would do t things they say they wou do -- >> and if they did, would you support them >> no. on the things i worry about no. >> yes, let's get that straight. >> i gueuess i am with colby and i also tnk romney -- he does not scare me as much as some of the other people would just se to
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not t be thinking. >> herman cain -- can we be done with him? he was silly, he was a that was at the debate. can we just established that? is there consensus on the panel? i want to bring harmony in this time of thanksgiving. i doubt want all the most interesting, the most refreshing -- i found ron paul the most interesting, the most refreshing-- >> do you want him in the white house? >> sure. >> why don't we accept your promise? >> t 1 area, surprisingly, where bara obama surpassed all expectations is foreign policy. this has been at the francse of the republican party for the last generation, and they are left to quibble and squabble and look petty by contrast. ama has done a remarkable job for the democrats on the issue of natiol secucurity.
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america more competitive. broadband for america: building the future today. >> the military is losing controrol of the street and of losing credibility with the people of egypt because they used excessive force and live ammunition against protesters, and an they are largely perceived as trying to carve out protection for themselves when this transition to civilian rule. >> that is nicholas burns former state department official. it is no mubarak's egypt any more. >> i havave been to the mubarak's egypt half a dozen times. he is gone but the military is it still there. they are comfortable with ownership of the country comfortable keeping it. they d don't realize that
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civilians want to take over. that is where you have this attention. >> what is going toto come out of this, charles? >>t is not just the military on one side and the peoplple on the other. the people are divided into two parties. you have the muslim brotherhood, which was not out on the street all week. the peop on the streets were the liberal, young urbanites. the brotherhood of deliber -- the brotherhood deliberately told its members not to demonstrate. why? elections start to be held on monday for the parliament. the brotherhood is going to win. they notote that. they are afraid if theilitary is pvoked, it will invoke martial law and canceled elections. the brotherhood and t the military d a kind of at symbiosis. what is happening now is the young, liberal urbanites' on the streets e usually the onenes in these revolutions to get swept
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away. they instigate the revolution, as in iran or if you like, the russian and even the french revolution. they get swept away. the discipline and hard core like the brotherhood on the one hand and the military on the other, will behe ones left standing. >> if the other woododwind, what does it mean to us? -- if the brotherhood of wins what does it mean to us? >> isis notntirely certain it there will be an electio the one thing we miss in th whole discussssion in a way that i cannot entirelyy explain, at the egyptian military is totally intertwined with and controls a a great deal of the ecoconomy owns it in of late. at is why they are fighting so hard not to be o ousted. that kinind of privilege, that kind of economic dinance, is not something they want to lose. >> nobody gives up power
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willingly. >> nobody does. we always like to haven ideological answer everything that is going on, but let's unrstand this -- since the generals have taken over and mubarak has been gone, 12,000 ople have been brought before military tribunals for serious offenses such as insulting th military or breaking the curfew. what triggered the provoking incidents of this particular outbreak was the military waed to exercise a ve power over the constitution that is to be drawn. this is really a question of people revolting against oppression. >> what we're talking about is this islamic movement that has come to the forefront. that goes beyond at an organization you are talking out. something very fundamental has happened in egypt -- >> in at the end, the government
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willll be run not by a broad movement but by people and party and leaders.
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>> the occupy movement starts with the promise that we owe them everything. they take a public park they did not pay for to use bathrooms they did not pay for to instruct those who are gog to work to pay taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park so that they n self righteously explain that they are the paragons of a virtue to ich we owe everything. that is a pretty good symptom of how much of the left has collapsed as a ral system in this country, and why you need to reassert something as simple as saying to them, go get a job right after you take a bath. [applause] >> couldn't resist that.
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newtwt gingrich talking about the occupy protesters. after the pepper spray in at uc- davis, public opinion may have shifted in the other direction. >> there is nobody at the two more for a definition an update on the moral fabric of this country -- there's nobody i look to more for high-definition n and an update on the moral fabric of this country than the former speaker of the house. >> [laughter] >> if you play threree minutes of newt gingrich, the paucity that comes through is so -- the paucity that comes through is so -- pomposity that comes through is so self-please that his campgn would implode. ththe occupy movement was given a boost by the excess at ucal- davis but they have to come up with something other than disrupupting transportation. >> newt in that thing, which i
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partly agreewith betrayed generation. he is trying to make a vietetnam war-era cultural statement about this movovement. there are people there doing what he said, there are people who need a bath but there are also a lot of unemployed peopl not wellone, but it does represent a real frustration in the and it states. -- ithe united states. >> the republican front-runner offered the view not only on occupy wall street, but he went to harvard and he suggested that kids who go to poor schools poor kids -- one way to change their l lives is to get rid of these child labor laws and they can become a janitor's, clean their own schools. my grandfather was a janitor my father worked two jobs. when i was in college, i had to work as s a janitor.
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we call ourselves sanitary engineers. janitor'sjanitor is don't just pick up trash pit janitors clean toets, janitors to the bs that he is saying that poor kids should get. and they will take pride in their schools if they cleanup. the republican front-runner -- th is a person who would become president of thunited states. >> the wall street movement -- unlike the vietnam protests -- for all of its excess, it had a moral ce and purpose. this movement doesn't pay is self indulgent, and it will ssipate as a result. >> see you next week.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> business news from the catal region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. thank you for doingng us for a look at business and finance issueses he in the washington region. we


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