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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 28, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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view. no plane, no parachute. just a guy and his suit. good morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. new details on the growing sex abuse scandal at syracuse university. a long-time coach is now out of a job evidence mounts in the case. >> a disturbing new recording made by one of the alleged victims. here's tahman bradley. >> reporter: the latest revelations were too much for syracuse university. they fired bernie fine last night. three men accused him of molesting them when they were boys. just like the penn state child sex scandal, there with questions about what the head coach of syracuse knew and when. one of the accusers, 39-year-old bobby davis, recorded a phone call with fine's wife back in
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2002. on the tape, she appears to allege knowing about the abuse which davis says started in the seventh grade. >> i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues. he has issues. >> reporter: davis said he told syracuse police about the abuse in 2002 but got nowhere. he made the record something his accusations would be taken seriously. >> do you think i'm the only one that he might have done that to? >> no. >> reporter: she seems to have admitted she had a had a relati with him. >> reporter: earlier this month, davis's step brother accused fine of molestation. over the weekend, a if-year-old
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came forward. >> he was sitting on the bed and looking at me get out of the shower through the mirror that reflected into the bathroom. >> reporter: that accuser, zack thomaselli himself faces sexual assault charges. >> in the penn state scandal, the head coach lost his job there. what is the head coach at syracuse saying this morning? >> he originally said the accusers are lying for money. now he's backing away from that, apologizing for being insensitive to the comments to the alleged accusers. >> perhaps he spoke too soon. live in washington for us this morning, tahman bradley. breaking news we have been tracking overnight. eviction notices are overdue in two major cities. in los angeles, the mayor says even though the occupy
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protesters ignored a midnight deadline, arrests will not be made immediately. in philadelphia, a deadline came an went without arrests. all was quiet there early today. new tension in the already difficult relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. the wods of 24 pakistani soldiers have already been buried. they died early saturday in air strikes that were ordered by u.s. and pakistani teams. pakistan is demanding the u.s. vacate an air base that has been used to service cia drones. in egypt, voting is under way in the first election since hosni but bar rack was ousted. these are the first stage of elections that won't end until early next year. now the politics here at
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home, the resurgence of newt gingri gingrich. he's picked up a major endorsement. the new hampshire union leader is backing gingrich, putting his face front and center in the nengd paper. that's a slap in the face of mitt romney, who juzed to be the governor of next door massachusetts. the only suspect in the case of a missing woman in aruba could be back in the u.s. b tomorrow night. gary giordano and the woman went to aruba when she disappeared. robert champion collapsed on the band bus after a football game last weekend. investigators suspect he died after being beaten. champion's father spoke exclusively to abc news about the tragedy. >> there's place in our heart
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now where is there is a void. and -- i pray that no other kid no other parent would have to go through what we went through. >> a memorial service will be held in tallahassee tomorrow for ront champion. >> such a sad and needless story. time for a look at weather from across the country. a rare snowfall today from memphis to northern alabama. drenching downpours and flooding from nashville to cincinnati. frost and freeze warnings from houston to san antonio. and near record highs here in the northeast. >> of 6 in boston. 67 in new york. 50s in atlanta, new orleans, dallas. 42 in chicago. 45 in omaha. 40 in the twin cities. phoenix, 76, 48 in salt lake city. two crew members from a
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sinking russian cargo ship have prince william to thank for saving their life. >> he was piloting a royal air force helicopter when he plucked the pair from the irish sea yesterday. the body of another crew member was recovered. five others remain missing. >> that prince does it all, doesn't he? >> he does. he has a real job. coming up next after the break. a third grader put in foster care because he's obese. and mall mayhem on black friday turned into big numbers for stores. what about cyber monday? >> look at that crowd. and flying through the air with nothing but a special suit. you have to see the video to
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wow. we still can't get over these scenes from black friday. retailers hope that crush of humanity in the stores will be duplicated today. it's cyber monday. they want to see that same fervor online. it's cyber monday, the day when shoppers turn to the internet to get whatever they didn't find in the mall. >> black friday was god for the brick and mortar stores. more americans went shopping than ever before. they spent about $400 each. sales totalling more than $52
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billion. online sales set a record with a 26% increase over last year. >> people are tired of being frugal. and overseas, markets are up this morning, partly because of that strong start to the holiday shops season here in the u.s. tokyo's nikkei average pick up 127 points today. hong kong's hang seng was up 348 points. in london, the ftse opened high. on wall street, the dow lost 56h points last week. the the worst since 1942. the nasdaq was off 131. newly released documents show just how big the bailout was three years ago. get this. $1.2 trillion in loans. the banks made an extra sp million by taking advantage of the fed's below-market rates. the information was all secret until now. even congress didn't know the magnitude of the bailout. the sun hasn't set on the
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latest twit light movie. "breaking dawn" was tops at the box office. it made $42 million friday through sunday, bringing the total to $221 million so far. the muppets opened in second with almost $30 million. and happy feet two, in third. it will cost you more this year to buy all 364 gifts in the famed song. it's $101,119 this year. the prices for partridges, pear trees, and turtle dooufs has spiked. costs of maids, lords, and ladies have held. well, coming up in "the pulse" sickened by "twilight." are movie goers suffering seizures because of the film?
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welcome back, everybody. you're looking live now, pictures out of los angeles, where the police department is on tactical alert because of the occupy protesters defying a midnight deadline to leave the encampment. officers are held over, they don't respond to low-priority calls. we'll keep you posted this morning. the crowd, an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 protesters. we'll see how that scene unfolds. for a look at morning road conditions. flooding on i-65 and i-75 in parts of indiana, ohio, kentucky, and georgia. i-40 in tennessee.
