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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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hit the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, steve has the forecast. >> i believe i am a whether deal for you the cannot read it i have a -- i have a weather deal for you the cannot resist. he can leave the umbrella at home. reagan national at 52 degrees. we do have a cold front that is off to the north and west of us. it will eventually make its way to our area as we move through the overnight hours into the day tomorrow. it could be looking upward to an inch of rain by the time it is all said and done. 65 degrees to 72 degrees this morning. winds will be out of the southeast. scattered showers will develop into widespread areas. temperatures will only fall into the 50's.
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samarra lowered 60's predict tomorrow lower 60's. a look at the extended outlook coming up. cyber monday deals for traffic is good. everything is working in your favor. you have the best deal of all. no problems on 95 between richmond and baltimore. we will take you to a live picture right now. headlights are northbound. the red is heading away from the southbound. everything is quiet on the highway. to our top story. another carjacking in a sweetened -- in wheaton. this was outside of a target. we join me with the latest. >> good morning. the late this is not happening here. it is a different location than
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the other two incidents. police are telling us that a man was getting into his car when a man carrying a box cutter forced him into his vehicle. authorities are looking for the suspect they believe is responsible for all three incidents. >> police and searching for a man they believe is responsible for three separate kidnappings. >> it scares me a lot. it makes me almost not want to come out. >> an armed suspect approached a 77-year-old man and force them into his the goal. they forced him to withdraw cash from the atm. the suspect drove and fled on foot. the victim was taken to the hospital after being beaten and cut up. this is the third incident in less than a week.
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two other carjackings also happens. both are abducted near a giant food store and driven to atms. neither the victim was hurt. >> i always pay attention to my surroundings. there's the thing he can do. >> the injury sustained by the victim in the late this case are serious but non life- threatening. they were very vague. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. abc 7 news. >> thank you. investigators are trying to find out what caused a house fire that killed a six your old boy. a fire broke out earlier. firefighters pulled a boy in two
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women out. the boy later died. the house had no working spoke detectors. >> if people are more aware of fire alarms, he could still be alive. >> the woman pulled from the house are in critical condition. the boy went to school in prince george's county. >> a sex abuse scandal has caused a longtime assistant basketball coach his job. a third man accused him of sexual abuse. we have more on this story. >> a shocking idea tape recording has surfaced. syracuse has fired bernie fine. >> hello? >> in 2002, bobby davis recorded
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this phone call. she seems aware of her husband's deviant behavior. >> i know everything that went on with him. maybe he is not aware of it. he has issues. >> the sexual advances when he was a ball boy. the >> he grabbed me. he said he taped the conversation because he cannot get anywhere with police. he asked whether there were other victims. >> is he the only one he has done it to? >> no. >> to more accusers have come forward. he faces child sex abuse charges. they say he molested him when he
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was just 13. abc 7 news. thank you. now to the scandal at penn state. they received letters from a in may to says he may have been abused. this is the word from the daily types -- the "center daily times." he is accused of molesting eight boys. new details and to the mystery in aruba. what he could be erased after being held in connection with a traveling companion. >> we will have a preview of president obama's meeting with top officials.
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>> i am in the furniture weather center. the combined the cold front out there to the west of us. 52 degrees compared to the 35
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degrees in chicago. the cool air will arrive here mid-week. heavier rain expected later. the area of low pressure are rise for the day on tuesday. 62 degrees for the daytime high. it stands at 71 degrees. but for showers and rain. a cool cloudy and damp tuesday. upper 50's. we will look at the extended hours. are you ready for nighttime lows? i will tell you when. here is traffic. >> if you take the outer loop, some damaging debris report it.
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this is the outer loop near carrollton. the only thing they are dealing with is soil conservation. nothing coming out of frederick. now to pamela and scott. greg thank you. coming up, a major boost in the presidential campaign. which publication has endorsed a candidate? >> cyber monday sales. we will i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big stk... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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>> of voting is underway in each of's landmark election.
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the first parliamentary elections -- voters stood in long lines. we have heard from a georgetown university student who was arrested in cairo. he tells abc that they receive harsh treatment while in custody. >> the first night we were punched in the face a number of times. they held a bottle of gasoline to my mouth and were motioning as though they were going to make me drink it. they told us they would shoot us if we moved. we read in a peach of position in the dark with their hands behind our back. >> they flew back to the u.s. saturday after a court order that they be free. >> now to a mystery in aruba. they're trying to keep very giordano in jail.
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here is the prime suspect in the disappearance of gardner. a judge rejected a request to hold him for 30 more days. that means he could be freed tomorrow. he says she was swept out to sea wall snorkeling. hernandez is charged with trying to assassinate president obama. the hearing comes after a psychiatric evaluation. hernandez says he believes he is the modern-day jesus christ and the president is "the anti christ." the bullet hit the window. the european debt crisis will take center stage while president obama meet with union leaders. they are discussing ways to resolve the crisis which has engulfed the country and threatened. they are going to discuss energy
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and investment issues. a key endorsement for newt gingrich. new hampshire is largest newspaper is backing the former house speaker for the republican nomination. they call him innovative and forward looking. the endorsement comes ahead of the new hampshire january 10 primary. a record number of shoppers visited stores and websites during the thanksgiving weekend. >> retailers are hoping for more sales. >> in today's technology buyouts, its cyber monday, it the day when choppers come to the region when shoppers come to the internet. sales were up 26%. topsides were amazon, wal-mart
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and best buy. here are some tips to keep you and your computer states. shot only at trusted sites. play with a credit card and not a debit card. look for https that that means the page is secure. they're using their cell phones as tracking devices. the information is anonymous and the house and figure out shopping patterns. these are your tech bytes. >> it is time now for traffic and weather. >> i am enjoying this. >> we have one more day. that would be the mild weather. it is starting to feel like the end of november into early december. this is yesterday's high of 72
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degrees. it is 53 degrees 74 degrees for the record high. i believe that will remain safe for the day today. it may tie it at 71 degrees. 52 degrees for the hour. the wind has settled down. temperatures are holding in the 50's. quantico at 54 degrees. manassas not 48 degrees. a cold front is up to the west of us. on the other side of the front we're in the 50's. the final system is moving to the next 24 hours.
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this is going to give us some heavy rain. this could be talking whump whump 5 inches of rain across the area and the potential for some localized flooding cut tomorrow afternoon. we are not expecting a whole lot. all this will finally moved out of here on wednesday. behind it, a cooler and drier air. no mistakes, 65 degrees. a little bit of of this morning. temperatures falling into the 50's. here's a quick look on the cool down. dimeters will hover around 50 degrees. nighttime lows are in the 30's. this is an update on the rush hour commute. we head over to the set.
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>> it is pushing back into the routine. everything is moving nicely except for the outer loop. virginia goes first in the traffic center. it northbound 395 is moving very well. 270, sat on chaffing good. here we are getting there. this looks good. >> 5:21 is this spirit we at 55 degrees. we are talking about winners. what the players have to say about ending the game.
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>> he throws. ticos' for a touchdown. >> if you missed the second half, you did not miss a lot. they scored 13 points. he only managed after the intermission. the final score down. in the meantime, get up and get over the monday morning blues. the burgundy and gold are back. after six straight losses, that is reason enough to celebrate.
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>> it does finally come to an end. he sandwiched his bad persona but when a reporter and fourth quarter. and he has a leaping touchdown run. >> it was one of the most impressive runs i have ever seen. this was awesome. a got a is going there in the fourth quarter. >> that was the first time. i wanted to make sure i got it. i did not care. i just knew i we get that from forward progress. >> the new york jets, on sunday. >> shifting our focus to basketball. they're beginning to get an idea of well happen if the labor deal is satisfied. the games will begin on
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christmas and run through late april. >> 55 degrees is the time. still ahead some job seekers -- houle a killer is looking for a popular web site. >> a third carjacking in the county and less than a week. what police are saying about all of this. >> a mild start to our monday. a strong cold
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> it appears that he has struck
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again. there is a carjacking for the third time in less than a week. good morning, washington. it is monday november 28. >> great to have you here with us. to began with some traffic and weather every 10 minutes. steve joins us with a forecast. >> let me tell you, to get through today, a beautiful day in terms of temperatures, well above average for this time of year may even tie or break a couple of records, in delulls international which stands at 71 degrees. outside this hour, it's 53 at dulles. a degree coals at -- cooler at international. this cold front is going to arrive after midnight continue. that's when the better chance of widespread showers and periods of heavier rains will be doo into the day tomorrow.