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wet on i-95 from the carolinas into the northern half of florida. >> if you're flying today, airport delays possible in detroit, cincinnati, raleigh, nashville, atlanta. there are a lot of questions being asked this morning about whether a killer is posting wand ads on craigs list. >> a couple of people are in custody already. clayton sandell lays out the facts for us. >> reporter: three murders, possibly connected by the click of a mouse. the victims were lured by a craigs list ad offering work at an ohio cattle ranch. >> they're looking for someone to watch it. >> reporter: it was a fake. it was a setup to robbery and worse. scott davis said he was confronted. >> as he was running from the gentlem gentlemen, he was shot in the arm. >> reporter: police
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investigated. three bodies were found on the property. timothy kern was identified. a third body was not. >> the only connection was answering ads for employment on craigs list. >> reporter: police have two people in custody. one, a 16-year-old boy. another man, 51-year-old richard beasley is being held on related charges. >> he's a kid we have taken to church since he was 7 or 8 year old. >> reporter: heather answered the ad and she never heard back. >> i got sick to my stomach, just thinking how lucky i was. it could have been me had i got an response back. >> reporter: investigators are scrambling to find out if everyone that clicked on that ad is still alive. clayton sandell, abc news. a college professor goes to
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court today in boston accused of watching child porn while on a flight. this man was arrested on saturday after another passenger took a picture of him watching porn. the man is a father of two young kids. it's the big sports story this morning. syracuse university has fired long-time assistant basketball coach bernie fine. he was let go after a third man accused him of abusing him years ago. in a recorded phone call, fine's wife seems to have known about the abuse. in the nfl, the giants visit the saints tonight. as for some of yesterday's action, here's espn news. >> good morning, my name is todd grisham. this is your espn news update. you love tim tebow, or you hate him. you can't ignore him.
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tebow to decker. his only touchdown of the day. overtime, 2:30 left. nick novak, the leg, just wide. the broncos get the ball. they give it to willis mcgeahy. 24 yards here. it sets up this. matt praytor, from 37 yards away for the win! broncos win it, 16-13, tim tebow now 5-1 as the starter this season. jets and bills. second quarter. game tied at 7-7. fitzpatrick to johnson for the five-yard score. watch the celebration. he pretends to shoot himself in the leg, mocking plaxico burress, then does the flight and falls to the ground. unsportsman like conduct.
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not smart, steve. sanchez to holmes. touchdown, you complete me. two seconds to play. bills on the jets 24. fitzpatrick looking for something. but no. can't hit johnson. jets win it, 28-24. for all the day's highlights and news, check out espn news. that's what we do. my name is todd grisham. have a great day. >> cant wait for the saints and giants tonight. i'm ready. let's go. here's a wakeup for you on monday morning. make sure you're strapped in tight. >> that's right. this guy got unique views in his wing suit. below him is a beautiful landscape of norway. we're told he knows what he's doing. >> he's been base jumping for three years and sky diving for five. while doing stuff like this, he reaches about 180 miles an hour. he is moving. better him than me.
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into foster care. social workers said his mother didn't do enough to help him lose weight. >> the child is 8 years old and weighs 200 pounds. there are serious health concerns there. enough to warrant the child going into state custody? >> it's unusual. what is in the best interest of the child is the standard. the new "twilight" movie is turning over a healthy profit. it's turning stomachs as well. >> that's right. some of the scenes are making them sick. some weem have become light-headed, suffered seizures. others passed out. >> experts say the flickering colorful lights in the graphic birthing scene could cause a photo sensitive epileptic seizure. you survived. scary stuff though.
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here's one woman who knows how the break the monotony of the gym work out. >> she uses the treadmill as a dance instrument. check her out. the dances, turns, spins. someone records it with a smart phone camera. >> she's done this before, obviously. she's practiced before. one of the people that recorded it calls her quote, the next beyonce. >> i wouldn't doubt it. >> looking good. under the mistletoe whether it's beach or snow, you sparkle and you shine because it's christmas time. no one does christmas like kmart does christmas. kmart. smart.
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and finally from us this morning. it was a very happy thanksgiving for the families of three american college student who is had been jailed in egypt. >> finally back home, one of the students describes his arrest as the most frightening day of my life. abc's lama hasan has more. >> going to watch the eagles tomorrow? >> reporter: derrik sweeney, luke porter and the other man arrested in cairo are home. each student grateful to be home. >> i want to say that i'm so thank to feel be back in philadelphia. >> it's a good feeling. i want to go home and have
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thanksgiving. >> reporter: but their semester abroad was not meant to end so soon, or like this. the now infamous video of their arrest. they were accused of fueling a revolution. egyptian police say they were throwing things off a building. >> they did not have anything. i opened derrik's bag to put my camera in there. there was nothing in his bag. >> reporter: we saw firsthand how dangerous it was. security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets. before the arrest, luke gates was tweeting, i feel so reckless. live bullets. i was here. and wish the protests in new york looked like the ones in tahrir. the egyptian security forces say they show derrik, mouth covered,
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among the demonstrators. what were they doing there? looking for a thrill or caught up in the moment? >> they were at the right place at the wrong time. >> reporter: this is a lesson these students won't forget. lam lama hasan, abc news, cairo. thanks for watching. have a great monday. live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> it has happened again. for the third time in less than week, there has been a carjacking at a shopping center. police think the same man is behind all the attacks. >> it is so great to


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