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mostly cloudy skies otherwise. 65-72 degrees. night time close will fall into the 50's. first, lisa baden has look at traffic. >> the look on 95 on virginia is pretty good. out of fredericksburg to get into springfield no problems to report on 395. just everybody's getting back into the groove this morning. we are quiet on the beltway to and from the american legion bridge. and no problems on 95 on the maryland side. back to spot and pamela. >> ok, lisa, thanks for that. turning to our toptory this morning. montgomery county police are investigating a carjacking in weeden outside a target store at westfeld weeden shopping center.
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brianne? >> good morning pamela. montgomery county police are actively searching for this suspect they now believe is responsible for these three separate incidents. according to police yesterday, a 77-year-old man was getting into his car here or outside of the target when he was approached by the armed you want and ordered into his own vehicle. the suspect then drove the victim town known location. authorities believed to withdraw cash from a.t.m. the suspect drove to hyattsville and fled on foot. police say the victim was taken to the hospital after suffering serious but nonlife-threating injuries. police tell us he was beaten and cut up. this is the third incident of its kind as you said in just less than a week on november 23 and november 26, two other carjackings involving elderly men also happened here in weeden. both victims were abducted near the giant grocery store and driven a.t.m.s to withdraw cash.
5:32 am
neither victim was hurt. police telling us they believed that these crimes are connected that they believed the same man is responsible for all three of these incidents. the description given for this suspect is still very vague. authorities tell us anyone with information is asked to give them a call. reporting loifer in weend brianne carter. >> thank you brianne. investigators are still searching for the people responsible for this weekend's violence in dupont circle. police say a fight broke out early sunday morning at the heritage indian restaurant on connecticut avenue. it spilled out on to the street where a man was shot and killed. two other people were shot. three were stabbed no word yet on what sparked that fight. >> for a long time, assistant basketball coach has ended in scandal. the university fired bernie fine after new allegations of child poll lesstation came to light. here's all the details on this
5:33 am
story. good morning ben. >> a third accuser has come forward. a 23-year-old zach tom sele signed an affidavit last week alleging that bernie fine molested him while he was 13. the first accuser to come to public was bobby davis. davis' stepbrother mike lang has also come forward. over the course of the investigation, a recorded phone conversation surfaced between davis and a woman identified as bernie fine's wife lori. it appears she was aware of fine's behavior. the phone call also addresses other allegations from davis that he also had sexual relations with fine's wife when he was 18. >> i would help you screw up you a little more too. >> were you with her sexually? >> yes. >> now questions swirl around
5:34 am
how much legendary head coach jim boeheim knew about this in a statement, he wrote "the allegations that have comfort today are disturbing and deeply troubling. i am personally very shocked because i've never witnessed any of the activities that have been alleged. i believe the university took the appropriate steps." >> thank you ben. and now to the scandal at penn state and a new accuser against former football coach jerry sandusky has come forward. police received a letter from an inmate who he claims sandusky assaulted him. that's the word from the center daily times. it says that the letter was sthonet state attorney's office. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. it's 55 degrees. 5:35 on this monday morning. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," new details surrounding the man convicted of assassinating senator robert kennedy. why his lawyers say he should be
5:35 am
freed or get a new trial. >> and the deadline to occupy l.a. protestors to leave their encampments has now come and gone. how some of the protestors are responding. >> but first, a check on traffic
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>> good morning, weash. -- good morning, washington. >> welcome back. hope you had an enjoyable thanksgiving holiday weekend. temperatures outside, unbelievable this time of the year this time of the morning, no complaints here. 48 degrees in manassas. 54 in quantico. over to reagan international at 52 degrees. cold front just off to the north and west of us. it's going to takes it time as he moves towards the east. we'll see its effects arrive later on today into the overnight hours. clouds will thingen. showers will develop. and then areas of heavier rain expected for the day tomorrow. this is where the rain is located right now, along with associated area of low pressure over kentucky into tennessee. all this moves our way over the next 24 hours. highs today near record breaking temperatures. may see a record at dulles. 65-72 degrees for a daytime
5:39 am
high. if we hit 70 at b.w.i. marshall, it will be four consecutive days that we have mad 70 degrees or better at the airport. coming up, a look at the much colder forecast, but first, here's lisa baden. good morning. >> in a quiet march but back to the routine this morning but no accidents to report and we'll still give you normal travel times between fredericksburg and springfield and washington and baltimore. good on the toll road. good on centerville side on 66 eastbound getting into vienna. and no problems along 270. now back to pamela and scott. >> thanks for that. the time is 5:40. we have 55 degrees on monday. >> capitol hill is going to be busier than usual. we'll have details on the arrival on the the u.s. capital christmas tree. >> and black friday is gone but cybermonday is here. i'm julia live in northwest washington.
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>> welcome back. checking our top stories now. a man suspected of carjacking two people from the westfield weeden shopping center may have struck again. a 77-year-old man was abducted in the same area yesterday afternoon. investigators believe the man drove the man to several a.t.m.s and forced him to take out cash the rim and his car were later found in hyattsville. the taxi cab commission is considering a plan to double a cost of a cab ride. that rate could go from $1.50 to $2.75 a mile and most surcharons will go away. cab drivers can't make a living on the current rate. redskins fans have a good reason to give thanks. they broke a six-game living streak by beat the seahawks. rex grossman rallied the redskins to over come a 10 point deficit in the fourth quarter. >> the suspected east coast
5:44 am
rapist is expected to appear in a if connecticut courtroom today. his attorney will try to fight plan to expedite his client in virginia. d.n.a. links him to 17 attacks in several east coast states including maryland and virginia. thomastis arrested back in march. he has pleaded not guilty to charges he raped a connecticut woman back in 2007. and new evidence to prove that he did not kill robert kennedy. the lawyers said two guns were fired and that sir han's revolver was not the gun that killed kennedy. he was convicted of kennedy's assassination in 1975. >> police trying to find out if there are other victims of a deadly scheme involving a fake craigslist a.d. investigators think the victim was lured by the a.d. an ohio man who answered the a.d. was shot to death and
5:45 am
another man was found dead. the third body was found friday two. suspects are in custody. the family of a florida a&m university drum major who died of suspected hazing now plans to sue the school. robert champion after performing in a football game. autopsy results are inconclusive but law enforcement officials said they believed some form of hazing took place. they are continuing to investigate. >> many occupied l.a. protestors are defying orders to leave their campsite in downtown los angeles. hundreds of demonstraters are outside city hall. some protestors heeded the requests to pack up their tents to leave but many of the occupied demonstrator says they aren't going anywhere setting up for a possible confrontation with police and dozens of occupied philadelphia protestors also defied orders to leave
5:46 am
their camp outside city hall. yesterday's deadline passed but no scuffles or arrests and so far, the city hasn't moved to shut down that camp. the demonstrators began a sit-in before the deadline to move just like l.a., some protestors did leave the area but most refused to go. >> plenty of americans will spend a lot of their time on their computers today as they take farther cybermonday. this is consider ted busiest day of the year for online shopping. jimmy, good morning. >> good morning. chances are you're going to see a lot of visit to the office, people hiding behind computer screens. retail associations are expecting and estimating nearly half of american adults will log online and check out all those dees as today today has been dubbed cybermonday. the black friday frenzy is over but today, consumers have another reason to keep that spending splurge going.
5:47 am
cybermonday is the official start to the online holiday shopping and the numbers are expected to reach an all-time high. >> as the consumer ends and the momentum coming out of holidays, very likely and it usually does create growth. >> cybermonday sales topped $1 billion in 2010. and analysts estimate the sales could reach a record $1.2 billion. >> if they do, it's great news for the economy, but they don't, this is a one-hit wonder. >> shoppers took advantage of sales over the thanksgiving weekend. more than 220 million people shopped both online and stores proving the holiday shopping season is off to a great start. >> we felt like we had little more room to buy more gift this season. >> shopping experts say that to not try -- do not try to shop during your work hour and wait till your break and before you
5:48 am
buy anything online to double and triple check on websites to see who has the best deals and look for free shipping deals. >> all right, thank you. another along-time holiday tradition will continue just outside the u.s. capital. at 10:00 this mornings the u.s. capital christmas tree will arrive at the west front of the capital building. the 65-foot fir is coming all the way from stanislaus. that's in california. the tree lighting is set for december 6 at 5:00 p.m. and plenty of people may have to bundle up this evening. >> yeah. we hope you're not right though. [laughter] >> we are looking at some changes in the forecast and temperatures stay in the upper 60's to lower 70's. end of november, not going to complain about it. it's going to feel a lot about december before we know it. and then at the end of the week, it's going to feel like
5:49 am
december. keep in mind your average high for this day just a degree warmer than we are right now. 54 degrees over in chantilly on our weather bug network. children's hospital now at 57 degrees. and our final stop, alexandria at t.c. williams high school now 54. temperatures across the area for the most part, holding in the 50's at this hour. 57 winchester. martins 'burg, 58 degrees. quantico 54. a cold front is out there. just out to the west of us. you can see the cooler air for chicago and detroit and indianapolis. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30's. compare that to our lower 50's to middle 60's over in norfolk this hour. satellite and radar all the rain, the heaviest of the rain across kentucky and into tennessee. this is where the area of low pressure beginning to take shape, moving in our direction. arrives after midnight tonight. so you'll definitely need the umbrellas tomorrow as the cooler
5:50 am
air fundamentals back -- fundamentals back across the mid atlantic. 65-72 degrees. if we hit 71, we'll tie the record high at dulles international airport. we make it 2070 degrees at b.w.i. marshall, this will be the fourth consecutive day at 70 degrees or better. 52-58 for the overnight hours. the scattered showers will if become widespread rain for tomorrow. upper 40's, yes, upper 40's on wednesday. lower 50's on thursday. look at the nighttime low. they go from the 50's all the way down to near freezing. your online home for abc 7 news abc7 weather. let's get an update on the rush hour commute. >> it's thrilling. no problems to commute.
5:51 am
baltimore/washington parkway, good on the george washington parkway. claire barton parkway nice ride. 66 in 95. we've been watching you to get into vienna is good. and traffic out of fredericksburg again. passing the marine base is open to get into springfield where we'll take you live in your geico traffic center. wow, look at owl those people already. >> i know. the f.c.c. is investigating a financial firm owned by former nfl players and nba players. >> that firm is raking billons as the lockout nears a close. with business headlines here's linda in new york. good monday morning to you linda. >> same to both of you. basketball is coming back. and nba owners may save about $3 billion over the next 10 years. then they also see higher
5:52 am
franchise values under the labor agreement that came as the sports lockout reached a whopping 149 days. elsewhere as you mentioned the f.c.c. is now investigating a defunct invest investment firm called h.r.j. capital. this is run by the san francisco 49ers. the probe is over whether or not the firm has led investors as its struggle to stay solvent in 2008. among those that could have been affected is star quarterback of the mike napoli -- indianapolis colts peyton manning. and the "chicago tribune" say sick day usage is on the rise. while some are playing hooky certain absences are more personal like tending to sick kids. companies should try to boost flex time and introduce more options for telecommuting to keep more employees from calling up sick. that's business news.
5:53 am
back to you. >> all right thank you, linda. we're all here today. you're here. >> yes. we're not playing hooky today. >> all right thanks. it's 55 degrees outside. >> you're watching
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car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. >> kermit and miss piggy just couldn't beat the vampires at the weekend box office. >> the "the twilight saga: eclipse" -- "twilight" saga
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breaking dawn was number one. "the muppets" debuted second place followed by "happy feet 2," arthur christmas" and "hugo." >> we've all seen some huge christmas light displays but what about the folks who actually have to put up all those decorations? few places have a bigger job than the folks -- this is north vancouver. the crew of six men started putting up the 400,000 christmas lights more than a month ago. you they say all the hard work is worth it. they can see it pay off by looking at the display. >> yeah. sure it's beautiful out there. >> yeah. >> all right. still a lot more to come in our next hour of "good morning washington." >> and coming up on this monday morning, the week is off to a good start for redskins fans. >> and lisa baden will come back to help you navigate your monday morning commute. traffic and weather when "good morning washington" continues in just 90 seconds. [ female announcer
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>> straight ahead, another carjacking and kidnapping in a suburbanan shopping center and this time, it ends violently. >> and cybermonday after a weekend of record retail sales. what should shoppers expect on line? >> and hail to the redskins. the home team finally gives reason to give thanks.
5:59 am
"good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> "good morning washington." it is monday, november 28. >> time to wake up everybody, get back to work today. we had record heat of november. but some changes are on the way. reality is about to set in. steve rudin here to tell us about that >> the changes are live later on today and tomorrow. the clouds continue to increase during the afternoon hours. but temperatures well above average for this time of year. now 52 degrees in reagan national airport. 58 in martins 'burg. keep in mind our average for this day is 53. so we're just one degree shy of that at 6:00 in the morning. satellite and radar, cold front just off to the west of us. this area of low pressure and the cold front arrives tonight bringing showers and then heavier rains for the early morning hours and


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